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By Luca Somigli

Robben Ford was born on December 16 1951 in Woodlake, California. He is
one of the most important and influential blues, jazz, rock and fusion guitarist
of the latest music history. His first approach to music was at age 10, when he
picked up the saxophone and played a bit of ukulele. Later on, he discovered
his deep love for the guitar at age 13, mostly influenced by blues artists.
He began playing professionally when he was 18, playing gigs in a band called
Charles Ford Blues Band, formed with his brothers and named in honour of
his father, backing Charlie Musselwhite. The band also recorded two albums,
The Charles Ford Band and Discovering the Blues. After a couple of years,
Robben put together a band with Bay Area musicians that became Jimmy
Witherspoon's backup band. He recorded two albums with Jimmy, Live and
Spoonful'. The Ford Blues Band reunites periodically, and released live albums
during the 80s and 90s.
In 1974, Robben joined the L.A. Express led by saxophonist Tom Scott. In
addition to recording fusion albums, they served as Joni Mitchell's backup
band on Hissing of Summer Lawns and the live Miles of Ailes. That same year
they backed George Harrison on his only tour. After leaving Tom Scott,
Robben recorded his solo album The Inside Story with a band that was to
become the Yellowjackets. He went on to play a starring role on their first two
albums, although he was listed as a guest artist due to record company
A few years later, Robben worked briefly with Miles Davis in 1986, he can be
heard on Miles Montreux box set. In 1988 he released his famous solo album,
Talk to Your Daughter, a return to his blues roots. His best work in the 1990's
include both Robben Ford & the Blue Line and Tiger Walk.
In addition to recording and touring with his own blues band, Robben
continues to tour and play with other bands and artists such as Jing Chi (his

fusion band), Greg Allman and Phil Lesh.

Robben Fords sound is given by an intelligent use of Dumble amplifiers and
different types of guitar, mostly Gibson, Ibanez and Fender. Also, Fender is
producing a signature guitar in his name.The guitarist is married to Anne Kerry
Ford and collaborated with her in various projects.

Discovering the Blues (1972)
The Charles Ford Band (1972)

Miles of Aisles w/Joni Mitchell (1974)

Tom Cat w/Tom Scott (1974)
Schizophonic (1976)

Jimmy Witherspoon & Robben Ford Live (1976)

The Inside Story (1979)
Yellowjackets (1980)

Reunion Live w/Charles Ford Band (1984)

Talk to Your Daughter (1988)

Robben Ford & the Blue Line (1992)

Mystic Mile (1993)

Handful of Blues (1995)

Blues Connotation (1996)
Tiger Walk (1997)

Blues Collection (1997)

The Authorized Bootleg (1998)

Supernatural (1999)
Sunrise (1999)

A Tribute to Paul Butterfield (2001)

Anthology: The Early Years (2001)
Blue Moon (2002)

Keep on Running (2003)


Talk to Your Daughter is a blues rock album by Robben Ford, released in
1988. The album's cover version of the Albert King classic Born Under a Bad
Sign was used as a supporting soundtrack in the Clint Eastwood movie Pink
Track listing
1. "Talk to Your Daughter" (JB Lenoir) 4:06

2. "Wild About You (Can't Hold Out Much Longer)" (Walter Jacobs) 3:46
3. "Help the Poor" (Charles Singleton) 5:37

4. Aint Nothing But The Blues (Duke Ellington, Larry Fokine, Don George)

5. Burn Under A Bad Sign (William Bell, Booker T Jones) 3:45
6. "I Got Over It" (Ike Turner) 3:22
7. "Revelation" (Russel Ferrante, Lorraine Perry) 6:21
8. "Getaway" (Ford) 4:17
9. "Can't Let Her Go" (Ford) 5:36


Robben Ford guitars, lead vocals

Roscoe Beck four- and six-string bass, vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta drums
Russell Ferrante Yamaha GS-1, synthesizers, piano
Vince Denham saxophones on "I Got Over It"
Brandon Fields saxophones on "Wild About You (Can't Hold Out Much Longer)"
Mark Ford harmonica on "Can't Let Her Go" and "I Got Over It"
Brian Mann synthesizers on "Help the Poor"
Bill Payne additional synthesizers on "Can't Let Her Go"
Jeff Porcaro drums on "I Got Over It"