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Sorting and Reordering Notes

CintaNotes supports sorting notes by title, date and time taken, link and size. The "Manual" mode designates
user-defined sorting, this is the only sorting mode where note moving commands are available. You can also
select the direction of the sort using the "View / Reverse Order" option.
Sorting commands are available directly from the toolbar. The control to the right of the search filter box
controls the current sorting mode. You can click on the icon on the left side to toggle sorting direction, or click
on the field name to pick another sorting criterium.
The same commands are also located in the "View/Sort By" menu.
If current sort mode is set to "Manual", you can reorder selected notes using the Alt+Up and Alt+Down keys.
It is also possible to move notes to the very top of the list (Alt+Home) and to the very bottom (Alt+Bottom).
The moving commands are also accessible from the context menu, as well as from the main Edit menu.
The View / Reverse Order command reverses the notes in the list so that the latest notes come first.