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Quarterly Neighborhood Meeting
JULY 4 Free Trees!................................................. 4 of July Children's Parade.................19

Annual Children's 4th of July Parade The ONE Means Neighborliness........11Glorious Gala...........................................20
JULY 20 Window Magic.......................................12Straub's Enduring Legacy....................26
Porch Party at Sunken Gardens

St. Pete’s Jewel

Celebrating 100 Years on Tampa Bay
of Community Volume 45 Issue 2 / June 2016 / Published Quarterly

The President’s Perspective Editor’s Prerogative

Parting Shots…and Shout Outs
Peter Motzenbecker

Association President s you should know by now, this is the
last issue of the Neighborhood News that
HONNA will be
We Can’t Do It Without You!

publishing. From now on we
elcome to what may well be the will rely on the HONNA website, Facebook
last print edition of the President’s and NextDoorOldNortheast postings, the
Perspective and HONNA’s Neigh- HONNA page in the Northeast Journal and
borhood News quarterly newsletter. While it may e-mail blasts to alert ONE residents to news
continue in some form in an on-line format and and info about which your neighborhood
on the pages of the Northeast Journal, it is nevertheless, the end association believes you’d want to know .
of a 45-year era.  Thanks for the opportunity to “play” these
Speaking of eras, the 3rd Annual HONNA Gala, themed around past 14 years as editor of this newsletter. It’s
the era known as the “Roaring Twenties,” was a roaring success been an honor and privilege to have been
at the Palladium. An article elsewhere in this newsletter high- given this responsibility. Cliches, yes, but the truth, nonetheless.
lights that wonderful neighborhood event, held annually to raise My appreciation extends to the countless number of our neigh-
awareness and resources to bors who have given of their time and creativity to write for this
support your neighborhood publication since it began 45 years ago. Who knows what their
non-profit. And speaking motivation has been (it certainly wasn’t the zero remuneration) —
of awareness, I am going to we’re just grateful that they stepped forward and Joe O'Connor for
reiterate what your support his years toiling with our mailing list.
means to HONNA and your
And a special shout out to Sharon Bond, who does the layout
and design of the publication. I “inherited” Sharon in 2002 when I
First, HONNA could not assumed the editor’s post and she was already putting the newslet-
run the association — with all of its various moving parts — with- ter together for my predecessor. Since then we’ve spent countless
out your membership dollars, donations and contributions made in weekends together, sitting side-by-side at her computer doing the
the form of ticket sales to events like the Candlelight Tour, Garden layout. After all this time together we’ve come to read one another’s
Stroll and Gala. These association functions involve hundreds and mind and finish the other person’s thoughts. Deadlines?—don’t
hundreds of volunteer hours by not just HONNA Board members continued on page 2
but by association members like many of you who help make so
many of our events a success. Quarterly Neighborhood Meeting • Monday, June 20
Westminster Presbyterian Church • 6:45pm social, 7pm meeting
HONNA programs and projects range from the mundane to the
fun and include such necessities as regular and periodic accounting St. Pete Reimagined:
and legal services, rental and storage-related expenses, monu- A Virtual Historic Tour of St. Petersburg

ment/median maintenance as well as our family and community- ow did St. Petersburg, once known as the
oriented event expenses including permits, food, beverages and world’s largest above-ground cemetery,
related materials for our Children’s 4th of July Parade, Easter Egg transform into one of the New York Times’ “52
Hunt, Trunk or Treat, the Candlelight Tour, Gala, Neighborhood- Places to Go?”
wide Yard Sale, Porch Parties and so much more. We also pay for
extra neighborhood security for events like Halloween, and there Join Old Northeast resident and St. Petersburg
were expenses involved in our campaign to convince the City to Preservation volunteer Monica Kile as she takes
change from curbside to alley recycling pickup. And then there us on a virtual tour of St. Petersburg’s past and present to uncover
what makes St. Petersburg so special.
Historic OldonNortheast
page 2 Neighborhood News Page 1
Editor's Prerogative... from page 1  neighbors who shut off their automatic lawn sprinklers
when it has just recently poured rain.
worry. Unreasonable requests?—nah. “Fit? Sure we can make it  all those (too few, actually) residents who have forked
fit.” Couldn’t have asked for a better colleague! Need some help over $30 (tax deductible!) for their association dues as a way of
with graphics or layout? Contact Sharon (http://zebragraphic- showing appreciation to the Board members and other volunteers who spend countless hours trying to make The ONE an even
Thanks as well to our long-time printer, Lightning Print (near better place to call home.
Mazzaro’s) and mailing house, DirectWeb (in Clearwater). And here’s my final unsolicited offer of free advice. Over the
Consider them if you have a need for their services. years here I’ve spent many hours walking various blocks in the
And how can we not acknowledge our advertisers, whose ‘hood. On those several occasions I’ve volunteered to distribute
support over these years has enabled the newsletter to pay for yard sale flyers door-to-door (picking one street to cover from 4th
itself and in so doing allow all 4,000+ households in The ONE Street to the Bay) I get the uncommon opportunity to see each
to receive copies at no cost. These advertisers don’t always see and every house on those blocks up close. Mind-blowing. Only
a “return” on the money they pay to run an ad, but I suspect a recently I got a bicycle for leisurely rides through the ‘hood.
good many of them don’t expect to: they invest in the newsletter Even though I may have driven past a gem of a house in my car
because they are committed to the neighborhood. Please patron- dozens of times, nothing beats seeing it while on foot or bike.
ize them when you can—and tell them you have appreciated their Walking and cycling, I’ve discovered, is the best way to really
support of the newsletter and HONNA. You can always check see and appreciate our neighborhood, street-by-street, house-by-
our Directory of Newsletter Advertisers on the HONNA website house. In this way you can stop whenever a place catches your
( if you’re looking for a business. eye and you can better soak in the details and features of a house
Like you, I’m always noting lots of things about life in The or yard that previously escaped your attention. When you do
ONE, mostly the good along with some of the not-so-good (yes, this you will be amazed by what you’ve missed. Find the time
that exists, too). Instead of getting on the editor’s soapbox to share to randomly select a street that’s unfamiliar and then check it
a few critical (i.e., negative) observations as the result of having out. Do the same another time. You’ll be doing yourself a favor,
been a resident of The ONE for 15 or so years, let me put a posi- experiencing the simple beauty of The ONE. And it’s free!
tive spin on a few things (and you’ll still get the point). Thanks to: Again, thanks for the chance to edit this publication. I know I
neighbors who make the effort to park their cars so as to speak on behalf of everyone who has had a hand in putting this
maximize space for the next driver who will try to find room to newsletter together that we hope it has helped give you a height-
park along our increasingly congested streets. ened feeling of community, neighborliness and sense of place.
neighbors who still have to place their trash and recycling For old time’s sake, I’d like to close with a special feature
containers curbside but remember to remove them from the of the newsletter, which ran from the June 2002 issue through
streets once they’ve been emptied (…because trash containers 2007. It was “Spoofers,” a tongue-in-cheek look at our neigh-
left day-after-day on the streets makes the streets look…trashy). borhood and City, courtesy of resident Dave Forman. It ran
with a disclaimer: “The stories you are about to read are not
the cyclists who peddle no more than two abreast (the law) true. Not even the names have been changed to protect the in-
down Beach and North Shore and in so doing lessen the road nocent.” Absolutely nothing —or anyone — was sacred. Take
rage quotient among less patient drivers. this for instance, which was part of Spoofers’ first appearance
residents who instruct their landscaping service providers in the newsletter.
to not blow leaves into the street and instead collect them for
proper disposal.
the considerate pilots taking off from Albert Whitted who
wait until after 6am to fly over our neighborhood.
President's Perspective.. from page 1

are beautification projects like our tree canopy program (read

more about this elsewhere in this issue) and our more recent ef-
forts to work with the City on infrastructure, including hex block
sidewalk and brick street repairs. But there is more!  We have
website maintenance, crime watch-related expenses and so much
more than could be listed here. 
So if you or anyone you know ever wonders what HONNA
does with your membership dollars ($30 tax deductible!), now you
know! But we can always do more, and we are always looking
for ways to make our neighborhood even better. So if you have
suggestions, big or small, please share them with us at HONNA.
org. If you are looking to volunteer for a HONNA program or
project, send an e-mail to And if you
haven’t already done so, like us on Facebook — it’s a great way
to keep up with info about The ONE and the City!
Enjoy your summer!
Page 2 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News
Tampa Tribune ran an article on May 2 about Shaun and his role
Association News as a “full-time salesperson for the City” to “match interested buy-
ers with available properties,” those commercial pieces that need
& Activities to be redeveloped. His focus will be on the Skyway Marina and
Warehouse Arts districts, Grand Central, Midtown and Southside.
Says Shaun, “Every time I bring someone here who’s been in the
Tampa Bay area for a long time they’re still amazed at all the de-
velopment that is going on. There’s just a lot of stuff happening
right now….I’m excited to show people the new St. Petersburg
that people haven’t seen. It’s a vibrant, walkable community. I
really hope I can get more people to see it.”
Our thanks and good wishes to both Ann and Shaun.
Elected to the Board and the position of Treasurer at its April
meeting was Charleen McGrath (18th Avenue NE). Charleen

had a career with medical device companies until she and her
ur quarterly meeting on Monday, April 18, featured two husband, Bob Young, decided
neighbors – author Rich Luker and Tampa Bay Presi- to settle in The ONE eight years
dent Brian Auld (photo, left and right respectively) – ago. Most mornings you can find
discussing neighborliness, a topic both know a lot about. Rich is a her walking along the waterfront
leading national figure on the subject of “community” and Brian’s with neighborhood friends, and
Rays’ responsibilities include overseeing the many neighborhood she has had the opportunity to get
outreach programs and projects in which the ball team’s 270 staff involved in HONNA’s Historic
members are involved. Lots of good questions were asked and Preservation efforts and Candle-
insights gleaned into the future of the Rays and the Trop that you light Tour. Charleen has taken
haven’t learned from the media (you shoulda been there!). advantage of the classes at the
At the April meeting neighbors heard a report from our Police Morean Arts Center and renew-
Department rep on criminal activity in The ONE in previous ing her interest in fiber arts, participating in Florida Craft Art’s
weeks. There had been a couple of residential burglaries, one Crocheted Coral Reef project and recently acquiring a floor loom
from a house under construction and the other of a shed/garage; to expand into weaving.
arrests were made in both instances. There were two auto thefts

(both recovered) and burglaries of six cars (four vehicles were he Presbytery of Tampa Bay, which has jurisdiction over
unlocked at the time). the closed Westminster Church, has given HONNA per-
The Board at its April meeting heard from Jonathan Daou mission to use the existing church sign at 1st Street NE and 11th
and John Barkett about their development of the Monticello and Avenue to post notices relating to HONNA and its events and
North Ward School properties on 4th Street N [see more about this programs.
in “In Case You Missed It”]. Depending
Appointed to head up our efforts to on what may be
coordinate volunteers is Nikki Taylor agreed upon be-
(3rd Street N). She and her husband, tween HONNA
Troy, moved into their bungalow a year and the Presby-
ago from Jacksonville and are enjoying tery, HONNA
their new home in the ‘hood. So when may replace it
a resident is looking to get involved in with new hous-
a neighborhood project or a committee ing.
chair needs some volunteers—voila,
Nikki will be the matchmaker! She can
be reached at
The Board has accepted the resigna- The Newsletter of the Historic Old
tions of two of its members: Treasurer Northeast Neighborhood Association
Ann Caviness and Board member Shaun Armanani. Ann had
Published quarterly – March, June, September and December
been keeper-of-the-books for four years and was an excellent and mailed to all households in The Old Northeast
watchdog of the checkbook and a stickler for budgeting—both P.O. Box 76324, St. Petersburg, FL 33734
very admirable traits for that post. She’s contemplating the next e-mail
chapter in her life and where it might take her.
Editor Rick Carson
Shaun was first elected to the Board in 2014 and co-chaired the Columnists and Reporters
Public & Strategic Policy Committee and provided insights into Barbara Marshall Courtney Ellis Tracey Locke
topics that included The ONE and our school system, public utility Jill McGrath Emily Elwyn Jenni Lockwood
infrastructure and alley recycling. He resigned to take a position Sue Strott Ashley Swanson Emily Norton
with the City as its Neighborhood Economic Development Coor- Circulation Joe O’Connor, Steve Urgo
Contributors All our Old Northeast neighbors
dinator—since Shaun is an attorney with a real estate background Newsletter Layout & Design Sharon Bond:
it’s a great fit! The “Pinellas News” section of the (now defunct)
Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 3
Ron Magray, Chair
Planning and Historic Preservation Residential Permit Parking The St. Pete Department of Trans-
Robin Reed and Mary Alice Lange, Co-chairs portation recently concluded the voting process for the adoption of
a Residential Permit Parking Zone. The voting residents of 6th, 7th
The Planning and Preservation Committee has been busy this and 8th Avenues NE/N from Beach Drive to 2nd Street N returned
spring on a number of fronts. The Tree subcommittee has com- 144 ballots and voted 91 “yes” and 53 “no” for the adoption of
pleted the HONNA Street Tree (see article in box below). a new RPP zone in The Old Northeast; 8th Avenue NE/N (buffer
Historic landmark plaques have been delivered by Charleen area) residents were included only for voting purposes. The zone
McGrath to two historic homes in the neighborhood–the Whit- would encompass 6th and 7th Avenues N/NE from Beach Drive
ted House at 656 1st Street N owned by HONNA Board member (west side) to 2nd Street N, including Bay Street.
Kent Ulrich and his wife and the Boyce Guesthouse at 635 Bay The adoption of the new zone will be scheduled for a hearing
Street NE. Old NE’s newest plaque will soon grace the front of before City Council, which has final approval of the adoption.
the Sargent House at 806 18th Avenue NE, owned by Committee Notices will be posted on and in mailings. If you
members, Sharon Winters and Kendall Reid, whose home re- have any questions, contact me through
ceived final designation by the City Council on May 19. HONNA
is the first neighborhood in the City to have a plaque program, Crosswalks
which recognizes historic and architectural significance. There are seven
crosswalks for fa-
The Zoning subcommittee continues to meet with residents cilitating the cross-
and developers about their proposed building projects. The city ing of 4th Street N
requires that the Association be notified of impending projects in The ONE. I am
when owners are requesting variances. Although the HONNA’s confining this to
comments are solicited, the City’s Development Review Commis- the three mid-block
sion makes the final decision on all applications. HONNA seeks to rectangular rapid
promote consistency in the application of the City’s code, thereby flashing beacon
helping to maintain the character of the neighborhood. crosswalks:  20 th
Sharon Winters attended a recently held Preservation Summit Avenue N, 15th Av-
sponsored by the Pinellas County Preservation Commission. She enue N (the newest,
brought interesting information back to the Committee about form- see photo) and 26-27thAvenue N (under construction). 
based zoning and grant opportunities for architectural surveys. The 20th Avenue and 15th Avenue crosswalks are similar, cross-
In April, Mary Dowd attended a presentation by the St. Pe- ing from one side of 4th Street to the opposite side, perpendicular
tersburg Sustainability Council regarding St. Pete’s proposed tree to the traffic lanes and transiting a center median. Activation but-
planting program. The SPSC is seeking approval from City Council tons (with instructions housed on a pole) are placed on either end
for $500,000 to plant trees throughout the City, replenishing St. of the crosswalk, with one or two additional buttons available on
Pete’s declining tree canopy.

Unbe-leaf-able Progress on the Tree Maintaining and enhancing our impressive tree canopy
Canopy Preservation Project
by Emily Norton

T he members of the Tree Canopy Preservation Project are

pleased to report that they have completed their meticu-
lous cataloging of the existing trees in The Old Northeast. After
months of walking every avenue and street in the neighborhood
and identifying the tree species planted, the volunteers have
determined what blocks have the greatest need for new trees.
The project even went one step further by including tree trunk
diameters, which can have a great impact regarding preservation
as any tree with a diameter larger than nine inches is protected
and requires permission from the City in order to be cut down.
The hope is that this information will be used to protect the ex-
isting trees and provide insight into how to begin the process of are willing to do their part to improve our neighborhood (and are
planting more trees to add to and maintain our impressive canopy. wise not to turn down a free tree!).
Burt and Carol Kline, with whom I spoke regarding my initial The committee is working with Lesli Larmon, a local land-
article concerning this project, informed me that they have begun scaper specializing in native plants, in order to determine which
the process of contacting homeowners about agreeing to have species of trees are appropriate for this zone to ensure that each
a tree planted in their curbside public parkways. They’ve met tree planted will survive and have a positive impact on its block.
with mixed results. Some homeowners are hesitant to take on If you are interested in having a tree planted in the parkway
the responsibility of tending to a young tree, as the trees do need outside your home, please contact Burt or Carol via e-mail at
regular watering in order to thrive. Most homeowners, thankfully, or

Page 4 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

the center medians. The median buttons are an important safety our operations and now have only one official web-based member-
feature to counteract the need to rush to cross four lanes of traffic.  ship database. Of course we will still be able to accept checks and
Also, if you attempt a crossing behind someone who has already paper application/renewal forms (there’s one in this newsletter),
activated the flashing lights, you may need to re-activate the lights but we hope that in the not too distant future all our business will
from the center median. be conducted digitally. It’s quicker, it’s easier, no messy checks to
The 26-27thh Avenue N crosswalk will be different as it has a write, no record keeping and no mistakes.
staggered design split by the median and offset on either side of the By the way, fellow members, I’m going to be 69 years old next
median. This configuration forces pedestrians to turn in the median month, and I hope I’m living proof that technology isn’t just for
and face oncoming traffic before turning again to cross the second your grandchildren. Let’s all take a page from the book of our
half of the crosswalk. An important difference: the east and west contemporaries, the founders of the technology age — Bill Gates,
side activation buttons at the sidewalks control only two lanes of Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison — and enjoy these things that make our
traffic so activation of the flashing beacons for the opposite two lives easier.
lanes must be done on the median before attempting to finish cross- We are still tweaking some of our newest innovations like
ing. Confused yet? Be careful when you use this crosswalk for the electronic dues notification, which is individually tailored to each
first time. There may be other features added to this larger median. member family and is initiated automatically. This formerly ex-
Here is another traffic concern on  4th Street. As the Florida pensive (printing, postage) and labor intensive (sorting, mailing)
Department of Transportation goes through the transition for operation, which was fraught with errors, is now accomplished
the elimination of the middle lane, motorists are placing themselves within the program at no cost and utilizing no labor. Thank you
in compromising positions when attempting left turns from the for your patience while we iron out the last few kinks.
avenues onto 4th Street. The current medians in close proximity Over the next couple of months we will be tackling the last few
to the adjoining avenues have eliminated or shortened the center remaining issues including getting a handle on exactly how many
space used to enter the traffic flow. If you need to make a left turn in individual members we have (as opposed to member “families”)
one of these locations, consider making a right turn into the center and finding out about our members’ interest areas and how you can
space and then a U-turn to head either north or south. get more involved in improving the lives of all residents of The
Please always, safety first!  Historic Old Northeast, our little corner of the world.

Jay Weisberg, Chair
HONNA Membership 2.0 Continues to Make Progress I’m
pleased to report another milestone in our ongoing effort to upgrade
our systems and procedures and improve the overall experience for
our members. We are now 100% automated. We have just retired
the last vestige of manual record keeping by putting our old Excel
spreadsheet platform membership database out to pasture.
We are so pleased that the majority of our members have em-
braced the ease and efficiency of conducting HONNA business
on-line. Virtually all our new members are signing up and paying
dues via the HONNA website, and most of you are renewing your
memberships in a matter of minutes and keystrokes on-line as
well. In light of these developments, we were able to streamline

 Board member Ron Magray coordinated steps with the

HONNA in City to poll affected residents regarding a proposed Residential
Parking Permit program [see page 4]
  Safety took another step forward with the installation of a  Several residents
lighted pedestrian crosswalk at 4th Street and 15th Avenue N. Board served on the commit-
member Ron Magray worked tee under Board mem-
with the City to make it happen ber and chair Nikki
[see page 4] Nate to orchestrate the
 Kudos to Board member third annual HONNA
Speakeasy Gala [see
Natalie DeVicente for making
the annual Easter Egg Hunt page 20]
such an eggcellent adventure  Thanks to neigh-
[see page 8] bors Carol and Burt
 Another year, another Kline for doing a com-
prehensive survey of Old NE trees to help determine where the
successful Neighborhood-wide
yard sale, thanks to Board member Jay Weisberg and neighbor City needs to plant new ones [see page 4]
Bill O’Connor [see page 7]

Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 5

Staying Healthy in the
Florida Heat
by Ashley Swanson

J ust a few weeks ago I was skipping and running around

in the beautiful spring weather, so very thankful to have a
nice breeze and a mild 75 degree temperature to bask in. I did
not have a worry in the world! Being active and outside was so
easy for me. Fast forward to just a couple of weeks later, and I’m
already scrambling for excuses to stay indoors because of the high
humidity and heavy heat. When you live in Florida, you have no
doubt when summer is approaching—and, boy, does it come fast.
While residing in St. Pete I’ve noticed that the community
here is incredibly active. Floridians love their exercise and active Water is your best friend!
lifestyles almost as much as they love their beaches. With that in Secondly, make sure you’re taking frequent breaks in the warm
mind, I decided to research and write about proper safety when weather. Doctors say that any weather above 85 degrees is a red
working out in the hot, humid, scorching Florida heat. There’s flag for working out. If you plan to work out during the day, pace
really no way to avoid the hot sunshine (nor the random heavy yourself. Become aware of your body’s signs for overheating
showers), but there is a way to live with this sporadic weather in (lack of sweat, fast pulse, dizziness), and take a break after every
total harmony. activity. It is absolutely essential to listen to your body when it’s
The first, and most important, piece of advice I have to offer active. If it’s telling you to slow down, don’t hesitate to stop and
is to drink tons of water. If you’re keen to being active, then you rest. As they say, steady and slow wins the race.
will sweat profusely in the sticky summer air. Water will keep Since high temperatures are a big medical no-no for exer-
your body temperature regulated and will maintain hydration- cising, my final advice to you is to be patient. Workout either
-even in the heat. I suggest drinking around a gallon of H2O incredibly early in the morning or once dusk arrives. Pushing
per day, because whatever you sweat out needs to be replaced your body to the limit in extreme heat and humidity causes
consistently in order to maintain hydration, which is absolutely much more damage than it does good. The point of working out
essential for proper body functioning. Water also helps you feel is to reduce stress, not cause more of it! If there are any activi-
more energized, which is vital when exercising in the hot sun. ties you can move into the indoors, do it. Put on your favorite

Page 6 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

show or album and bask in the beauty known as air conditioning.
Add some squats to your mopping routine. Create a workout A Business Run By Your Neighbors!
with some household chores so that you’re still maintaining the • Free consultation
exercise you need while limiting the stress on your body. • Can help downsize
or disperse
Being healthy and fit can be easy and fun in the dead heat of sum- belongings even
mer but only if you’re aware and willing to change your routine just if not moving
enough to stay safe. I know that we’re all trying to keep those beach • No job too small
bodies in top-notch shape, but that goal should never overshadow • Can help with
local and
our physical health and safety. Your body is your temple — treat interstate moves
it as such!
I hope everybody has a wonderful and memorable summer! It has We’re Experienced Move Managers
been a pleasure writing for all of you. Best wishes, and remember
to always make healthy choices! House to Home Relocation of St. Petersburg helps
individuals and families with their residential transition
needs. We also serve as a trusted professional resource for
other service providers with clients who have downsizing
and relocating concerns. We specialize in moving you
expertly, compassionately and affordably.
Seniors • New & Departing Families • Job Relocations
• Develop a move plan • Manage your move
• Organize, sort and declutter • Unpack and set up your new
• Prepare floor plan home ... Plus More!
• Manage the sale or donation
of excess belongings
• Gather moving company
estimates Bonded & Insured

Barbara & Jay Marshall, Owners & Historic Old Northeast residents
727-388-2651 •

Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 7

An Eggcellent Adventure!
by Natalie DeVicente

n Saturday morning, March 26, HONNA hosted its
annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Northeast Exchange
Club’s Coffee Pot Park on the corner of 1st Street and
30th Avenue N. Despite the cloudy weather, over 100 children
and their families turned out for the hunt. There were three golden
eggs hidden among the rest, and these lucky children received
an Easter prize and HONNA flag. The Easter Bunny even made
a special appearance for photos!
Thanks to all who turned out to make this a great event, and
special thanks to Nikki Nate, Whitney Delozier, Tami Keehn,
Alexis Novak, Lauren Leavine, Donna Guillaume, Kate Sawa,
Peter Motzenbecker, Rick Carson and Jenique Hendrix for all
their behind-the-scenes help!

Like your neighborhood?

Want to make it even better?
Volunteer with one of our committees!
Your volunteer involvement in one of our committees will
help enhance your neighborhood and our association.
Please contact any committee chair for information.
Communication James Martin
Newsletter Rick Carson
CONA Representative Jay Weisberg Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood Association
Events Natalie DeVicente
Planning & Historic Robin Reed & OFFICERS and BOARD
Preservation Mary Alice Lange President................................Peter Motzenbecker
Membership Jay Weisberg Vice President.................................. Jay Weisberg
Public Safety Ron Magray Treasurer...................................Charleen McGrath
Traffic/Parking Ron Magray Secretary................................................Nikki Nate
Program/Committee Chairs Board
Crime Watch: Jon Day Rick Carson Ron Magray Kent Ulrich
Young Northeasters: Lauren Leavine Natalie DeVicente James Martin Kimberley Wolfe
Porch Parties: Susan Arsenault Mary Alice Lange Robin Reed
Volunteers: Nikki Taylor To contact an officer or Board member via e-mail, go to
To contact a chair via e-mail, go to where you can send a message and receive a response from the appropriate person. where you can send a message HONNA Board meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 6:30pm at
regarding your volunteer interest and receive a response Westminster Presbyterian Church and are open to the public. Check beforehand with
from the committee chairperson the Board president in case the meeting day has been re-scheduled.

Page 8 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

To Rick Carson, Editor
and HONNA Newsletter Contributors,
Thank you for your 14+ years of reporting Neighborhood News,
events, and community outreach. Every quarter, when the
newsletter shows up at our door, we are reminded page after
page what an amazing neighborhood we live in. While our
stories will continue on through the Journal, we are grateful for
your dedication all these years to keeping our neighborhood
informed and engaged through HONNA’s exclusive newsletter.
You can only be a good neighbor if you have good neighbors,
and we thank you for all your have provided to us over the years
to help make us all good neighbors.

Licensed Real Estate Broker

Natalie DeVicente—Broker/Owner Judson Kidd—Sales Consultant

727-409-2891 cell 941-704-4249 cell

1500 Fourth Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33704

727-498-1673 office 727-498-2965 fax

Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 9

Suzanne Benov
Cary and Diana Brent
Paul and Carolyn Cooper
Molly Dodge
Elizabeth Fehr
Jason Giglio
Karen Hoefle
Dana Ingebretsen
C. Jenner
Elizabeth Johnson
Cindy Kass-Johnson
J. H. Livingston
Tracey Locke
Sydney Mayner
Michelle Miller
Lisa Nucci
Donna Papa
Richard Powell
James and Regina Ranieri
Linda Rendleman
Michelle Robinson
Lauren Rolfe
Angelica Santana
Laura Strouse

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Page 10 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

The Old NE Means “Neighborliness”…and We Will Miss It
by Tracey Locke

e moved to The Old Northeast a decade ago for the gorgeous historic homes and
close walk to the water and downtown. Before Zillow and Trulia and Google
maps, we had to “look up” crime stats and comps or drive around to actually
see the place. Now that a new out-of-state job requires us to move away from The ONE,
we are discovering that all the modern conveniences of house shopping still can’t give us
a sense of place. There are no indicators of kindness and no value added on the price per
square foot for the sense of community we have found here. There are simply no accurate
measurements for neighborliness.
How will we
know that if some-
The Locke kids, Cole and Hadley, with "Beatrice" at the beach
one gets sick there
will be a line of
people offering to
help drive and cook?
Will a new neigh-
bor who learns that
our dog is going in “Beatrice,” the lovingly
for a routine proce- reconstructed camper
dure, drop off a “get that provided the Locke
well” card at the vet? family with so many
Who even does that? memories, has found a
That happened here. new home nearby. Bea-
Will we be deliver- trice's message "Follow
ing flower bouquets Your Bliss" holds true
for Christmas and as the Lockes begin
come across other their new adventure in
neighbors delivering Scottsdale, AZ.
home baked bread
for us? Will my kids quickly get to know every single person on
the block and, more importantly, they know them and watch out
for them? Beyond borrowing a cup of sugar, will we be invited in? Own a Piece of History
Will “now” be a good time when we call? The Biltmore’s Florida Heart Pine
flooring is identical to 90% of the homes
I don’t care what you say you treasure in St. Petersburg’s Old Northeast –
most. It doesn’t matter where you say only a lot older – and is highly sought after.
your heart is. Show me how you spend
your time and I will show you your Hardwood,
treasure. Lumber and
Living Simple Community by Rich Luker, Ph.D.
(and ONE neighbor)
Knot Ordinary
An urban planner may suggest looking for sidewalks, front Since 1908
porches and nearby parks if you want to find a neighborhood that

encourages engagement. An active neighborhood association?

Check. Tree-lined streets? Check.  Certainly, a place where the
fruit trees are planted in the front yard instead of behind a fence
will attract a certain kind of neighbor. The kind of neighbors who
start free symphony orchestra concerts in the park or save the
Vinoy from demolition. The kind who sponsor Easter egg hunts 727-321-3111
and patriotic parades or transform their streets into Halloween
haunts that rival theme parks. Even the kind who turn their side
yard into a community garden and the kind who decorate the alley
behind their house just because. There are the kind who love to

share books and the kind trying to rebuild neighborhood schools.

Mostly, there are the kind that I am going to deeply miss. | 666 49th St. South • St. Petersburg

Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 11

There are Windows... and
Then There are Windows
by Barbara Marshall

id you know that this past May 7 was National Sash
Revival Day? And you wonder what this recognition
is all about and why you might want to care? Read on.
It was fitting to answer the clarion call of our HONNA newslet-
ter editor, Rick Carson, to take on a final article to showcase one
of our Historic Old Northeast neighbors who chose restoration
over replacement of their bungalow’s 20 windows.
David and Zoe Harrell, of 11th Avenue NE, started the project
seven months ago. “Happy wife, happy life” is what motivated Da-
vid to restore
the pre-1925
original win-
Wills, Trusts dows, as his
& Estates lovely bride
from Caracas
Elder Law wanted to be
Real Estate able to open
every window
Business Law in their charm-
ing bungalow.
Monica M. Vernon & Garth A. Vernon
David, a re-
Serving Generations of Floridians Rick Kantner, Esq. Certified Public Accounts
Licensed to practice tired corpo-
in Florida & Tennessee rate beverage
e x e c uIndividual
tive- and Business Tax Returns
also wasBusiness Accounting & Consulting
managing partner to Chris Parker, co-founder of the original
NEW OFFICE LOCATED AT Bonefish Grille424 some 20nd
years ago — had the time, patience and
– 22 Avenue North
436 – 22nd AVENUE N., ST. PETERSBURG perseverance to learn
(in the completely renovated and restored circa 1926 Saint Petersburg and reinstallation. And
the art of restoration
does his toil as a do-it-yourself homeowner ever illustrate the care
bungalow with Vernon & Vernon CPAs) taken with peeling paint, layers of paint, sashes glued in place
Tele: (727) 393-1922
by repetitive painting, broken sash ropes, damaged rails and old
hardware plus anyFax: other(727) 502-9007
condition that needed detailed attention!
Even Zoe, educated in accounting and business administration in
KANTNER LAW Venezuela, takes on some of the detailed work with great pride
We she leavesto
are pleased forannounce
her 9-5 jobthat
at a local bankexpanding!
we are call center.
One of David’s invaluable resources has been Terence Meany’s
Visit usbook, Working
at our newly Windows:
restored A Guide to the Repairnext
1926 bungalow & Resto-
ration of Wood Windows. The book shares
door to our current office building. that Meany repaired
thousands of windows in the Seattle area, earning him the nick-
name “Mr. Window.” The book is not available on Amazon but
check your local library — it’s a good read.
And, so, as we know with old home renovations, one project
leads to another, and another and another... for the Harrells, it’s
been a total res-
toration of their
heart pine floor-
Call for a Complimentary Consultation - (727) 781 – 8201 ing throughout
their 2/2 home,
relying on own-
Email: er Terry Reeb of
Website: Hardwood Spe-
cialists who has
Offices: transformed it to
St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Largo/Belleair such a beautiful
condition that
1926 bungalow under renovation – January 2016

Page 12 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

even Ginger, the family beagle, wears paw booties. Base-
boards required painstaking scraping (no chemical pastes or
Please Support
heat guns!), sanding and staining by David and Zoe before
the flooring was restored and custom designed wood floor Our Advertisers
a/c vents were installed over the metal vents [see photo].
The Harrells
also relied on the
longtime family-
owned Anderson
Lumber Company
in St. Pete to fab-
ricate trim, mold-
ing and door fram-
ing from cypress
wood before David
and Zoe stained the
beautifully fram-
ing throughout
their home plus
refurbished a cus-
tom built-in in dark
walnut [see photo]. Featured Listing
Refinishing full size 405 15th Avenue NE
swinging doors is
next on the home renovation project list. Old Northeast
Restoration is the way the Harrells are preserving their 1925 Renovated Home
home, especially their sash windows—which go up and
down at a finger’s touch — to last for many decades to
come, not just years as may be the case with vinyl window Specializing in Old Northeast,
replacements. To Zoe, the house “smiles.” And David, who
smiles as he shares how he’s repaired and restored, offers Snell Isle and Downtown
that he’s available to share any technical advice and how-
to-do with any other ONE neighbor ( Sharon Kantner
Painstakingly consuming work? Yes. Crazy. Maybe. But, Realtor® & Old NE Resident
oh, the satisfaction!
Check out the Window Preservation Alliance organiza- Direct 727.278.5866
tion at
Barbara and husband, Jay, live in The ONE and are
the owners of House to Home Relocation, LLC, a business
specializing in relocating seniors (
They are members of the National Association of Senior Move
Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 13
The Jones-Laughner House: An Historical Phoenix
by Jill W. McGrath

t 556 Beach Drive NE, on the corner of 6th Avenue friends and neighbors and concerts by popular bands of the time;
NE, an historical spirit inhabits the two story masonry a neighbor remembers that “the house was a magical place of
(rusticated concrete block) vernacular house which energy.”
Lani and Peter Ford are bringing back from near extinction. It Eventually Hitch and Marilyn led separate lives. Marilyn left
is an excellent example of the Craftsman style bungalow and was all of her own furniture and decorative ele-
built in 1909 for Dr. Louis Jones, one of ments in the house except for her personal
the earliest physicians in St. Petersburg. belongings and a bonsai plant, which was
This residence is now a designated His- a gift from one of Hitch’s sisters. Ten years
toric Landmark building and a contribut- passed, Hitch died and Marilyn was living
ing property to the North Shore Historic elsewhere. She was saddened to learn that
District listed on the National Register of the rest of her furniture and appointments
Historic Places. The house has an interest- left in the house disappeared in her absence
ing history. or were eaten by termites, which also de-
In 1923 Aymer Vinoy Laughner lived voured an entire piano. The bonsai survives
next door at 532 Beach Drive, now the to this day, a reminder for Marilyn of both
Beach Drive Inn Bed and Breakfast that exciting and intense times in her past.
also received historic designation. From  The house was abandoned and led a
the space between the two houses, a fractured history during this past decade.
golf ball driven by Aymer determined The roof disintegrated and the leakage
the location of his dream of the future Above: Front of house (current) rotted many of the wooden elements. Police
Vinoy Hotel. In 1939, Aymer and his Below: Kitchen in progress were often called because of vagrants’ occu-
wife, Stella, purchased this house as pation and destruction of the house.
a residence for family members and Termites infested anything made of
in 1946 the house was bought by Paul wood, especially furniture pieces left
Aymer Laughner (Aymer’s son) and behind. It did not seem likely that
his wife, Lois, who lived in the house the house would ever be able to be
until 1959. In 1961, Aymer Vinoy restored. Local residents referred to
Laughner died in his own house. it as the “Boo Radley house,” as in
 The Vinoy-Laughner family con- To Kill a Mockingbird. Old Northeast
tinued to own the house while two residents Lani and Peter Ford spent
painters rented it for 10 years. A two seven years attempting to buy it to
story garage and garage apartment bring the once splendid house back
were demolished in 1976. Hitch to its rightful elegant life. The Fords
Roney learned that the house was are giving it a rebirth of historical and
for sale from Laughner friends. The comfortable perfection. This house,
fact that the house, like many of the its past history and loving revival is
houses in the neighborhood at the time, was in serious stages of a testament to the very preservation heart of the Historic Old
decay did not deter either Hitch or his partner Marilyn Armstrong Northeast neighborhood.
who bought the house in 1997 and proceeded with much-needed  It is a loving and expensive exercise to restore an historic house
renovations. Marilyn was involved in many of St. Petersburg’s that was ignored and mostly destroyed for many years. But the
civic causes and wrote a newsletter espousing local events. Hitch Fords recognize the important and unique architectural elements
was a Realtor and mortgage broker. The house was nicknamed within “the good bones,” such as the many windows, which bring
“The House of Blues” because of the many gatherings there of in natural light, the original design of unique aspects such as the
interior stairs, the porch, the second story and both of the front
rear façades. All the original design aspects are respected by
the Fords, who are determined to return the house to its original
glory. A new garage and garage apartment will also be added to
the property. The adjacent empty lot has been sold by the Fords.
When restoration work began, a puzzled passerby asked one of
the workmen about the new activity. After explaining the basic
fact that the house was being restored, the carpenter added, “Wait
till you see it, it will be stunning.” The workmen are devoted to
the project, a meaningful compliment to the Fords.
Working with the Fords is the architectural team of Elizabeth
Hallock and David Wishner, who also live in the neighborhood.
David expressed his appreciation of Peter’s character, knowledge,
personal involvement and determination in providing the enor-

Page 14 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

mous amount of TLC needed to properly develop the house and
make it whole again. The Fords are working to replicate every
aspect of the house to its original architectural design. Despite Pe- Left: Kitchen
ter’s extensive design intelligence and vast experience with house in progress
restoration and building technology, it has been an intense exercise
in sourcing economical, available and cost-effective material which Right: back
had been used in the house so that he could maintain original in- of house in
tegrity. It is difficult to find old doors and windows and sashes so progress
the glass can be reclaimed. Peter is also very involved in the actual
restoration work of all areas of the house. The State of Florida has Below: back
dictated that materials being used for construction have to meet of house 1997
the strict code requirements. As a result, a compromise had to be
made on many original
elements. Some cedar
shakes were found in
Indiana and addition-
al shakes have been
stained to appear as
though they are cedar.
Peter scours the area for
old glass to fill in win-
dows where the glass
has been damaged.
The rusticated concrete
blocks are no longer
made here in Florida.
They originated in St. Jill and Ed McGrath (who grew up together in the Hudson River
Petersburg thanks to a Valley) have finally finished the restoration of their 1913 cottage
dentist, Dr. Roy Ridg- on the corner of Bay Street and 6th Avenue NE. This is Jill’s fifth
ley, who developed the (Ed’s third) complete house restoration and they have promised
concrete business with each other that it will be their last.
his Eureka Stone and
Paving Company, mak-
ing the blocks between
1903 and 1915. Now
they are handmade by
contractor talent at $20-$30 apiece. These blocks not only were
used as the foundation for the Ridgely house across the avenue but
also for a number of other houses here in the Historic Old Northeast
including the Monticello on 8th Avenue N and the Baird house on
Bay Street NE. The solid blocks were used in foundations and the Lori Goin, Ed.S.
empty center blocks were used as decorative elements. Licensed &
Peter hopes to finish the house within two years. The goal is to Nationally Certified
be able to see the 1909 house as it used to be. Peter and Lani are
the perfect restoration stewards, and grateful neighbors feel very School Psychologist
lucky to have the new house owners/caregivers in their midst.


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Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 15
PORCH PARTIES April’s Porch Party was held at on the ninth floor
outdoor deck of Harbour Hill Condominium with
hosts Bonnie Bailey and Judy Frost and live music

by Big Rich. Beautiful breezy weather and views
of downtown St. Pete—doesn’t get much better!

Porch Parties are held the third Friday of the month
from 7:30-10pm (except December). Porch Parties
are strictly social and provide and informal and fun way to mix and
mingle with your neighbors. Bring your own beverage. Cups, ice
and light snacks are provided. Ask a neighbor to ride or walk over
with you. For more info, contact Susan Arsenault at


JULY 15 Judy, Bonnie and PP Coordinator

SUNKEN GARDENS Susan Arsenault with Big Rich
It’s a pot luck so please bring an appetizer, entrée, salad or des- Interested in hosting a Porch Party? Contact
sert and—of course—your beverage of choice. Come early and Sue at and she’ll tell you
stroll the paths of the Gardens as dusk descends. how easy it is – and how much fun!

Your neighborhood

LMT MA75549, RYT

Thai Massage
Integrative Yoga
oducing your neighborhood therapist… 727.201.6513

We welcome these new
LMT MA75549, RYT
ai Massage & Integrative Yoga
advertisers to your newsletter.
727.201.6513 Thank you!
33 1st St. NE, St. Pete, FL 33701
♦ Dave's World of Lawns
♦ Nadine Appelt / Keller Williams
♦ NE Orthodontics

Page 16 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

Another Fun Yard/Garage/Basement/
Alley/Estate/Tag/Moving Sale!
by Jay Weisberg and Bill O’Connor, Co-Chairs

he annual HONNA Neighborhood-wide Yard Sale on Saturday, March
12, started very early for homeowners “setting up shop” and eager
treasure hunters searching for steals.
Some 50+ HONNA members participated in this year’s sale in addition to the
many other neighbors who took advantage of all the car, foot and bike traffic
to sell their wares. The online locator directory, that included a listing of items
being offered, helped buyers plan their routes ahead of time. The weather was
great, bargain hunters were out in full force and the prices were right—a trifecta!
As in past years, the
Goodwill truck was
parked at North Shore
Park to accept items that
homeowners weren’t
able to unload sell.
Thanks to the generos-
ity of ONE residents,
Goodwill filled up a 48-
foot trailer with donated
items and looks forward
to providing this service “Like Us”
next year.   on Facebook
Thanks to all who

Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 17

(a.k.a., “How Do I Come to Terms with This Thoughts from
Being the Last HONNA Newsletter?!”)
the Front Porch…
“I talked to my ex-boyfriend again over the weekend,”
my client stated. “For what reason?” I asked. “Well, I
still need closure. I have so many unanswered questions and just
can’t seem to move on,” she replied. “So, did the conversation
give you the closure you needed?” I asked, knowing the answer
already. “No, it actually only made me miss him more.”
This is a pretty typical conversation that I’ve had with men
and women alike after a break-up. When something significant
comes to an unwanted end, we are forced to reconcile our minds
and unmet dreams with reality. Sometimes I will tell these clients
bluntly: “Closure doesn’t exist.” But now that I think about it, that
statement is not entirely true. Closure does exist–but it is often
something we have to create for ourselves rather than depending
on someone else to provide it. Closure is a human need, a part
of grief, a part of letting go and moving forward. But it is messy by Courtney Ellis, MA, LMHC
and confusing and not as cut-and-dry as we might like it to be.
And with this being our last HONNA newsletter after 45 years
of keeping you in the know, we figured what better way to send almost have to. Sadness is completely permissible to feel when
you off than to provide you with a helpful concept of closure. something ends or when change comes. But amidst that sadness,
So let’s talk first about what closure is. This is one of those we can seek closure by making conscious choices and decisions–
buzz-words that we throw around quite frequently without identi- we choose to accept the change rather than fight it, we choose to
fying the true definition. I consulted the handy Merriam-Webster grieve the loss of what we had hoped for, we choose to acknowl-
Dictionary to help us out and this is what was listed: edge the reality of what is and we choose to trust that things will
continue to be okay even after the change occurs. And once we
“A feeling that something has been are actively making these decisions,
completed or that a problem has been our emotions will eventually follow
solved.” suit and sadness will be replaced by
“A feeling that a bad experience peace and acceptance.
has ended and that you can start to
live again in a calm and normal way.” Sometimes you We have so enjoyed being a part
of your lives through these HONNA
Closure, then, is sort of a mental newsletters and are saddened to know
and emotional processing of reality
which enables us to accept change and don't get closure... that this will be our last newsletter. But
we look forward to what is to come
and to the continued strength that The
you just move on
move on to what’s ahead. It’s as if we
take a step back from a difficult situa- Old Northeast will have because of
tion, evaluate it and decide, “I can be great neighbors like you and great re-
okay with this change. I can handle it. sources to keep
I’m not happy about it, but I can trust us connected!
that there is more to come.”
To use the HONNA newsletter as an example, we trust and hope
that many of you have depended on these quarterly newsletters to
stay in the know about upcoming events, to see what new shops Courtney is a Licensed Mental Health
Counselor who provides individual and
and restaurants are popping up in St. Pete, to learn maintenance
couples counseling to the Tampa Bay area.
tips for our beautiful historic homes, to enjoy a little neighbor- She lives in a cozy bungalow in The Old
hood “gossip” and to figure out how to keep your plants alive in Northeast with her husband, daughter and
this Florida heat. So now that the last edition has come, you may dog. She tries to spend as much time on her
feel a little put out. You may be wondering how on earth you are front porch as possible.
going to find out all of this pertinent information without your
trusted newsletter. You may be mad that you didn’t have a say in
these articles coming to an end. But closure is our ability to say,
“We had a great run. We did great things. We can celebrate 45 Read the newsletter in full

years of solid neighborhood writings. But all good things must
come to an end and there are many other great resources to help
us stay plugged into all things Old Northeast.”
Are we sad that this newsletter is ending? Of course! But sad-
on our website at
ness and closure can both exist at the same time. In fact, they

Page 18 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

he annual HONNA 4th of July Children’s Parade will be held at the Northeast Exchange Club’s Coffee Pot Park (1st Street N
at 30th Avenue) on Monday, July 4, at 10am. The Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps will be attending again as well as
our Old Northeast Fire Station #1. Refreshments, arts and crafts and the parade will provide fun for all.
Check or our Facebook page for more updates as the date approaches. Wear your most patriotic gear, decorate your
bikes, trikes, buggies and scooters and join us for a fun and festive 4th of July!

Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 19

3rd Annual HONNA Gala a Roaring
by Nikki Nate, Gala Co-Chair

hank you to all of our friends and neighbors who celebrated the heyday of
our ‘hood in Speakeasy style at the 3rd Annual HONNA Gala on Saturday
evening, April 24! 
The event was a huge success, hosting over 140 people in the exclusive, intimate Side
Door basement of the Palladium Theater with super music by the Z Street Speakeasy
Band (L) and delicious catering by Saffron’s. A huge thank you as well to our commu-
nity partners and sponsors [see list following] especially the Old Northeast Tavern and
Black Crow Coffee for hosting the official after party and the Tampa Bay Rays, who
“doubled-down” on their
silent auction donation, of-
fering two luxury suites for
games this season!
Just wait to see what
we have in store for the 4th
Go Bolts!! Panoramic
Amalie Arena photo
autographed by mem-
bers of the Tampa Bay

Your Gala Committee:

Shawna Amarnani & Nikki Nate (co-chairs),
Peter Motzenbecker, Logan DeVicente, Rick Kantner
and Katalin Lawson
If you are interested in volunteering to help with next year’s Gala,
please contact

This year’s Gala could not have been possible without our many sponsors and donators. We truly appreciate your thoughtful
and generous sponsorship and donations.

A Huge Thank You to Our Sponsors

• Black Crow Coffee • Jay & Barbara Marshall • Southern Roots Realty
• Gray Robinson • Kantner Law Firm • Smith & Associates
• The Kidd Family • Old Northeast Tavern • Vernon & Vernon CPA

Another HUGE Thank You to Our Auction and In-kind Donators

• 3 Daughters Brewing Co. • Green Bench Brewing Co. • St. Pete Brewing Company
• Ashtay Productions • HONNA Board of Directors • Strobel Design Company
• Birchwood Hotel & Restaurant • J.Con Salon & Spa • Tampa Bay Lightning
• Bayou Golf • Marion’s Clothing & Gifts • Tampa Bay Rays
• Central Avenue Cigars • Mariner’s Car Wash • Tampa Bay Rowdies
• The Colorful Case • Massage Luze • Treehouse Gallery
• Day Watch Co. • Moon Under Water • The Trunk Shop
• Dr. Whitney DeLozier • Palladium Theater • William Williams and his
• Dr. Luis Martinez • Saccino’s Formalwear ’29 Nash
• Friends of North Shore Elementary, Inc. • Smith & Associates • Vinoy Renaissance Resort
• Great Explorations Children’s Museum • St. Pete Bicycle • Wine Madonna

Page 20 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

Property Transfers
The Friday edition of the Tampa Bay Times provides a partial list-
ing of real estate transactions compiled from public records. These
entries come from those listings. If any of these folks live near you,
make sure you welcome them to the neighborhood.

575 5th Avenue NE #575...................Joshua Rovin & Marguerite Crawford

555 5th Avenue NE #1221..................................................... Walter Larson
555 5th Avenue NE #1132.................................Raymond & Kathleen Kulla
125 5th Avenue NE #160........................... Devin & Kathryn Krayer Zimring
125 5th Avenue NE #290........................Andrew Heublein & Pamela Ames
305 6th Avenue N..................................................... Robert & Tricia Collins
237 7th Avenue N #1...............................................................Sarah Biggar
237 7th Avenue N #2.................................... William & Shannon Flumerfelt
221 8th Avenue N................................................David G. & Holly Kay Gall
301 8th Avenue N...................................................... William & Mimi Potter
*135 9th Avenue NE................................................... Devonshire Ventures
236 9th Avenue NE.............................................Justin & Elissa Ann Daniel
525 11th Avenue NE................................................................. Peter Bursik
232 12th Avenue NE............................................................Heather Adams
306 12th Avenue N...........................................Charles Azizi & Carol Lewis
545 12th Avenue NE.................................... Eric Droblyen & Kelly McHugh
*115 13th Avenue NE....................................................... Rich St. Pete LLC
116 13th Avenue NE...........................................Kenneth Graham D’Amico
140 13th Avenue NE........................................................ William Lippmann
248 14th Avenue NE.....................................................Liv & John Forsythe
255 14th Avenue NE............................................Clayton & Andrea Vigrass
300 15th Avenue N.............................................................Benton Rudolph
646 17th Avenue NE.......................................................... Thomas Roberts
835 18th Avenue NE.............................Michael & Rebecca Leigh Morrison
136 19th Avenue NE........................................................ Edward Komacka
536 19th Avenue NE......................................... John Duda & Anna O’Leary
203 20th Avenue N............................................................. Miguel Frontera
146 20th Avenue NE.........................................................Eric & Tracy Lynn
555 20th Avenue NE..............................................................Sherry Brewer
152 21st Avenue N......................................................... Christopher Martin
190 21st Avenue N............................................................ Jeffrey Vermillon
158 21st Avenue N....................................................................Britain Todd
165 21st Avenue NE......................................................... Daniel DeForrest
110 22nd Avenue N..............................................................Katelynn Dalley
175 22nd Avenue N............................................................... Barbara Oliver
205 25th Avenue NE....................... Mitchell K. Baker & Marlene H. Bessell
210 26th Avenue N..................................................Richard & Sarah Gibbs
Tim Rhode 101 27th Avenue N......................................................Barry & Donna Papa
1100 1st Street N................................................................Ronald Wheeler
A R C H I T E C T 2921 1st Street NE.................................................... Rafi & Jennifer Sawaf
555 3rd Street N #1............................................................Laura Lee Alsup
Specializing in Residential Design 1022 3rd Street N..................................................Regina & James Ranieri
Renovations, Additions and New Homes 1415 3rd Street N............................................... Staci & Hans Peter Haahr
700 Beach Drive NE #203.......................... William & Judith Ann Thiessen
Call for a Consultation visit to your home. 700 Beach Drive NE #706.......................... Steven and Dina Wolochowicz
1032 Locust Street NE...................................................Michael Caiadrino
Web Site 727-823-1566 * Non-homesteaded property
Source: Compiled from public records and printed in the Tampa Bay Times.

Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 21

by Democratic Rep. Dwight Dudley. The 13th District post is cur-
In Case You Missed It: rently held by Republican David Jolly, who is campaigning for
the open U.S. Senate seat of Sen. Marco Rubio. [source: Tampa
Updates and Follow Ups Bay Times, 5/4]

Keeping You Current on Some  Old Northeast Jewelers

& Hess Fine Arts on 4th Street
Neighborhood Stories That N received the rights to auction
items with an appraised value of
Have Been in the News about $10 million from the seized
collection of Scott Rothstein (and
 Sunken Gardens welcomed 20 Chilean flamingoes to their
new home at a press conference on April 21 that celebrated the
ex-wife Kim), earned from “one
of the biggest Ponzi schemes in
arrival, which complemented the group that had dwindled over the American history.” Said Jeffrey
years from 17 down to two. Thanks to three years of fundraising Hess of the 60-piece collection of
by many in the com- Rolex watches, diamond jewelry
munity plus involved and other items: “outrageous”
efforts to demonstrate and “just mind-boggling.” The
the ability to provide likely going price at auction is
for the rare, expensive estimated to be 20-40% of the
birds and prepare sat- appraised amount. Old NE Jew-
isfactory conditions elers is a leader in online auction
for them (the City sales, having handled over $100
underwent a rigorous million in such ventures. [source:
adoption process), all Tampa Bay Times, 2/17]
the hard work came to
fruition, topped off by  According to a WFLA-TV (April 4) Facebook posting, the
St. Petersburg Police Department is cracking down on pedestrians
a Flamingo Festival, and bicyclists who break the law. On Monday morning, April 4,
which was held on May 1. [source: City of St. Petersburg and officers were out in force, mainly in the 3rd Avenue S/3rd Street
“The Patch,” 4/20] area to ticket pedestrians who didn’t cross streets in crosswalks as
 Old NE resident Eric Lynn has decided to forego an at-
tempt to seek the nomination as the Democratic candidate for
well as bicyclists who disobeyed cycling laws. WFLA noted of-
ficers stopping several people but not handing out tickets as police
Florida’s 13th Congressional District and will instead vie for the can use discretion in issuing fines (violations run $62.50). This
nomination to run for the State House District seat being vacated was part of the second phase of the High Visibility Enforcement

Jonathan Daou, 4th Street Developer “North Ward is coming back to life” according to an article
which appeared on the front page of the April 24 business sec-
P lans for an innovative “food motel” on the grounds of
the old Monticello Motel at 1700 4th Street N have been
quashed as a result of parking issues with the City based on
tion of the Tampa Bay Times. The historic (but outdated) school
at 11th Avenue N at 4th Street, which closed in 2008, is being
renovated for mixed use by Daou. He is spending millions to
its planned use as a restaurant. Real estate investor/developer refurbish the Mission-style building to house a restaurant with
Jonathan Daou, owner of the property he purchased in late 2014, former classrooms transformed into the likes of a boutique, fitness
had planned to enable independent food vendors and chefs to studio and shops with about 70% of the space already leased.
Daou owns other properties, including along and near Central
Avenue, a thoroughfare that delights him. While Daou doesn’t
consider himself a preservationist, he likes the urban vibe he’s
discovered in St. Pete, “a weirdness…an interesting political mix
of liberal, conservative, progressive. It has all these elements. It
feels like a big city but it’s awesome.”
[Daou met with the HONNA Board on April 11 to discuss his
plans for both these properties.]

work out of the 18 one-time motel rooms with customers do-

ing take-out or dining in a communal courtyard. Daou believes
what he planned to do “is a great use for old buildings instead
of tearing them down and putting up chain stores.” He said that
his venture failed due to the City’s “inability to think outside the
box.” He believes what he was putting forth could have served as
a model for how old buildings could be re-used. [source: Tampa
Bay Times, 3/22, 3/23]

Page 22 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

for Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety campaign courtesy of the state now underway will be changes at the Golf Club on Snell Isle to
Department of Transportation. The Police Department reports that include a kids’ pool splash zone, redesigned clubhouse restaurant
for the prior three months officers had been issuing warnings and and locker rooms and improvements to the golf course.
educating pedestrians and cyclists regarding the law. The second phase, coming toward the end of the year for the hotel
 The City’s plans to expand recycling to include apartments
and condos is on hold due to falling prices for recycled materials
on 5th Avenue NE, will feature a new spa and tennis courts, fitness
center, more parking and a marina-front restaurant. All the facilities
and limited processing capacity. A City official doesn’t believe the will remain open during the facelift. According to the complex’s
market is likely to change in the next few years. Participation rates general manager, the changes are being made to address changing
for single-family homes is at 52% with a goal of 65%. [source: demographics and expectations of both travelers and locals.
Tampa Bay Times, 4/1] In the words of Mayor Rick Kriseman, the Vinoy is “the heart
that keeps the blood flowing throughout the downtown area.”
 The Vinoy Renaissance Resort & Golf Club is set for a
“makeover” that will take place over the next two years. First and [source: Tampa Bay Times, 5/12]

St. Pete's Share of BP Settlement pay for itself thanks to a “mitigation bank” that would result for
selling “credits” to developers who are destroying seagrass beds
A n effort is underway to use $500,000
of the City’s share of the BP Ho-
rizon settlement to plant up to 550 trees
in other locations. Experts say restoring seagrass is not easy and
will take years but that the City has had success in doing this.
A restored habitat will attract fish, crabs and manatees. {source:
throughout the City. The funds would Tampa Bay Times, 5/1]
cover costs of a tree inventory, assessment
of the existing tree canopy and the plant- “A Bike Share Program Could Work Well in St. Petersburg” was
ing/maintenance of high-quality trees that the title of a guest col-
are both native and drought resistant (like umn in the 4/8 Tampa
live oaks). Former Mayor David Fischer, Bay Times written by
who oversaw the planting of more than 10,000 trees during his ONE resident Bob
tenure in the late ‘90s, estimates that only about 30% of the City Griendling. Bob,
is canopied, a feature that helps save energy during hot months who is President of
and cleans dirty air. City Council decided in April hold off on a the St. Petersburg Bi-
final funding decision pending consideration of other possible cycle Club and serves
uses of the settlement monies. [source: Tampa Bay Times, 4/22] on the Mayor’s Bicy-
cling and Pedestrian
A plan is in the works for City Council to approve a plan to re- Advisory Committee, Bike share program in Washington, D.C.
store up to 300 acres of seagrass located off North Shore Park and believes a bike share
into Coffee Pot Bayou. Approval of about $500,000 in funds from program could lessen automobile traffic in an increasingly con-
the BP Horizon oil spill settlement is expected to be requested at gested downtown. The City has held a couple of workshops on
Council’s May 19 meeting. The work eventually may more than the idea and City Council has discussed it; funding possibilities
include some monies the City will be receiving from the BP
Deepwater Horizon oil spill settlement. The idea envisions doz-
ens of hubs throughout the City with participants in the program
paying to use the bikes based on time. An anticipated byproduct
of such a program is an increase in the number of residents who
end up owning bikes of their own. [To read the article: www.
program-could-work-well-in-st-petersburg/2272457 Since this
article appeared, City Council approved spending $250,000 of
BP settlement funds on the program (Tampa Bay Times, 5/1); see
Council member Darden Rice’s article on page 28.]

Michael Myers of Myers Antiques and Fine Art Buying antiques, paintings,
jewelry, silver, historical artifacts,
"Free evaluations of antiques, fine art and estates" sculpture, prints, books
and photographs in
St. Petersburg since 1970.

Myers Antiques & Fine Art

1600 4th Street N., St. Petersburg,
Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 23
Over The Back Fence by  S
and  S

…is a collection of what we’ve heard exchanged in the aisles of the supermarkets, shared
waiting in line to pick up the kids from school, read in the papers, overheard in the pew behind
us in church and, yes, even passed over the back fence.

Love!....Shorecrest teen Pete Litsky received a nice write-up are murals to be found everywhere in the compact downtown area.
in the sports section of the 4/15 Tampa Bay Times for his athletic You can stop into Florida Craft Art Gallery for a map and to view
prowess. As returning champ, he had just won the Class A state work from local artists. Then hit the streets and alleyways to soak
individual tennis semis and title in straight sets (though he didn’t up the Florida sunshine and great art.” Check out the varied and
cop the doubles championship final). Pete is the son of neighbors creative street art throughout the City!
Mimi and Matt Litsky.
Playing Safely….
Sound of Music... Nice to see the place-
Neighbors Barbara ment of a new fence
and Jay Marshall around the playground
hosted a “salon” on and sand area of Cof-
the afternoon of April fee Pot Park. With the
16 for neighbors and seawall so close to the
friends to enjoy a mu- play area, this will be
sical presentation by appreciated by parents
their neighbor by Will with wandering toddlers.
Goetz on the piano and
Sarasota? Really?!?....The Tampa Bay metro area ranks 42
Lori Kleinman on flute.
out of the 100 largest in a U.S. News and World Report survey on
Both talented perform-
best-places-to-live. Factors that went into the ratings include cost
ers hold doctorates.
of living, job prospects, quality of life, crime, commuting time,
Fond Farewells….It’s always hard to say good-bye when salaries, schools. The Florida metro areas that ranked better than
neighbors leave The ONE (yes, believe it, some really do!), espe- Tampa Bay were: Sarasota (14), Jacksonville (24), Fort Myers (38)
cially those who have contributed so much of themselves to being and Palm Bay/Melbourne (40). Rating lower were: Orlando (44),
“neighbors.” So it’s with sadness we bid farewell to Laura and Lakeland (70), Daytona Beach (84) and Miami (93). Numbers 1
Frank Fage, who have relocated across the City to Old Pasadena, and 2? Denver and Austin, TX. [source: Tampa Bay Times, 3/3]
and to Tracey and Kenny Locke (and Cole and Hadley) who are
A Marriage Made in…Greg Lee and Alysa Gibes wed Friday
departing for Arizona. You all will be missed!!
evening, March 18, on the grounds of Sunken Gardens. What
Beat the Clock!....Last year we profiled four ONE residents made this marriage ceremony especially noteworthy is the fact that
who had participated in the St. Anthony Triathlon, and they were Greg’s great-grandfather, George Turner, Sr., founded the Gardens
back again this year. So how did they do? John Macedo (age in 1935, his mother grew up there and he was raised across the
51) placed second in his age category (50-54) with an overall street — and his grandparents married on the same lawn 60 years
time of 2:06:19; last year his time was 2:12:51. David Frazer ago. Greg and Alysa’s decision where to marry? Was there really
(57) was first in his 55-59 age category with a 2:15:52 time; his any question? [source: Tampa Bay Times, 3/19]
time last year was 2:19:32. Rachel Sartain (40) competed in the
Lookin’ Good!....The façade of the North Bay Villa apartments
40-44 group with a 3:32:03 time (last year she posted 3:50:16)
at 11th Avenue NE and Locust just received a nice face lift, and
and Mike Kiral (49) was 3:03:56 in the 45-49 age category (last
after many years the restoration of the historic Jones-Laughner
year his time was 3:21:24). Congrats to these four and all other
House at 6th Avenue NE and Beach Drive is also progressing [see
ONE neighbors who invested so much time and effort in the tri!
related article on page 14].
We’re impressed!
Comings and Goings….New on 4th Street N: Pei Wei and Burger
It’s Not Just Graffiti….St. Pete was ranked seventh among “15
Monger. Gone: Gush Juice.
of the Best Street Art Cities—an Alternative List.” The citation
appeared on a 3/16 HuffPost Travel blog by Vicki Louise. The An Apt App….Neighbor Gary Mormino — historian, author
review, provided by Carol at, read: “Some- and professor emeritus at USF/St. Pete — has written the script
times I stumble across street art in the most unexpected places. for a new Jose Marti Trail app that smartphone users can use to
This happened to me on a recent visit to St. Petersburg, Florida. trace the footsteps of the 19th century Cuban revolutionary through
St. Petersburg boomed in the roaring 1920’s as a tourist beach the streets of historic Ybor City. It’s downloadable for both Apple
destination and then again in the 1950’s as retirees from colder and android smartphones at “Florida Stories” and then “Jose Marti
climates moved south. Flappers and geezers don’t sound like fod- Trail” app. [source: Tampa Bay Times, 4/15]
der for street art, but the city developed a flourishing art scene in Peddle Faster!!....Have you noticed the message sometimes
the ‘70s and as often happens, a street art culture followed. I had flashing on the digital signs on I-275 alerting slower traffic to keep
the chance to stroll the downtown district on a recent visit. There to the right? About time. A Florida Department of Transportation
Page 24 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News
spokesperson has go out searching with his metal detector. It turns out, Paul is no
said the law (Flor- amateur... he is a member of the Suncoast Research & Recovery
ida statute 316.081) Club (, and finding lost wedding rings, historical
doesn’t mean driv- artifacts and valuable coins is a hobby for him. He retraced their
ers should go as steps for almost three hours up-and-down the streets of The ONE
fast as they want and then called Logan to ask where else he had been that day. Sure
but that the flow of enough, after they replayed the morning--which took Logan to
traffic needs to be his weekly game of volleyball at Spa Beach — after 10 minutes
consistent. Driving in the sand, Paul found the ring! They were grateful for his time
too slowly can be and efforts to help, and they have called on him a few times since
a safety issue (like to help Logan’s parents find lost treasures. Logan and Natalie are
road rage for in- Photo credit Orlando Sentinel grateful for good neighbors like Paul!
stance). Have you ever Tops Off to Local Artist!....ONE resident and artist Robin Mur-
been driving north on phy is taking the art of recycling to a new level. Using plastic tops
I-275 just south of the Trop and be in the right (i.e., slow) lane from bottles and containers, she’s transforming the alley behind
going 55mph (aaarrrgggh) and be passing cars in the left (i.e. pass- the home she shares with husband Mike. In all sizes and colors,
ing/fast) lane going slower than you? There’s a minimum fine of the plastic tops are being glued to a back fence that’s beginning
$121 for driving too slow in the passing lane. to look like one of St. Petersburg’s street murals. The couple,
Slow Down! ….30th Avenue N who last year moved from 1st Street to 14th Avenue N to down-
resident Mary Miller is ecstatic that size, are enjoying their
Mike Fredericks of the City’s traffic new digs where Robin
department came through with a is creating fabulous
“Your Speed” sign for 30th Avenue art and experimenting
N between 4th and 1st Streets N. She with new mediums
says moms with babes in strollers and techniques (one
and toddlers in tow en route to Coffee of the joys of down-
Pot Park now hope that peer pressure sizing). Collecting
will promote “No NASCAR” wan- enough plastic tops
nabees in the neighborhood for at has been a challenge,
least awhile. Mary sends her thanks so Robin has placed
to Mike and his department. a collection bin in the
Old NE Home Showcased…. alley behind 116 14th
Featured in the “special homes is- Avenue N. Neighbors
sue” of the April bay—A Magazine and friends are contributing, and Robin is asking for more dona-
of the Tampa Bay Times was the “Colonial Restoration” of Kim tions from our readers. Drive through the alley and see Robin’s
Cromwell and Kath Cote. The article focused on their seven colorful wall–and drop off as many plastic tops as you can! And
month renovation efforts with the 1926 brick’s “excellent bones” in case you have any books you’d like to pass along, the Murphys
and the goal of preserving the structure’s beauty and history. This have a little lending library box in the front yard. It, too, is a work
involved working closely with local specialty companies and even of art from the “artist in residence.”
contacting the St. Petersburg Museum of History. They reinstalled The Tacoma-St. Pete Connection....What are the odds that two
the original leaded glass over regulation hurricane glass on certain couples from Tacoma WA, would — independently of one another
windows to maintain their special feel. Much of the original tile — end up residing three blocks apart in our neighborhood? Last
in the bathrooms was preserved (and using matching replica tiles June, Sharon Winters and Kendall Reid purchased and started
where necessary) as was an under-the-stairs half-bath that was restoring a unique airplane bungalow on 18th Avenue NE [see
creatively re-fitted. article in the March issue of this newsletter]. In late 2015, Chris
Patrolling the Beat….Several neighbors were chatting on the and Linda Granfield bought and started restoration of a striking
sidewalk one Sunday afternoon in March when a female police Mediterranean Revival house on 16th Avenue NE, the longtime
officer came strolling down the sidewalk toward them. “What’s home of the late Richard and Maude Montague (he died last year
wrong?” one neighbor asked, not used to seeing a police officer at age 98). Both couples are avid preservationists; Sharon and
casually walking the streets. Officer Caricia Martinez explained Chris each served as chair of the Tacoma Landmarks Preservation
that, when the circumstances allow, officers are encouraged to Commission. We’re grateful that they are continuing this passion
park their squad cars and take a walk around a few blocks and as our new neighbors.
do exactly what she was doing: meeting residents up-close-and-
personal. Good to see, and more of it encouraged!
Finding Gold!….A few months ago, Logan De-
Vicente lost his wedding ring. Logan and wife, Nata-
lie, thought it was on a Sunday walk, only within
three blocks of their home, but after he searched for
an hour he couldn’t find it anywhere. They created
a post for the ring on NextDoorOldNortheast, and
within two hours one of their neighbors three blocks
down, Paul Hill, responded back that he would
Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 25
William Straub’s Enduring County, which had been part of Hillsborough County. Tampa
politicians controlled the county and Pinellas residents benefited
Legacy little from their paid taxes. Roads were poor and government
services inaccessible.
by Meara Corbett-O’Connor

Straub campaigned for a new county through editorials and
ost residents only know William Straub as a former political cartoons. Tampa politicians, hostile to Straub’s efforts,
editor of the St. Petersburg Times or as a waterfront convinced Florida legislative leaders to block attempts to form a
park’s namesake. However, Straub’s City and county new county. Straub wrote the “Pinellas Declaration of Indepen-
legacy reaches a lot deeper. For 38 years, Straub was a force for dence” to counter their arguments and stealthily mailed materials
change including the founding of Bird Key, the creation of Pinellas directly to individual legislators around the state. The legislators
County, the establishment of the City’s first library, the formation arrived in Tallahassee convinced by Straub’s arguments, and
of various civic groups and the first written history of Pinellas Pinellas County was created in 1911.
County. Starting in 1901 with his ownership of the Times, Straub As the new City waterfront quickly gained national recog-
urged St. Petersburg through unprecedented changes guided by nition, Straub launched a “County Beautiful” campaign. In
his visions for a “City Beautiful,” and he used his artistic talents 1913, he urged the creation of the Pinellas County Board
to share those visions. of Trade and was elected president. The Board hired
When the downtown waterfront was a smelly tidewater James Dawson whose plan included a county-wide
of shacks and hanging fishing nets, Straub had a unique system of parkways that connected urban areas,
vision of the waterfront as a potential tourist destina- neighborhood parks, natural preserves, waterways
tion, and he worried that widespread commercializa- and waterfronts. It proposed legislation that
tion would ruin those prospects. Starting in 1902, his would allow the parks board to acquire land for
editorial crusades to create a park rallied the commu- parks.  Although enthusiasm for the plan was
nity. He also supported the development of Bayboro high, it was doomed by reluctance to fund it.
Harbor to satisfy commercial waterfront needs. Straub persisted. He influenced St. Petersburg
Straub convinced Perry Snell and other leaders to create Florida’s first planning board in 1923.
to buy waterfront parcels until the City could pur- Straub was appointed to lead it. Provided with
chase  them. By 1910, the waterfront was publicly funds to hire a planner, Straub contacted John
owned and declared a park. The City Council named Nolen. Nolen is recognized today as a founder of
the waterfront’s prominent park in Straub’s honor.   modern urban planning with an emphasis on sus-
Straub’s efforts likewise led to the creation of Pinellas tainability, and this was one of Nolen’s early projects.

Experience Matters. Results Matter.

Over $51 Million Sold in OLD NE & Downtown

Nadine Appelt

(727) 460-7181

111 2nd Ave NE St. 400, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Page 26 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

card of
St. Pete

In an era of virtually non-existent planning rules, the Nolen

Plan included land-use controls, a park plan, platting ordinances
and a zoning code. All residents would live within a half-mile of a
natural landscape. Areas prone to flooding would be wetland nature
preserves.  Most Pinellas islands were inaccessible and sparsely
inhabited. The plan proposed that barrier islands be designated as
nature preserves to protect their value as barrier islands against
storms and hurricanes and to provide a basis for future park lands.
The state legislature approved the plan, but it received only 13%
support in a local referendum. Opponents were led by developers
who didn’t like planning guidelines and argued the plan would
result in higher taxes. Lew Brown, editor of The Evening Indepen-
dent newspaper, fought the plan because it proposed public money
investments to improve minority neighborhoods, and Brown also
wanted the plan to formally segregate neighborhoods by race.
Straub continued to persevere for city planning. A curtailed St.
Petersburg plan finally passed in 1933. Straub helped form the
Florida Planning Association and was named president, and other
Florida cities adopted city planning for the first time.
These are just a few of Straub’s influences. If not for Straub,
St. Petersburg might be undergoing the same struggles that Tampa
faces today with improving public access of downtown waterfronts.
As an artist and Michigan transplant, Straub appreciated Florida’s
natural beauty, understood its vital role in Florida’s future growth
and rallied others to preserve it.  He was soft-spoken and humble
yet a strong and persistent leader and was known as the “Gentle
Crusader.” Though his campaigns didn’t always succeed, all of
his efforts led to benefits that will be enjoyed for generations of
St. Petersburg residents and visitors.

Meara researched Straub for a National History Day project

while an 8th grader at Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle
School. She wanted to know more about Straub because she was
born at home in the house on 13th Avenue N that was Straub’s 1920s
home (seen in photo). A Nolen Plan map and some of Straub’s
works can be viewed
at www.straub-legacy., which is a
website Meara has cre-
ated. It also has video
interviews with local
historians and Straub’s
granddaughter, Marion
Gay. Meara is now fin-
ishing up her first year
at St. Petersburg High

Photos from collection of Joe O'Connor

Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 27

City of St. Petersburg District 4 May Update
Darden Rice, St. Pete City Council Vice Chair

Dear Historic Old Northeast: downtown and help students and employees get to transit stops
To share some brief updates on re- to get to work. Bike shop owners welcome the program; stud-
cent City Council and neighborhood ies show bike share programs stimulate local bike sales. Rental
issues: revenues will help offset expenses. The City retains ownership
of the equipment and contracts with Cycle Hop for operations
Crescent Lake Water Tower and maintenance. A big thanks to St. Pete Bicycle Club, St. Pete
The refurbishment of the marine- Bike Co-Op Club, the Mayor’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory
themed mural at Crescent Lake Water Committee and Shift St. Pete for your advocacy to make St. Pete
Tower is finally underway. You’ll no- a bike-friendly City!
tice artists at work up in the air over the next several Budget and Infrastructure
weeks. We are aiming for completion by June! Fun
fact: Did you know the 1926 Crescent Lake Water Stay tuned the next few months as Council takes
Tower, noted for its unusual architecture and spiral up serious discussions on infrastructure investment
staircase, is the only remaining historic water tower in and budget issues. As many know, we are looking
St. Pete and is historically designated? Lucky for us, at serious investments in fixing critical sewer and
it remains to be structurally sound and in great shape. storm water systems (which I strongly support).
Bike Share We will also start taking up the FY17 budget.
What do I need to hear from you? For starters, I
Council approved a final contract to bring Bike need to hear your thoughts on this critical budget
Share to St. Pete. A station location is in the works question: Should we roll back the millage rate? Or
for the Crescent Lake area. Expect to see 300 blue have needs of our City mean we need more revenue
bicycles and 30 rental stations throughout the City to keep up? With less and less help from the state or
starting in the fall. Bike share rentals will be $8 hourly, feds, more responsibility falls on local shoulders, es-
$15 monthly, and $79 annually ($59 for students). Bike pecially with transportation and infrastructure needs.
share is a great way to get around, save
SERparking spaces




L L & RE

• Pool Cleaning & Maintenance


• Installation & Repair



L L & RE
Month of
I Pool Service


When you purchase

3 months of service Labor Charges
on Repairs

Offer valid at participating locations only through

TA 12/31/16. Free month of service will be at the

same level as the previously contracted 3 months. Offer valid at participating locations only through
L L & R 4th month is free. New customers only. Cannot 12/31/16. Cannot be combined with other offers or
be combined with other offers or used on prior used on prior purchases. See store for details.
purchases. See store for details.



St. Petersburg
4102 34th St. S.


L L & R EP ©2016 Pinch A Penny, Inc. Lic.#CPC1458223

Page 28 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

On the other hand, I’d like to get our millage rate back down
and not be the highest in the county. That way, we’ll always be
focused on saving money, looking out for eliminating inefficien-
cies and cutting back programs that are not effective. It will be a
big discussion and one I will seek feedback and discussion with
my constituents.
Other issues to watch in the coming months: progress on the Advance
Pier District, Baseball Forever will launch more detailed plans
and the LDRs are getting updated. Let us write that important obituary
As always, I look forward to hearing from you on all these is- while the person is alive
sues. St. Pete is in a great position as a thriving City, and all parts to proof-read the narrative.
of the City are growing and improving.
Our professional writers
St. Pete Strong,
will record valuable
Vice Chair Darden Rice
lifetime accomplishments
with special care and
attention to cherished memories.

We call it Love in Words.

Whether for yourself or a loved one,
we will walk you through
the process. It's easy.

Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 29

Are you one of those people who goes about your day-to-day life
noticing things happening around you (or not happening) in the
neighborhood and our City and you wonder why (or why not) but
never get around to discovering the answer?
We’ve decided to ask one of our neighbors, Sue Strott, who’s lived
in The Old Northeast almost forever, to track down the explana-
tions for some of those puzzling questions which bug, bedevil and
frustrate us.

Recycle Bins obstructive.  Please take care to watch how you park your car on
the street. Don’t make it possible for an elderly or disabled person
The new pick up locations (in the alley) of the blue bins for to fall from having to enter or disembark from a car over a curbside
recyclables appear to have been well-received as far as we can tell. covered with mulch, plants or shrubs. It can be very dangerous!
However, it’s been brought to our attention that some folks Please remember how easy it has become to report problems in
are taking advantage of other peoples’ containers--to the point of the neighborhood to the City. Contact the City by going to https://
filling them so that residents can hardly squeeze recyclables into; if you don’t have computer
the bins they’ve been provided. access, phone the Mayor’s Action Center at 727/893-7111. It takes
If you see someone doing this, please bring this to their atten- all of us to keep The Old Northeast beautiful and safe! 
tion so that they use only the containers they’ve been given. Even Thank you for sharing your concerns with me, and I hope the
better—offer them space in your bin if you’ve got room. Now answers and advice I’ve suggested have been helpful to you.
that’s being neighborly! It’s been my pleasure to have been The Answer Lady these past
several years.
Dogs on Leashes Sue was born in Chicago and lived in Canada before moving
What has happened to the City ordinance that most dogs are to to The Old NE in 1973 where she continues to run an apartment
be on a leash when outside of rental business. She lives with her new rescue dog and is one of
their own yard? It appears that those people who enjoys being busy!
lately many dogs are walk-
ing without a leash. Some
even terrorize other dogs on
leashes. This is not fair to the
other dogs or their owners.
According to our ordinanc-
es, as per Pinellas County
Code of Ordinances, Chapter
14, Article II, Div. 3, Sec.
14-63, both cats and dogs Old Northeasters, please help keep our neighborhood
are prohibited from running clean. If you see any code violations, please talk with your
at large. The only exclusions neighbor if possible. If all else fails, use the SeeClickFix
are law enforcement dogs and link (, the City’s easy
hunting dogs in training. way to report code violations online.
Let’s talk to our neighbors Some common violations are:
and ask them to leash their
• Unpermitted snipe signs, feather signs and other tem-
dogs. There is no provision
porary signs on public property
for “voice control.” They are all supposed to be leashed.
• Not keeping sidewalks, alleys and streets clear of
  vegetation and/or debris
Blocking Curb Steps • Junk, rubbish and outdoor storage
We’ve brought this up before, but so many folks are still parking • Parking cars over sidewalks
so as to blatantly block the sidewalk curbways to the street while
• Prohibited commercial businesses in residential
there may still be space to accommodate their cars without being
Page 30 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News
Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 31
Meet the Yoginis:
Women Who Practice Yoga
by Jenni Lockwood

here are myriad definitions of yoga, schools of practice and claims of origin. A simple definition is that yoga is a Hindu discipline
involving controlled breathing, prescribed body positions, stretching and meditation with the goal of increasing self-awareness and
attaining a state of deep spiritual insight, physical health and relaxation.
We have so many in The Old Northeast who strive to be their best selves through the practice of yoga. They are living testament to the value
of this practice: vibrant, professionally successful, generous of spirit and socially vital. Meet four women who have come to yoga and to our
neighborhood from divergent and yet oddly similar paths.

Colette Marie: The Unconventional Yogini and to forge new ones. She likes walking her two and a half year old
rescue dog, Kolo, and seeing so many familiar and “happy” faces.
Until very recently, there was a quaint little neighborhood business
named Wild Lotus Colette’s relationship with the practice of yoga is an unconven-
Yoga Studio. It was tional one: “I like saying that the longest relationship I have had,
nestled between aside from the one with myself and maybe my dogs, is the one that
The Old North- I have with yoga.” She does not practice any one traditional form of
east Tavern and yoga but rather incorporates techniques from a number of healing
The Black Crow arts: nutrition, reflexology, Reiki, passive stretch and myofascial
on 2nd Street N. release to name a few. Since starting Gracefully Transform, Colette
This was a magical has added strength and fitness training to the menu. Her practice, like
place where friends, her life, is an ever-evolving process of growth and self-discovery. “I
family and neigh- feel blessed to share what I know to help others in a profound and
bors could come practical way.”
together and share Colette Marie is currently writing a memoir, sharing her 11-year
in the practice of journey into becoming an unconventional yogi. She also wishes to
yoga with Colette pursue personal training through the National Academy of Sports
Marie, studio owner Medicine, as an added component for Gracefully Transform, LLC.
and teacher. Currently she teaches a free class in Crescent Lake Park (the first
T h o u g h Wi l d Sunday of every month) and “donation” classes in Crescent Lake
Lotus Yoga Studio Park at other times. Check out her website at www.gracefullytrans-
is no longer open,
Colette Marie still
currently lives in The Old Northeast neighborhood and has begun a
new chapter of her career: Gracefully Transform, LLC. Gracefully
Warren: The
Transform is currently located in City Gym and offers private yoga
Ballerina Yogini
instruction and fitness coaching. Gretchen Warren
Originally from Los Angeles, Colette Marie has lived in The ONE moved to Florida in
for the past four years and has established many long-lasting rela- 1983 where she was
tionships with her neighbors, who have become very good friends. employed for 27 years
What Colette loves most about The ONE is the camaraderie: she feels as a dance professor
welcome and at home with her neighbors. She believes that her good at the University of
fortune in being able to establish Wild Lotus Yoga in the neighbor- South Florida. Prior
hood afforded her the opportunity to cement existing relationships to that, she spent 12
years as a professional
ballerina at the Penn-
REAL ESTATE LAWYER five years as Ballet
Mistress of Ameri-
can Ballet Theater
II in New York City.
JAMES W. MARTIN, ESQ. In addition to dance,
540 4th Street North Gretchen has a passion
St. Petersburg, FL 33701 for botany. In Tampa she grew and showed roses from her garden, ul- timately garnering the top awards: Queen of Show and King of Show
at the Tampa Rose Show in 2009. Following this coup, Gretchen’s
(727) 821-0904 partner, Ed Lafontaine, a retired college administrator, convinced her
to sell her home in Tampa, give up the roses and move in with him in his house in the woods near Dade City. The couple began to split
their time between there and Woods Hole, Massachusetts.
Page 32 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News
It was in Woods Hole that Gretchen began her yoga practice 15
years ago. Having found an excellent teacher, she delighted in the
discipline, which she finds akin to ballet. The relaxation, stretching
movement and internal body awareness promote flexibility, which Long-term residents
Gretchen believes holds the key to graceful aging. Elaine and Gabe
Soon after the blush was off of the rose, Gretchen developed a Faraone practice
new passion: Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging. She yoga and utilize this
began studying in St. Pete with Jeanne Houlton, a Master in the upside-down yoga
Ichiyo School. She also joined the St. Petersburg chapter of Ikebana trapeze in the living
International, the motto of which is “Friendship through Flowers.” room of their cozy
As her involvement with ikebana grew, so did the amount of time she home, where they are
spent in St. Pete. She longed to move here. However, Ed liked the committed to living
country, privacy and abundance of nature surrounding their home an small, maintaining
hour north of Tampa. It was a hard sell. a pesticide-free yard
and subscribing to a
In 2014 Gretchen and Ed moved into their sprawling Mediter- vegan diet.
ranean villa on a double lot in The ONE. They added a master suite
and garage, and Gretchen went to work on the gardens. They both
love the architectural diversity of the neighborhood, its proximity
to downtown and the respect for nature and generosity of spirit that
characterize The ONE. Gretchen has found a new yoga home at The
Body Electric Yoga Company, set up in a former ice-house on 30th work helping her clients to heal, detoxify and thrive. A self-described
Avenue. Here she practices Ashtanga yoga. They offer a “slow flow” “skeptical” yogini, she scoffs at the pervasive image of yoga prac-
class that is just right for her. Now she can practice great yoga year- titioners: slim, toned, Lycra-clad contortionists of tabloid magazine
round, both in Woods Hole and St. Pete. fame. Lydia wants to provide the benefits of yoga to those of us who
Today Gretchen, Ed and their Cairn terrier, Pepper, are enjoying can never imagine donning Lululemon nor darkening the door of an
their oasis in The Old Northeast. They appreciate the peacefulness upscale yoga studio!
of the neighborhood as well as a like-minded community they are Born in Cote D’Ivoire, on the west coast of Africa, Lydia im-
happy to be a part of. Gretchen is a docent at Sunken Gardens as well migrated to Connecticut at age 16. Her introduction to U.S. culture
as an active member of the Old Northeast Garden Club. She has just was a bumpy one, and she soon found herself searching for a new
received her instructor certification in ikebana and is hoping to start oldNE-journal-ad-2016-aa.pdf 1 5/13/15 13,7:57 AM
continued on page 34
teaching flower arrangement soon. She also plans to continue her
longtime avocation of doing flowers for weddings. She credits yoga
with providing her the peace of mind and strength of body to manage
her busy retirement lifestyle.
Lydia Smith: The Practical Yogini
Lydia moved to The Old Northeast in the summer of 2014. She
embodies a rich background in nutrition, massage, yoga and holistic
and alternative living practices. Lydia was attracted to The ONE by
the big, open spaces, proximity to the waters of Tampa Bay and the
outdoor lifestyle. She likes the diversity of community and culture
and particularly enjoys seeing people of all ages and socio-economic
status strolling happily with their dogs around the neighborhood. C

Lydia opened her business, Thai Massage with Lydia, and set to M





Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 33

Yoginis ...from page 33 might be a good way to spend her beach time in Negril, Jamaica. That
was decades ago — and Rita has been a practicing yogini ever since.
pathway of healing and self-actualization. In 2007 this quest led her After a 25-year career in engineering, she began to take the practice
to Mexico and the Yandara Yoga Institute. Here Lydia learned the seriously, traveling around the U.S. and India in search of good
practice of yoga while serving as a cook for the school…and she teachers. In 1997 she began to teach yoga in the Anusara tradition.
became a vegetarian. Two years later she moved to Albuquerque and
enrolled in massage school at the renowned New Mexico School of Since that time, Rita has taught in a variety of venues: churches,
Natural Therapeutics. Here she expanded her practice to include Thai yoga studios, corporate wellness programs, conferences, workshops,
massage and holistic/alternative living techniques. Her goal was to teacher trainings and her own studio.
make the benefits of yoga available to all by using an integrative, Unbeknownst to Rita, her college sweetheart, Rick Neal, had also
client-centered restorative approach. She began to teach practical become a yogi. Rick searched the Internet after wondering “whatever
methods of self-care, utilizing Thai yoga massage, which is a form happened to her...” during a yoga class. Rita credits yoga for their re-
of assisted yoga. connection after years of being apart. Rick, also a retired civil engineer,
Lydia’s practice, Thai Massage with is a musician, and he plays locally with his Element-Tao ensemble
Lydia, is located at Synergy Studios ( Rita says that her move to The Old Northeast
(333 1st Street NE). Recently she has wouldn’t have happened “without that serendipitous moment that
partnered with Yoga for Men (no Alice, the yoga practice created.” When they first moved to St Petersburg,
you do not have to be a man). Lydia the couple lived aboard Rick’s 47-foot sailboat, moored in the local
teaches online for this group, dedicated harbor. Today the couple lives in a beautifully-appointed bungalow in
to reaching the as-yet-untapped yoga the heart of The ONE. Rita is an avid gardener and their home reflects
market. Whether you can only spare their creativity, love of nature and commitment to eco-friendly living.
five minutes a day for yoga, just want to They like the history, community and diversity of The ONE as well as
improve your breathing or would like to its proximity to downtown and walkability.
expand your repertoire of self-care prac- Rita continues her yoga and meditation studies and now teaches at
tices, Lydia has something to offer you. the Vinoy and contributes to yoga teacher trainings at A Yoga Village
Check out her website for current offer- in Clearwater. Not only did yoga serve to reunite Rita and Rick, but
ings and specials: yoga also connected her with her business partner, Mary Allen, an
Old Northeast resident as well. Mary and Rita started their Savvy
Rita Knorr: The Savvy Green Yogini Green eco-friendly cleaning business in 2012 and you can find their
When one of her friends brought along a “28 day yoga plan” book products locally at Rollin Oats! Discover more about Rita at www.
as entertainment during a spring break vacation, Rita found that yoga and
[Editor’s note: The April 30 Tampa Bay Times carried a photo
of a yoga class taking place in Vinoy Park. Rosita Aleksandrova, a

Lightning Print
yoga teacher, gives free classes at the south end of the park near 5th
Avenue NE every Monday and Friday at 8am.]

is proud to be the printers for the Jenni and husband Bob arrived in The ONE in 2014 from Portland,
Old Northeast Neighborhood News OR, and she claims the only way she’d leave the ‘hood is “kicking and
screaming.” With a Master of Social Work degree and a background
in mental health advocacy, she’s a sports fanatic, “people person”
If you are buying color or black and white and enjoys immensely the interesting neighbors she continues to meet
and the upbeat vibe of The ONE.
copies give us a call and check our pricing.
Free local pick-up and delivery.

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Page 34 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News

Best way to keep mosquitoes away (other than dousing yourself

Plant Rant
with repellant) is running a strong fan nearby–those pesky winged
blood-suckers can’t fly in the wind!
Best use for over-ripe bananas Make bread or else feed to
your staghorn fern (it likes peels, too).
Palm frond 101 If it’s brown, cut it down. If it’s green, leave
it alone.
Fave Tips and How-Tos Moss milkshake Blend together a handful of moss, 1 cup but-
termilk and 1 cup water. Pour mixture over pots or statues, place

in shady area and keep moist until moss covers item.
here’s a saying that tears are like summer showers to
the soul. Lord knows yours truly has shed her fair share Tool cleaning Dip or wipe tools with mixture of 1 part alcohol
since learning that our dear newsletter would be no more. to 9 parts water to prevent disease spread.
Indeed, Flora would pour over every page when it arrived in her Top tomatoes Celebrity, Better Bush and Sweet 100 are best
mailbox. How, dear friends, will we ONE gardeners keep in touch? picks for our area. Start in mid-September. Forget growing them
In this last garden column, it seems only fitting that we toast in summer.
our last issue together…so raise your shovels, spades and pruners. Homemade insecticidal spray for plants Mix 5 tablespoons
Hoorah for the best neighborhood paper! Bravo for the stories that pure or natural soap, 2 tablespoons cooking oil and 1 gallon water.
brought our community together! To treat mildew, add 1 teaspoon cider vinegar. To repel chew-
It also seems fitting that Flora should come clean in her last ing insects, add 1 teaspoon
column. You see, Flora is the best at giving expert advice on plants ground red pepper or garlic.
and how you should take care of them. But she doesn’t do half Watering Plants need
of what she writes about. Sure, her yard looks good, but she cuts average of one-inch of water
corners and tip-toes around her outdoor endeavors like the rest each week. Some need more;
of you. Fertilize palms every three months–ha! Clean tools after some less–let your plants
every use–in your dreams! Make compost to feed your soil–tell guide you.
that to the garbage disposal! Weeds are only unloved
The only things going for Flora are that she’s slightly obsessed plants, except for Brazilian
with plants and she has been blessed with a green thumb. Well, pepper, air potato (see photo)
actually that’s an understatement. She’s fortunate to know lots of and water spinach, which are
people in the horticulture field, and she has amassed a personal really bad weeds.
library of articles and photos about Florida gardening. Darn, that Best soil recipe for grow-
Flora has been busy! ing veggies and herbs Four parts bagged topsoil, 1 part perlite, ½
As her parting gift to her part dolomite. Sprinkle with Black Hen chicken manure.
favorite readers, Flora will Make friends and save money Share plants and cuttings with
now share her absolute fa- neighbors and gardening friends. Join a garden club. The average
vorite garden formulas, tips U.S. gardener spends $450 per year on plants and supplies… you
and how-to’s from her many don’t have to.
years of experience:
Don’t fight Mother Nature You can toil in the yard all day,
Nip ‘skeeter larvae every day, but She’s in control. Respect the big gal and embrace
Standing water is to blame; the surprises she sends your way.
drain it or treat it with Mos-
quito Bits or a few drops Now, for a real toast to our last issue, here’s a refreshing recipe
of cooking oil every month from one of Flora’s favorite garden-
(both plant and animal-safe). ing books (The Drunken Botanist:
The Plants That Create the World’s
Best Drinks by Amy Stewart). In
cocktail shaker add: 1.5 oz. white
rum, .5 oz. yellow Chartreuse (or
elderflower liqueur), 3-5 strawber-
ries, 3-4 lemon verbena leaves and
1 lemon wedge. Shake over ice and
strain into cocktail glass. Sit back in
an outdoor chair (with fan blowing
Keeping lawns green since 1980 your way) and enjoy the fruits of
your labor.
Sprinker System, Pumps & Wells
Installation, Repairs & Maintenance Goodbye, dear readers, and
4641 62nd Ave. N. Debby Willing
Flora Adorer is the nom de bloom of an Old NE resident with extensive
Pinellas Park, FL 33781 525 4603 Ph/Fax 522 4528
knowledge about plants and vegetation.
Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News Page 35
ON THE DOCKET: Some Upcoming Events In
and Nearby Our Neighborhood
We encourage you to go directly to the City website – and look for Upcoming Events
where you can click on “View All Events.” This will enable you to check updates and all the
scheduled events day-by-day for the coming weeks and months.
Artists of Kenwood Studio Tour, Historic Kenwood; www. ILLUMINATE, (1st & 3rd) (for those affected by early dementia) Mu- seum of Fine Arts; 896-2667
Lunchtime Lectures on Contemporary Themes, (1st) Mu-
JUNE 18 seum of Fine Arts; 896-2667
St. Pete Crab & Music Festival, Vinoy Park; www.crabandmu- MONDAY-THURSDAY & SATURDAY
Yoga, Sunken Gardens; 551-3102
QUARTERLY NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING Creative Exercise, (for the over 50) Boyd Hill Nature Preserve;
JUNE 25 Kids Hoop Dancing, Sunken Gardens; 551-3102
Rebelution: Falling in Place Tour, Vinoy Park; www.rebelu- Paddleboard Social, North Shore Park beach; 510-1921
Book Club @MFA Books, (2nd) Museum of Fine Arts; 896-2667
PRIDE Parade, Grand Central District;
Twilight on the Town Summer Walking Tour, (2nd) Pergola in
JUNE 26 Straub Park; 824-7802
PRIDE Street Festival, Grand Central District; www.stpetepride. Swing Dance in the Park, (1st) North Straub Park; www.


Vans Warped Tour, Vinoy Park; Hoop Dancing, Sunken Garden; 551-3102

Coffee with a Curator, (1st) Dali Museum; 823-3767
Coffee Talks with Nan Colton, (2nd) Museum of Fine Arts; 896-
Fireworks, downtown waterfront; 893-7441 Terrific Tots, Great Explorations; 821-8992
Opera at the Dali, (1st); 823-3767
Kids Yoga, Sunken Garden; 551-3102
JULY 16 UNCHartED Random Culture, Museum of Fine Arts; 896-2667
America II Extreme Mud Wars, Spa Beach Park; www.ex- Wee-time at Weedon, (2nd & 4th) Weedon Island Preserve; 463- 6500
Night Hike, (1st) Boyd Hill Nature Preserve; 893-7326
JULY 16-17 Story Time for Families, Dali Museum; 823-3767
PAVA Cool Art Show, Coliseum; Sundial Sashay Happy Hour, Sundial; 851-9500
Our Town: Conversations with St. Pete Mythmakers, (last)
AUGUST 6 Dali Museum; 823-3767
Great Brain Wash (formerly Wigout Against Brain Cancer) Archeology Lectures, (3rd) Weedon Island Preserve; 463-6500
5K, South Straub Park;
RECURRING EVENTS Garden Tour ,Sunken Gardens; 551-3102
St. Pete Shuffle, Shuffleboard Courts; 822-2083
(see Events calendar at for the many more Get Downtown Music Series, (1st) Central Avenue b/w 2nd-3rd
opportunities and details and any changes in these schedules) Great Weedon Bird Quest, (2nd) Weedon Island Preserve; 463-
SUNDAY Explore the Universe Planetarium Show, St. Petersburg Col-
Yoga + Dali, Dali Museum; 823-3767 lege/Gibbs campus
Hot Gatherings, Cool Conversations (2nd) Museum of Fine Arts; Art & Sign Language, (3rd) Museum of Fine Arts; 896-2667
Yoga in the Park, (1st) Crescent Lake Park SATURDAY
Garden Tours, (2nd & 4th) Sunken Gardens; 551-3102
Saturday Morning Market, Al Lang Stadium parking lot
Page 36 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News
Story Time at the Market, (2nd) Al Lang Stadium parking lot
Breakfast with Dali and Families, (1st) Dali Museum; 823-3767
Dilly Dally with Dali, Dali Museum; 823-3767
Horticulture Workshop, Sunken Gardens; 551-3102
Family Day in the Garden, (June) Sunken Gardens; 551-3102
Yoga & Family, (1st & 3rd) Museum of Fine Arts; 896-2667
Make & Take, (1st & 3rd) Museum of Fine Arts; 896-2667
Dali & Beyond Film Series, Dali Museum; 823-3767
Take 5 with the Director, (2nd) Museum of Fine Arts; 896-2667
2nd Saturday Art Walks/Gallery Walk, (2nd) various downtown
locations; 323-ARTS
Weedon Guided Hikes, Weedon Island Preserve; 463-6500
Drumming @ the MFA, (2nd & 4th) Museum of Fine Arts; 896-2667,
Alligator Walk, (2nd) Boyd Hill Nature Preserve; 893-7326
Nature’s Elements, (1st and 3rd) Boyd Hill Nature Preserve; 893-7326
Bike Safari, (2nd) Boyd Hill Nature Preserve; 893-7326
Wildflower Walk, (4th) Boyd Hill Nature Preserve; 893-7326 
Walking Mural Tour, 
Grand Central Flea, (1st) 2500 block of Central Avenue 
SATURDAY & SUNDAY 
Architecture Docent Tour, Dali Museum; 823-3767 
Don’t forget to check out the 
varied programs offered by our
neighbor, The Palladium. 
You can find them at 

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Page 38 Historic Old Northeast Neighborhood News
As you consider the purchase of products and contracting services, please consider these businesses.
Many are owned or operated by your neighbors who support this newsletter and your neighborhood.
You will find more information about them in their ads, which appear in this issue.
Accounting/Taxes Legal
Vernon & Vernon – 727/393-1922 James W. Martin, PA – 727/821-0904;
Auctions The Kantner Law Firm – 727/781-8201;
Myers Auction Gallery – 727/823-3249, Lumber
Brewing & Growing Supplies Anderson Lumber – 727/321-3111

Avid Brew Company – 727/388-6756; Obituaries

Contractors/Builders/Architects Shirley Dowling, Obituary Author – 727/800-9369,

H.E. Feldman & Son – 727/409-3873; Pet Services

Historic Shed – 813/333-2249; A Walk Around the Block – 727/483-4554;
Quality Home Renovators – 727/437-6200; Printing Services
Strobel Design Build – 727/321-5588;
Tim Rhode, Architect – 727/823-1566; Lightning Print – 727/321-0785;
William Powell Design – 727/399-7504; Realtors/Real Estate/Rentals
Dental/Orthodontics Bob Watts, Realtor – 727/647-3300;
Northeast Orthodontics – 727/954-3440; Clay Glover/Coldwell Banker – 727/641-5754;
David Vann/The Vann Team – 727/510-0265;
Education/Tutoring JJ & The Z – 727/344-9191;
Eastman Educational Evaluations – 727/307-7646; Nadine Appelt/Keller Williams – 727/460-7181;
Kumon Math & Reading Center – 727/822-4016; Natalie DeVicente, Broker/Southern Roots Realty – 727/498-1673;
Financial Services Sharon Kantner, Realtor/Smith & Associates Real Estate – 727/278-5866; Agent/sharon-kantner/66365
Hanna Winter, Prudential Insurance Financial Professional Associate – Terrier Properties – 727/895-6060;
Relocation Services
House to Home Relocation – 727/388-2651;
Zebra Graphics - 727/324-3939;
Senior Living
Westminster Palms – 727/456-7103;
Greg Cahue Handyman Services – 727/460-8609;
Sprinkler Systems
Health, Fitness, Beauty & Wellness
Able Sprinkler, Inc. – 727/525-4603
Discount Med Company – 727/895-7100
Divine Dermatology – 727/528-0321; Swimming Pool Services
Feldenkrais® Method Physical Therapy – 504/491-1249, Pinch-a-Penny Pool-Patio-Spa – 727/866-0464,
Lydia Smith Massage Therapist/Yoga – 727/201-6513;
Home Interiors
IMAGINE Home Organization – 727/251-6449;
Llewellyn Insurance – 727/894-5555;
Interior Design
Vintage Interiors – 727/322-1033; Networking * Education * Community Involvement
Networking • Education
Landscaping & Design Monthly meetings held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.
Community Involvement
Florida Native Landscape – 727/415-0302; Learn more and get involved!
Lawn Services Visit ususonline
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online at;
Dave's World of Lawns – 727/644-0689;

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You’ve Seen the Signs.

Is it Time to Sell?
116 14th Ave NE
True Historic Gem in Old NE. Updated
Kitchen, Backyard is an Oasis with
Mature Landscaping and a Pool/
Spa. All Bedrooms are Upstairs, Large
Master Bedroom has Private Balcony,
Bath and Walk in Closets.
3 BR, 2.5 BA, 2,307 Sq Ft, 2 CG, Pool
Offered for $775,000

Julie Jones
Kathryn Krayer Zimring

Call JJ And The Z

We Know Real Estate
727-344-9191 150 2nd Avenue North Suite 100 St. Petersburg, FL 33701

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