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Sunday, June 19 Holy Eucharist, 8 and 10am, Mother Johanna
Wednesday, June 22 Feast of Alban, Martyr of Britain, circa 304, 6pm, Mother Johanna
Sunday, June 26 Morning Prayer with Communion, 8 and 10am, Bill Thomas, Homilist
United Thank Offering Launch
Wednesday, June 29 Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, 6pm, Mother Johanna
Sunday, July 3 Holy Eucharist, 8 and 10am, Mother Johanna
Wednesday, July 6 Feast of John Hus, Witness and Martyr, 1415, 6pm, Mother Johanna
Sunday, July 10 Holy Eucharist, 8 and 10am, Mother Johanna
Wednesday, July 13 Feast of Conrad Weiser, Witness 1760, 6pm, Mother Johanna
Sunday, July 17 Holy Eucharist, 8 and 10am, Mother Johanna
Wednesday, July 20 Feast of Adelaide Teague Case, Teacher, 1948, 6pm, Mother Johanna
Sunday, July 24 Morning Prayer with Communion, 8 and 10 am, Joan Preble, Homilist
Wednesday, July 27 Feast of William Reed Huntington, Priest, 1909, 6pm, Mother Johanna
Sunday, June 26 ECW Meeting (Note date change!)
Sunday, July 10 Vestry Meeting
Sunday, July 17 ECW Meeting
Sunday, July 24 Sunday School Planning Meeting
August 7 All Parish Meeting, 9 am Liturgy
August 13 Rotary Breakfast, Everybody Eats has a booth
August 21 United Thank Offering Ingathering
September 3 Loaves and Fishes Pie Day at the Blue Hill Fair
The 6 pm Mid-Week Eucharists continue. Our worship on Wednesdays has taken on a more relaxed,
contemplative shape. If you have not yet made use of this spiritual practice, please give it a try. This
Wednesday we celebrate the Feast of Alban, Martyr of Britain, c. 304.

United Thank Offering (UTO) to Kick Off June 26

The little blue boxes are back at St. Dunstan's! Join us Sunday, June 26 for our UTO kick off.
UTO is celebrating over 125 years of ministry within the Episcopal Church. It is a
long-standing grassroots tradition in many parishes for members to use the UTO
offering as a daily spiritual practice to thank God for His blessings. Participants put
a coin each day in their blue box as they reflect on how God is showing up in their
After collection, UTO offerings are then distributed via grants to worthy causes
across the Episcopal Church with many grants being awarded over the years to
groups in Maine.
Boxes and accompanying information will be available June 26 for us to use
over the summer. Our collection Sunday will be August 21.
Celebration! June 19: The last day of the Sunday School year.
Sunday, June 19 is the last session of Sunday School for this year. We will practice our song, "On Eagles Wings" to
sing when we join the service upstairs and we will have a party for the children with games and treats. At the end of
the church service we will make a special presentation to each child. We hope all the children, their parents and all
teachers who have attended Sunday School this year can be with us.
Barbara Clark

Summertime and The Livin' Is Easy - EZ Coffee Hours

To celebrate the ease of summer, we are introducing a lighter approach to our coffee hours. Gone are the
sign-ups to host or cohost. Retired is the idea that one or two people sponsor an entire coffee hour on a
weekly basis. Instead, if you have something you wish to bring in to share, please do so on any given Sunday.
Anything brought in will accompany our coffee, tea and juice which will always be provided by the church.
Some weeks we may have much and some weeks we may have little, but we will give it a try through June and
see how this works.
If you wish to be a "barista" and help put the coffee on, come around 930 a.m. any Sunday to join in the fun
in the kitchen and help with light set up. Please note that the juice cups we use during coffee hour are
recyclable. Please place them in the recyclables bin. Thanks!
Our Sexton, Lori, offers excellent cleaning services. She is looking for new clients. Please call her
at 404-3205.
Our work during the month of May at the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry is
completed. We served 238 families on the 12 open days. 32 members of our
parish participated, including folks from 7 to over 80 years old, making this a very
successful effort. Thank you all for your fantastic support.
Rectors Discretionary Fund
St. Dunstans has a Rectors Discretionary Fund (RDF) for the use of our priest. These funds are used for
outreach expenses deemed appropriate. Your donations by cash or check to Mother Johannas RDF are
welcome at any time. Undesignated cash donations from the offering the first Sunday of each month will be
directed to the RDF. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Remember to wear your nametags each Sunday!

Lay Ministers:
Chalice Bearer
Lay Readers
Coffee Hour


Georgianna Pulver
Marian Wells
8 am Service
8 am Service
Mother Johanna
Mother Johanna
Bill Thomas
George Stevens
Bill Thomas
10 am Service
10 am Service
Mother Johanna
Mother Johanna
Bill Thomas
Jim Newett
Dianne Kelley
Jim Newett, Harvey Kelley, Sarah Whalen Andrew Chattin, Muffet Stewart, Diana
Jerry Whitney
Dave Wells
Caiden Chattin
Andrew Chattin
Dan and Mary DeLong
Ralph Preble and Karl Haller
EZ Coffee Hour
EZ Coffee Hour

If you should have an emergency, you may contact: Reverend Johanna-Karen Johannson, Priest 902-1013;
Senior WardenDave Wells at 667-6206 (h), 610-3709 (c); Junior WardenDan DeLong at (h) 667-9019. For
pastoral needs: DeaconRev. Joan Preble at 667-4068. Ann is in the office on Thursdays from 9am-3pm.
Our email address is: