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A stress-free heart

A time for an openheart, a time for an outbreak. The humans heart is a place for
keeps. Keeps of worthy serene feelings. So as for individuals do not let anxiety and
condemnation cage you, let your heart fly so high in the bright blue sky. An outlook
is just a matter of choice and there are uncountable ways to take refreshments and
make ones heart stressfree. Let us count the ways.
First, inculcate the proverb nobody could tell the story of tomorrows dawn and
the saying anybody could tell a story of their own. These might sound ironic but it
comes with one strenuous meaning, which is you dont need to over think answers
to every questions.
Second, of you are mentally or physically stressed from works then drop your pen
and think again why are you doing that? What made you run it? then does not be
tizzy thinking that you must finish the course because you really have to finish the
course given, for a case should not be left unresolved.
Third, emotive over thinking caused by sentimental conflicts must have closure or
acceptance or defy yourself to the person you need to amend again, to make peace
Finally, take one at a time; do not let your cup be full until it spills. Take some rest or
even more so a goodnight sleep will do. Sometimes a person just needs to forget
his/her problems that are flowing eminently for a while.