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Sep 2014 Current

University of Southampton, MSc Web Technology

- Modules Included: Develop usable and accessible technology and Semantic
Web Technology.
- Skills developed included:
Developing Client-Side Web Application, usable and accessible user
Interface and visualization of data.
Group project building a RESTful web application using JavaScript
and Node.js and understanding on common web technology.

Sep 2012 Jun 2014

University of Southampton, BSc Computer Science

- Modules Included: Human-Computer Interaction, Advanced Databases,
Software Analysis and Design, and Software Engineering Group Project.
- Skills developed included:
The ability to analyse and solve complex computational and
application problems.
Group projects required ability to deliver reports within a short
Experienced user of advanced programming techniques including
Java, C++. Familiar with scripting languages including JavaScript and

Sep 2010 Jul 2012

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education,

Distinction in Higher Diploma in Software Engineering
- Top 5% student in the course.
- Won three championships, several awards and six scholarships.
- Developed web applications from user interface to backend, including J2EE,
PHP and ASP.

Jul 2014 Sep 2014,
Jul 2013 Sep 2013

University of Southampton, ORCHID Project Summer Intern

- Worked closely with Research Fellows and PhD students on a project to
compare strategies for pricing tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk, and
worked with data and analytics.
- Designed a Matlab simulator for evaluating pricing strategies.
- Designed a Visual C# simulator for a crowdsourcing project.

May2011 Jul 2011

Hong Kong Build King Holdings Limited, Intern

- Part of a small team that developed a new Human Resource Management
System for the HR department, for more than 2000 employee records.
- Responsibilities: analysing the system, database design and user-interfaces
drafting, creating database queries and testing in PHP.
- Had been offered further employment upon completion of the internship.
- Awarded an industrial attachment scholarship from the institute.

Aug 2012

IET Present Around The World Asia Pacific 2012, Hong Kong Contestant
- Represented Hong Kong to complete in Singapore, after winning the subdegree section champion and overall champion in Hong Kong region. For
more details, please refer to Audience Response System in Projects.

Jun 2012

Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship 2012/13, Awardee

- Awarded as one of the six scholars, all undergraduate expenses at the
University of Southampton are sponsored.

June 2015 Current

Develop and Visualise Gaussian Processes for Classifying Reports in Disasters

- Individual Masters dissertation, supervised by Associate Professor Sarvapali
- Developing and visualising a Gaussian Processes model in Matlab, C#, jQuery
and Microsoft Infer.NET library, and classifying tweets in disasters, such as using
the Ushahidi dataset with 3604 geo-tagged reports.

Sep 2013 June 2014 Provenance Aware Service For Travel Management and Alert
- Obtained distinction in the individual third-year Project, supervised by
Professor Luc Moreau
- Implemented a travel application with provenance-aware and REST API,
tracking each piece of attraction update and identifying trustworthy sources from
tweets and website, and visualised travel sources to provenance graphs
- Developed in Python with Django framework, using CSS, jQuery, bootstrap and
MySQL database.
Sep 2011 Mar2014

Audience Response System

- The award-winning project aims to provide interactive presentation and
voting between presenter and audiences. It is honored to represent Hong
Kong in the IET Present Around The World Asia Pacific 2012.
- Developed in PHP with Codeigniter framework and MySQL database, using
CSS, JavaScript and jQueryMobile for user interfaces. Worked in a fourperson team. Independently developed mobile control for PowerPoint slides.
- Handled synchronisation on multiple mobile devices, with communication
to the server.
- Will be adapted to enhance learning interaction at the Hong Kong Institute
of Vocational Education. Currently, it is undergoing testing and evaluation

Feb 2012 Apr 2012 Health Index

- Champion mobile application in the Health Mobile Application
Competition, organised by the Matilda International Hospital. Worked in a
two-person team.
- Native iOS and Android application. Languages used were Objective-C,
Java, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL database.
- The application was aimed to promote public health awareness.
- Users can keep track of their daily calories intakes and outtakes, with calories
history, gentle reminder and provide suitable advice according to their BMI.
- Users can also browse the latest health information provided by the hospital.

Oct 2011 Jul 2012

The Mentorship for Active Internet Learning, YMCA(Hong Kong)

- Became a mentor in the mentorship program to promote positive technology
awareness, to the children from low-income families.
- Introduced and taught simple programming tools like SCRATCH.
- Contributed in regular mentor training and workshops.
- Developed communication skills by passing on my computer knowledge to
the next generation.