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June 2016

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Digital Gold Magazine - j une 2016

5 The U.S. Postal Service is Studying the Blockchain

Digital Gold Magazine

is published 12 times a
year online. Some of the
products featured in this
magazine are not yet
available to U.S. residents.
Please check local laws
before using any digital
currency product.

6 Gold & Silver Buying Jumps to 3-Year High

8 Kraken to Support DAO Trading
10 GoldMoney Launches Gold Payroll Applications
12 Bullion in Singapore
18 Legit is Dead by Paul Rosenberg
20 OnionPay

Digital Currency
Authority Ltd.
7175 Shelton Street,
Covent Garden
London, UK
Skype digitalcurrency

D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

26 Shopping on the Deep Web with Bitcoin & Tor


Melbourne, Florida (June 10, 2016) The Global
Standard System, a payment system mobilizing
the value of gold as money, is now open to the
general public at
The Global Standard System offers businesses and
consumers an efficient, secure, and cost effective
means for receiving and making direct payment. The
System uses a privately issued currency (AUG) that
is valued in, and 100% backed by, physical gold.
Golds value is recognized globally and is easily
expressed in any national currency. The gold bullion
reserves backing AUG are held in secure custodial
arrangements assuring a tangible asset stands behind
the currency to prevent default.
Sending money is immediate, final, secure and free.
Receiving a payment costs much less than traditional
systems. These features will improve merchants
profitability, increase the amount and speed of
international remittances, enhance person-to-person
payments, and increase efficiency for business-tobusiness payments.
The System is secure, easily accessible, and highly
efficient for payment settlement in an increasingly
global economy. e-commerce is more accessible
to customers not adequately served by traditional
payment systems. The System is licensed or
otherwise capable of operating in 31 states allowing
it to immediately serve over two-thirds the U.S.
population, and will provide service as soon as
possible to all 50 U.S. States, Canada, and Europe.
From there, the System will expand to serve a

truly global marketplace as a preferred system for

electronic payment.
The Global Standard Systems design is built on
strong monetary principles and the benefit of nearly
twenty years of market experience coupled with
next generation technology. It is constructed from
the ground up to satisfy regulatory expectations
globally for privacy, security, anti-money laundering
compliance and consumer protections. With
businesses and individuals all having direct and equal
access to a regulatory compliant global settlement
platform, the way the world receives and sends
money will be fundamentally improved.
The benefits the Global Standard System brings
to consumers and businesses are unprecedented.
Today marks a huge step in realizing our vision of
economically empowering people of all financial
means across the globe; providing them direct
and unencumbered access to a comprehensive,
convenient, and compliant system that is not only
secure and efficient, but also available at a fraction
of the cost of other alternatives, Bill Cunningham,
Global Standard CEO.
The Global Standard System is provided exclusively
by Global Standard (dba of CMO, Inc.), a Membership
organization. For more information or to sign-up visit
855-673-7176 (701)

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D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

The U.S. Postal Service is Studying the blockchain

The USPS has published a twenty-six-page
paper on use of the blockchain. Here is some of
that information.
Blockchain technology allows peers to
exchange money directly without the need
for a traditional financial intermediary,
lowering the cost and increasing the
speed of transactions. However, it is
proving to be much more than a way
to transfer monetary value. At its core,
blockchain technology is a way to transfer
any kind of information in a fast, tracked,
and secure way. The technology is only in
the early stages of development and it is
hard to recognize its full potential at this
formative stage. However, developers are
beginning to explore blockchain solutions
outside of financial services. These new
applications include property transfers,
the execution of contracts, authentication
services, network and device
management, and records management.
Despite their novelty, blockchain
applications are gaining mainstream
traction. Major banks, such as Citibank
and JPMorgan Chase, and government
entities, such as the U.K. and Estonian
governments and Australia Post, are
experimenting with how blockchain
technology can help them keep better
records and provide services that are
more efficient. The Postal Service could
likewise stand to benefit from monitoring
and experimenting with this technology.
The U.S. Postal Service Office of
Inspector General (OIG) contracted with
Swiss Economics, a consulting firm with
interest and expertise in blockchain
technology, to better understand the
technology and its features, as well as
identify areas of potential interest for the
Postal Service.
Highlights Blockchain technology has
the potential to disrupt services that

created to
transfer financial value, specifically within
the context of the peer-to-peer currency
known as Bitcoin, blockchain is now
viewed as having the potential to be an
efficient and secure way to transfer any
kind of information. Mainstream banks,
governments, and other companies are
starting to experiment with how they can
use blockchain technology in financial
applications and in new application areas
such as property transfers, authentication
services, and records management.
Because blockchain technology may
disrupt areas in which the Postal Service
currently does business, it may be
wise to begin studying its impact and
experimenting with its future possibilities.
This paper proposes that blockchain
technology could impact the Postal
Services business in several ways. For
example, blockchain is already disrupting
the global financial services industry
an industry the Postal Service is involved
in through services such as money orders
and international money transfers.
Additionally, blockchain is an enabling
technology that could allow the Postal
Service to improve its operations and
expand its services through emerging
applications such as identity management
and supply chain management. This
paper takes an exploratory look at the
technology and suggests that it may be
wise for the Postal Service to engage
in further examination of, and even
experimentation with, this technology in
order to gain a better understanding of its
potential impacts.
Read the full paper here:
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Gold & Silver Buying Jumps to 3-Yr High

From BullionVault by Adrian Ash on 06/07/2016
Sellers drop 15% as gold and silver investors
seize price volatility...
ast months volatility in gold and silver prices
saw the largest number of private investors buy
physical metal in almost 3 years, writes Adrian Ash
at BullionVault.

Starting May at 15-month highs in US Dollar terms,

both gold and silver prices then fell hard (down 7.0%
and 10.1% respectively by month's end) but still recorded the highest monthly averages in well over a
year (since August 2014 for gold, and since January
2015 for silver).
Seizing end-May's steep discounts from its earlier
highs, the number of investors starting or growing
their personal holdings via BullionVault the lowcost, award-winning metals exchange online hit the
highest levels in both gold and silver since the price
crash of Spring 2013 ended that June, rising more
than 35% compared to the previous 12-month average.
In contrast, the number of private investors selling or
reducing their precious metals holdings in May fell
15% against the previous 12-month average, down
to the fewest since December 2015 when gold and
silver prices both dropped to new 6-year lows against
the US Dollar.

D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

D o n at e W i t h A n o n y m i t y
From The

Digital Cash
What is the Digital Cash Alliance?
The Digital Cash Alliance exists to move the world toward digital cash. Our alliance consists of individuals
and companies committed to a future which includes greater freedom for everyone. Cash has long been the
sine qua non of privacy, anonymity, and individual liberty. Places where cash may be used to make purchases
and where cash may be accepted to make sales tend to be places where people are more free to choose than
places where cash is forbidden. We believe that the global marketplaces online which seek to provide for
individual liberty, privacy, and anonymity would be greatly improved with digital cash. Accordingly, we seek
to promote, publicise, and encourage the use of digital cash. We hope youll join us.

How does DCSpark work?

Our XMPP client is both a robust Jabber chat client (based on Spark 2.7.1) and a secure p2p wallet client. The
wallet client is implemented as a Spark plugin. Other plugins provide OTR (off-the-record) for end-to-end
chat encryption, real time language translation, and a host of other features.
The XMPP servers operated by the DCA sit behind PageKite gateways, so that they do not need any publicfacing IP addresses. In addition to increased security, this means that while connected to our server, you
can only chat with other users of our client. Our server allows you to log in anonymously, or with a specific
username, for either 1-on-1 chats or in multi-user chatrooms. You can only access your wallet through our
private XMPP network.

Who is the Digital Cash Alliance?

Our founder is Kevin Wilkerson. He is a systems architect, software developer, and author. Other team
members include Tyrone Johnson and Justin Turrell. Our advisors are Paul Rosenberg, Jim Davidson, and
Bruno Delpeuch. Everyone on our team is committed to individual liberty and economic privacy.

How do I get digital cash?

Once you download and install the DCSpark wallet, you can move bitcoin or litecoin into your wallet within
about an hour (to allow for confirmations). Our multi-currency wallet also supports silver, gold, and tokenbacked currencies. We want you to issue your own money, or build an in-wallet merchant app, or start an
exchange agency, and bring your user community to work with ours.
Digital cash is the future of your economic freedom and privacy.
w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y

Kraken to

Kraken will add The DAO tokens to

the growing list of assets supported
on its global, cutting edge and low fee
platform. The DAO tokens will trade
under the abbreviation DAO with
the following trade pairs available at
DAO/XBT (bitcoin)
DAO/ETH (ether)
DAO/EUR (euro)
DAO/USD (US dollar)
DAO/CAD (Canadian dollar)
DAO/GBP (British pound)
DAO/JPY (Japanese yen)
Margin trading and the dark pool
will not be available for the DAO at
launch, however other trading features
will be available including the many
advanced order types Kraken offers for
taking profits and stopping losses.
The DAO launch is expected at
approximately 12 pm UTC on

D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

Saturday, May 28th (just a few

hours after The DAO tokens become
transferable). At launch clients can
deposit their DAO tokens and start
trading by navigating in their account
to Funding > Deposit > DAO and
creating a DAO deposit address.
Note that there will be a small fee for
address creation of $0.04 or $0.05,
which will be deducted from the first
deposit sent to the address (actually
the address of a small contract).
Deposit addresses cannot be removed
until the first deposit is made.
Support for DAO trading comes
shortly after the addition of DAO
support for ether withdrawals. The
DAO - or Decentralized Autonomous
Organization - allows anyone to create
their own autonomous organizations
on the Ethereum blockchain. To learn
more about The DAO, see the projects
From the Kraken Blog. May 2016

Classes in
Data Security &
Communications Privacy
Personal privacy and private communications are critical in todays
electronic world. An essential element of individual sovereignty is a
persons ability to maintain private information. Understanding todays Internet
technology is the first step towards private communications and effective data
security. The instructors at Individual Sovereign University have decades of handson experience in electronic communications, encryption, and online privacy. Customized
courses on these and other topics are available today. Additionally, the course instructor is
free to shape the curriculum and focus on any of particular business requirements or student
requests. This comprehensive course includes a review of the following areas:
E-mail encryption using Open PGP systems

Encrypted voice over IP

Web mail encryption using Mailvelope and similar

Encrypted text chat

Computer operating systems & open source choices

Encrypted video conferencing

Encrypted root data storage

Connectivity: VPN tunneling, multi-hop VPNs, TOR

Deleting versus over-writing

Crypto-currencies as payment methods

Keeping encrypted back-ups

Secure multi-currency digital wallet choices

The course is regularly $500. However, for a limited time (Until 31 May 2016) readers of this
magazine can purchase the course for $399. Individual courses in any of these areas of technology
are just $49 each. Payment to the University is accepted by check, money order, cash, silver coins,
gold coins, Bitcoin, and Silent Bitcoin. Click anywhere on this page to learn more and get started
Individual Sovereign University Association
2040 West 31st Street Suite G169
Lawrence, KS 66046
P ag e 9

GoldMoney Inc. Launches Gold Payroll

and Gold Payout Applications
for the BitGold Business Platform
May 18, 2016
Inc. (TSX:XAU), a financial technology company,
which operates a global, full-reserve and goldbased financial services platform, is pleased to
announce the launch of Gold Payroll and Gold
Payout applications for the BitGold Business
platform. The engineering and launch of the Gold
Payout application completes another milestone
in the build out of the BitGold B2B and B2C

Ways to utilize batch payments in business:

The Gold Payout application is a free enterprise

software tool for BitGold Business accounts that
allows clients to set up and automate recurring
payments to anyone with an email address or
mobile phone number. The Payout application
is designed to streamline international payroll,
dividends, rebates, reward payments, partner
& affiliate payouts, micro payments and more.
Built on top of a global, closed-loop and fullreserve account structure, the Payout application
allows for instant settlement of cross-border value
transfers, which can also be automated to settle
into any currency given the global nature of gold.

We continue to deliver on our mission

of building out a payments and savings
infrastructure utilizing instantly settleable
and programmable gold, said Roy Sebag,
GoldMoney CEO. Our newest application
allows anyone in the world to be paid in gold by
their employer, facilitates frictionless-bulk micro
payments to anyone in the world, and allows
gold and other commodity focused companies to
pay back their shareholders in gold as a return
of capital or dividend. What were most excited
about, however, is that it democratizes access to
gold not only for those that part with capital, but
also those that part with their labour and time.

Advantages of BitGold Business Payouts:

Send scheduled payments to many recipients
at once
Send payments to recipients in different
countries and different currencies
Faster and easier than writing business
cheques or setting up multiple wire transfers
Recipients get paid instantly in vaulted and
titled gold bullion; can hold gold, redeem to
local currency, or redeem to multi-currency
GoldMoney Prepaid Mastercards
Track payments easily
Time and cost effective

D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

Automate employee benefits or payroll

Shareholder dividends
Affiliate commissions and online marketing
Customer rebates
Gifts and incentives
Social media marketing campaigns and
Philanthropy and Impact Investing

As we continuously ship new products and

improve the utility of the platform, all free to use
for our clients, we also introduce new use cases
that have never before existed for gold, said Josh
Crumb, GoldMoney CSO. Gold is always and
everywhere a store of value, but the technology
of our platform can transform gold from an elite
investment to the global-money that it has been
for most of recorded history.
About GoldMoney
GoldMoney Inc. is a global, full-reserve and

gold-based financial services group. GoldMoney provides financial services as a trusted, limited
third-party, combining the unique attributes of gold with technology-driven innovation. Through
GoldMoney the company offers precious metals custody and wealth services, trading and execution,
and independent research to individual investors and institutions. Through BitGold the company
operates a self-directed savings platform and a payments network allowing individuals and businesses
to make or receive online, in-store or mobile payments. GoldMoney Inc. has over 900,000 user sign ups
from over 150 countries and $1.7 billion in client assets under administration. GoldMoney is regulated
by the Jersey Financial Services Commission (JFSC) as a Money Services Business. The JFSC is the
main supervisory body that oversees and regulates Jersey's large financial services industry. For more
information on BitGold, visit For more information on GoldMoney, visit ir.goldmoney.
No stock exchange, securities commission or other regulatory authority has approved or disapproved
the information contained herein. Neither the TSX nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is
defined in the policies of the TSX) accepts responsibility for the adequacy of this release.
GoldMoney Inc.
Josh Crumb, 647-499-6748
Chief Strategy Officer & Director
Forward-Looking Statements
This news release contains certain forward-looking information within the meaning of applicable
Canadian securities laws that are based on expectations, estimates and projections as at the date of this
news release


Digital Currency Intelligence Authority Ltd.
7175 Shelton Street,
Covent Garden
London, UK
carl @
Skype - dcintel ligence
Washington, D.C.
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D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

The professionals at explain why

Singapore is the place for your precious metals
bullion business.
w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y


Bullion in Singapore

Singapore is simply the best country in the world

to buy and store bullion.

Singapore is the free-trade capital of the world and has a solid reputation regarding property rights
protection and ease of doing business. These conditions together with below-mentioned advantages
make Singapore the ideal location for storing precious metals.
Tax-Free - There is no tax for bullion whatsoever in Singapore. No GST/VAT/Sales tax and
no capital gains tax.
No Reporting Requirements - There are no domestic or international reporting requirements
for buying, selling or storing gold in Singapore. No permits are necessary to import or export
investment precious metals.
Cash Allowed - Cash makes sense. There is no counterparty risk involved for cash and carry.
If you settle in cash, you dont have to place any trust in anyone. You get the bullion; we get
the cash.

D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

Safety & Security - The crime rate

in Singapore is among the lowest in
the world. Violent crime is almost
unheard of. Theres a strong rule
of law in Singapore. You can take
physical possession and walk out
with your precious metals without
any problem.
Property Ownership Rights Singapore is politically stable with
strong property ownership rights
Business Climate - Singapore
consistently ranks top three
globally in business climate
reports measuring how easy and
straightforward it is to conduct
business in different countries.
Laws and Regulations - While governments in the EU and the USA try to curb investments
into precious metals by introducing legislation that makes it difficult to purchase precious
metals, the government of Singapore is dedicated to transforming Singapore into a trading
hub for precious metals. The Singaporean government encourages bullion dealers and
refineries to set up their business in Singapore with the objective of increasing Singapores
share of the global gold market from the present 2 % of global gold trade to 10 % by 2020.
Independence from the EU & USA - Singapore has no jurisdictional ties to the US or any
country in Europe. Singapore is proud of its independence. Source: Bullion Star
With BullionStar, you can buy, store, sell and withdraw your bullion 24/7.
BullionStars Bullion Center at 45 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059398, is worldwide unique venue
allowing you to view, buy, deposit, store, value, audit, sell and physically withdraw your bullion in
one and the same location. Walk-ins and cash and carry are welcome. No appointment is necessary.

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D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y


by Paul Rosenberg

see lots of posters and stickers in the various

urban areas I frequent, but this one, proclaiming
that legit is dead, really caught my attention. I
cant say for sure what the signs creator meant by
it, but I dont think Ive ever seen a better fulfillment of Simon and Garfunkels lyric:
The words of the prophets are written on subway
walls, and tenement halls.
All things legit are about to be bled dry.
Lots of other people are covering the details of this,
so Ill limit myself to a summary:
The governments of the West have been surviving
on printed money for forty years or more.
They have promised pensions, old age benefits,
welfare, disability, medicine, endless schooling,
unemployment checks and much more. Over that
same time, they have, overall, barely raised taxes.
This would be an impossible situation if not for free
money coming off the presses. The problem is that
these monetary systems are unsustainable by nature
and their end seems to be approaching.
When money finally breaks, taxation will get
vicious. The rulers will have no other choice. None.
This situation is not new, of course, except for
the details. The same thing happened in the late
Roman Empire. The rulers tried all sorts of taxation
schemes, but one of their last big ones was to tie the
workers to the land, and then tax the landowners
based on the number of workers. Since Rome was
very good at controlling land, they were able to pull
this off.
As a result, a lot of productive people ran away
from Rome (to the Goths, Visigoths, Vandals, etc.),
and serfdom began for those who did not run away.
Heres how historian R.M. Adams describes it:
By the 5th Century, men were ready to abandon


D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

civilization itself to escape the fearful load of taxes.

That is precisely what is heading down the road
toward us.
And, of course, the rulers of the West have already
taken draconian actions when they felt the need;
constitutions be damned.
In 1933, Franklin Roosevelt stole the gold of
America because he was desperate and because he
could. Most of it was in safe deposit boxes and he
had enough obedient policemen and IRS officers to
pull it off.
This is already happening in Greece. Lots of people
are saying the Greeks are irrational welfare cases,
rioting and burning because their checks are in
danger. That is false. It may be true for some of
them, but not all of them. (Were talking about
millions of people here, so any single verdict
applied to them all is irrational and deceptive.)
Some Greeks are being forced to pay for the right
to work. The gold of the Greek treasury is ready to
be taken away (this may be underway already). You
wont see this on TV, but if you look, youll find
out that it is true. Many Greeks are now hungry.
And there is one fact underlying it all: The Greek
people are being taxed to repay stupid bets made by
international banks.
Oh and they now have an unelected banker
serving as their Prime Minister. Hitler had better
democratic standing than this guy, for goodness
Yeah, it CAN happen to a modern democracy. It just
When push comes to shove, rulers will grab for
whats already under their control. And the things
they control are those which have obediently
submitted to the rulers control. In other words,
those things which are legit.
Activities that are certified, registered, regulated and

obedient are low-hanging fruit to a ruler. So, thats

where they go first.

Voucher Safe, Web Money, etc. will increase in

importance as the crisis proceeds.

Sure, the various government bosses will protect

their corporate boss friends, but all those millions
of corporate employees will remain fair game. It is
fast and painless to collect taxes from the corporate
worker everything they do goes through approved,
controlled channels.


Holding land in chaotic times can be a good option,
but, being immobile, it is easy to tax. Youll have
to know your area and your neighbors. This is
where the boisterous/obedient distinction becomes

Regardless of what you learned in school,

governments in duress always revert to conquest
and confiscation, and confiscation begins with
things that are already under their control.

There are a lot of rural places in the US and Canada

where real estate taxes are low and will have to
remain low, because the majority of the owners can
handle no more and where the taxpayers are close
to the county officials.

I happen to have a friend who is a well-known
financial commentator. For some time he has been
concerned about this subject, and I dont think hed
mind me summarizing some of the things weve
For small holders, silver is probably the best option
for asset protection. It is less likely to be seized and
a working man can pick up an ounce or two (with
cash) while driving home on payday.
Mining shares are great, but the stockholder should
possess the certificates proper and/or must be ready
to pull out before exchange mechanisms are closed
down. Such a shutdown will not happen near the
beginning of a crisis it would be a very serious
emergency measure, and dangerous for the bosses
but it may happen later in the process. So, if things
get bad, get all of your assets under your personal
For large holders, the available options will shrink.
Physical gold is prime, but you have to control it
yourself. The powers that be are quite capable of
seizing gold in safe deposit boxes.
For businesses, holding cash in multiple currencies
and locations (US, UK, EU, Hong Kong, Moscow)
will probably be the best option. That way, they can
get out of the most dangerous places quickly and
keep moving their cash to the safest place.
Alternative financial systems like Bitcoin, Pecunix,

The insulated big city mayor will do worse things

than the rural county commissioner who is also a
farmer and lives on the same rural route as fifteen
similar farmers. If this man jacks up the rates, his
neighbors will come knocking on his door.
City property will likely be affected the same way:
In boisterous places, where the residents are able
to assert their will, things may equalize at some
livable level. If people confront the cops who live
in their neighborhoods and demand that they serve
them, not the bosses, the working people of that city
will have a chance to survive with some dignity.
In obedient cities, they will be taxed into a new
Again, take a look at what is happening now in
Greece. Read up on what happened at Romes end.
This is our future, whether it be in months, years, or
We do NOT have a magical dispensation that makes
us immune from history.
Free-Mans Perspective If you enjoyed reading
todays Global Speculations piece, subscribe to Paul
Rosenbergs monthly dispatch on the important
things of life: virtue, courage, science, art, history,
philosophy and personal growth. The things we
end up thirsting for once we look up from our work
and investments. Subscribe today and get special
introductory rate of $9.99 a month.
w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y



Private Digital Cash Merchant

Payments for a Post-Political World

OnionPay is a merchant account payment gateway

built on top of the Voucher-Safe P2P platform.
OnionPay has no payment clearing fees or account
costs and provides a more traditional ecommerce
checkout experience for Voucher-Safe merchants.
Using the OnionPay software allows online
merchants to accept P2P voucher payments directly
through the merchants website.
The easy-to-use secure platform facilitates incoming
voucher payments for the sale of goods and
services online; even on the Deep Web. OnionPay
works well using Tor.


D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y


The merchant account is free and

does not require any identification
The Onion in OnionPay reflects
or company documents. Receiving
a humorous tip of the hat to Tor.
payments through OnionPay only
Official website:
requires a contact email address.
This email is only used for contact
nionPay was designed to be a through a customer service inquiry
convenient Voucher-Safe based and no other purpose. Its basically
PayPal alternative for e-commerce anonymous, just like using cash.
websites. The system is an addon for merchants who want to What do I need to open a
merchant account?
seamlessly accept Voucher-Safe.

documentation available from the

sites download section.

The Voucher-Safe payment

platform is an ingenious and secure
method of receiving payments
online. It was developed by Simon
Davis of Pecunix fame. However,
using Voucher-Safe as a merchant
account, presented one minor
issue. When the sender makes
a Voucher-Safe payment, the
receiver is required to manually
accept the funds or pick up the
incoming payment. In order for the
Voucher-Safe merchant to receive
a payment, the receiver had to
perform this extra step. OnionPay
conveniently solves this issue. The
receiver does not have to be online
to accept and clear an incoming

Once the account is set up, the

service creates a public safe
(account) which receives the
incoming funds. Both the new
merchant and OnionPay have
access to the public safe. All
future customer payments to the
merchant, are deposited into that
public safe. As each customers
payment is made, OnionPay
automatically logs into the public
safe, picks up the payment and
confirms that it is the correct


Getting Started
First, visit the website at https:// and set up an account.
Use Tor if you like. Dont be
surprised if your browser gives you
a security warning.
Q: Why does your site use a
self-signed certificate which
produces warnings?
A: This is because we cannot
risk government-sponsored
MITM attacks using false
certificates provided by
captive CAs. More info is
available here.

D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

A: An email address and a

private voucher safe (wallet).
A PGP key to go with your
email is optional. If you dont
yet have a voucher safe, this
tutorial explains how to create

There are no holds on incoming

funds. Best of all, for merchants,
OnionPay has no payment clearing
fees or account costs. None!
One simple mouse click generates
a new public payment address
and a private key/password that
will be used for all future account
access. Other options are also
available during set up such as
creating instructions for redirecting
the customer back to the
merchants website success page.
Configuration of these options can
be done during setup or at a later
time. The merchant is responsible
for distributing the public payment
address or integrating it into the
Once the new OnionPay merchant
account setup has been completed
and the payment address has been
generated; give the address to
customers and get paid.
OnionPay can easily be integrated
into any website, including those
on the Deep Web. Details on
integration are available in the SCI

What do I do after Ive opened

my OnionPay merchant
A: Log into it and configure
your settings as desired. You
should also verify that you are
able to log into your public
voucher safe wallet, which
is created along with your

Immediately after accepting the

funds, OnionPay then pushes the
customer back to the merchant
websites success page. After a
customer sends a payment to the
public safe, OnionPay forwards
a notice to the merchant and
automatically sweeps the funds
from the public safe into the
merchants private safe according
to criteria set by the merchant.
This process circumvents the
original Voucher-Safe merchant
pick-up issue, which required the
receiver to be online and manually
accept each incoming payment.
OnionPay securely accomplished
this task on behalf of the merchant.
The notification of a new incoming
payment arrives via a HTTP

POST to a URL supplied by the

merchants SCI. Ideally, this URL
will be secured via SSL (https).
The merchant can prove that each
incoming payment notification is
genuine by verifying the included
hash value. The hash is computed
from the payment details plus the
accounts merchant secret, thus
making the contact and information
very secure.
The OnionPay process allows
merchants to effortlessly accept
ecommerce payments and also
professionally completes the
buyers checkout experience on the
merchants website.
Real Privacy
All traffic to the OnionPay website
is port-forwarded from a gateway
over a VPN to operations server
located in a separate country.
Visitors true IP address is never
seen or recorded. Finally, the
OnionPay server is not located at
the IP indicated by a DNS lookup.
OnionPay stores no transaction
data and keeps no records. During
a transaction, no personal or
identifiable information is expose
or exchanged with the merchant.
In the OnionPay system, all

transaction receipt data on both the

customer and the merchant is only
stored until the merchant deletes
it. No transaction is ever stored by
OnionPay or is available after the
merchant has deleted it.
Furthermore, the OnionPay system
only has access to a merchants
public safe. As all funds are
immediately sweep into the
merchants private safe there is
no long term need for OnionPay
to hold the merchants revenues.
Revenues are immediately
available to the merchant.
Additionally, the customer
never directly transacts with the
merchants private wallet, never
sees this private address and
receives no information on the
private wallet after the transaction.
OnionPay receives the incoming
funds through the public safe and
the merchants information always
remains private.
This is unlike PayPal, where the
merchants funds are held by
PayPal and sometimes frozen
or returned to customers before
being received into the merchants
private bank account. The PayPal
merchant receiving payments is
clearly identified throughout the

transaction process.
This makes hacking into the
merchants account (either on
OnionPay or their public wallet)
very unprofitable, and therefore
Only exposing the merchants
public safe, which does not hold
any value, may also discourage
hackers from attacking the
merchants platform. Attempting
to hack the exposed OnionPay
merchant public safe would be
Merchants serving just one or
multiple ecommerce businesses
may have as many safes (accounts)
as they like and change the
accounts within the OnionPay
system anytime.
OnionPay Benefits
To provide merchant account
services which are cash-like
and therefore do not violate
the privacy of the merchant.
To avoid the need for
merchants to trust the account
provider, either with funds on
hand or with customer data.
To provide payment clearing
services without any
transaction fees!
These design features make
OnionPay the merchant
payment system of choice for
online merchants operating
in the System D alternative
economy space.
No loss of privacy.
No credit applications.
No possibility of
No online records.
No tax reporting.
No fees!
w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y


Transactions through
OnionPay and VoucherSafe have many of the same
features of cash transactions.
To learn more, please visit
their website via this link.
The Voucher-Safe System
very effectively digitizes any
form of value (assets) that has
been backed by a participating
voucher Issuer. Those
monetized digital vouchers
then circulate online and
can be privately exchanged
for any purpose. Users view
this system as a private,
untraceable digital form of
So how is this done with no
This is all possible because
each OnionPay franchise is
registered with a Voucher
Publisher in the Voucher-Safe
network. When customers
make voucher payments
to OnionPay merchants,
usage tokens are expended.
Because the payment pickup
processed by OnionPay is
tagged with the hash ID of
the OnionPay franchise, the
number of payments made to
OnionPay merchants can be
tallied. The Voucher Publisher

simply kicks back a portion of the total tokens consumed to the

OnionPay franchise, based on the number of transactions. Thus
merchants and their customers need pay no transaction fees
or account fees. Its private, and its free! Find out more about
Voucher-Safe and OnionPay.
There are also numerous tutorial videos:
Voucher-Safe Commercial Site
The developers site is found here:
Voucher-Safe Project Site
Voucher-Safe user community forum:
Voucher-Safe Community Forum

Si l e n t V aul t i s a s e c u re p riv ate

on li n e w alle t for m akin g
u n t rac e able p 2 p p aym e n t s.

w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y


Shopping on The Deep Web

with Bitcoin & Tor
Using Tor protects your privacy by making it extremely
difficult for an observer to correlate the sites
you visit with your physical world identity.

Tor was originally designed and implemented on

as a third-generation onion routing project of the
Naval Research Laboratory. Its primary purpose
was to protect government communications.
Tor represents that its service protects users
privacy from unscrupulous marketers and identity
thieves. Tor is said to protect communications
from irresponsible corporations. Human rights
activists use Tor to anonymously report abuses
from danger zones. Tools such as Tor are critical
in maintaining the safety of activists, media,
military and law enforcement. Tor users question
why anyone could ever trust corporations and the
government to keep their online activity safe.
Tor circumvents censorship. If a user is
operating in a country that has blocked
Facebook or Youtube, Tor will instantly provide
internet access. Reporters without Borders is
an organization that tracks jailed or harmed
journalists all over the world. This group advises
journalists, sources, bloggers, and dissidents to
use Tor to ensure their privacy and safety. For
example, citizen journalists in China use Tor to
openly publish stories about local events on nonState controlled media.
The Tor website,,

D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

states that the network has a variety of uses for

the military, journalists, police, activists and
others. Who are the others? Those buying and
selling illegal items over the Internet.
The Tor browser is a browser that operates like
Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However,
instead of recording a users browsing history and
making money on that information, Tor masks the
identity of users including the visited websites
and browsing patterns.
While it is not possible to be 100 percent
confident that any study can accurately profile
the total number of operators on the Deep Web.
However, recent studies have found that more
than 50% of .onion websites accessible through
Tor engaged in criminal activity such as selling
narcotics online.
The bottom line here in the Tor discussion is
that this free easy to access program makes you
While Im not a journalist reporting from
Myanmar or a female human rights worker in
Afghanistan, both of whom might have a real
need for private Internet access, I am familiar

with TOR, and its modern purpose.

If you are unfamiliar with TOR, head on over to
the website
torbrowser.html.en and learn about or download
the TOR browser. Just make sure you investigate
TOR before December 2016, because according to
new U.S. laws after that time anyone using TOR
or a similar anonymizing software will make their
computer subject to possible legal court-ordered
Why is the government going to all this trouble
just to find out who you are and what websites you
visit? This was the question that developed in my
mind after learning about this new surveillance
intrusion into the lives of Americans. What was
all the excitement about and what was going on
through TOR and the Dark Web or Deep Web, that
I may be missing?
Experts state that 96 percent of the Internet is
hidden from normal browsing. The area of the Web
is referred to as the Deep Web. If this information
is correct, only about 4 percent of the entire Net
is accessible using Internet Explorer, Firefox, or
Googles Chrome browser.
With the Tor browser now installed and connected,
along with an online wallet full of Bitcoins the
search began for hidden places and unseen activity
using Tor.
Hiding your identity and location for the purpose
of selling heroin online was certainly not the
original intended use of Tor. It is also doubtful that
Bitcoin designers were focused on facilitating the
online sale of narcotics.

remain free and anonymous. Consequently, all of

this illegal activity can be accomplished from the
comfort of your home using Tor.
Im not a fan of illegal narcotics, stolen credit
cards, counterfeit money or anyone who sells these
items. It is unclear how the government agencies
and law enforcement communities can permit
this widespread criminal activity to continue,
without shutting it all down. This article was not
written with the intent of helping anyone engage
in criminal activity. The idea of buying or selling
illegal items online is not being promoted in
this article. Nor is it the intent of Digital Gold
Magazine to encourage such activity. The website
names and URLs mentioned in this article have
been altered.
The first stop in this Deep Web investigation was
good old Google. Not having ventured into the
Deep Web before today, Google was consulted for
any directions that would guide a new user into the
hidden world.

However, the available online sale of drugs

and illegal goods is one of the more widely
acknowledged benefits of Bitcoins marriage with

Googling Deep Web Search Engine uncovered

hundreds of online resources providing details
about obscure websites only visible using TOR.

It is also important to note that the Tor browser

that makes it easy to anonymously do business
online is also free to download and use, requires
no registration or licensing. Users agree it should

The hidden addresses that Google provided

all included .onion. The .onion addresses were
not actual domains, like a .com address, these
were more like forwarding mailboxes. When a
w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y


visitor arrives at the mailbox, they are instantly

forwarded to a secret location. The .onion TLD is
not in the Internet DNS root, and these addresses
are not actual DNS names. These places can only
be accessed with the appropriate proxy software
such as Tor. This software recognizes the mailbox
and forwards traffic. Internet Explorer and other
browsers like Firefox just did not recognize these
addresses. The .onion locations are definitely a
large part of that 96 percent hidden from view.
The HiddenWiki appeared on the first page of
the Google search results. It presented a helpful
directory of .onion URL Tor Links. From the
Wiki, two Deep Web search tools were singled out.
http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/ DuckDuckGo
Search Engine
http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion/ TORCH Tor
Search Engine

The HiddenWiki also provided .onion links to: gun

sales, hitman services, fake IDs, fake passports,
fake USA citizenships, online drug bazars,
marketplaces, discussion forums, carding services
(webs selling stolen credit card and identity
information), bitcoin laundries, bitcoin mixers
(both of these services hide the blockchain source
information that sometimes permits tracking),
betting services, Warez (stolen & hacked software),
and last but not least, more of the Internets
ubiquitous pornography websites. The HiddenWiki
appeared to offered up a virtual cornucopia of
links to hidden websites selling illegal goods and
services only accessible through the Tor browser.
Using the DuckDuckGo search and Tor, the first
search term queried was counterfeit money.
With a keen understanding of how serious it is to
illegally counterfeit U.S. currency, even a search
of the Deep Web, was only expected to deliver

Gold Revolutionized
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Digital Gold
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You can start trading from the moment your account is verified and loaded with any amount. Use our
simple interface or talk to us about using our powerful API with your favorite tools.
Safe, Secure and Fully Insured
All digital gold is fully backed by LBMA approved gold bullion. The reserves are insured and held
securely at the Brinks facility in London, Heathrow. Allocated gold holdings are auditable against our
numbered physical bullion reserves.

D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

websites offering DIY articles or instructions on

how to print counterfeit money.
Who in their right mind, would openly sell
counterfeit U.S. currency over the Internet?
Not surprisingly, those type of search listings
were exactly what appeared on DuckDuckGo.
The results for the term counterfeit money
produced what looked like a page from Yahoo
search. DuckDuckGos search had even included
counterfeit money listings that appeared on
Wikipedia, Wikihow and HowStuffWorks.
For a search of the Deep Web using TOR, the
DuckDuckGo results were disappointing. Where
was all the illegal stuff?
It was quickly decided to dump the Duck for the
second search engine directory named TORCH,
The TOR Search Engine. The term counterfeit
money was entered and the TORCH search
results provided a bounty of illegal items.
The small banners ads at the top of this search
page gave an excellent indication of what
category of listings might be found using
TORCH. Banner ads on this first page included
websites such as the Mafia Marketplace and
Crime Network. TORCH search results would
include links to Websites offering illegal goods
and services. If the Tor browser were not being
used, none of these items would be shown.
The search results for counterfeit money
reveals many websites selling actual counterfeit
government issued currency from a multitude of
countries including the United States.
All of the website results included an arbitrary
address, and each showed the .onion. Most
links looked something like this http://
xmh57djrzrndw6insl.onion/ This URL had
previously been uncovered as only a forwarding
proxy and not the actual website domain.
Another feature all of these websites had in

common was the method of payment accepted by

the vendors. Apparently, no credit cards, checks
or PayPal was being used. The .onion vendors all
required bitcoin payments.
The first website visited was the Money
Counterfeit Company. It was selling both U.S.
and Euro counterfeit notes. Both counterfeit notes
could be shipped using an express mail service
such as FedEx, UPS and even the Express Mail
from the USPS. The seller provided tracking
numbers on each order, 100% satisfaction
guaranteed, and volume discounts on larger
The cost of these counterfeit U.S. notes varied
depending on the quantity of fake currency
ordered. A total sale between $200 and $700
would cost the buyer 35 percent of the counterfeit
currencys total face value and payment was only
accepted in bitcoins. Orders from $700 to $2,500,
cost 25 percent of the face value and over $2,500
the buyer would be paying just 20 percent. An
order for $10,000 in phony U.S. currency would
cost just 2,000 USD paid in bitcoin.
Another counterfeit website named something
like Cheapo Euro Notes was selling highquality counterfeit European currency. This
phony money included both the watermark and
the hologram anti-counterfeit measures. These 20
euro notes were said to be made from cotton fiber,
would pass the UV test & the pen test. Further
website promotion stated that the phony money
was also guaranteed to work great in vending

5 X 20 notes (100) cost just 40 in bitcoin

10 notes cost 80 in bitcoin
20 notes were 160
30 notes (600 face value) were just 215
paid in bitcoin

Unfortunately, these products were only shipped

within Europe. However, all shipping costs were
advertised as free. This vendor even included
pictures of his phony euro notes.
w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y



D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

Another vendor located in under two minutes, through that first TORCH search, was offering fake IDs,
U.S. passports, and even U.S. Green Cards (permanent resident cards).

This vendor was also selling both counterfeit U.S. and euro currency. This sellers 50 notes were touted as
very high-quality counterfeits. The U.S. $50 note was the Treasurys new colored design. This colored
design was a new security feature added as an anti-counterfeit measure around 2003. This vendors prices
were included in the images of each fake note.

w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y


Here is another vendor that came up on our counterfeit money search using TORCH. This website
looked similar to other sellers, however, it included the word Replicas as a descriptor alongside the
word counterfeit. It is evident, that this search on Tor produced some counterfeit vendors that were
duplicate websites likely reselling the same product. Here is another euro providers sample images.

Instead of viewing dozens more .onion websites selling the same counterfeit notes, a new search was
queried for marketplace websites. These are the sites that group together a multitude of different
vendors and offer visitors organized marketing. The larger market communities seemed to be more like
online supermarkets containing a wide variety of illegal goods and services. Marketplace sellers had
tools such as escrow, feedback (reputation monitoring) and PGP encrypted communications.
Well, known examples of this type of marketplace include the original Silk Road and Silk Road 2.0. One
current Tor directory still showed an old listing for Silk Road version 2.0 which included a screenshot of
the Department of Justice seizure notice.

In February 2015, Ross William Ulbricht, who was the young guy who created and operated the original
Silk Road drug bazaar, was convicted of money laundering, computer hacking and conspiracy to traffic
narcotics. He is currently serving a life sentence
without the possibility of parole.
In light of that 2015 sentencing, it may seem
unthinkable that this exact type of criminal activity
is still occurring. TOR and bitcoin, are powerful
anonymity tools that when used together facilitate
the constant online illegal activity.
Entry into this new .onion marketplace website
required an email account and a quick anonymous
registration. Once registered on the Alpha Market,
entry and full access to the community was
immediately granted.
The Alpha Market appeared to be a full-fledged
ecommerce business, and it could be accessed
through any of ten different .onion URLs. A dozen
categories of merchandise were listed down the lefthand side of the page. One that stood out was the
Drugs & Chemicals category which listed more
than 103,000 items. On just this one marketplace,
there were over a hundred thousand drugs or drugrelated chemicals available for sale to anyone
w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y



D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

using Tor. Obviously, a majority of these items

were illegal to possess or sell in most countries
including the United States. Like any good
ecommerce website, the Alpha Market landing
page was headlined with featured listings. This
was not Google, and these products were not
anything that one might find on Google search.
From left to right, across the top of the entry page,
ads for the following products were highlighted for
Information on PayPal and Bank Cashout
THClear Orange or Berry Vape Pen Cartridge
100 grams of high-quality MDMA
Cocaine 92% clean lab tested
Carding University Virtual Edition
(instructions on how to use stolen credit
Unaware if the Alpha Market offered counterfeit
money the term was entered into the Alpha search
bar. A quick Alpha Market search of the term
counterfeit money provided about a dozen
listings for counterfeit notes. Other vendors
contained in the results were selling publications
on how to pass counterfeit money and one even
sold individual hologram stickers for euro notes.
The hologram security feature was only offered in
bulk. A 50-euro holograph was selling for about
a dollar and only payable in bitcoin. This seller
shipped worldwide provided escrow and boasted
that These stickers have the rainbow colored
effect on them just like the real ones! However,
the marketplace vendor status showed that his
operation was new, and he only held a Vendor
Level 1 status and a Trust Level of 3.

easily find this illegal stuff and perhaps end up

buying counterfeit U.S. money to impress his
schoolmates. Or worse, they could buy heroin or
other very dangerous drugs. Experts tell us that
never before have so many high-quality drugs
been directly available to end users.
Many sellers were offering $20 U.S. counterfeit
notes. On the first website offering counterfeit
currency $100 worth of U.S. fakes cost just $20
in bitcoin. As shown below, most listings included
sample images of the illegal product. The U.S.
counterfeit notes, offered through this vendor,
were the old design that had been issued before
the 2003 colored ink design changes and new
security features.
Displaying a level 2 status and a trust level of
4, this vendor appeared to be more experienced
and trustworthy than the previous supplier. The
listing also provided sample images, showcasing
the fake notes quality. These photos also detailed
the inclusion of an individual thread woven into
the bill that had originally been designed by the
U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing as an
anti-counterfeit feature. Of course, the thread
contained in each of these counterfeit notes,
visible in UV light, was fake just like the actual

There were more than a dozen pages of listings

for Money and most of those included U.S.
counterfeit notes from a multitude of vendors.
Knowing how illegal it is to counterfeit U.S.
currency, it was shocking to see so many
counterfeit U.S. notes for sale.
To access this new reality, all that a person needed
was the Tor Brower and some bitcoins. The
really troubling thought about these marketplaces
found through Tor is that my 10-year-old nephew,
or any young child with online access, could
w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y


Along the lines of a low budget DIY project, vendors were also selling lots of U.S. currency templates
(files). These listings asked, Are you interested in printing your own money? Look no further! For
sale is a set of 3 layered templates for a 2006 series US $20 note. One of these layered files seemed to
include the newer anti-counterfeiting features for the colored U.S. twenty-dollar note. The image below
of a .PSD file is from that actual listing.
Most of these counterfeit money
listings, particularly the $20
U.S. note, stated that the paper
would pass the pen test. After
searching Google for that term,
its meaning was uncovered,
and the fake note would not be
revealed by a counterfeit banknote
detection pen. This tool, often
used by cashiers, applies an
iodine-based ink to notes in an attempt to determine their authenticity. The vendor even added, There
are currently 4 different serial numbers for these bills. There are constantly more being added.
The Alpha Market also contained
vendor selling $10 U.S. counterfeit
There was a vendor selling something
called a SuperEuro counterfeit notes
in 10, 20, and 50 denominations. The
seller stated that his supply came from
the Korean Area, and they received
large shipments of euro notes every
three months.
It is not clear how the SuperEuro is
any better quality than the other fake
notes, and there is no indication if
they were buying from N. Korea or S.
Korea! However, all of their packages
shipped from German and bitcoin
payments were required. This seller
also offered the Superpound (GBP)
and the Superdollar (USD).
The sad part of this investigation into
the Deep Web, revealing dozens of
counterfeit money vendors, was the
fact that the Alpha Market was just
one marketplace on the Deep Web.


D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

The original query on the TORCH search engine had returned dozens of those big illegal marketplace
websites. This would indicate that there could be hundreds of vendors selling counterfeit U.S. currency
for bitcoins and no one in law enforcement seems to have the ability to stop them. As a U.S. citizen, that
is very discouraging.
Another plentiful counterfeit item available through the Alpha Market was fake gold bars. These fake
bullion bars were not just gold plated tungsten, each counterfeit bar was sealed in the fake tamper proof
package and marked as a product from a mainstream mint. There were many fake bars sealed in what
appeared to be factory packaging and marked Perth Mint. Having been employed in the precious
metals business for the past several decades, these fakes sent chills down my spine. The vendor listing
stated the following:
The Perth Mint tamper-evident case. Produced in eight sizes, gold bullion minted bars portray a struck
version of The Perth Mints LBMA registered mark on the front and kangaroo-shaped motifs on the
back. Each minted bar comes housed in tamper-evident packaging which shows the word VOID
around the edge of the blister if the card has been prized opened. The card is charcoal-colored with a
dark, watermark-like image of the Mints stylized swan l. Bulk deals available

w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y


The Perth Mint fakes were available in multiple sizes.

Another listing offers 5g bars in Certicard packaging.

5g Gold Bar in Certicard v2.0

Weighted almost exactly the same as the real bars
Unique serial numbers on each and every bar

There were dozens of vendors selling

counterfeit gold bars. Here is another listing
selling counterfeit bars.
1 Oz Ounce PAMP Suisse Counterfeit Fake
Gold Bullion Bar A1 Quality 4.0
Discount offered for 10+ bars
This bar comes in the blister Assay Certificate
Packaging and looks completely authentic.
These are the new and improved bars with the
perfect packaging and unique serial numbers
that match on both the bar and the packaging.
The serial number on the back of the bar
matches that on the packaging.
These are by far the best bars available and
are almost indistinguishable from the real
This bar looks 100% like the original, and
is without the crimping on the edges.
The serial number on the back of the
packaging is unique and never repeated.
They will pass the xray test but not the
scratch test

D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

This peek into the hidden area of the Web, courtesy of the Tor Browser was investigation is really
amazing for a couple of reasons.
1. Despite being called the Deep Web, and being hidden from regular Internet traffic, after
downloading Tor it only took about 2 minutes to find vendors selling illegal narcotics, counterfeit
U.S. currency, and stolen credit card information.
2. Bitcoin was the only method of payment accepted by these vendors. All sales required bitcoin
Alongside a multitude of fake Rolex watches, other phony gold vendors offered coins. Here are some

Fake Counterfeit Gold Coins

Proof 2010 krugerrand South African Coin of 1 ounce .999 fine gold coin NGC Certified
2014 W American Eagle 1 ounce .999 fine gold coin NGC Verified!! Free shipping
2 x 2011-W Buffalo 50 Dollars Gold 1 oz .999 fine Coin. Price: USD 600.00 in bitcoin
These Coin Is NGC Certified as PF70 Ultra Cameo. Best Replicas Coins
pass all test. Acid, scratch, density, etc. The coins are made by 92%
Tungsten and 8% .9999 fine Gold. Talk to me about bulk deals!
Purchase price: USD 350.00 paid in bitcoin
2 x 2011-W Buffalo 50 Dollars Gold 1 oz .999 fine Coin.
It is the 2011-W Buffalo 50 Dollars Gold 1 oz .999 fine Coin. Comes in
sealed waterproof NGC verified packaging. It does pass all test. Acid,
scratch, x-ray, all of them. Best Coin Ive seen. Easy to pass.
This coin is Tungsten and 2 gram .999 fine gold and verified by NGC
Price: USD 600.00 in bitcoin
In this continuing article series for Digital Gold Magazine, the July issue takes a close look how digital
currency is anonymously used for these sales and particularly the Drugs and Chemicals being sold
through the Deep Web. Up against bitcoin and Tor, what can be done?
w w w . d i g i ta l g o l d . m o n e y


One Last Thing....

Vendors on the Alpha Market also
offered counterfeit silver bars.
Heres an example.
5 x 1 oz PAMP Suisse Silver Bar
in Assay Cards w/Unique Serial

Up for sale are 5 x 1 oz ounce
PAMP Suisse Silver Bar in Assay
Cards w/Unique Serial Numbers.
Each of the 5 bars is guaranteed
to have a different serial number.
Weight is spot on-these are very
passable, especially because a
silver bar in an PAMP assay card
is far less likely to be as closely
scrutinized as a gold one.
Purchase price: USD 54.99 payable
in bitcoin.


D i g i ta l g o l d m ag a z i n e

Your Privacy Matters

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Multi-hop means that traffic flows between multiple points along its route from the entry gateway
to the exit nodes, something like changing planes a couple of times during an extended trip.
Inside the network, internal routes are varied, traffic is mixed alongside that of other users,
and random delays get inserted to defeat traffic analysis. This technique, known as server
cascades, same features and benefits as provides many of the Tor. (Given that the Deep State
agencies in various countries are now running most of the Tor exit nodes, it might be even
better.) As a subscriber, youll also get private email addresses and email aliases, plus 1 GB
of very secure file storage. Because of its multi-hop architecture, this VPN is less suitable for
streaming applications, and bandwidth usage is limited to 25 GB per month. However, you can
also buy top-up packs to add more bandwidth.

Elegantly Convenient! No special hardware required.

Software-only solution.
Both individual and multi-user packages are available.
Simple to install and use.
Support for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.
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