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1. It is a simplified and more intuitive version of Microsoft Operating System.

2. It is a long horizontal bat at the bottom of the desktop screen.

3. What is the name of Windows logo in the start button.
4. It is the entry-level of edition of windows 7.
5. Components of windows 7 taskbar
6. Components of windows 7 taskbar
7. Components of windows 7 taskbar
8. Components of windows 7 taskbar
9. Edition of windows 7
10.Edition of windows 7
11.Edition of windows 7
12.Edition of windows 7
13.Edition of windows 7
14.It is a program that work like an on-screen magnifying glass that enlarges a
portion of the screen to make text and image clearer.
15.It is a program that reads text on the screen aloud and describes events
happening during the operation of computer.
16.It is a program that displays all the standard keys of a typical keyboard on the
17.This utility is used to optimize computer performance be ensuring that files
are easily accessed and retrieved from the hard disk.
18. This utility is used to free space in the computer hard disk by removing or
deleting unnecessary files.
19.This tool allows the user to insert special characters that are not normally
found on a keyboard.
20.This is one of the shutdown options that lowers the power consumption of