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Subscribe Share Past Issues ‘Translate ¥ RSS Seed Nolse from DOT Work ‘This summer the CT Department of Transportation has conducted miling and resurfacing on Rte. 10 - Ela Grasso Boulevard: and Rte. 243- Fountain Street. Many ‘of you contacted me here and on social media to alert mo thatthe noise ffom the Jackhammers caused much distress and los of sleep. IMy office contacted DOT on this matter and were assured the project was limites ‘Athough the worst s (apparently) aver on the Boulevard, the measures we requested to mitigate noise were nol implemented on Fountain Street. We are contacting DOT again. Thank you for alerting me, and contact ma again ithe problem continues. Hore isa link to the DOT notice: r iod.comidoci3 t ion Detail Qualified Win But No Precedent Set: Supreme Court Refused a Second ‘Amendment Challenge to Connecticut Ban on Assault Weapons “The Supreme Court refused io hear @ Second Amendment chalenge toa Connecticut lay-banning many semiaviomai ils. This does not sel precedent bu may give tact approval to such measures. “The law, enacted in 2013 inthe wake of tho mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School n Newtown made it a crime to sell or possess the frearms, which ers call assault weapons. Judge Cabranes had writen: “Plaintifs complain that mass shootings are ‘particularly rare events’ and thus, even successful, the legistaon wil have a ‘minimal impact’ on most violent crime. But gun-conito legislation need not strike at all evils atthe same time tobe constitutional The opinion was not rejected by the Supreme Court, leaving itto stand. hos:tiwwwscribd.comidoc/316242504/Cabcanes-Shew. oe Subscribe Share Past Issues ‘Translate y RSS