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1/Economic profit (from account problem)

2/Relationship between present value and interest rate (negative)

3/How to maximize profit (basic regulation)
4/Value cost, fixed cost (all type of cost, short run)
5/The quantity should produce to maximize benefit
6/differentiate account profit and economic profit
7/The relationship between price and income
8/ Indifference curve
9/ Budget line
10/Marginal rate of substitution
11/ Utility, the relationship between risk and reward (different risk tolerance)
12/ Equilibrium consumer bottle/bundle
13/Cost function (find marginal cost)
14/Production function (find out average product of labor, Cobb production function)

15/Definition of cost (fixed cost, variable cost, long run short run cost)
16/Manager should use input level up to the point where?
18/Single graph with all cost curve (explain why it cut)
19/Refer to idea of economy of scale, economy of scope
20/Cost in the long run
21/Provided marginal cost, demand function (find out profit in equilibrium)
22/Definition of shortage and surplus
23/Game theory: solution in repeative game
24/Provided marginal cost, demand function (find out monopoly price)
25/Price ceiling (provided supply curve, demand curve => find out economic price
under price ceiling)
26/In perfect competitive market (given cost =>
27/Market structure and market power (relationship)
28/Industry concentration (how to measure)
29/Advantage of economy of scale
30/The different of origopoly & monopoly
31/How to exploit economy of scope integration
32/How to measure SSI index
33/In monopoly market, given demand & function cost function => choose price to
maximize profit
34/Your company is operating with 2 different factor, given demand function &
marginal cost in 2 different plants => choose price to maximize profit
35/Long run equilibrium is characterized by which principle (perfectly competitive
36/Given demand curve & cost curve in monopoly => find out output level to
maximize revenue (trap: maximize revenue not profit)
37/Monopolistically competitive form (find out principle to maximize profit)
38/Demand law
39/Which factor will not shift the demand curve
40/Differentiate between demand and quantity demanded

1/ If the monopolistically competitive market provided demand function & cost
a/Determine the level of output to maximize profit
b/Which price should charge to maximize profit
c/What will happened in long-run
2/compare the elasticity of different type of market structure (4 types of market