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Abstract1# bridge traffic engineering of LiangHeKou hydropower station is located in ganzi

region in sichuan province. The altitude of main construction areas lies above the 2700m, perennial
mean temperature ranges from -4.9 7.9oCextreme low temperature reach -42.9the
temperature difference between day and nightwhich may adversely affect the execution of the
precast concrete and cable erection. Based on the fully and deeply analyse and optimal approaches,
We solved several key engineering challenges in precast arch box construction, and also provided
valuable experiences for similar projects. Introduction
1# bridge of Lianghekou hydropower station spans the Yalong river and 25km away from Yajiang
county which located in Ganzi Region in Sichuan province. The main structure of reinforced
concrete arch bridge spans 110 meters, with a total length of 176m. The design load of bridge is car
- level 80. Substructure of bridge is made in C30 concrete and the foundation is C40 reinforced
Constant-section catenary box was used in upside structure in original design, The ratio of rise to
span1/5, and the arch axis coefficient 1.543. Cast-in-place beam and double column frame located
on the Spandrel structure.
In order to minimize the impact of low temperatures in winter, as well as to cut cost, we made
fully research of similar domestic projects. According to the research and the conditions in this
project, we changed the construction technology from Cast-in-place concrete to Precast concrete,
accomplished the goal, serving as a reference for similar engineering. 1. Scheme comparison
1.1 Alternative solutions
Four kinds of current methods are mainly used in arch ring construction of armored concrete arch
bridge domestically, including the steel arch brace or the bracket with cast-in-situ concrete, [1] the
pre-casting arch box piecewise lifting and installing system, [2] the swivel construction method, [3][4]
and cable-stayed buckle to hang the cantilever. [5] [6]detailed analysis on each alternative is
expressed in table 1 below.
By comprehensive consideration of influence factors such as site, climate, transport conditions, the
cast-in-situ concrete with steel arch centering scheme and pre-casting arch box lifting scheme are
selected as the alternatives.
1.2 Construction period and investment comparison
(1) Construction period comparison
By comparison, pre-casting scheme can proceed immediately after the end of the anchorage and
tower foundation construction, and can keep working in winter with greenhouses. Pre-casting
scheme makes 7 months ahead of schedule than the cast-in-situ scheme, and meanwhile reduces
600 t steel arch demolition workload in future.