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Flow Chart:

1. List of Companies existing into market & How does the

business work:
a. Brokers
i. Specific price
Limited Options available
No monopoly and freedom
b. Direct providers with Direct approach from Manufacturers
i. Price margin and profit margin high
Varied options
1. Complete freedom
2. Chance to be monopoly player in longer run with
holding the ownership of the planes in future
3. Loan EMI or rental options directly from the
a. Specific contract one of a kind to increase
the mobility and fix market viability
b. Manufacturers who are comparatively
smaller are the better clients for cracking
this deal.
c. Target the countries limiting the ownership
as leasing would be more focused there
Global front rather than focusing on the
Indian Market
c. Brokers agent:
i. Completely out of the way idea as on a longer run no
freedom and chance of risks are more
No firm establishment
d. How does the business work
2. Best form for incorporation:
Aviation /Advantages of LLP Registration.pdf
Aviation /Tax Savings Under LLP.pdf
Only rider is
Turnover = Clear profit more than 3 crore per annum:
It has to be Pvt. Limited company However, this can be managed
through CA
3. Further plan of action:
a. Registration
b. Meeting with Manufacturers
Aviation /List of Aircraft Manufacturers
c. Permission to be sought for necessary statutory
Aviation /Aircraft leasing in India .pdf
d. Proposal
i. Meeting


Negotiation of Price
Cracking the deal
Advertisement and marketing
Sub Leasing
1. Rental to be paid to manufacturers with the profit
2. At the end of the rental period we own profit +
Aircraft for future lease.
4. Then we party and expand more and more..