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Employee Benefits in Jamuna Bank

Weekly Holiday:
Two holidays (Friday & Saturday) per week for the employees of JAMUNA Bank. Security
guards (male) can enjoy one holiday for every 15 working days. That means they get 2 holidays
in a month..
Annual Holiday:
According to the published list of leave by main office the annual leave plan for the employees
of JAMUNA Bank is decided. These holidays are basically the government holidays. It is
determined based on government holidays.
Sick Leave:
14 days sick leave with pay is provided to the staffs of JAMUNA each and every year.
Maternity Leave:
JAMUNA provides 6 months with pay maternity leave to its female staffs. Extra 6 months non
paid maternity leave is also given to the staffs of JBL
Paternity Leave:
7 days paternity leave is given to the all confirmed staffs of JBL at a stretch. Non confirmed
staffs are not eligible to get this leave.
Accidental Leave:
Every employee can take this leave due to accident in work place, in case of hospitalized
because of accident or surgery issues. JBL gives 21 days with pay accidental leave for accidental
or surgical issue to its staff. If required more leave, staffs of JBL can take more days leave but
that will be given as without pay. For certain cases authority provides 21 days extra leave.
Compulsory leave:
Those who work five days in a week they get 5 days compulsory leave in a year at a stretch.
Extra ordinary leave: It is without pay leave. To get this leave staffs must work for JBL at least 5
years. Those who work 5 years they are given 1 year extra ordinary leave at a stretch. Those who
work 10 years or more they are given 2 years extra ordinary leave at a stretch.

The Gratuity Fund is a terminal benefit that an employee receives at the time of

Regular confirmed employees who have completed at least 5 Years continuous service are
entitled to receive Gratuity Benefit.
Security Fund:
The objective of the fund is to provide predetermined monetary benefit against death and
permanent disability of regular confirmed staff to his/her Dependent/Heir/Nominee by the Bank.
All Regular Confirmed employees are eligible to avail this benefit. The fund for this benefit is
created solely with The Banks Contribution.
The Bank will contribute Taka 5.00/Thousand on a yearly basis against the last basic salary of
each eligible employee. (The rate of contribution may be changed subject to the approval of the
board.) The Bank maintains a liability account to manage the fund.
The total amount of benefit will be equal to 36 times of the last basic salary of the employee.

Exclusion from Employee Security Benefit:

Employees will not be eligible for the benefit, if Death or disability is caused by:
For further injury of Employees with pre-existing degree of disablement.
Attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury.
Civil commotion, Assault, homicide or any war like operations
Making an arrest as an officer of law.
Committing a felony.
Racing on wheels.
Accident while the employee is affected by Alcohol/Drug.
The Board of Directors reserves the power to close fund at any time. At such event the fund shall
be refunded to the Bank Jamuna Bank Employees Provident Fund: The Jamuna Bank

employees provident fund requires the employer i.e. Jamuna Bank Limited to contribute to the
fund 10% of basic salary for all regular confirmed employees. Every member of this fund on
retirement is provided with a sum of money as determined by the established rules for the fund
on retirement or resignation from his or her services. A board of trustee is entrusted with the
control, management and investment of the fund.
As stated by the rules, each member contributes a sum equal to 10% of the basic salary each
month that is deducted by the bank at the time of payment. JAMUNA Bank Limited matches the
employees contribution with a monthly payment equal to 10% of the basic salary of each
member. Every half year, each members account is credited with interest pertinent to the income
earned on the investments from the fund. The sum of money given by the members and the
amount contributed by the bank are credited separately to his/her account in a special ledger kept
by the trustee at the head office of the bank in Dhaka
At the time of resignation or retirement, the employee is entitled to receive the employers
contribution and the accumulated interest subject to his or her length of membership in the
contributory provident fund.
If the employee has been a member for less than or equal to year then he/she will not be eligible
to receive any of the above mentioned contributions. He/she will only be able to obtain his added
contributions over the period of his membership.
If the duration of membership has been equal to or less than three years then the member will be
entitled to receive 50% of the employers contribution and accumulated interest.
If the duration of membership has been more than 3 years then the member will be entitled to
receive 100% of the accumulated interest and employers contribution.
In case a member is dismissed due to negligence or incompetence, he or she will be entitled to
receive her/her own contribution along with the accrued interest thereon at the settled interest
rate. The banks contribution however may be forfeited and distributed among the members
according to the individual balances of the members.
The same is applicable in case of an employee dismissed from the bank due to misconduct or
fraud. However, for such purposes, only the trustees shall be the sole judge of whether the cause
of dismissal or forced retirement is significant enough or not.
Car Loan Scheme:
The car loan facility is extended to employees of or above the grade PO. The amount of loan that
these employees can take obviously varies according to their respective job grades.

Principal and Senior Principal Officers can take loan amounting to Tk.800, 000
AVP, FAVP, SAVP can file for loan amounting to Tk.10, 00, 000
VP and SVP can file for loan extending up to Tk 14, 00,000
Car Allowances:
Employees of or above the grade of AVP are also provided with car allowances that incorporate
expenses for Fuel, Driver and Maintenance.
AVP, FAVP, SAVP can have an amount of TK.29, 000 allocated as car allowance per month.
The VP and SVP can have an amount of TK.37, 000 allocated as car allowance per month.
Staff Loan:
Staff loan is granted to regular confirmed employees of the bank. The duration of service of the
employee has to be at least a year long. The employee can apply for loan extending up to 5 times
of his/her gross salary at 10 % interest rate.
House Building loan:
Employees who have had a service length of 5 years and above are eligible to apply for house
building loan. A committee will oversee the loan application and monitor the location for house
building the debt burden ration of the employee and other relevant issues. The debt burden ratio
for the employee has to be 50% or below for the loan to be approved. The repayment schedule
for the loan has to be before the retirement of the employee. The interest rate of the loan is 3%.
Termination Benefit:
In case a confirmed employee is asked to resign from his/her services by the relevant authority
without stating any reason, he/she is eligible to receive one months notice in writing or one
months gross salary as payment. If the employee is duly notified with one months notice,
he/she will not be entitled to receive any form of compensation for the termination of services.
Suspension Benefit:
In the event that a report/information about misconduct or fraud is received against an employee,
he/she has to undergo stages of disciplinary proceedings. The employee is presented with charge
sheet and is given 4 days to come up with an explanation. A preliminary enquiry committee is
formed and an enquiry notice is issued that marks the beginning of a proper domestic enquiry. If,
according to the committees report, the employee is found guilty he is duly punished. In case the
employee is found not guilty, he/she is retained with due respect. During the period of enquiry,
the employee may be suspended and will only receive 50% of his basic salary. In case he/she is
proven to be not guilty, then the full amount of salary must be refunded to the employee.

Employee Benefits in ACI Ltd.

Financial compensation:
The organization provides the financial facilities to the employees for doing their job in the
organization. Financial compensation includes the followings:
Fringe benefits.
Dearness allowance.
Medical allowance.
House rent allowance.
Retirement benefits.
Non-financial compensation:
Besides financial compensation, the organization also provides non-financial compensation to
the employees for attracting and performing their jobs in the organization. Non-financial
compensation includes the following:
Working condition.
Social status.

Compensation sub-systems of the reward system:People obtain compensation rewards that

provide money to purchase a wide variety of goods and services to receive in kind payments of
goods and services that would have required the expenditure of money.
There are eight compensation dimensions. These are as follows:
Pay for work and performance:
Base pay.
Base pay add-ons.
Pay for time not worked:
Election official.
Witness in court.
Maternity leave.
Paternity leave.
Blood donation etc.
Disability income continuation:
Short term disability.
Long term disability.
Loss of job income continuation:
Unemployment insurance.
Guaranteed annual income.
Job contract.
Unemployment benefits.
Deferred income:
Social security.
Pensions plans.

Savings and thrift plans.

Spouse income continuation:
Pensions plans.
Life insurance.
Group life insurance.
Total and permanent disability.
Health, Accident, Liability protection:
Medical, Hospital and surgical insurance,
Social security.
Health maintenance organization. (HMO).
Income Equivalent payment:
Child care.
Certain tax benefits.
Club membership.
Giving of gift.
Subsidized food service etc.
Non-Compensation sub-systems of the reward system:The other major part of the reward system
consists of non-compensation rewards. These rewards are much more difficult to classify and
their components far more complex than is the case of compensation rewards. Noncompensation rewards are all the situation related rewards not included in the compensation
Enhance dignity & satisfaction from worked performed.
Enhance psychological, Health, Intellectual growth, and emotional maturity.
Promote constructive social relationship with co-workers.
Design job that requires adequate attention and effort.
Allocate sufficient resources to perform work assignments.
Grant sufficient control over the job to meet personal demands.

Offer supportive leadership & management.

Compensation and benefits package of ACI Limited:
Compensation is really very important matter for any business organization. For any business
organization, the employees who make up the workforce are very important. It is also very
important to make an attractive compensation package for these employees. The compensation
package must be very attractive to increase the image of the organization as well as to retain the
employees with the organization.
ACI Limited is also following a compensation package that helps them to retain the full time
employees and the casuals. Though they are on a track to compensate the employees in a
competitive manner, but they try to give a bit higher salaries and wages to the employees to
remain as a competitive organization in the market.
They judge the job positions first and then they go for the study of the same categorized job
position in the other organizations, and see the pay level of these positions. Then, ACI Limited
decides that how much will be paid to the positions that they are defining or examining. In this
case ACI Limited tries to be very fair about the pay levels. They try to fix the pay level in such a
manner that is fair and effective for them and to the employees too.
ACI compensation & benefit packages are:



e (100%
of basic)

Field Staff

e (50%
of basic)


House Rent
allowance (100%
of basic)
Medical allowance
(100% of basic)
allowance (50% of
Utility allowance

Incentives/ Benefits






Field Staff

Quarterly/ Yearly:
o Yearly Leave
(50% of
o Yearly two
(100% of

e (50%
of basic)

to Tk.
e (50%
of basic)

(50% of basic)

o Yearly
Fund. (50%
of basic)

o Yearly
Leave Fare
(60% of
o Yearly two
(100% of
o Yearly
e Bonus.
(50% of
o Yearly
n Fund.
(50% of

o Quarterly
(Not fixed)
o Long Term:

Provident Fund.


Group Insurance

Medical Benefits.

o Long

Employee benefits Plan of ACI Limited:

Employee benefits plan is the most important part of an organization. It is motivated to
employee. ACI Limited continually evaluates and reviews its employee benefits plan to ensure
that benefits are competitive. Employee benefits plan are:

To establish wage & salary plan of ACI Limited employees:

Wage & salary plan comprises the following components:

ACI has a competitive monthly total base salary.
The company follows an annual performance based salary increment.
Performance bonus is available in ACI.
ACI Limited also provides night shift premium, incentive, festive advance, transport
reimbursement etc.

To implement employee incentive plan of ACI Limited:

Quality of work output. ( How many units produced)

Quality of work output ( What was the quality of the product or service being produced or
Monthly sales. ( How much sales was generated)
Work safety record. ( How many hazard or errors are being reduced)
Work attendance ( If the absent is reduced or attendance is good)

To ensure health & medical allowance plan of ACI Limited employees:

All employees of ACI will receive a monthly medical allowance as per respective grade of the
employee. The allowance will be paid together with the employees monthly salary and for this
no receipt needs to be submitted.

To make sure effective Provident fund plan of ACI Limited employees:

Permanent employees of ACI Limited are eligible to become members of the provident fund.
Employees contribute 10% of their basic to the provident fund and the company makes equal
contribution to the fund.

To make situation demanding profit sharing plan of ACI Limited employees:

There are some employees who prefer to feel a sense of ownership; this also gives them direct
reason to want to see the company succeed because they are financially invested. As a means to
invigorate many companies offer profit sharing as a reward for strong motivation in a job well

To provide flexible-time benefits plan for employees in order to ensure their right:

Many employee want Alternative work schedules. Sometimes employees flourish on different
kinds of work schedules as opposed to the traditional (and often monotonous) 9to 5 schedules.
VII. To set up leave for marriage, maternity leave, sickness leave and vacation leave plan
of ACI Limited employees:
ACI also has paid leave for marriage, maternity, sickness and vacation plan.

To make sure short term & long term benefit plan of ACI Limited employees:
Short term benefits plan:
o Yearly Leave Fare Assistance.
o Yearly two festival bonuses.
o Yearly workers participation Fund.
o Quarterly sales incentive.

Long Term benefits plan:

o Provident Fund.
o Gratuity.
o Group Insurance Policy.
o Medical Benefits.


To establish gratuity plan of ACI Limited employees:

ACI has gratuity plan. Gratuity is considered as long-term financial benefit for employees.
Payable at the time of leaving the company upon completion of at least 8 years of continuous
service. The employee will receive an allowance equal to his/her last drawn basic for each
completed year of service.

To cover all employees under the group life insurance plan:

ACI Limited provides insurance coverage for partial or permanent disability and death under
group life insurance.

To concentrate on the Leave benefits plan of ACI Limited employees:

ACI limited all management staff will have the following leave entitlement in a calendar year.

Privilege leave: 24 days

Sick leave: 14 days.
Various allowances of ACI Limited:
Different types of allowances given on the basis of salary in ACI Limited:

Employee Designation
Salary & Benefits
Office Management staff

Field Staff



100% of basic

100% of basic

50% of basic

100% of basic

50% of basic

50% of basic

Tk.1100 to Tk.1500

50% of basic

50% of basic

Basic Salary

House Rent allowance

Medical allowances

Transport allowances

Lunch allowance

Utility allowance

Compensation related facilities/ Benefits of ACI Limited:

Employee salary:
ACI Limited is committed about maintaining salaries and benefits that are fair to all employees
and competitive in the local market place. The management monitors changes in the economy
and salary market to ensure that ht overall compensation package is sufficient to attract, recruit
and retain high quality staff within the financial capabilities of ACI Limited. At all times the
management considers long term financial implications of changes in employee compensation as
well as fairness to employees currently serving the company.

Principles of salary:
The compensation structure is framed with the objective to attract and retain high quality people.
The guiding principles of the compensation policies are:
1. Individuals background and Experience.
2. External pay market levels and trends ( determined through compensation survey)
3. Particular skills requirements of the company.
4. Companys affordability.
5. Companys statutory obligations.
Payment of salary:
1. Mode of payment:
Payment shall only be made in Bangladeshi take. Every employee should have a salary account
in company nominated commercial bank. The salary will be transferred to the respective salary
accounts from the confidential department within the last day of each month.
2. Pro rate payment:
If any employee is hired in the middle of a month the salary will be paid on pro rate basis and the
salary can be paid in cash if the salary account is yet to be opened.
3. Advance salary payment:
No advance salary or advance from already earned salary can be disbursed to any employee
without written approval of the managing director.
Loan against salary:
Generally such loan is discouraged. Only en extreme cases, depending on the merit, loan may be
considered and approval for loan will require managing directors approval.
Compensation fluctuates according to:

A pre-established formula.

Individual or group goals because group goals are different from individual goals.

Company earnings

An incentive adds to base pay:

It controls costs because the employee is being paid for his/ her extra effort and for the
benefits brought to the organization.

Motivates employees.

Incentive pay categories:

Individual incentive:

Quality of work output. ( How many units produced)

Quality of work output ( What was the quality of the product or service being produced
or served)

Monthly sales. ( How much sales was generated)

Work safety record. ( How many hazard or errors are being reduced)

Work attendance ( If the absent is reduced or attendance is good)

Group Incentives:

Customer satisfaction.

Labor cost savings.

Materials cost savings.

Reduction in accidents.

Services cost savings.

Company- Wide:

Company profits.

Market share.

Sales revenue.

Sales Incentive:

Instead of performance bonus, field sales staff will the rewarded with
quarterly sales incentive for their contribution to the company.


Incentive schemes for each business will be proposed by respective business
head during budget preparation for the coming year. This scheme will require approval
from the managing director and should be communicated to field force before beginning
of the year.


Based of requirement of the business, head of business may propose and
implement any change of the scheme subject to the approval of the managing director.

Provident fund:
The company has instituted provident fund for management staff.
1. All Management employees will join the provident fund scheme after confirmation.
2. Along with the confirmation latter Human Resource Department will send a provident
fund joining and nomination form to the employee.

The provident fund will run on contributory basis, i.e. 10% of basic salary from the
employee and equal amount from the company.


If any employee leaves the company, he/she will be entitled to the companys
contribution only after 5 years from the date of confirmation, else, the employee will only
be entitled to his/her own contribution.

5. Company has formed a trusty committee to maintain the provident fund.

6. Conditions with regard to provident fund shall be regulated as per the rules of the fund.

An employee shall be eligible for gratuity on leaving the company after continuous and
confirmed service of at least 8 years to the following terms and conditions: