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Lasting FAQ

Q.1 what are the tools required in hand lasting?

Pincer, tack puller, nail lifter, hammer, Scissor, Acrylic hammer, Mock lifter.
Q.2 what is the toe puff used in hand lasting?
Solvent based.
Q.3 what is the chemical used for solvent toe puff?
Nitro cellulose based.
Q.4 what is the chemical used for softening the hand last toe puff?
Toluene / Acetone.
Q.5 why you have to do the hand lasting quickly?
Because toe puff-stiffener dry quickly.
Q.6 How much margin should be toe puff placed inside the upper?
9-10 mm from the upper.
Q.7 how much pulls are there in hand lasting / Drafting?
Q.8 Where 7 & 8 pulls come in hand drafting?
7 Inside ball joint
8 Outside ball joint According to Stretch requirement
Q.9 Why pull is done in the inside first and followed by the outside?
Since the inside part of the last is curvature is more the inside part is draft as first.
Q.10 What is the difference between outside & inside quarter in the top line?
Inside quarter should be 3 mm above from the outside quarter.
Q.11 Why inside quarter is bigger than the outside quarter?
Inside ankle bone is little above the outside ankle bone.
Q.12 what will happen if the upper is lesser in back height?
It will irritate the foot while walking.
Q.13 What is gape between the eyelet facing top line before lasting for quarter in derby shoe?
10 (If bagged topline then 10-12 mm).
Q.14 What is toe spring of the shoe?
The gape between the ground & the bottom of the sole in toe area is called the toe
Q.15 What is the temperature in Upper/Toe Conditioning M/C?
90 120oc (depend up on the material).
Q.16 What is the temperature for toe puff attaching M/C?
90 120oc (depend up on the Material).
Q.17 What is the material used in covering the top mould & bottom pad for toe puff attaching
UP Teflon paper
Down Felted cloth

Q.18 What is temp. of counter moulding M/C?

Heat 90 to 120oc, Cold 15 to 19 oc
Q.19 What is the system & pressure used in counter moulding M/C.
Pneumatic system with 4 to 6 bar pressure (depend up on the Material).
Q.20 What is the need for toe mulling?
It makes the upper & toe puff soft, while lasting it does not crack.
Q.21 What is the temperature of wiper plate of toe lasting M/C?
60-80 oc
Q.22 What is the melting temperature of polyester & Polyimide road?
Polyester 200-220 oc
Polyimide 180-200oc

Q.23 Why polyester adhesive used in toe lasting?

Polyester is not flexible so it is used in toe area.
Q.24 Why polyamide adhesive used in seat & side lasting?
Polyamide is flexible while walking it provide comfort .
Q.25 Why humidifier used before seat lasting?
Stiffener & leather become soften because of hot air humidity.
Q.26 What is the temperature of heat setting?
Air 90-120 oc Stem 100-120 oc (depend up on the Material).
Q.27 What type of air is used in heat setting?
Synthetic- Hot air (without moisture)
Leather- Hot air (with moisture).
Q.28 What is the dwell time is used in heat setting?
1.2- 2.5 minute.
Q.29 What is heel crowning M/C?
It is a roller with heat which hammers the seat area to get very sharp feather edge in the
seat area.
Q.30 What are the two types of material used in roughing M/C?
Roller paper grit emery (24 & 60 No.)
Q.31 How many coats of adhesive is given in upper material why?
Two coats of adhesive are given in upper material one for penetrate inside the leather &
second coat for bonding with sole.
Q.32 Why MEK wipe is done for sole?
To clean the silicone & dust practical which is the mould releasing agent during PVC/
PU/ Airmix sole preparation it makes bonding proper.
Q.33 Why hardner is mixed in P.U?
For reduce the drying time & increase heat resistance property.
Q.34 What is the drying time for PU Adhesive?
15-17 Mnt.
Q.35 What is halogenation?
Chlorine powder is mix with solvent (ethyl acetate ) so that the rubber based sole stick
to the upper properly while bonding, After halogenation drying time is 35-40 mnt.

Q.36 What is the temperature PU adhesive Reaction?

65 - 700c
Q.37 What is balloon sole pressing M/C?
Balloon sole attaching M/C act on the principal of vacuum so that the sole attached to
the upper, it is used generally for walled sole.
Q.38 Which M/C is used in leather sole bonding / pressing?
Hydraulic sole press.
Q.39 What is construction?
Method of attaching the sole .
Q.40 What is lasting?
Process of pulling & give the shape of upper toward the Last.
Q.41 What is stuck on/cemented/ flat lasting?
The process of securing the upper to the bottom of the insole.
Q.42 What is flange /veldtschoen /stitch down lasting?
The upper is spread around the feather edge in a perpendicular manner & secured to
runner or the insole.
Q.43 What is sanscripno construction?
Here the upper is flanged out on the runner & flange (runner) lasted to insole and the
second stage it is flat lasted to runner.
Q.44 What is California /slip lasting?
The insole & the upper & the plat form cover stitch near feather line something like
stroble stitching and the upper is forced in to the last and upon the insole a platform
layer is attach and platform cover is stretched and lasted on to the platform bottom.
Q.45 What is Goodyear welted construction?
The upper is lasted to the ribbed insole and temporally stuck to the rib a welt is stitched
on to the lasted upper & the rib than sole is attach & the stitching is done threw the welt
& the sole.
Q.46 What is stroble construction?
The upper & the insole socks cover is stitch on the feather line by stroble stitching
machine & it is force in to the last here dont need for lasting to hide stitch feather edge a
walled sole or injection moulding is given.
Q.47 What is string lasting?
A tubular stitching is done on edge of the upper and the string inserted during stitching &
the stitch upper is forced in to the last and two end of the string is pulled & tie like
pajama and injection moulding is done and no need for lasting in this construction.
Q.48 Methods of lasting?
Force lasting- string lasting, stroble lasting, moccasin lasting, California lasting.
Lasting down- veldtschoen, flat lasting, sanscripno construction, Goodyear welted
Lasting up- moccasin lasting
Q.49 what is DIP?
Direct injection process (DIF) in this process the lasted upper with the last is placed over
the sole mould & hot extrusion of PU/ PVC/ EVA material / granules is injected in liquid
form in to the bottom cavity on solidifying it stuck to the lasting margin.

Q.50 what is DVP?

Direct volcanizing process in a mould sole cavity the rubber pieces are placed & it turns
in to liquid the lasted upper with the last is kept over the mould and it stuck to the lasted

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