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Lesson Plan

Whitney Lammi


Subject Area


Grade 2




General Learner
Taken from Alberta
Program of Studies

Tuesday, November 17

35 minutes

General Outcome A2: Application of Basic Skills

General Outcome C2: Communication, Fair-play, Leadership, Teamwork
General Outcome D2: Effort, Safety

Specific Learner
Taken from Alberta
Program of Studies


What do you want
your students to

At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

Follow the rules of Pirates, play the game fairly, and work together with
their teams.

How will you know
your students have

Visually assessing:
-whether the students are willing to participate
-whether the students are acting in a safe manner
-whether the students are understanding the rules
-playing fairly
-cooperating with their peers.

What resources will
you need?

Miscellaneous gym equipment (treasure)

bean bags, balls, 4 hula hoops

(10 min)

Warm Up:
- Students will line up on one end of the gym
- Students will put their arms out to the sides to ensure
they have enough room on either side of them.
-Teacher will tell them to speed walk to the other side of
the gym.
-Once there, the teacher will tell them to skip to the
other side.
-Next, the students will run to the other side.
-Teacher will get the students to meet in the middle of
the gym and stand in a circle for Stretch.
-Teacher will lead
-neck circle, head tilts
-arm circles, wrist circles
-arm across chest stretch, arms behind back stretch,
wrist stretch
-torso twist stretch
-hands to toes stretch
-hold ankle to bum stretch
-ankle rolls
-calf stretch
-Students will sit where they are standing in the Stretch
-Teacher will explain the game Pirates
- 4 Hula hoops will be set up in each corner of the
This area is each teams pirate ship.
- The middle circle is the castle and all the stuff

in the

middle is the treasure

- There will be 2 guards in charge of protecting the
treasure from all the pirates.
- The goal of the game is to get your team as much
treasure as you can back to your ship.
- Only one pirate can leave the ship at a time, and
it is important that everyone takes turns trying to steal
the treasure.
-The guards will be able to tag anyone who is
coming to steal the treasure. If you are tagged, you
must give the
guard the treasure and return to your
ship, where you will
have to do 5 jumping jacks to get
back in the game.
- At the end of the game, whoever has the most
treasure wins!
-Teacher will ask who wants to be the 2 guards, if no one
volunteers, make a choice, and switch them halfway
through the activity if they want a chance to be pirates.
-Teacher will then number off which ship is which
number, and begin numbering off students 1, 2, 3, 4 As
the students receive their team number they will get up
and go to their designated ship
-Teacher will place the treasure in the middle circle and
tell teams to get ready to begin. Teacher will countdown
from 3 and say GO!

Activity 1 (15 min)

Students will have time to play the game.

If the game goes quickly, the game can start over with new teams and
new guards, and the teacher can give all players a specific action they
must do to steal the treasure instead of just running (i.e. hopping on one
foot, kangaroo jumps, crab walks, baby steps, etc.)
Teacher will stop game once time is almost up.

Closure (10 min)

Cool Down:
- Students line up just like they did for their warm up. Arms out to their
sides to make space.
-Students walk to one side of the gym
-Students walk in slow motion to the other side of the gym
-Students get back in the Stretch Circle

Tree pose stretch arms up, deep breath in and out, stand on one foot
and place foot on inner knee of opposite leg, deep breath in and out.
Downward Dog Place hands on ground in front of you, heels should
be lifted a bit off the floor, deep breath in and out
Cobra Slide body forward out of downward dog, so legs are on the
ground, spine to the ceiling, hands in front, deep breath in and out.
Childs Pose Sit back out of cobra, arms stretched out in front, deep
breath in and out.
If time permits:
Corpse Pose: Students lay on their backs and close their eyes, deep
breath in and out 3 times.
-Teacher will get students to slowly stand up, and line-up at the door.
Ensure that the right students are leading and following the group.
-Students will follow the teacher back to the classroom.