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Grammar Reference

The present continuous

for future plans.

You can use the present continuos form

conditional to talk about
(Be + verb ing) to talk about future plans
activities under certain conditiThat have been prearrangeb. It is normally
no school tomorrow, Ill
Used with a future time reference to show
That is it not happening at the time of speaKing.
conditional has two parts: the
Im seeing my cousin on Thursday evening
(if + subject + the simple pre-

The first conditional: if +

the simple present

Use the first

ons. If theres
get up late.
The first
if clause

nad the main clause in the future

Will for predictions and
for spontaneus decisions
verb). the

(Will/wont + base form of

If clause

states the result.

Use will to make predictions.

sweets every day, youll
You will be very rich some day.
In fifty years, cars wont need gas to run.
get to bed before ten, I
Use will to make spontaneous decisions.
up in time for school.
A= Im going for a walk.
B= Ill go with you.
clause can come at the
Use the base form of the verb after will
at the end of the end of
or wont.
sentence. Use a comma (,) after
School will be fun tomorrow.
clauses if it comes at the
We will get home at 2:30.

If you eat
put on
If I dont
wont get
The if
beginning or
The if

Below are the contractions of the subject

room today, Ill clean
Pronouns and will.
next week.



your room today if you clean
-I will
-You week
-He will
-She will
-It will
-We will
-They will

if you clean my

- I ll

The contraction of will not is wont

use the contracted forms in speech and
in informal writhing.