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Dr. Leeann Rudd

From: Aiya Al-Jundi
June 6, 2016
Subject: Studying parents perceptions of the usefulness of their childrens iPad usage and
wanted to study childrens general use of the internet and technology.
In the contemporary society, technology has become an unavoidable phenomenon to everyone
regardless of their age. As a matter of fact, in the current situation, it is almost available
everywhere especially considering the rate at which not only its development but the need to
keep every corner of the world connected to the other. However, the most unfortunate aspect
behind this trend is that no one has been spared and more so regarding the detrimental effects
related to the high ranking technological advancement and in this case to the younger
generations. Today, many of our children entirely depend on various technological platforms not
only for their educational needs but also for social and entertainment requirements. As a
consequence, parents have been faced with the challenge of balancing the kids technological
dependence to the otherwise normal social lives. Nevertheless, as much as parents may try to
disassociate their children with some of these technological platforms, in one way or the other
the requisite becomes inevitable. Proponents of technology always argue that giving children that
freedom to learn, and in this case employ the very most emerging trends of knowledge
empowerment, seem in unavoidable.
However, the trend has affected many of our young generations with what is becoming a serious
problem. Overuse of the available technological platforms amongst these youngsters has become
a nuisance to the point that many of them have become socially disconnected. Regarding this
growing trend, many have recorded so many challenges in trying to liberate their children from
unhealthy technological dependence, for instance, constant gaming and social media
attachments. This is specially made difficult by the sheer fact that most of these parents were
never brought up in such scenarios. Others are alienated from their children basically as a result
of the modern hustling nature of the much changing corporate world. Much of these is left to the
house-aides who may also be addicted to the trend.
Research plan:
The main focus of this study, and as indicated, will entirely be on how parents of preschool-aged
children apply mobile technologies and to explore those parents perceptions of this technology.
Being a global concern to almost everyone anticipating to bring their children in the very secure
social life, a variety of scholars have brought the issue of technology addiction amongst
youngsters to the eyes of every stakeholder involved. In my opinion, the increasing use of or
rather overdependence in digital technologies such as toys and games within their homes has
enormously influenced their communicational skills amongst other factors such as innovative
talents. In other words, this is to categorically state that apart from the very many inadequacies
associated with the trend, the emerging technical know-how in the contemporary world has
increasingly generated a rather generation of creative individuals much required in the current
market. However, this has not been with its challenges in that many of our children spent most of

their time completely alienated in the real world. As such, the paper will exclusively investigate
all the positives and negatives associated with technology amongst kids in the modern world.

The sample of this study included 10 parents of children (3-6 years) from my family and Doctors
in the University. The method I will use to collect the data is a non-experimental survey with
open-ended questions. Also, I will interview some of them.