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Paths of Yemaya

Achaba: 7-8 She is the eldest of all the Yemays. She is the first wife of Okolun,
lives and own anchors. Her colors are light blue and cocoa. Her crown figures a
ship and 21 tools. Is also adorned with "the chain of Achaba", a silver chain with
the 21 tools. Lives in clay urn sitting on a chair.
Agandara: 3-3. She lives sitting on a chair but doesn`t like to be seen sitting.
She wears a crown that has seven parrot feathers.
Akere: 7-1/11-1. She is mysterious and lives among the dead. Her name means
Singing siren. She is the one who takes Egun from the cemetary to the realm of
Olokun.Her colors are light blue, jet and water.
Asesu: 7-7/7-8. She is the Queen of ducks, geese, and swans. Her name means
"the absent-minded one". Her colors are light blue and soapy water. She is
Olokun`s inseparable daughter.
Atamarawa: 4-4/4-7. The crown of Olokun. She is always important. She is the
owner of the sea treasures. Her colors are light blue, cocoa and coral. She is the
one who lives in forests.
Awe Yeni: 7-6/6-7 She is blind and lives accompanied by Osojano and Orunla.
She doesn't wear a crown.
Eleda: 10-7 She is the owner of the moist on nostrils. Her crown is adorned with
small snail shells..
Fonda: 7-7. She is the one who died with Inle. She is a warrior and wears a
Ibu Agana: 7-8, also 7-7. Known as "the furious one", also married to Orisha
Oko. She is Olofin`s favorite daughter and one of the wives of Olokun. Her colors
are Prussia blue, coral and water. Her necklace is blue, red and green. She
makes rain possible.
Ibu Akinomi: 7-7/ 9-7/9-9. She is the one who makes everyone tremble when
she is angry. Walks with Oya. She lives on the tops of waves. Her necklace has
seven Prussia blue beads, seven light blue beads and seven water beads.
Ibu Gunie: 5-7. She is the sediment from where the river meets the sea. Her
colors are navy blue and water.
Ibu Ia: 7-2. This Yemay has to do with controversies. In the Lukumi tradition
she is the mother of both Ochosi and Inle. Her necklace has seven Prussia blue

beads, seven snails, seven amber beads and seven cocoa

Ibu Konla: 8-7. The foam of waves She builds and register ships and is a
scrivener. Her necklace has seven Prussia blue beads and seven cocoa beads.
Ibu Okoto: 4-7 Her name means "alive among the shells", she stands for the sea
of blood caused by naval battles. She presides over the naval battles. Her colors
are Prussia blue, snails shells and water.
Ibu Oleyo: Born in 7-7. She is Ibu Okoto`s sister, from the land of Aye Taro.
Ibu Olowo: 8-7 She is the owner of the wealth provided by the sea.
Ibu Seni: 10-7. She lives in deepwells and at river banks. Very mysterious.
Ibu Yabani: Born in 8-8. This Yemay lives with Borosia and should be prepared
and given.
Idere Lekun: 4-4/7-8. She lives in caves where she dances at the rhythm of the
sea dashing against coral reefs. She carries a drum that is called Kato, a falcon
and a chain. She doesn`t wear a crown.
lale: 7-4. She is Ibu Ia`s daughter. She lives on top of money bills. Her "home"
at the beach is inside the sand.
Mayeleo, Mayelewo: She is Bromu's favorite daughter. Following Olofin's orders,
she differentiated the Orisha's from each other by means of painting. Her name
means the one who is interested on money and trade. With the help of Asesu,
she painted water blue. She wears a mask. Mayeleo is the first of the seven
"wives" of Olokun. The eldest of the paths of Yemaya. She does not "liv" in the
forest she lives at the entrance of harbors. She is born in the Odu 11/7 or 7/11, is
indeed the Yemaya of commerce, likes money a lot, sells trinkets (baskets filled
with seashells and other "chucheria" from the sea) at the market and "walks" with
Eshu Aye, the Elegua of prosperity and money. A very patient Yemaya, but
will also get very mad when offended. Shows displeasure by breaking plates
indiscriminately only to cry in sorrow when she is done. (when suddenly plates
start breaking in your kitchen, she is displeased with or by something. Coco
should be thrown to find out what). Mayeleo lives in a tinaja, sitting on a used
Opon Ifa (tabla de Ifa) inside a basket filled with plates. The basket should be
covered on the outside with a GREEN (not dark blue as erronously stated) cloth.
There is no specific number of plates required since the custom is to buy her a
plate whenever a nice one catches the sight of her child. These plates can also
be placed on walls. She carries a crown with a cross on top. However, the crown
carries an "osain" inside that should be prepared by Ifa priests. Inside the tinaja
goes (along with the usual 'agboran' of Yemaya) seven fisherman's hooks held

together with a silver chain. She carries a stick with which she "handles" the ones
who does her children wrong. This stick should be found at sea. This also the
path of Yemaya most closest associated with Ifa in the Lukumi tradition. She
does not like alcohol. When Mayeleo "mounts", she does this in a very dignified
manner, without much noise. She likes to dance, does not prance and says her
message only once, never repeating herself. When "leaving" however, she does
this with a lot of noise, just like ships leaving a harbor.
Odoko: 7-7 She is very strong and the wife of Orisha Oko; she works the land.
Okute, Ogunte: 3-7, 7-3 or 3-3. The warrior Yemaya. Walks with Ogun. Her real
name is Okunte, which means "the brave one". Her full name is Yemay Okunte
Ogun No Somi. Her crown is made up of seven machetes or 21 tools topped with
an anvil.