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Lesson Teaching Reflective Summary

Teacher Candidate for Science Endorsement: Alana Davis

Instructor: Marlee Tierce & Terri George
School: Mableton ES

Grade: 3rd

Lesson Topic: Heat Introductory Lesson

Write a brief summary or blog of your experiences teaching this lesson,
addressing the following questions:

What went well? What did not go well? (Cite specific examples)

I observed a 3rd grade lesson on Heat that introduced students to the

vocabulary and had students predicting what would happen to food
dye in hot and ice cold water. Then, the teacher introduced insulators
and conductors with engaging videos and books. The experiment went
really well as students were predicting what they thought might
happen as the food dye was dropped into the cups of water. It was a
great way for the teacher to see any prior misconceptions that
students may have had. The lesson was very hands-on which is also a
great way for students to connect their learning. Overall, the lesson
went well and the students gained knowledge of how heat is

How well were the lessons student performance objectives


I think that the lessons student performance objectives were attained

during the explore portion of this lesson in which the students were
actively involved in the learning. It was interesting to see another
teacher work through the 5 E learning cycle during a lesson.

Did classroom activity center on science understanding, inquiry,

and sense-making by all students?

The classroom activity centered on science understanding and inquiry

as they were introduced to heat transfer and insulators and
conductors. Students were engaged throughout the lesson and their
learning centered on the investigation portion of the lesson.

Did your scientific content knowledge enable you to support

students construction of knowledge and understanding of
important scientific concepts and processes?

The teacher was able to support students construction of knowledge

and understanding of the important scientific concepts and processes
throughout the lesson. She did a great job finding any misconceptions
the students had during questioning and redirecting their learning in a
way that helped them understand the way that heat is transferred from
cold to warm.

When you have the opportunity to re-teach this lesson, what will
you do differently (strategies, teaching tools, assessments, etc.)
to improve student learning for all students?

This lesson was good in that the teacher used a variety of assessment
strategies to gauge student understanding and thinking. The teacher
gave the students a ticket out the door at the end of the lesson as a
formative assessment to instruct her teaching for the next lesson. If I
were to teach this same lesson, I would use this very lesson plan
because it had well thought out instruction and balanced hands-on
activities with engaging teaching.