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At this step, all selection of desired landuse, slope and buffer from urban areas are successfully
made. Intersection of the result also done, and I have the potential area regardless its area.

2. From the attribute table of potential area result, the areacolumn with specific formulaarea
also made.

3. In my comprehension, this should be the flows look like, by connecting the potential area result
with select feature, so I can be able access the area field in query builder ,in order to
choose all the areas more than 5000m2

4. Suprisingly, The problem was I cant found the new column which contain area information in
query builder.

5. Then from the input features, the area value can be found by choosing the desired result with
yellow rectangular icon. From the previous step, chosen input is one with the blue rectangular
icon. Therefore, the formula of select, area >5000 can be done.

6. The whole workflow look like this. Not like I imagine that I can have direct arrow from previous
result (result_potential area,in green balloon) to the last selection process

7. Nevertheless, the result looks logic for me , having the red area as the result of potential area
more than 5000m2 and the yellow area is all of the potential area

Please kindly advise me of this workflow, if it is fine for you and this
can be considered as legal question