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Management of Quality

*(Data files mailed in separate folder)
1. Mount Blanc Hospital is working on improving waiting time in order to give
customers better service in their waiting rooms. Fifty samples of size 5 were taken
at random times from their waiting room? Plot a suitable control chart to monitor
the process. Does the process appear to be in statistical control? Why or why not?
2. Hertz company collected data for testing the voltage of a component used in its
microcomputer. Plot a suitable control chart to determine whether the process is in
control. If not, eliminate any assignable causes and compute revised limits.
3. Full life insurance company inspect one hundred insurance claims daily over 25
working data and record the number of forms with errors. Plot suitable control
charts for monitor the performance of insurance claim process. If any points occur
outside the control limits, assume that the assignable causes have been
determined. Construct the revised chart.
4. Edgewater hospital surveys all outgoing patients by means of patient satisfaction
survey. The number of patients surveyed each month varies. Construct the control
chart to monitor the proportion of unsatisfied patients for key questions in the
5. Robs pizza places have collected sample data for defects per pizza in a new store
being opened. Construct suitable control chart for these data. What does the data
indicate about the process performance?