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As Edited by Joshua Clayton, originally by Theodor Laurence and Dr. Frank Rudolph Young.

How To Unleash Your Secret Mental Powers

The Truth About The Power of Your Brain
As Edited by Joshua Clayton, originally by Theodor Laurence and Dr. Frank Rudolph Young.

How dare one person tell another that he “can’t” succeed or change his life-style or alter
his dreadful circumstances? It happens every day!
Sad to say, I have heard this pessimistic note in the voices of clergymen, teachers,
lecturers and even in the voices of parents and loved ones of persons in need of real, concrete
IT IS NOT TRUE! You can change your life for the better – here and now! You will
better your lot in life – if you desire it whole-heartedly. You have probably heard the story of
how man only uses one-tenth of his brain, and you have probably heard the exclamation: “Just
imagine what we could accomplish if we used our whole brain!” Well, I’d like to alter that story
just a bit. Ask yourself: “What would happen if I used two-tenths of my brain?” Oh, it would be
nice to be able to utilize all of one’s brain power, but pause and consider the phenomenal things
you already accomplish with this denigrated ten-percent of brain! Vast strides in progress, world-
travel, amazing inventions, love, hope, waking to each day, life itself – all are possible by the use
of only ten percent of our brain power! If all this and more can be accomplished with so little,
imagine what you can do with ten percent more brain power! Let’s not be greedy. Let’s be
satisfied with the fulfillment of our desires, the meeting of your daily needs, the power to
survive, and the joy of love and health. All of these things are yours when you unleash your
dormant mental powers.



Few of us give a thought to the fact that the very process of thinking – like wishing and
hoping – uses mental energy. If our thoughts are idle or even if our energy gets used up at work
or play, it is essential that we recuperate before trying occult and mystic techniques. Dr. Frank
Rudolph Young, D.C., “the man of wonder,” the internationally esteemed scientist of mind, has
developed Secret Mental Powers: Miracle of Mind Magic, an amazing technique for unleashing
your latent mental powers, the secret of which is the subject of this chapter. To get more brain
power, Dr. Young says, you have to take care of the brain power now at your disposal. Why?
Because you will be using that remarkable organ, your brain, to develop your new powers.

Brain-work, it is essential to realize, is nearly twice as tiring as manual labor. When you
work with your brain you need more sleep and rest than when you work with muscle
“alone.” It takes only about four hours sleep to restore your physical energy, scientists
have proven this in the laboratory, but nearly twice as long to recover from brain
fatigue... It is wisest to be rested before you trigger and use a secret mental power, if you
expect the best results for your effort.

Establish yourself in a comfortable position and rest your eyes and brain by relaxing a bit
before undertaking the occult and mystic techniques in this article. Rejuvenate yourself, re-
charge your “batteries.” Once you have rested sufficiently, the next step according to Dr. Young,
is to eradicate in yourself those “mental distortions” that weaken you.
As Edited by Joshua Clayton, originally by Theodor Laurence and Dr. Frank Rudolph Young.



Your Mental Power is limited to the degree that you feel inferior to others. What makes
you feel inferior? Be honest with yourself in order to catch these demons. Different people have
different “worries.” One man thinks his nose is too large, another believes he is too short, a
woman worries about the size of her breasts, another thinks she is “too old” to succeed. “The
amount of your income, your lack of importance where you work, the possibility of your not
being secure enough in your old age, your diminishing sexual potency, the uncertainties of the
stock market, the fidelity of your marriage partner, your children’s behaviour in school or
college, your having to start a new career in middle age – these are just some of the “demons”
Dr. Young lists that will deplete your personal power. Whatever it is that debilitates you – Get
rid of it! Here’s how:


Think of something else at once – something you enjoy which took place already. Think
of some sport event, for instance, in which the team or athlete you favored won
spectacularly, and relive the contest in your conscious mind. Think of a vacation in which
you had a whale of a good time. Think of someone whose company you relished to no
end. Even play solitaire, if you delight in that. “Flee” from the intolerable situation of the
present, in other words, by “daydreaming” productively about the past.

Let’s now examine the key to your increased Mental Power, Dr. Young’s startling secret
of the Mind Magic Stimulator, which you will use to make yourself as rich, as popular, as
successful as you deserve to be!



In just three important steps you will induce in your own brain the Miracle Mind Magic
Stimulator. With a little practice they will become second nature to you and in time will intensify
so they will release your latent Power. Practice them alone in the privacy of your home and
before you know it you will be applying them easily and surprisingly in your daily life.
Here are the three fantastic steps of the Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator. Right now,
simply read them through, introduce yourself to them, and later you can practice them
assiduously and conscientiously.

Step 1: (a) Think of whatever goal, dream, or wish you want to come true for about five
As Edited by Joshua Clayton, originally by Theodor Laurence and Dr. Frank Rudolph Young.

(b) Immediately visualize it as coming true, and maintain that vision for about
four seconds.
Step 2: (a) Think of the goal, dream or wish again for about five seconds. But this time
dig deep into your conscious mind for it and drag out its details.
(b) Immediately visualize it again as coming true, and maintain that vision for
about four seconds. But visualize it more clearly and completely than before.
Let the details fit into it, as if it were actually occurring.
Step 3: (a) Once more think of that goal, dream or wish for about five seconds. But this
time dig so deeply into your mind for it that you extract every possible detail
about it.
(b) Immediately visualize it once more as coming true, and maintain that vision
for about four seconds. But visualize it so thoroughly in every detail that it
seems to “come true” right before your eyes.

These three steps are very similar to the techniques used by Ancient Masters and they are
your key to a Mystic Power that will amaze you.

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