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Mark Giubarelli has taught

over 5000 yoga classes and

now teaches yoga on Miami Beach

Yoga Sutras
Yoga Sutra Books
The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Samadhi Pada
Yoga Sutra I-1-10
Yoga Sutra I-11-20
Yoga Sutra I-21-30
Yoga Sutra I-31-40
The retention of past perceptions, experiences and knowlege is memory Yoga Sutra I-41-51
Yoga Sutra 1-11 Audio mp3
Samadhi pada
Sadhana pada
Vibhuti pada
Practice regularly to control desires and eventually become freed from them. Kaivalya pada
Yoga Sutra 1-12 Audio mp3

Practice is the continued effort to still the re-occuring mind fluctuations.

Yoga Sutra 1-13 Audio mp3

Practice for a long time with devotion and enthusiasm.

Yoga Sutra 1-14 Audio mp3
""It is not only necessary to have a good well rooted practice for many years but also to
meditate profoundly for long periods of time. This is a way to still mind fluctuations and bring
about the constant awareness of states without separation.""

Freedom from desires is achieved with intellect and control.

Yoga Sutra 1-15 Audio mp3

Higher states of self are perceived and understood. Distractions disappear.

Yoga Sutra 1-16 Audio mp3

Known is considered then understood. Then comes bliss from the true knowledge.
Yoga Sutra 1-17 Audio mp3

When in Union there is stillness but past impressions

may arise. Memory in time is balanced to serve
us in life but not lead us astray.
Yoga Sutra 1-18 Audio mp3

What arises is a state of awareness where the seer is merged with nature.
Yoga Sutra 1-19 Audio mp3

Previous knowledge and memory serve the cause. Faith,

strength and profound meditation lead us further.
Yoga Sutra 1-20 Audio mp3

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Written and chanted by Mark Giubarelli
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