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HV HMl ^^H


**±L tsl w
e wait is over...

but the excitement

just begun.
ore than two years in the making, Warriors
of Destiny sets the new standard fqf role-
playing games. No other game can o^er-
you as beautifully detailed a world
or as exciting an adventure.
Ultima V is the game for all
role-playing gamers: Warriors
of Destiny will enchant the
novice and challenge the expert.

Highlights of Ultima V
• Powerful new combat and magic r2aa
systems, increasing in sophistication
as your skill increases.
• Over twice the graphic detail, anima
tion and sound effects of earlier games.
• Hundreds of truly life-like people who can
carry on complex conversations
and interactions
with yo

Screen displays shown from the

Apple™. Others may vary.
Allows (he use of Ultima IV
characters. Noprevlous Ultima
experience required.

Available on Apple and Commodore

Michael Schneider

David Altikas

Executive Editor
Michael R. Davila

Art and Production Director

Laura Palmeri

Technical Editors
David Barron

Bob Uoret

Consulting Editors
Morton Kevelson
Tim Moriarty


Entertainment Editor
A View from the Bridge... of the October issue o/Ahoy! 6 Arnie Katz
Scuttlebutt...our Fall '88 Program Preview (sorry, TV Guide). 8 Art Production
Christopher W. Carter
Tips Ahoy!... where the programming elite meet to swap secrets. 23
Circulation Director running your brain through a washer-dryer. 27 W. Charles Squires

Flotsam. ..a plea for PD reviews, a disgruntled gamer, more. 31 Advertising Director
Lynne Dominick
Art Gallery... we 've scared up a mixed bag of Halloween scenes. 42
Director of Promotion
Reviews... GEOS revised, Sky Travel relaunched, and more. 49 Mark hammerer

Program Listings...punch in some knockout games and utilities. 59 Promotion Art Director
Stacy Weinberg


Advertising Representative
Entertainment Software Section (contents on page 20) 20 JE Publishers' Representative
Rupert Report: BASIC Metamorphosis by Dale Rupert* 6855 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 200
♦Includes program: Mini-comp (for the C-64) Los Angeles, CA 90038
(213) 467-2266
Boston (617) 437-7628
PROGRAMS Dallas (214) 660-2253
New York (212) 724-7767
Sprite Rotator for the C-64 by John Fedor 15 Chicago (312) 445-2489
Put a spin on the sprites in your original game programs. Denver (303) 595-4331
San Francisco (415) 864-3252
Bombs Away! for the C-64 by John Fraleigh 39
Explosive adventure as you play catcher to a crazed arsonist. ISSUE NO. 58 OCTOBER 1988
Ahoy! (ISSN #8750-4383) is published monthly ex
Side Border Scroll Editor for the C-64 by Michael A. Grotton ... 40 cept March, May, July, and September by Ion In
ternational Inc., 45 W. 34th St., Suite 500, New
Push your C-64 screen display beyond its known limits! York, NY 10001. Subscription rate: 8 Issues Tor
S1&95, 24 Issues for $31.95 (Canada and elsewhere
Capture for the C-64 by Mike Hoyt 58 S22.95 and $42.95 respectively). Second class post
age paid at New \brk, NY 10001 and additional
Snake your way through twin-screen two-player action. mailing offices. e 1988 by Ion International Inc. All
rights reserved. c under Universal International and
Bug Repellents for the C-64 and C-128 by Buck Childress 60 Pan American Copyright conventions. Reproduc
tion of editorial or pictorial content in any manner

Flankspeed for the C-64 by Gordon F. Wheat 61 is prohibited. No responsibility can be accepted for
unsolicited material, fostm&ster, send address chan
ges to Wi,-i.'. 45 \V 34th Street, Suite 500, New
Cover art by James Regan; photography by Christopher Gould and Michael R. Davila York. NY 10001. Direct all address changes or mat
ters concerning your subscription to Ahoy!, PCX Box
#341, Mt. Morris, IL 61054 (phone: 815-734-4151).
Commodore owners— save on computer software, hardware, and acces
All editorial inquiries and products for review
sories with the Ahoy! Access Club! See page 53 for details. should be sent to Ahoy!, 45 W. 34th St., Suite 500,
New York, NY 10001.
Lyco Computer
Marketing & Consultants

Air orders processed within 24 hours.

Lyco Means Total Service. Monitors COMMODORE VAMfCA

Thomson: Ac can: Ac cobs:

230 Amber TTL/12" .... S69.9V Echelon $25.95 World Class Lead. Bd.. SCALL
4120 CGA S19TJ5 Mach5 $19.95
4160 CGA $199.95 Mach - 128 S2B.95
Champ. Basketball $25.95
10th Frame 522.95
GFL Footbal $25.95
Triple Pac* $11.95
Gee Bee Air Rally 522.95
Blue Chip: Wld. Cl. Leader Bfd. ,. $22.95
Electronic Arts:
BCM 12" Gietin 1 TL ... S64.95 Famous Courses #1 ... $11.95
Weaver Baseball $33,95
BCM 12" Amber TTL ... S69.95 Famous Courses #2 .. $11.95
Leader Board Pack ..... $12 95 Return to Atlantis SCALL
Ferran Formula One ... $33.95
Action Sort:
NEC Hun! lor Red October .. 533.95
Up Penscope $18.95
Multisync II S569.95 Epyx:
Thunderchopper $1.8.95
Apshai Trilogy $11.95
Magnavox: Winter Games $11.95
Champion Basketball $19.95
BM76S2 S79.95 World Games $22.95
Mirk "Mic" Bonw, Salea Manager Music Studio 519.95
BM7622 $79.95 Destroyer 522.95
Leather Goddesses $19.95
I would perionally like Io thank nil of our paM customers for helping lo 7BM-613 S79.95 Firebird:
make Lyco Computer one o( Ihe Intgesl mall order companies and a Top Fuel Eliminator $17,95
78M-623 S79.95 Guild ol Thieves $25.95
leader In Ihe Industry. Also, I would likn lo oxtend my poiifinnl Invention lo Beyond Zork $25.95
CMB5O2 S179.95
all computer enlhuslnsts whn hivo not oxonrlrncnd Ilio srvvlcns thai wo pro GFL Football $19.95 Pawn $13.95
vide Plonsq call nur Irnlnod sales stall nl our Ml-lroo number to inquire CMB5O5 S199.95 Slarglider $25.95
nboul our diverse product line and weekly specials. Gee Bee Atr Rally 517.95
Last Ninja 519.95 Mlcroprose.
First and foremost our philosophy Is to krep itbreast of the changlnq CMB762 5245.95
market «o thai we ran provide you with nnt only factory fresh merchandise M.grit 6 Magic $22.95 Silent Service 522.95
BCM-515 S259.95
bul also the newest models offered hy Ilin manufacturers at thn absolute hesl Aliens $19.95 Subloglc:
possible prices. We oiler tlm widest seloctlon ol compuler hnrdwaie, software Maniac Mansion $19.95
8CM-B73 $499.95 FhgW Simulator II $31.49
and accessories.
Ghostbusters $9.95 Scenery Disk $CALL
Feel free lo call Lyco l( you want to know more about a pnrllcular Hem. I
Batiorle* Included:
can'l st'OS* enough that our loll-lrpe numhnr Is not |ust for orders. Many
compnn'cs hnve a M tree number lor ordorlno, bul it you Just wani lo nsk a
question about a product, you have 'i mnko ri loll call. Noi at Lyco. Our
Modems Paperclip III $31.95
Outrageous Pages $31.95
trained snles stall h knowledgeable about nil Ilio piodncls wo slock and Is
happy lo answer any questions you mny have. We will do our hf?st lo mate* Berkeley Softworfca:
suie that Ihe proriucl you select will lit your application. Wo also havs Salui-
day hours — one more ronson lo cnll us lor alt your computer needs.
Avatex: GeotileC64 $29.95
1200e $69.95* Geocak:C64 $29.95
Once you-v« placed your order wllti Lyco, we don't forgel nboul you. Wld. Cl. Leader Board S27.95
Geopublrsh C64 $39.95
Our friendly, prolesstonnl customer gnrvlce representatives'will find answers i2OOi PC Card 565.95
10tfi Frame $27,95
lo your questions about Ihe status of an order, warranties, product availabili 1200hc Modem St99.9E Geos 64 $35.95
ty, or prices. Actlvlilon:
2400 $149.95 Geowfite $29.95
Lyco Computer 1W1 • mulllmlilon dollar Inventory of factory-fresh Geos 128 $39.95 Champ. Baseball 522.95
24O0i PC Card $139.95
merchtndlu. Chances are we have axacliy what you want rlglil In our wnro- Champ. Basketball . . . 522.95
'w cable purchase Geowrite 126 $39.95
houit. And thai mesm you'll pel H lasl. In loci, orders are normally shipped Zork Tntogy 527.95
within 24 noun. Frw ■hipping on prepaid oidors over J50. and thoro Is no Geocalc 128 $39.95
deposit required on C.O.O. ordera. Air freight or UPS Blue/fled Label stilpplnc Hayes: Goodie 128 $28.95
Leather Goddesses S22.95
It »v»linb!«, too. And all products carry Hit Ml manulaciurers' warranties. Beyond ZorK 527,95
Smartmodem 300 S139.95 Berkeley TriPatt $29.95
Smarimodem 1200 .... S279.95 Broderbund:
I cen'l see why anyone would shop anywhere else SHf-clIon Imm our hngo
Smartmodem 2400 .... $419.95 Ancient Art of War S26.95
In slock Inventory, besl pitce, service that can'l be beal—we've got II all here Bank St. Writer 529.95
Bl Lyco Compular. Pnnt Shop S34.95
Carmen San Diego $20.95

Pnnt Shop Compan S29.95
Graphic lib. I, II. Ill $14.95
Graphtc bo. I or II $19.95
TO ORDER, CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-800-233-8760 Prini Shop $26.95
Ancient Art of War
New PA Wats: 1-800-233-8760 Print Shop Compan $20.95
a! Sea S26.95

Outside Continental US Call: 1-717-494-1030 Cauldron $17.95
Carmen San Diego
Supertxke Challenge ... S12.95 World $23.95
Hours: 9AM to 8PM, Mon. - Thurs. Magnetron $15.95 Superbike Chaltenge ... $12.95
9AM to 6PM, Friday — 10AM to 6PM, Saturday Electronic Artt: Search and Destroy $9 95
For Customer Service, call 1-717-494-1670 Roadwars $19.95 Electronic Aria:
S9AM to 5PM, Mon. - Fri. Hunt lor Red October.. $25.95 Yeager's AFT S26.95
Or write: Lyco Computer, Inc. Patton vs. Rommel $19.95 Hunt for Red October .. $31.95
P.O. Box 5088. Jersey Shore, PA 17740 Skytox II $19.95 Alternate Realrty-City .. $25,95
C.O.D. Wak-Fra* Policy: • full manufacturers' warranties • no sales tax Tobruk-Clash of
outside PA • prices show 4% cash discount: add 4% for credit cards • APO. 95 Armor $19.95

FPO, International: add $5 plus 3% for priority • 4-week clearance on personal Create A Calendar $15.95
checks • we chock tor credit card theft • sorry, compatibility not guaranteed • Destroyer $22.95
return authorization required • due to new product guarantee, return reslrlctions with cable Fasttoad $22.95
Winter Games 511,95
apply • price'availability subfec) to chango • prepaid orders under $50 in
Continental US, add H.OO purchase

<n ■ c r o n I c s .

Model II
• 144 cps Draft *

$165 95*
■ 150 cps Draft Mode
• 36 cps NLO
• EZ Font Panel ■ NLQ Mode
• 100 cps Draft ■ Friction & Tractor
• 20 cos NLQ Faed
' w cable purchase • Std, Par. and IBM Graphics

NX-1000 Rainbow
$12595 $159
Quantities (2-Year Warranty)
Color Printer $225.95 Limited

Panasonic Okldata
Seikosha STAR Citizen OWmale 20 S129 95
SP 180Ai S125.95" 1080i Model II S159.95 NX-1000 S165.95" 120 D SH5.9S
Okhnate 20 w/cart $199 65
SP 180VC S125.95' 1091i Model II S189.95 NX-1000C S169.95 160 D $159 95
120 $189.95
SP 1000VC S139.95 1092i $299.95 NX-1000 Color $225,95 MSP-40 S279 95
160 $219.05
SP 1000AP $159.95 1592 $375.95 NX-100OC Color S229.95 MSP-15E $309.95
182 $209 95
SP 1200VC $149.95 1595 $419.95 NX-15 S289.95 MSP-SO S369.9S
182* $225 95
SP 120OAi $159.95 3131 $289.95 NR-10 $319.95
MSP-45 $399.95
3151 5459.95
183 $239.95
SP 1200AS RS232 ..- S159.95 NR-15 5419.95 MSP-55 $469.95 192+ $339.95
SL80Ai S289.95 KXP 4450 Laser $1649.95 NB-15 24 Pin S669.95
Premiere 35 $4*5.95
1524 24 Pin $529.95 193+ $439 95
MP5420FA S999.95 NX-2400 $309 95 Tribute 224 $589 95
Fax Partner $579.95 NB24-10 24 Pin S399.95
292 w.tnteriace $449.95
SP Series Ribbon S7.95 Tribute 124 $439.95
Optical Scanner S859.95 293 w/lrflort»c8 S5B5.95
SK3OO0 Ai $339.95 NB24-15 24 Pin S545.95
294 w/lntedaca $7B9 95
SK3005 Ai S419.95 Epson Lasers $1759.95 Brother
ND-15 $349.95 393 $955.95
SPB 10 SCALL LXflOO $184.95 M1109 5159.95
Lasw 6 SCALL
3L 130Ai S599.95 NL-10 $149.95 M1509 $335.95
FXI850 SCALL 390 S479.95
'iv cable purchase M1709 S459.95
FX1050 SCALL 391 $649 65
'Quantises Limited F-XBOO $439.95 Twinwrrtef 6 Dot &
320 $345.95
LO500 $339.95 Toshiba Daisy S899.95
321 $445.95
Interlacing available LO.250O $789.95 321SL S489.95 M1724L $619.95
for IBM C 64, Apple GO3500 SLOW 341 SL S659.95 HR20 $345,95
Color Ribbons
and Atari LQ85O $525.95 P351 Model I! S899.95 HR40 5559.95
LQ1050 $699.95 351 SX4O0CPS $979.95 HR60 S649.95 Available

64C Computer $149.95 Special
128 D System C1?BD Computer/Drive S439.95 • Commodore 64C
1541 II Disk Drive ..S175.95 Computer

1581 Disk Drive
Excel 2001 C128 Drive
Excel FSD-2+ C64 Drive
$459 95 • Excel FSD-2 Disk
• Star NX I0OOC
128D Plus Commodore P.eady
1B02C Monitor $189.95
Thomson 4120 Printer
Monitor 1084 Monitor $299.95
S649.95 C1351 Mouse $39.95
1700 RAM $109.95
1754 RAM C64 5117.95
Colt PC $689.95

Color System HEADSTART

• Ready to plug in and use
• Ultra fast 8 Mhz Intel 8088-2
• 512K RAM memory
expandable to 768K
• 2-360K disk drives standard Educational IBM PC Compatible
• First complele system with
clock calendar and built-in Institutions: Two 5V. Drives Sid. 95
ports lor printer, RS232, 2
Expansion tor Hard
joysticks, mouse and light pen If you are not currently using Drive
• Includes $500 worth FREE our educational service Turbo Processor Serial + Parallel Ports
software programs
• HiRescotormonitorinduded!
95 program, please call our MSDOS + GW Basic Mono/RGB Color Card
representatives for details. Included Irvcluded

Circle #268 on Reader Service Card

If you're not a subscriber, there's a page missing from
your magazine. Is it important? You decide: FREE Q-LINK SOFTWARE
Are you thinking of placing an order with Rent-A-
Disc in this issue? You'd pay 25% less if you had AMD MORE!
that missing page. Or taking Q-Link up on their offer of Included free on the back of this month's Ahoy! Disk
a free modem and membership kit? They'd throw in a free is Q-Link version 4 software, enabling you to log on
Rabbitjack's Casino Game Disk—if you had that missing
to the Commodore world's leading online service. Also
page. Maybe Software Support's KrackerJax series caught
included free are your first month's membership (reg
your eye. You could buy two and get one free if—you
ularly $9.95); your first hour of plus time (regularly
guessed it!
$4.80); and Q-Link's Sea Strike and Hangman games,
The October edition of the Ahoy! Access Club Clipper
playable online. Use the coupon on page 41 to order
includes these and other special offers from Ahoy! advertis
the October '88 Ahoy! Disk.
ers. Some let you save money, some allow you to get more
for the same money-but all are special deals available ex significant new programs appeared in prerelease form at
clusively to Club members! press time. Almost any other product would have been slated
But don't feel left out. Joining the Club couldn't be eas for the following month, but this was the eagerly anticipa
ier—see page 53 for details. (Yes, you'll need your check ted GEOS 2.0. Morton Kevelson gave up his weekend to
book handy—but your only charge will be for the subscrip get his review into this issue. (Turn to page 49.)
tion to Ahoy! that you meant to take out long ago. Club • The photo that accompanied last month's Rupert Re
membership is free!) port depicted crystal-clear spheres forming into a cube in
Note also that while this month's Clipper is a single dou midair—an artistic interpretation of Dale Rupert's step-by-
ble-sided page, future editions will be considerably larger, step construction of a Lightning Speed Compiler. In this
with more mail order offers, lists of dealers around North month's photo, the cube has come to rest in the plain of
America offering discounts, and much more. Do you really spheres below, radiating light in all directions —represent
want to miss all that in the months ahead — and pay more ing the way compilers (like Dale's Mini-comp in this issue)
for Ahoy! on the newsstand? Naaaah! effect a BASIC Metamorphosis, changing your programs
Now let's turn to the rest of the October Ahoy! (If that's into high-speed machine language. And you thought we only
missing, please call us right away!) published artwork because it looked good! (Turn to page 32.)
• The flow of the new non-entertainment software for • Michael A. Grotton had to travel a long way-to Hol
the 64/128 has slowed to a trickle, but one of the year's more land, to be exact—to get the inspiration for Side Border
Scroll Editor. Because he shares his
discovery with you in this issue, you
don't have to travel as far. But Side Bor

der Scroll Editor will take you to plac
es you've never been — the hitherto un
usable edges of your C-64 screen.
(Turn to page 40.)
• You've told us in your letters that
there's nothing you like better than

DISK MAGAZINE game programming utilities written by

your fevorite Ahoy! game programmers.
Save even more on top of the already money-saving subscription rates This month, John Fedor shows you
for Ahoy! and the Ahoy! program disk! how to create graphics that will make
If you subscribe to the Ahoy! Disk Magazine - magazine and disk pack players flip with Sprite Rotator. (Turn
aged together-youll receive the two at substantial savings over the indi to page 15.)
• We've said it many times—the bet
vidual subscription prices!
ter the computer game, the more agon

YEARLY SINGLE SEPARATE izing it is to wait for your turn while

ISSUE PRICE SUBSCRIPTION you watch your buddy play. So it's for
(8 ISSUES) PRICE (8 ISSUES) tunate that Mike Hoyt programmed
Magazine: $23.60 Magazine: $16.95 Capture for solitaire or head-to-head
Disk: $71.60 Disk: $52.95
competition —it's so good that some
TOTAL: $95.20 TOTAL: $69.90
of you might get hurt wrestling over
joysticks. (T\irn to page 58.)
Use the postpaid card bound between pages 50 and 51 of this magazine Roam around inside—you'll find a
to subscribe. (Canadian and foreign prices are higher.) whole lot more of interest. Us-we're
The Ahoy! Disk Magazine is also available at most newsstands, as well off to clip some coupons!
as Waldenbooks, B. Dalton's, and other fine software outlets. —David Altikas



•All disk access is handled at super-fast parallel •Many useful, timesaving features (DOS
speed! (LOAD, SAVE, directory, SEQ & REL Wedge, screen dump, resident monitor).
files, scratch, validate, format). •No loss of compatibility.
• Designed to support multiple drive systems. 'Far too many features to list in this ad . . and
•Parallel Centronics printer support with file perhaps in this magazine!
spooling capability. (Call or write to get all the details!)
. . . and if you want the ultimate, get RapiDOS Professional!
•Gives even faster disk access! •Provides 40 track extension (749 blocks free!)
•Uses 8k RAM track buffering and hardware «Adds 20 new disk commands (i.e., lock files,
GCR conversion! change disk name).

Here's what people are saying about RapiDOS:

Mike J. Henry (Basement Boys Software) - "It's amazing how incredibly fast it is, I'm impressed!"
Mitch S. (Eaglesoft Inc.) - "Very fast, very reliable, and very compatible. I love it!"
J.F. Jones (ADP) - "Superbases' speed is increased greatly, and it's now a dream to use!"

Function Normal DOS RapiDOS RapiDOS Pro Your System

Load 202 blocks 128 sec. 15 sec. 3 sec.
Save 202 blocks 196 sec. 98 sec. 8 sec.
Format 35 tracks 90 sec. 24 sec. 18 sec.
Compare these speeds with your current system and see why RapiDOS puts the C-64 into a different league!
RapiDOS requires a socketed kernal ROM U4, and is available in versions for the 64c, 128 in 64 mode,
and 1541c (please specify when ordering). RapiDOS is easily upgradeable to the Professional Version.
RapiDOS Professional drive controller is (c) '87 mts data GbR, the creators of the best European parallel systems.
At these affordable prices no C-64 owner should be without RapiDOS!
RapiDOS $49.95 RapiDOS Professional $99.95


•For the C64/128 with a single ■Gives the 64 'Burst Mode' when •Speed-up cartridge for the C-64,
1541 disk drive. used with a 1571 or 1581 just plug it in!
• 15 second, 4 pass backup for disk drive! •Adjust the clock rate from 100 khz
standard disks! •Loads 100 blocks in 6 seconds (1/10 normal) to 4 mhz(4x normal)!
•25 second full GCR Super Nibbler, on a 1571, 4 seconds on a 1581! •Uses 8/16 bit 65816 microproc
the most powerful yet! 'Fast directory, SEQ, and REL essor (same as the Apple ][gs...
•9 second disk format! file access! but twice as fast)!
•Fast loader! 'Built in DOS wedge! •Spread sheets, BASIC, flight
•Quick installation. $32.95 •Simple installation. sims, graphics, and now GEOS...
•Can be upgraded to RapiDOS {Kernal ROM U4 must all are accelerated! $19995
be socketed) $39 gg
•A must for any MSD SD-2 owner. C-128 BURST-ROM
• 15 second standard disk backup! •Lets the 128 run at 'Burst' speed
•18 second full GCR Quick Nibbler! when in 64 mode! CHIP LEVEL DESIGNS
•9 second disk format! $25.95 • Provides the same features as ^^ Cash, Check,
the C-64 Burst-ROM!
l^^' M.C. or Visa ■
MSD AUTO COPY ROM S3.00 shipping on all orders
•Adds new Fast Backup STILL TO COME C-O.D.'s add S3.00

commands! P.O. BOX 603

'MSD SD-1 Fast Copier! ASTORIA, OR 97103-0603
•Turns the MSD SD-2 into a
'1571 Mass Duplicator!
dedicated copying drive (503)861-1622
(no computer needed). $29.95 ■1581 Utility Pack! Dealer, Distributor. & Group Pricing Available

disk drive, and geoWrite and geoPaint,

previously packaged with the 64, will
be sold separately.
Commodore Business Machines, 215-
431-9100 (see address list, page 14).
Circle #273 on Reader Service Card

The Toronto International Center
hosts the sixth annual World of Com
modore Show December 1-4. Over
20,000 consumers are expected to at
tend to buy hardware and software,
both Commodore and non, from a va
riety of vendors.
And right in Commodore USA's
backyard, at the Philadelphia Civic
Center, the first annual World of Com
modore Show U.S.A. will take place
November 3-6.
The Hunter Group Inc., 416-595-
5906 (see address list, page 14).
Circle #274 on Reader Service Card

Simon & Schuster will allow own
ers of their Typing Tutor HI to upgrade
The callouses that come from gripping a hard plastic joystick for extended
to IV by sending a check for $20.00
periods should be forestalled by Wc&s soft, rubberlike Ergostick.
plus $3.00 postage and handling, along
with the original disks, to Microser-
ERCONOMIC JOYSTICK FOR YOUR vices (see address list, page 14).
Circle #276 on Reader Service Card
For use with the 64 among other sys
tems, Wico's Ergostick is form-fit to the
human hand with individually sized A trio of books on C programming:
...every product listed in
finger grooves. The soft, pliable ma Advanced C: Tips and Techniques
Scuttlebutt will now be ac
terial used for the body of the joystick ($24.95) takes a 456-page look at C,
makes it easy to grip. A 90-day limi companied by a Reader Ser stressing portability, execution efficien
ted warranty is included. vice Number. To save the cy, and programming techniques.
Wico Corporation, 312-647-7500 (see time and expense of writing Chapters are devoted to debugging
address list, page 14) directly to individual man techniques, C's run-time environment,
Circle 75 on Render Service CarO
and arrays and pointers. Techniques are
ufacturers, turn to the
CEOS WITH 1541 provided from applications like allo
Reader Service Card bound
Effective July 1, Commodore will no cating storage for multidimensional ar
longer include GEOS and GEOS ap
between pages 50 and 51 rays at run-time, working with complex
plications with the 64. Instead, the and circle the numbers cor C expressions, and speeding up pro
GEOS desKTop (consisting of GEOS responding to the items grams with multidimensional arrays.
kemal, desk accessories, and a variety you're interested in. Hayden Books, 317-298-5400 (see
of fonts) will be included with the 1541 address list, page 14).
Circle #289 on Reader Service Card

TEVEX Computer Software 1-800-456-1162 \
ListS OufS
ListS OurS
B-24 $35 S24 Apollo 18 $30 $21 Adv Constr. Set S15 $12 Carmen-U.S. $40 $28
Battlecruiser S60 S41 Card Sharks 30 $21 Bard's Tale I or II $40 $28 Carmen - World $35 $24
Eternal Dagger £40 S28 4th & Inches 30 $21 Bard's Tale III S40 $28 Early Games $35 $24
Gettysburg $60 S41 Hardball $30 S21 Chess 2000 :;40 $28 Easy as ABC $40 $28
Kampfgruppe $60 S41 Plasmatron 15 $12 Chuck Yeager $35 $24 Fraction Factory S30 $21
Panzer Strike $45 S31 Power at Sea $30 $21 Dragon's Lair $25 $18 Kindercomp $21 $15
Phantasie III $40 S28 Spy vs Spy I & II $15 $12 Hunt Red October 40 S28 Magic Spells $40 $28
President Elect £25 S18 Test Drive $30 $21 Legacy - Ancients 30 $21 Math Blaster $50 $34
Ouestron II $40 $28 The Train $30 $21 Lords - Conquest $15 $12 Piece of Cake Math $35 $24
Realms Darkness $40 S28 Marble Madness 30 $21 Reader Rabbit $40 $28

Roadwar 2000 $40 $28 Monopoly $30 $22 Rocky's Boots $35 $24
RoadwarEuropa $40 $28 ACTIVISION Pegasus .30 $21 Speed Reader II S50 $34
Shard of Spring $40 $28 d ■30 $21 Spell It S50 $34
Shiloh $40 $28 LtelS OurS $30 $22 SB Spellgrabber S30 $21
Sons of Liberty $35 $24 Aliens $35 $24 te or Die $30 $21 StickybearABC $30 $21
Wargame Constr. $30 S21 Last Ninja $35 $24 Seven Cities $15 $12 SB Math II $30 $21
WarBouth Pacific $60 $41 Maniac Mansion $24 Skyfox II $30 $21 SB Numbers $30 $21
Wizard's Crown $40 S28 Star Rank Boxing $30 $22 Strike Fleet $30 $21 SB Opposites $30 $21
Wasteland $40 $28 SB Reading $30 $21
Lets OurJ LislS OurJ
Airborne Ranger $35 $24 Beyond Zork-128k $45 $31 LtsiS OurS

F-15 * $35 $24 Border Zone $35 $24 Auto Duel $34 List $ Our S
Gunship $35 S24 Lurking Horror $35 $24 Ogre $21 Certificate Maker $40 $28
Pirates $40 $28 Nord&Bert $35 $?4 Ultima 1 $40 $28 GEOS - 64 $60 $41
Silent Service $35 $24 Sherlock 535 S?4 Ultima III $50 $34 GEOS-128 $70 $47
Stealth Fighter $40 $28 Ultima IV $60 S41 Geos Desk Pack I $35 $24
GeoCalc $50 $34
Lists OurS
Lists OurS Lists OurS Geo Programmer $70 $47
Alien Fires $40 $28 AR-Dungeon $40 $28 Geo Publish S70 $47
California Games $40 $28 flternate Realltrv 40 $28 Chopli Her-Magic S15 $12 GeoSpell $30 $21
Death Sword $20 $15 reach 40 $28 Concentration S15 $12 GeoWrite Wkshop S50 $34
Destroyer $40 $28 Death Sword 20 $15 Defender- Crown S35 $24 Newsroom $50 $34
4x4 Off Road $40 $29 Defender-Crown $50 $34 Echelon S45 $31 Paperclip III $50 $34
ovie Monster
Emoh $50
Full Count Baseball S40 $30 Print Shop $45 $31
Gauntlet S35 $24 Print Shop Comp. S35 $24
Spy vs Spy III $25 $18 :errari Formula 1 S50 $34 High Seas $50 $34 Toy Shop S30 $21
Street Sports Soccer $40 $28 Gettysburg S60 $41
The Games $40 $28 $35 $25
Hunt-Red October S50 $34 Jig hi STMagic S40 $28
World Games $40 $28 King of Chicago S50 $34 ML Baseball S40 $28
$40 $28
SSG Ports of Call
Return to Atlantis
ML Wrestling
Sony DSDD 5.25
Tevex DSDDw/iibrarycase
President is Missing S25 $19 Sony_DSDD3.5 S20
Lists OurS RoadwarEuropa $45 $31 Road Runner $35 $24 3-MTJSDD3.5 S22
Battles Civil War I $40 $28 MS. $35 $24 $35 $24 Cleaning Kit 5.25 S6
Sattles Civil War II $40 S28 $50 $34 Starfieet I $40 S28 Cleaning Kit 3.5 $6
attles Normandy $40 $28 Sinbad $50 $34 Stealth Mission $50 $34
Carriers at War $50 $34 EPYX 500 Joystick S15
Starfleet I $55 $38 Three $tooaes $35 $24 Mouse Pad $6
Europe Ablaze $50 $34 Three Stooges $50 $34 Under Fire $35 $24 Safe Strip 6'SurgsPraoaor $22
Halls Montezuma $40 $28 Test Drive $45 $31 Up Periscope $30 $21
Reach - Stars Storage Case 60 5.25 $9
$45 $31 Weaver Baseball $50 $34 Wizardry I S40 $28
Rommel N. Africa $40 $28 Storage Case 40 3.5 $9
/ortd Tour Golf $40 $28 WC Leader Board S40 S28
Russia $40 $28 Universal Printer Stand S22
$30 $22 Wooden Ships $35 $24 Universal System Stand $20

Same Day Battles of Napoleon
Covert Action

Shipping Dive Bomber

The Games - Summer Ed.
Just call before 3:30 and Heroes of the Lance
we'II ship vour order today Pool of Radiance
by UPS. Your package is Red Storm Rising
only days away with Tevex. S.D.I.
Sporting News Baseball
Ultima V

CALL TOLL-FREE 1-800-456-1162

Open 9-8 Mon. - Fri. 10-5 Sat. 4205 First Ave, Suite 100
Retail Store open same hours. Tucker (Atlanta), GA 30084
Georgia residents call 404-934-5059. When ordering by mail send money order. Include phone number. 404-934-5059
SHIPPING: Add 53.00 for shipping and handling charge. Georgia residents »dd 4% sales ux. Shipping for
Canadian orders is 5% of order, with a $4.00 minimum . U. S. Mail, APO & FPO orders add 5% of order,
wiih a $4.00 minimum. Shipping for all other foreign orders is 15% of order, with a $10.00 minimum. All sales arc final.
New Titles are underlined
Circle -271 on Reader Service Card
address list, page 14).
Circle -280 on Reader Service C«rd

Also from Honeywell comes the
Call-In Control ($79.95), making it
possible to turn on or turn off your
computer (or air conditioner, crock
pot, entry light, etc.) from a remote lo
cation. You plug the Control into any
outlet, and then plug the appliance you
wish to operate and a touch tone phone
into the Control. Then call home and
let the phone ring 6, 9, or 12 times;
when it stops ringing, the phone will
beep twice if the appliance is on or
once if it's off. By using the buttons
on your phone you can start, shut off,
or monitor the appliance.
Honeywell Inc., 612-542-3339 (see
address list, page 14).
Circle #281 on Reader Service Card

All the following games are for the
As Karnov ($29.95), a fire-breath
ing Russian in search of the Lost Trea
sure of Babylon, you run, swim, jump,
climb, and fly through nine levels of
gameplay while battling enemies of
various sizes and strengths. You have
10 special combat-enhancing options to
choose from, including super-jumping
boots, bombs, ladders, boomerangs,
wings, shields, and more. But none of
them will help you against the Boss
Enemy, who can only be destroyed by
a direct hit. At the end of each level,
you receive a clue to help you complete
the next.
Artificial Intelligence Programming brary. 284 pages; $40 clothbound. $28 Data East USA Inc.. 408-286-7074
in C offers an introduction to the sub paperback. (see address list, page 14).
Circle #293 on Reader Service Card
ject and a library of over 100 programs Prentice Hall, 201-592-2000 (see ad
and functions (also available on disk) dress list, page 14). Mediagenic (nee Activision) has
Circle #291 on Reader Service Card
illustrating all aspects of artificial in added four previously released titles to
telligence and enabling programmers its Solid Gold line of $14.95 software
to build their own expert system. 260 IT'S A LOCK for the C-64: Aliens: The Computer
pages; $17.95 (paperback). You can prevent unauthorized per Game, Infocom's Leather Goddesses of
TAB Books Inc. (see address list, sons from getting access to your com Phobos, and Gamestar's GBA Cham
page 14). puter by locking Honeywell's new Raw pionship Basketball: Two-on-Two and
Circle #290 on Reader Service Card
er Lockout Control onto its cord. The Championship Baseball.
The C Programming Language, Sec device can also be used for preventing Mediagenic, 415-329-0500 (see ad
ond Edition is based on the draft-pro a child from playing with power tools, dress list, page 14).
Circle #294 on Reader Service Card
posed ANSI C Standard now being de monitoring that same rotten kid's TV
veloped to standardize and modernize or VCR viewing, and other uses with Three games to be distributed by
the language. New features from the any tool or appliance up to 1650 watts. Electronic Arts under its affiliated la
ANSI standard are delineated. Also 6KV surge protector and a noise filter bels program:
added are a C reference manual and an are built in. Paragon's Master Ninja: Shadow
appendix describing the standard li- Honeywell Inc., 612-542-3339 (see Wmior ofDeath sends you into the 25-

10 AHOY!
chamber castle of a Japanese warlord adaptations of several SEGA coin-op developed in Pimnng Grounds are used
in search of a stolen magic sword. Mar- hits. Out Rim and Space Harriet will to maneuver in the 6-level 3-D maze
tials arts skills (20 moves are provid be released this fell, with After Burn of Knight. Average playing time is 50+
ed) and historic ninja weapons (blow er, Thunderblades, and other titles to hours.
dart, bow and arrow, stars, blinding follow. Sir-Tech Software. Inc., 315-393-
powder, knives) are needed to over Mindscape, 312^80-7667 (see ad 6633 (see address list, page 14).
Circle #299 on Reader Service Card
come samurai guards, deadly tigers, dress list, page 14).
Circle #297 on Reader Service Card
black magic curses, and more. The Based on the novel of the same name
large size of the characters (over 3 W For the 64 from Rainbird: (a copy of which is included), Not a
tall) makes the action easy to follow. Enlightenment ($19.95) concerns the Penny More, Not a Penny Less ($29.95)
Paragon's Master Ninja: Shadow return of the evil wizard Acamantor to requires the player to solve a series of
Warrior ofDeath sends you into the 25- Belom, 103 years after he was banished puzzles that will lead to the recovery
chamber castle of a Japanese warlord by Hasrinaxx the Druid. To defeat him of $1,000,000 swindled by a con man.
in search of a stolen magic sword. Mar- once again, Hasrinaax must make his You must bring three fellow victims to
tials arts skills (20 moves are provid way through the ten lands of Belom and gether and orchestrate a "countersting"
ed) and historic ninja weapons (blow Acamantor's five level dungeon, aided that will take you to Monte Carlo, Lon
dart, bow and arrow, stars, blinding by the powers of earth, air, water, and don, Ascot, Wimbledon, and Oxford.
powder, knives) are needed to over fire. A hint sheet will help you get back on
come samurai guards, deadly tigers, Black Lamp (S19.95) follows Jolly track if you get lost.
black magic curses, and more. The Jack the Jester's quest to win the prin Simon & Schuster, 212-373-8882
large size of the characters (over 3W cess's hand by defeating a forest full of (see address list, page 14).
Circle #300 on Reader Service Card
tall) makes the action easy to follow. skull-dropping buzzards, spitting
DataSoft's Cosmic Relief: Prof. Rene witches, and other beasties, and ulti Terror contains four graphic/text ad
gade to the Rescue ($24.95) sends play mately taking the black lamp away ventures on two disks: Dracula, Frank
ers in quest of K.K. Renegade, who from the fire breathing dragon that enstein, Wolfman, and Jack the Ripper.
40 years ago predicted the arrival of guards it. The documentation features the four
a huge asteroid. Now that the space Scheduled for fourth quarter release: stories rewritten to follow the events of
rock has been sighted, the Professor The Universal Military Simulator the games, to aid frustrated players.
may be the only man who can save the ($39.95) makes it possible to recreate
Earth. You must surmount such bizarre the battles of Gettysburg, Arbella,
obstacles as stone snakes, reptilian Hastings, Marston Moor, and Waterloo, •ifa GET MORE
birds, and acid storms, as well as find with complete and accurate locales, I ■ = ' t PLEASURE
and utilize such curiosities as unicy- geographical features, combat troops, 1 FROM THE
cles and vacuum cleaners to complete and armaments. A battle can be recre BIBLE WITH
your task. Once you find Renegade, ated as it occurred, or the original par
you'll help him build an anti-asteroid ameters can be altered to explore "what
deflector. if" scenarios. The program's 3-D
The Computer Reference Bible
Adapted by Leisure Genius from the graphics system lets you view the ac
board game, Risk allows Commodore tion from any angle. Here's whu LANDMARK will enable you to do:

imperialists to play against friends or Carrier Command ($34.95) puts you • SEARCH THROUGH THE BIBLE—Find
against computer opponents who em at the bridge of a futuristic vessel as Phrases, words or sentences.
ploy a variety of strategies. All the pop you attempt to capture the enemy's is Bible text and search results then add your own
ular game variations are possible, such lands and destroy its forces. You're aid comments and notes.

as US, UK, and short game. • COMPILE YOUR PERSONAL BIBLE— Out
ed by a squadron of remote fighters and line texts in color. Add Notes and comments.
Electronic Arts, 415-571-7171 (see ad an amphibious assault division, up to Create your own supplementary Study files.
dress list, page 14). four of each controllable at once. You • CREATE FILES— Then convert them for use
Circle *29S on Reader Service Card with wordproccssors like Paperclip and GEOS.
protect your ship with defense drones • MAKE SUPPLEMENTARY STUDY FILES—
Consisting of 20 different and in and a 360 degree turret mounted laser and develop translation variations.

creasingly difficult levels, Warlock cannon with telephoto tracking. SUGGESTED RETAIL $164.95
($29.95) nonetheless requires minimal Rainbird, 415-322-0412 (see address ASK ABOUT OUR
hand-eye coordination. Instead, quick list, page 14). FALL '88 SPECIAL!
Circle #298 on Reader Service Card
payoffs and endearing characters en vl.2 for C64 and v2.0 for C128
courage novice to advanced players to Sir-Tech continues its Wizardry se CALL OR WRITE TODAY FOR A
continue the action/adventure until the ries with Wizardry II: The Knight of FREE BROCHURE. WHICH SHOWS
Warlock achieves his goal of finding Diamonds ($39.95), sequel to Decem HOW VALUABLE LANDMARK CAN
the stolen Kama. BE IN YOUR BIBLE STUDY
ber's Wizardry I: Proxing Grounds of
Three-Sixty, Inc., 408-879-9144 (see P.A.V.Y. Software P.O. Box 1584
the Mad Overlord. The adventurer
address list, page 14). Ballwin, MO 63022 (314) 527-4505
Circle #296 on Reader Service Card
must find over 100 items and battle
more than 100 monsters, in groups of ASK FOR IT AT YOLU LOCAL SOFTWARE DEALER!

Mindscape will distribute C-64 as many as five at a time. Characters

Circle #111 on Reader Service Card

AHOY! 11
Available to of a series of Supplemental Diskettes
present us for use with The Accelerated Reader,
ers of the which tests students' reading compre
Accelerated hension and accumulates results for
Reader each child and for the class as a whole.
package The $50 diskette adds tests for 50
(shown) for books to the original program's list of
an addition 200. The original package is priced at
al $50, $300 for the C-64.
Readup's Readup Inc., 715-887-2333 (see ad
first in a dress list, page 14).
Circle "386 on Reader Service Card
series of
tal Diskettes
Two additions to IntraCorp's line of
adds tests
$14.95 software for the 64:
for 50 more
Space Math uses an arcade game to
books in
improve math skills. Players 8 and old
cluding A
er can compete on 8 levels at 27 diffi
Wrinkle in
culty settings.
Time, Call
Pro Football Facts and Predictions,
of the
1988 Edition contains five years of
WUd, The
gridiron stats, from 1983 through the
Black Stal
January 1988 Super Bowl, with an an
lion, and
alysis program to help predict this
year's winners.
IntraCorp, 305-252-9040 (see ad
dress list, page 14).
Super Tanks lets players drive three Lucasfilm Games, 415-662-1902 (see Circle #2S? on Reader Service Card
futuristic tanks: Traxxon, Lifeforce, and address list, page 14).
Circle #102 on Reader Service Card
Stratton. Each vehicle is designed for REAL WORLD MATH
a different mission, allowing players to Adaptations of two Konami arcade Gamco's Math for Successful living
concentrate on infiltrating, destroying, titles: series provides students with mathema
or escaping from any of three scenarios. Contra pits mortals against interga- tical situations they are likely to en
Scorpion, 201-663-0202 (see address lactic badman Red Falcon in a guer counter in real life. In Timecards and
list, page 14). rilla war in the Amazon jungle. Paychecks ($44.95) they compute over
Circle #101 on Reader Service Card
Rush N'Attack sends you, a guerril time, commission, piecework pay, tips,
An Advanced Battle Disk for use la fighter armed only with a knife, be gross and net pay, and various deduc
with Lucasfilm/EAs PHM Pegasus in hind enemy lines to rescue dozens of tions. Managing a Checking Account
cludes 10 new battle scenarios that pit POW's hidden in an isolated camp. If ($44.95) covers making deposits, keep
the NATO hydrofoil against terrorists you can't imagine how this is possible, ing a check register, and reconciling a
and Eastern bloc armadas in political give Sylvester Stallone a call. monthly statement. Shopping Strategies
hotspots around the globe. Among the Konami, 312-595-1443 (see address ($74.95) is two disks' worth of planning
new missions are Missile Alley (ex list, page 14). a menu and buying the groceries re
Circle #103 on Reader Service Card
change hostilities with a fleet of Sovi quired, figuring out unit prices, apply
et Komar missile ships), Turkey Shoot For the 64 from First Row, $29.95 ing coupons and specials, making
(face Soviet Hormone Helicopters that each: change, and determining sales tax.
outnumber you 12 to 1), Pegasus Vice Prime Time lets players see what it's Gamco Industries, Inc., 800-351-
(intercept drug-running speedboats), like to run a TV network, buying and 1404; in TX call collect 915-267-6327
Sink the Bismarck (match your speed cancelling shows, doing lunch, and say (see address list, page 14).
Circle #288 on Reader Service Card
against the firepower of the famed Ger ing things like "Sweetie-Baby-Cookie."
man battleship), and Jihad n (escort Moses: The Old Testament 0 lets the
a cargo ship as every maniac between player follow Moses' mission in a light- MAKE A SPEECH
the Port of Kuwait and the Straights of hearted but historically accurate graph Don't let what happened to Joe Bi-
Hormuz tries to deep-six you). Un ic adventure designed for the novice. den happen to you. Based on Robert
available at retail, the disk can be or First Row Software Publishing, Inc., Shelley's Pocket Speechwriter book,
dered directly by sending a check or 215-337-1500 (see address list, page 14). Computer Speechwriter ($39.95) allows
money order for $19.95 (postage in
Circle #104 on Reader Service Card
you to create a quasi-original speech
cluded) to Lucasfilm Games, or writ in minutes on the C-64. If you have a
ing or calling with a VISA or Master READING TESTS subject in mind, you call up the key
Card number. Readup has made available the first word index, find appropriate material,

12 AHOY!
each, 100-249 for 12C each, and 250+
for 10c each.
Mindscape, 312-480-7667 (see ad
dress list, page 14).
Circle *278 on Reader Service Card

In conjunction with Computer
Learning Month (which happens to be
October), Mindscape is offering priz
es of educational software for photo
graphs that capture the experience of
kids learning with technology. Award
ed will be a grand prize of $500 worth
of programs, two second prizes of $250
worth, three third prizes of $100 worth,
and ten prizes of one program each.
Photos, which become the property of
Mindscape, must be submitted by Oc
tober 31 to Mindscape, c/o Education Troubleshooting strategies for compu

al Division Photo Contest. ters, printers, monitors, disk drives.

Mindscape, 312-480-7667 (see ad

dress list, page 14). Repair ($21.95) describes ways of mak
Circle #279 on Reader Service Card ing computer equipment more reliable,
and saving time and money on repairs.
QUICK FIXES Basic troubleshooting principles are
Two computer repair books: discussed, along with methods of ap
Microcomputer Troubleshooting & plying them. Along with computers,


Free £uu/e to /Ae fazsic; of evaluating WORKS AND
and selecting educational software. WORKS AND

and tailor it to your speech; if you have

no subject in mind, you can choose WORKS
from dozens of prewritten speeches on AS REVIEWED IN THE
different topics, or combine an open MARCH 88 AHOY.
ing line, a theme, a few quips, an ob
servation, and a clincher. Included is
a speaker's guide full of tips on deliv
ery, timing, preparation, and presen
tation, covering topics like sizing up CPS-10 $54.95
an audience and overcoming stage CPS-30 $39.95
fright. An unconditional money-back CPS-128 $79.95
guarantee is offered. CPS-500 $99.95
Pageant Publishing Co., 514-935-
8273 (see address list, page 14). The standard by which all others are measured.
Circle #277 on Reader Service Cart
Your replacement power supply for Commadore computers.

In "A Guide to Selecting Education
al Software," Mindscape outlines the ELECTRONICS, INC.
basics of software evaluation and se
lection. A free copy of the leaflet is P.O. Box 156, 314 Court — Clay Center, KS 67432
available for a self-addressed, stamped PHONE: (913) 632-2159
envelope; organizations and institutions Charge to Visa or Mastercharge

may order up to 99 leaflets for 15C

Circle -112 on Reader Service Card
AHOY! 13
the book covers printers, modems, given in the appendices, or readers can
monitors, disk drives, and interlaces. order the software on disk.
TRY Howard W. Sams & Company (see
address list below).
TAB Books Inc., 717-794-2191 (see
address list below).

Circle -282 on Reader Service Card Circle =283 on Reader Service Card

Commodore Care Manual: Diagnos KODACOLOR

ing and Maintaining Your 64 or 128 10-packs of colored Kodak disks —
YOU BUY! System ($16.95) includes diagnostic
program modules that let the user lo
two each in red, yellow, orange, blue
and green—are now available from
cate problems and determine if the Verbatim, Kodak's subsidiary. The soft-
computer is working properly after re sectored disks are double-sided, dou
pairs. For those who don't know ble-density. Consumers who send in a
BASIC, the programs are explained line coupon from specially marked pack
by line. Using the book as a guide, ages along with two proofe of purchase
Commodore owners can perform pre will receive a free Kodak Data High
ventive maintenance, troubleshoot mal lighter. Suggested list price is $15.50
functions, make simple repairs, and per 10-pack.
write diagnostic programs for trouble Verbatim News Services, 716-724-
shooting other peripherals. Complete 5330 (see address list below).
Circle #284 on Reader Service Card
listings for the BASIC programs are

Commodore Business Companies Mentioned

Machines in Scuttlebutt
Best selling games, 1200 Wilson Drive
Lucasfllm Games
West Chester, PA 19380 19 Harbor Drive
utilities, educational, Phone: 215-431-9100
P.O. Box 2009
Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849
San Rafael, CA 94912
and classics, plus Data East USA, Inc. Phone: 415-662-1966
Phone: 201-663-0202

470 Needles Drive

new releases. San Jose. CA 95112
Macmillan, Inc.
Simon & Schuster
4300 W. 62nd Street
Phone: 408-286-7074 Gulf+Western Building
Indianapolis, IN 46268
One Gulf+Western Plaza
Electronic Arts Phone: 317-298-5400
New York, NY 10023
1820 Gateway Drive
• 100'sof titles San Mateo, CA 94404
Mediagenic, Inc. Phone: 212-373-8882
3885 Bohannon Drive
Phone: 415-571-7171 Sir-Tech Software, Inc.
Menlo Park, CA 94025
P.O. Box 245
First Row Software Phone: 415-329-0500
• Same day shipping 900 E. 8th Ave.-Ste. 300
Charlestown Mall
Microservices Ogdensburg, NY 13669
King of Prussia, PA 19406
200 Old Tappan Road Phone: 315-393-6633
Phone: 215-337-1500
Tappan, NJ 07675
• Low prices Gamco Industries, Inc. Phone: 800-624-0023; in
TAB Books Inc.
Blue Ridge Summit. PA
Box 1911 NJ 800-624-0024
Big Spring, TX 79721
• FREE brochure Phone: 800-351-1404; in
Mindscape, Inc. Phone: 717-794-2191
3444 Dundee Rd.
TX 915-267-6327 The Hunter Group, Inc.
Northbrook, IL 60062
204 Richmond Street
Hayden Books Phone: 312-480-7667
West, Suite 410
(c/o Macmillan, Inc.)
Pageant Publishing Co. Toronto, Ontario
Honeywell, Inc. P.O. Box 1288 M5V 1V6 Canada
1985 Douglas Drive North Champlain, NY 12919 Phone: 416-595-5906
Golden Valley, MN 55422 Phone: 514-935-8273
Three-Sixty, Inc.
Phone: 612-542-7500
Prentice Hall 2105 South Bascom Ave.
Howard W. Sams & Co. Prentice Hall Building Campbell, CA 95008
(c/o Macmillan, Inc.) Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 Phone: 408-879-9144
Phone: 201-592-2000
IntraCorp, Inc. Verbatim News Services
RENT-A-DISC 14160 S.W. 139th Court
Miami, FL 33186
Rainbird Software
3885 Bohannon Drive
Eastman Kodak Company
343 State Street
Phone: 800-INTRACO Menlo Park, CA 94025 Rochester, NY 14650
or 305-252-9040 Phone: 415-322-0412 Phone: 716-724-5130
Frederick Building #219
Huntington. WV 25701 Konami Inc. Readup Inc. Wico Corporation
(304) 529-3232 815 Mittel Drive P.O. Box 95 6400 W. Gross Point Rd.
Wood Dale, IL 60191 Port Edwards, WI 54469 Niles. IL 60648
Phone: 312-595-1443 Phone: 715-887-2333 Phone: 312-647-7500

Circle #118 on Reader Service Card

14 AHOY!

For the C-64

By John Fedor

In programming your own special game, you may the source and destination (inclusive) are also placed onto
need to create an object that appears to rotate in the disk in the filename that you chose.
shape. For example, a stick thrown to a dog must If, after you rotated the shape, you are not satisfied with
look like it is turning end over end. While doing the appearance of the shape, you can call this routine which
this manually is cumbersome and the results may not be will allow you to change the shape of the source sprite. Us
accurate, doing the same project with this program will be ing a joystick in Port 2, move the yellow cursor around the
easier and much more accurate. grid. Pressing the button will flip the pixel on or off. Press
Sprite Rotator lets you take a shape (from another sprite ing I will invert all the pixels. Pressing M will mirror the
creator, or the C-128's built-in one) and rotate it any num shape, while F will flip it. Pressing CLR/HOME will clear
ber of degrees. The program contains eight routines built the shape. If you do not have a sprite creator, you could
in for use. Each function is centered around two sprites: use this to create your own shapes. Pressing Fl will exit
a source and a destination. In order for certain routines to from this routine.
function properly, the source or destination sprite must be The last routine that can be called is copy. With the source
preset. For others, the source or destination sprite might and destination preset, the source is copied to the destina
be changed in some way or another. The particular situation tion as soon as you press the key. Again, make sure your
is described for each below. destination is where you think it is. Take the extra key press
To load a file of shapes, choose option 1. Type in the to see if the destination is at the proper address. Better safe
name of the file and the computer will load in the shapes. than sorry.
The source sprite will now point to the beginning of the A word of warning: beware of the edges. Because your
shapes just loaded. sprite is a 24x21 pixel shape, there is a 3 pixel difference
To change which shape the source sprite points at, choose between the X and Y axes. The program disregards any
the second option. By using the onscreen instructions, you points that fell out of the 24x21 range. These points may
can easily change the source sprite's pointer. If you need have been important to the shape. To fix this problem, make
to change the destination pointer, choose the third option the longer part the Y axis; that way nothing will be lost
which follows the same guideline. when rotated.
To actually rotate a sprite, the source pointer must be This utility is made up of two programs. The first is writ
preset to point to the original shape which will be rotated. ten in BASIC. It contains the main routines. The second
The destination pointer must be preset to point to the place is in ML. Anything that was too slow was put into ML,
where you would like to put the rotated shape. The current if possible. The sprite rotation routine (which uses trig func
destination shape will be destroyed by calling this routine. tions) could not be easily changed to ML, so it was left
Press 4 (for this option) and type in the number of degrees in BASIC. This program does not handle multicolor shapes
you want the shape to be rotated. Then wait as it rotates properly. But you could make the shape in one color, ro
the shape. Be certain that the destination sprite is not an tate it, and see what the new shape should look like.
important shape, because it will be destroyed by the new To type in Sprite Rotator, type in the BASIC portion and
rotated shape. save it to disk. The ML routines need to be entered with
Once you have rotated several shapes, you may need to Flankspeed (page 61). Save as "ROT. ML". When ready to
see if the shape change is smooth enough for your purpose. use, load the BASIC portion. The ML routines will be
Choose the fifth option to find out. You choose the starting loaded automatically.
and ending of the animation cycle. The shapes will then This program is quite easy to use, and powerful. Many
flip continuously until you abort the routine. Pressing the great games can be created with rotating shapes for spe
+ or — key will adjust the speed of the animation. cial effects. Introduction screens can have that extra "some
After the shapes have been created to your liking, the thing" to make them more memorable. This utility adds a
save function will put the shapes onto disk. The source new dimension to your programs. □
pointer is the first shape put on. All the shapes between SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 65

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Featured This Month:

Scores of Enter the
Dark Cas
Dark Castle 20

Road Runner 20
tle and 4X4 Off-Rood Racing 22
str"ggte to Roadwars 46
survive and humans. The game begins with the
against a "Great Hall" screen, which displays
variety of four possible pathways. Using the joy
cleverly ani stick, the player positions a cursor over
mated crea the desired door and presses the ac
tures and tion button to send the hero to the play
humans by screen which lies behind the selected
climbing, entrance. Each non-scrolling field
jumping, shows a side view of several floors of
and fight the castle, connected by ladders, stair
ing. cases, and ropes.
l!»IHTERP The computerist employs combina
tions ofjoystick movement and the ac
QUIT NO. 107
tion button to make the hero walk in
either direction, take three different
DARK CASTLE alike last year, and Three-Sixty evi trajectory jumps, or throw rocks at the
Three-Sixty Pacific dently hopes to win similar approval numerous antagonists. There is an al
Commodore 64 from owners of other home computer ternate keyboard-based control system
Disk; $34.95 systems. for players who disdain joysticks.
This fantasy-oriented action game They are probably doomed to disap "A rose is a rose is a rose," the poet
transports the Commodore 64 to two pointment. What was fresh on the Mac said, but there is evidently a difference
strange worlds which may seem haunt- turns out to be pretty standard stuff for between rules for flowers and compu
ingly familiar. The game concerns the the Commodore 64. ter games. Dark Castle does not thrill
exploration of a creepy mansion inhab Dark Castle is quite well pro as deeply in the Commodore universe
ited by the Black Knight and his nas grammed (by Sculptured Software) as it did in Macintosh-land.
ty crew. That should certainly be a fa and has clever animations for objects Three-Sixty Pacific, 2105 So. Bas-
miliar theme to veteran gamers, though like scuttling animals and whip-wield com Ave., Campbell, CA 95008
the treatment of the situation is surpris ing henchmen. Yet there's little to sep (phone: 408-879-9144). -Arnie Katz
ingly fresh and distinctive. arate it from a dozen other side-per
And the other strange world? The spective climbing, jumping, and fight
realm of Macintosh entertainment soft ing games.
ware. Dark Castle, published by SIL The player controls a hero who en
ICON Beach Software, drew raves ters a haunted castle and battles for sur
from critics and Macintosh owners vival against a variety of evil creatures

tions ofjoy
stick move
ment and
the action
button are
used to
make the
hero walk,
jump, and
throw rocks
Road Runner: starve a coyote today.
at foes.
There is an
based con
trol system
Commodore 64
as well.
Disk; $34.95
BeepBeep! Road Runner, speedy

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us comes an in-
stic. and complete
statistical baseball simulation for zero, one or
two players. Game play, manager's functions,
graphics, and a complete statistical library-
establish Pure-Slat Baseball™ as the ultimate

Suggested retail price

Your Own

ble for C-64/128, Apple,

Game Play tatistics

Pure-Stal Baseball's underlying statistical framework simulates the realities Pure-Stat Baseball™ can maintain a complete statistical record of each team
of baseball like never before. Within this framework the program considers player's performance. You can print all of your players' year-to-date perfor
each player's batting statistics against both LEFT- and RIGHT-handed pitchers, mance statistics at anytime throughout the season. All player stats and game
where available, and pitchers stats vs. both LEFT- and RIGHT-handed bat- Box Scores can be displayed on the screen or sent to an external printer
ters. Every player's fielding and base-running abilities are also considered for a hardcopy printout. The PRINT TEAM STATS function can be used at
(an important factor when attempting to steal a base, etc.) the end of the season to determine your Most Valuable Player, or to review
your club's performance.
Select the team you'd like to manage, then pick the team you want to play
against- Every team from the 1985 season is accurately represented, along Pure-Stat Baseball™ also includes a unique Auto-Play option that lets the
with eight classic teams from the past. Determine your starting lineup. computer play a complete game in less than three minutes. A whole series
designate a starting pitcher, and make player substitutions when necessary. of games can be played unattended, and an entire season of player and team
You call the plays, offense and defense. In a one-player game, your com statistics can be compiled over several days with all game stats printed out
puter opponent displays un-Cflnny Intelligence in reacting to your managing for your records.
Discover for yourself just how enjoyable a baseball simulation game can be.
Manager's Functions Pure-Stai Baseball,™ the first real baseball game on a computer.
Built-in manager's functions provide extra versatility. The Trading function
See vour local dealer, or call:
gives you the opportunity to create the "what if" team(s) you've always
dreamed about. With this function you can have Dwight Gooden playing
with Mickey Mantel and Babe Ruth. Or, if you like, you can form your own

draft leagues from existing teams and play against your friends for your own
pennant and World Series.

The Stat-Keeper function compiles all of the players' statistics for you and
calculates Batting Averages and pitchers' ERAs. You can track your own teams'
performances and print the season statistics for your club or league.

Stadium Disk
An optional Stadium Disk is also available that lets you play in any of the
twenty-six Major League stadiums.

Reader Service No. 161


and speechless star of numerous clas tles his prize offscreen in order to feast volving all-terrain vehicles released for
sic Warner Brothers cartoons, just ar on him discreetly. the Commodore this year.
rived on the computer game scene in For all its charm, however, Road This Ogdon Micro Design creation
his perennial cloud of dust, only a lit Runner is not without flaws. The char has much more depth than Speed Bug
tle ahead of his frustrated predator acters are quite small, and though they gy (Data East), which is essentially a
Wile E. Coyote. These two adversar are marvelous reproductions, one must boot and play arcade game. Although
ies romp through miles of desert ter peer intently into the screen in order the "beginner" skill level facilitates a
rain, in an abnormally cute multigame to adequately appreciate that fact. The nearly instantaneous startup, menu-ac
arcade-style program. landscape dwarfs them, which may tivated modules permit the player to
Developed by programmer Sean have been desirable from an aesthetic pick a course, select a car, and cus
Townsend, graphics artist Martin Cal- point of view, but not from a game de tomize it with handy items like an ex
vert, and audio man Fred Gray (col sign perspective. tra gas tank, a winch, or a camper
lectively known as Canvas), Road It's also a shame that there isn't a body.
Runner is a visual delight. It captures two-player version of the game where 4x4 Off-Road Racing features four
the rich colors and textures of anima one player could control Road Runner obstacle-strewn courses: Baja, Death
tor Chuck Jones' Death Valley land while the other manipulated Wile E. Valley, Georgia, and Michigan. Each
scapes as accurately as it reproduces The Coyote acquires all sorts of neat presents the driver with a different set
the two sparring stars. Every stretch gizmos through the course of the game of problems. Rugged terrain and ex
of roadway is a potential deathtrap, the (a rocket pack, super pogo stick, etc.). treme heat are the main challenges on
implications of which have already These tend to go slightly awry, but the Death Valley run, while snow, ice,
been grasped by the fertile imagina work well enough that he remains a and mud bedevil those who test the
tion of "genius" Wile E. Coyote. threat. It would have been great fun Michigan course.
The player controls Road Runner via to play this game head to head. The program evaluates the perfor
joystick as he zips over the neatly But the major problem here is the mance characteristics of each of the
scrolling highway. The game uses a creators' failure to adequately com four vehicles included in 4 x 4 Off-
"false" perspective very popular in municate the game's dominant element: Road Racing in seven areas. The
games of this type: characters are seen speed. Although the characters' legs Stormtrooper, Tarantula, Highlander,
from the side while the terrain is dis chum furiously, as in the cartoons, the and Katana are rated for power,
played from an angled aerial view. actual onscreen movement is tedious. weight, gas mileage, endurance, ease
Constantly pursued by the fiendish To compensate, the road is heavy on of repair, payload with cap (camper
ly clever Coyote, the player must nav sharp twists and numerous turns, but body), and fuel capacity.
igate RR over twisting pathways to the lack of a satisfying velocity keeps These seven factors exert a strong
collect the birdseed scattered along the the game from generating any real heat. effect on the race. A heavier truck like
road (a classic Wile E. ruse!). Road Runner is very cute. It contains the Stormtrooper runs through the gas
The control system consists of com many of the elements that make the faster, but it can take more bumps and
pass commands and a jump button, and Road Runner-Wile E. Coyote contest bangs from rocks, loose tires, compet
the games themselves are equally ele a cult favorite. But, larger graphics and ing off-road racers, and other hazards.
mentary. There are simple mazes, the addition of a head-to-head mode Matching the car to the course is a key
traps, and avoidance games, as well would have made this simple contest part of the game's strategy.
as the basic pursuit contest in which more than just a pretty face! After the player presses the joystick
the Road Runner can attempt to lure Mindscape, 3444 Dundee Rd., button to pick a car, the scene shifts
Wile E. in front of passing vehicles Northbrook, IL 60062 (phone: 312- to auto parts row, moving the onscreen
while collecting birdseed (and, later, 480-7667). -Bill Kunkel character to the door of one of the two
lemonade). stores. The Auto Mart vends basic
A window at the top of the screen 4X4 OFF-ROAD RACING supplies like oil, water, coolant, trans
displays a "Seed Meter," a cute but Epyx mission fluid, batteries, spare tires, re
somewhat awkward device for moni Commodore 64 pair tools, and a map. Hiring a skilled
toring the bird's strength. Five bowls Disk; $39.95 mechanic to ride shotgun fills up pre
of birdseed are arrayed side by side Many have described America as a cious cargo space, but it can drastical
and Road Runner constantly munches nation on wheels. We are a people who ly trim repair times. A six-pack is a
on them, starting at the right. As long enjoy motoring along the highways frivolous (but potentially satisfying)
as the player keeps collecting birdseed, and country roads almost as much as extra which is also available at this
the Road Runner remains at the far reaching our actual destinations. "Get shop.
right end of the window, indicating op ting there is half the fun" is a concept The Custom Shop carries three
timal strength. deeply rooted in the American psyche. grades of tires, winches, extra-capacity
Players start with five lives, and one One expression of this love affair fuel tanks, and caps.
is lost every time Wile E. catches up with vehicles is the tremendous num The wise driver customizes his or
with the feathered surrogate. But fear ber of driving games and simulations her vehicle to meet the rigors of the
not: the game's star is not slaughtered available for home computers. 4x4 chosen route. For instance, mudder
and devoured onscreen-Wile E. hus Off-Road Racing is the second title in- Continued on page 46

22 AHOY!
Compiled by Michael R. Davila
you exactly what it does; you'll have to type it in to find
Send your best programming and hardware hints to Tips Ahoy!, out. Be sure to save a copy first (a typo in this program
c/o Ion International Inc., 45 W. 34th St.-Suite 500, NY, NY
can crash your computer megafast). After you've done that,
10001. Include a stamped and self-addressed envelope.
grab hold of something solid and run the program.

Whoa, pardner! Hit the skids! Downshift, already! Ever
•10 PRINT"[CLEAR][WHITE]":F0RA=49152T0491
feel like that when running or listing a program? Well, now 95:READB:POKEA,B:NEXT:P0KE2,.:P0KE792,.:
you can vary the speed at which your computer runs with POKE793.192
Downshift 64. Here's how it works. -20 POKE56580,100:POKE56581,1:POKE56582,.
With Downshift 64 installed as your new transmission, :P0KE56583,.
the Fl key "shifts" the computer to a lower gear for a slightly •30 POKE56589,130:POKE56590,17:POKE56591,
slower speed. F3 slows it down even more, and F5 reduces 81
it to a crawl. F7 is like neutral. The program (or list) just •40 DATA 72,138,72,152,72,164,2,200,192,1
sits there while the world continues to rotate on its axis. 6,208,2,160,0,132,2,185,28,192,141,32
Downshift 64 is great for perusing lists, or better yet, track •50 DATA 208,141,33,208,76,81,254
ing program execution to locate bugs. What the heck?! It's ■60 END:REM COLORS
fun just to watch 01' Reliable in slow motion! •80 DATA 6,14,3,5,13,7,10,8,2,0,0,0,0,0,0
First load and run Downshift 64. To activate it, type SYS ,0
53000. Now press RETURN. It remains undisturbed in a • 100 PRINT"[CLEAR]":P0KE56580,101:P0KE565
free area of memory while you load, save, or work on your 81,1:POK56582,2
BASIC programs.
• 110 F0RA=90T0109STEP.1:P0KE56580,A:NEXT:
RUN STOP/RESTORE deactivates Downshift 64. SYS FORA=109TO9OSTEP-.1:P0KE56580,A:NEXT
to the appropriate address to reactivate it.
The program can easily be relocated if you want. Just
The display can be customized in any number of ways.
change the variable A in line 2 to your new starting ad
First of all, you can make the splits different sizes. Try these
dress. Don't forget to SYS there if you do.
Zip through the gears with Downshift 64. And fear not don't need a clutch! -Buck Childress
Salem, OR
POKE 56580,152:POKE 56581,.:POKE 56582,.
■1 REM *** DOWNSHIFT 64 ***
POKE 56580,100:POKE 56581,1:POKE 56582,.
•2 A=53000:PRINTCHR$(147)
POKE 56580,23:P0KE 56581,2:P0KE 56582,.
POKE 56580,101:POKE 56581,1:POKE 56582,2
•5 C=INT(A/256):D=(A-(C*256))+13:POKEA+1,
You can achieve some really wild effects by making slight
changes to the number you POKE to 56580. Type GOTO
100 after the hack has been enabled to see an example. Also,
•7 DATA169,21,162,207,120,141,20,3,142,21 using supersmall splits will make further use of the compu
ter unpredictable, and any use of peripherals when the hack
•8 DATA96,165,203,160,0,201,4,208,8,232,2 is enabled won't work. Disable with STOP/RESTORE first.
08,253 The colors used are contained in line 80. Change these
■9 DATA200,192,64,144,248,201,5,208,8,232 to make different displays. Always be sure there are exact
,208,253 ly 16 numbers in this line, and always disable the hack be
■10 DATA200,192,128,144,248,201,6,208,8,2 fore you rerun the program.
32,208,253 Here are some other POKEs you may wish to try:
■11 DATA200,192,192,144,248,201,3,208,8,3
2,159,255 BORDER ONLY
■12 DATA165,203,184,80,244,76,49,234 POKE 49172,32:P0KE 49175,32
SCREEN HACK POKE 49172,33:POKE 49175,33
Below is a program listing that produces a very original BACKGROUND AND BORDER:
and very impressive screen display. I'm not going to tell POKE 49172,32:POKE 49175,33

AHOY! 23
AbacusS Software ^BfMtetwnd Software" BJMX ORIGIN
128 irrerrais toc*i 153S
Magneaon 15K'
i28TncksST(isibook] 1536 tend ■ 3336 Partier 128 39 8*
PnrnShoe 27 97 Aitac Armcs IS 97
Moctxo 2886
(571 ImemaS ibooki 1536 Payroll Maragemeni MM
Pmt Shop Comparer 2197 BarOnhp Can
Basic ConWer 64 24 97 Ogre 20 40 5»ncat Sideways 64 17 16
P 5 GripMcs Dak i 15 97 C 2*97 26 88
Baw Comp*er 128 J6 9? JWna 1 S»ncac Sdeways 12B 13 36
P S Gfterms Do* 2 IS 97 Oamp g 1497
Becker Basic 'or Gem 3397 ."-!"■ 26 58 StSia Poner F P 6* 33 36
CadPak64 24 97 P S Graphics Disk 3 15 3? Create A CWendai 18 97 IMma* 3984 SyMa Porter FP 128 16 32
P S HoiMay Giaoncs 1597 Death Emd IS 97 L«w>a5 39 64
Cad Pa* 128 3697 Word wme" 3 33M
Ouest kx Cues [book] 18 97 Omircyer 24 97
Chan Pak 6* 24 97 Ward Win.™ 128 33 36
Sup«t>*i> Challenge 12 97 Fast Load Cartridge 24 97
Chart Pak 128 2*97
24 97 Final AssauH 24 97
4X* Racing 2*97

CoOd 138 3697

Super C Compi-et 64
15 36
36 97 CAPCOM
T Ga
G s Sum
The Games Wmi Edito
24 97 urn
Super C Comp-ier 123 36 97 GiapNc SaapBook 1 15 97 Professional Softv*uc Inc
GrapiK Sciapbook 2 15 97 Art Gallery i 1597
Super Pascal 6* 36 97
Super Pascal isa 36 97 Ghoi'b & Gob ir, 18 97 Giaphic ScrapboDk 3 15 97 Art Gallery 2 1597
Home Vioso Proouce 30 97
FkeelFilsr 64 128
Geos S Out Book 1536 Hal Trick IB 97 Fleet System 2 ■ ■ An Galtery i Amer His! Call
Geos Inside & Qui Dish Mingcf Impossible Mission II 24 97 An Gallery 3 15 97
1176 18 97 Fleei System 4
S«e Aims 18 97 LA Oacfcdowri 24 97 Pntrmas'er Plus 2197
Geos Tncks I Tips Book 1320
Geos Tncks I Tips Disk 11 76 1942 18 97 Hetrocross 12 37
24 97
SoiOertioi 1716

Sporting Ne«s Bjseba I 2*97
S[»r!s-A-Rc«ii 1597

t:neor lupsao' 24 9'

Stsc1 Sports Baseba.1
24 97 An Won Emoge 5 0 21 97
LB & Toum i Eiec i 1297 Sseet SfionsSasketOaii 24 97 Elemai Daooei 2*97 AssemMy fw KioS (boc*( 11 76
Deiendei o* me Crow 2197 3H
Mart 5
SBeet Spcns Soccer 2*97 1897 A<abn WNBA Basketball 24 97
2197 Krucp! Chicago 21.9' SuO BaWe Smuator 2*9? Gftnaone Wamor 937 Base 8 29 95
Uach 128 30 97
SDI 219' Summet Games II 1332 Hwoei o"n» Lance 1936 Beg^ncs GudeBase 8 1995
TenrJi Frame 2*97 SMtd 2197 Tdm Tc(lpW 24 97 E>harUse I 2*97 Big Bt* Reader '2SCPM 2797
wor« Clau itaOf Board 24 97 FlocUiAanon 219? /i t~**' G i^>^j 1297 Phannvell 2*97 Boos Term Pro 64 30 97
WCLBFamCourses l 12 97 Triee S'.tijei 219? Woru Games 2*97 °ri*fitas* 111 24 97 Bats Term PID12B 36 97
WCLB Fam Courses 2 1297
Warp Speed ICaril 309? :>ooi ot Radiance 25 48 E*n Working Tnpie Pat 1297
WCLB Fam Courses 3 1297
Ouestronl 2*97 BweusnessFomSN* 24 97
Qussvon II 24 97 BW Gms Word PuO«sher 24 97
Rewta ol Darkness 2*97 CDA Qapnc Transtormers 2197
"-■;■. :■ ;-- 24 97 CM Backgammon 2040
rtwestwd Sna« ol Sprmg 24 97 CSV Dme Atgn K* XI?
ApUD'B 1897 Aaigame Constmaon Set 18 97 CSM PrcteclDn «afua I 22 55
Buocte Ghost 1S97 fclvancW Ac Studc 24 97 Wizard's Down 2*97 CSM Prorecoon Manual II 26 IS
Cam Starts IBS' B/Mttriu 16 97 C»m»i Comman) Ca* Dan Casne 13-60) 21 97
Fast Break CM 1297 EMe 1197 DoorJe 2*97

Fourths Incdes 1697 •unWamors 18 97 577 F1ei»ei28 30 97
E«e Hint Book (Lerey)
Hardbal 1B97 Kvitf Champ 12 97 Furr Uasier ; 30 97
Gu*d d TSeves 249
Wrapur 18 97 Kim 1697
RWOit 249 ForrMasler 128 3697
Ptasmatron 9 97 KUHH 18 97
Jnulw 219 Geneoiooy FarrWy Tree 64 3697
Power at Sea 1697 Kung f u Maslef 12 97 Sr* Older 249 Ger^cJogy Farrwy Tree 128 36 97
Hack-em Call Pialoon 18 97 The Serin/ 24 9 Gees Comparacn 1 16 97
ramilv Feud 995
Serve J Volley Call Speed Buggy 16 97 Trader 249 Hes Mon 64 [can) 9 95
High Re ;ets 995
TestDnve 18 97 VicioryHoad IB 97
Jeopardy 995 IKT CAD 3D 30 97
The Train 1697 I ■■■> Konam. Conlra 18 97
Jeopard Ji

Kommi Rush. N AH3Ck . 18 9?
Wheel Of Fortune 995
Wheel ol Fortune 2 9,95 KonamiVieAr-KungFu2 18 97

Card Sharks 995 Menn Assembler 64
Merlin Assembler 128
... 30 97
damp Baseball Micioiawyer 3697
Thunder Chopper
Champ Basieioaii Microleague WWF Wreslling 34 95
Up Periscope *nerruic Floairly Cly
GFL Football Paul Wvtehcad Chess 21 97
City Htit Boo*
Allwnato noahiy Dmosor Star Rank Bonrvj II SOLUTIONS UNLIMITED SamsC-64 Prrn Base Rel Gjide 15 36
Boning I Terns SoftsyncPers Newslener 3697
A, TIVI Dungeon Hint Book
1630 Billboard Make Stnp Poker 18 97
GrahiLok Poker Dala Drsk i 12 97
GloOal CanmanOer 1936
Poker Dala Dtsk 2 1297
Hum For Red &.-:(■- 25 48 Icon Factory
; ,r 2197 Rubicon Afeance 13 2* Pnoto F«ttsfi Poker Data Drsk 3 1297
Biack|ack Academy 2*97 Screen FK EtarEmpre 15 97
ToCruk 1936
CrossBcw 2197 Rein*a» 5 5 J4 06 SupetBSerS* 48 97
Vtito Tme Convanon 2 1324
Faery Tales, 3097 Hmrtort 20.76 Smmtaw l?6 48 97
Vdeo Tim Stop ■ Comp i 1936
Fie Power 15 97 Guoracs Kegraia 20 76 &Kwtasethe Bo* 12*8
Gee Bee AafMy 18 9? \jft Pen |184C| 40 57 SPRINGBOARD Smer Sunday
SLoerscnpl 6*
23 64
LastUru 2197 G>apnev GUsry i 20 75
Maniac Manscn 2197 Grapncs Gaiery 2 20 75 SurerscnpMje «"
Tac Books Aovi 28 GrapSrW IZ48
^*grr 1 Magic nr-j 1097 Certit>caw Mat« 26B6 Tjt Boots C6*Trtu0ie Snoot 1330
Tac Books C6* Serious Prog 8 98
2197 Cert'ca* M*e- L 20*0
Romartt Encaxners 24 97
Newsroom 33 36 Vanpire s Empre 18 97
Newsroom C"<)ari 1 20*0 Wjaror, St Tecfi 24 97
S*y Travel
3697 695 Newsroom Cwan 2 26 B8
Pock»( Pwmt> 7 38 97 MM Me-vuom C<wt 3 20*0
Pcx*«iWr«»2 36 V GeoousleilV* 995 P S Grapw 23 64

19 95
154! 7t Senal Cafe 195

Des» Pal I Fort Pat I OeoOfr 3197
154! 71 Power CaOle 495
Desk Pa* P4is 1897 ElhCTRdNrCARTS' Art-State Toucn Strip 895

Four Pack Plus 16 97 C-128 RGB Uorntor Caae 595
Gees 64 38 97 19 36
flllill 25« Airticne Hanoet 2197 C-6* Cow Monrtor CorD 495
GeO5 126 4297
C-e* Hepanatse Power Supory 39 95
GE0S8ASIC Can HicneFoi 2140 F-i5SB*s Eagie 2197
SartfsTawl 2S48 Gunsflip 2197 HS-232 Interlace 36 95
Geocak:54 30 97
Fight S-muiatm II MW 350 Pnntei Inlertace 49 95
Geocilc 128 *2 97 Bafd s Tale I Hints 916 Pirates 24 87
Baids Tale II 25 48 Project Steadh Fighle 2*97 Flight Sm Scenes i Apospand 64 27 95
GeodieS* 3097
Afxospand Extender Cable 15 95
Bairis Tale II Hmis 916 Red Stoim Rising 2* .97 Fhohl S-m Scenen/ 2
Geolile 128 4S97
Aprolek 1200 Baud Mmmodeni 79 95
Bard's Tata III 25 48 Silml Service 2197 FkgM Sim Scenery 3
Geoprogrammei W 42 97
916 Fiighi Sim Scenery * Commrjdoro 1351 Mouse 37 95
Geoprogrammet 128 42 97 Swd's TaH III Hun
Chsssmaslcr 2000 2548 Flighi Sim Scenery 5 MousuMai 8 95
GeopuWish 64 3097
15*1 Dust Cover
Chuck Ytagw's AFS 22*2 Flight S.m Scenery 6 8 95
Geosoell 1B97
DanDwf 13 2* Flight Sim Scenery 7 1571 Dusl Covet 8 95
Geonnter s Wortsroo 64 30 97
Delta Pairol 13 2* Flight Sim Scenery 11 C-6* Dusl Cover 895
Geownta's. Workshop 128 42 97
Demon Siafcpr 19 36 Flignt Sm Scenery 1 * C-64C Dust Covet 895
2197 FsgM Sim Scenery Japan C-12S Dust Cover 895
Eanri Ortnl Siaion 1936 720
Ost Moichef- Square Cut
BOX OFFICE InslantMuSK 1936 ■5ii Street Brawler 1897 Fhghi Sim Scsnery SanFrai 17 46 4 95
19 36 Eaoci Busier '8 97 Jei2 27 36 5 25" Disk Drive Cleaner 59S
L*9«c¥ if Ihe Anoerts
Bop « Wiesi* WMralc 2 Can Straw Missnn 33 96 3 5" Dak Dnve Cwaner 695
MM kdO 19 36
1936 Captain Blood 2197 10 Cm Do* Storage 195
2197 50 Cni Disk Storage B95
Him BMX« Tyong 26 48 CutfsuH Spoia
B^i Hollers DouHxd Uagc 3097 100 Cm Disk Storage w LooV 1295
Monopoly 1936
31 €0 DetereW ol the Cioum 2197 80 Cm 3 5" Dak Star w Lock 995
J197 3 5" Disk LaMb-25 en 100
Can 5 25" Dok Laws 96 cm 100
19 36 g

1936 GkbM 2197 3 5'OSDODskenes 129

Road Wan
19.36 Kamer Corrdat Smixot 1897 5 25- DSOD r>skenei-Biack 39
irdoor Spcns 18 97 33 36 5 25' DS DO Detents-10 colors . 79
Kizate Garre Corst Sel 18 97 EcntM 2140
33 36 Wrte Protects-100 en 9ack 100
Bar* Sffte-Wrner 3097 Soupples 25*8 Inoi Jones-Temple ol Doom 2197
Skin or Dc 19 36 S ?197 17 16 Tyve* Sieeves-rtgh OuaHy ea 09
Bank S5K1 F«r '897
19 36 PaoerWy 2197 Data Manager 128 33 36 SM St*-Joys» 695
Bar* sstel Ma**- 1S97 Sytei II
1936 BR 2197 P »&4 Q S 79S
Bari S5«i Sp«tw 15 97
1197 EKcsonc 1392 Tac2Joystxk 10 96
i 24 97 Tifffc^ls Raroom 22*2 SujetSi* let MoeWy
Tac3-Joyttck 1195
T ft ^ Tt? SuierSi* Soccer 2197 Gerwk LedgB 33 36
Camer SanMgo US* 24 97
2197 I M 33 36 Soncom Icon Troitr 1795
Cjmwr SauMgo Wofld 2197 2548 UIM
916 18 97 3336 Suroe PtDtector Powe* Pafl 3995
CauUran 1 » 3 18 97 Wis'eiand Itrls


Attention c-m owners
Now that Commodore has released trie C-128D with 64K ot video RAM.
we Should be seeing 128 programs address Iriis faniashc new leature Project Phoenn We assembled a learn o' Ihe hottest archival programmers in the industry and gave them Ihe
soon challenge of their carreers create a professional utility system that would sei Ihe lone lo' the future of Commodore
3 AS C; .--■■-.: .11 64K a'v.fleo RAM II you personal computing ■ a system for the neil decade and beyond
own the C-128 in slock condtlion. you own all 16K oi video RAM that Hundreds of experi-nours later, thai team delivered to us a utility package ol sooering power and scope. A package
Commodore lelt was necessary Using Basic S lormat and ihe full 6AK that could lurn an average hacker into a superstar A package created ai the very boundary between what is and is not
ot video RAM provides you with ihe ability to scroll through video mem possible A package called Renegade
ory as weJ as enhan;ed color resolution Renegade takes the very best ideas from the past and re-creates them, combining state of the an techniques with a
Up until now, to upgrade the C-12B lo 64Ko! video RAM you would have conceptual grasp ol Ihe future of computing The result is dynamic ■ classic utilities are transformed into muscular
to firsl search out the components, then find a competem repair outlel components of a system designed for speed, power, and flexibility
lo desolder and install the parts What ■ hmlt! Here ire Some of the Features Built Into The RENEGADE1
SOLUTION — We have developed a module thai simply plugs in lo the * Single or Dual High Speed Data Copier Single or Dual Ultra Fast File Copier
mother ooard of your C-126 No splattered solder - No near damage * Single or Dual State of the Art Nibbler * Capable ol Archiving RapiOLok Protection
— No hassle. * Directory Editor: Organize your Disks * Scrolling Ml Monitor with Drive Mon
This package includes lull easy to follow installation initfuttions. a test * GCR Editor. For the Eniieriencud Hacker * Error 5canner with Unique Sector Editor
program lo validate proper installation and the plug-in upgrade module + Geos" Modual; PARAMETERS and TOOLS * Byte Pattern Scanner: High Speed Searches
* 200 Farms: Forihose tough to backup disks
only $34.95 * New Parameter updates only 59 95 each
* Upgradable Sub Menu: New tools in the works
* Major RENEGADE upgrades only $9.95 each
* Compatable withC-64-128with 1541/71 Drives * Technical suppor! available: of course
Renegade comes with over 250 parameters, and additional parameters are available every 2 months1 Also. Renegade program
upcaies are available to registered owners 3 limes a year lo ensure lhat Renegade will always be a slep ahead of anything else
on the marttel!
AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA AMIGA Now nothing can stop you from taking TOTAL control of your software1 Renegade gives you the mosl advanced tools on the
market lor one remarkably low price. And, unlike some companies lhat claim to sell utilities unlimited in power Renegade is
produced by a company lhal knows thai the customer is our most valuable asset
AMIGA SOFTWARE Renegade: Next generation software ■ lor the next generation hacker.
4x4 Off Road Racing 24.97 ATTENTION: REGISTERED RENEGADE OWNERS! -. , -._ . __
Prif,under Moduli; • 2 isiiowav.iilnblc. Only S9.05 RENEGAOE UiM V $34.95
Arkanoids . 18 97
Awesom Arcade Pak 30.97
Barbarian . 24,97
Bubble Ghost 24.97 <<xi m 1 Be ddgMed witn tins flenUe and powers tool WOw t Introducing the 1541 RAMBOan
douW. ihe GiapTac Label Wizard is ihe hottest <X» program around
California Games 24.97 Copy protection's "worst nightmare"
* Prai!agrapricaroupioBir«c(Se*;onasandardmatngWiei' The «eam das wefi !twe loi years rew an ineirpensive pece tf hardware ttol,
Captain Blood 30.97 * High Res ttsplay asows load and pmw of uc lo 'cur graphics'
when added » your system would atom you to Backup aWosl every smgie piece
* Save creased tabes an list teller recal
Deluxe Paint II 79.97 of soTnare ever reeased '& re C64
* Pnni catalog ol your Pi iWljsi
Digipaint 36.97 * Worts wji Epson ccrnpaoble and ComrnotMe 'MS 80t. 903 Software Support has just made the dream a reality!
Were proud Id introduces* 1M1 RAMBOarO a sma-i card thai can easry be
Digiview 134.97 compitaO* (nine's'
* Pmtertnanyttyieyoupnner sceoris rate Bt« Expanded1 nsta«eflirtofOWiS4' iHiCdiskcVwinSrrirtJtesiBiiigiijstascrwdnver With
Dive Bomber 24.97
* Prograrr «* retries euxngnewgracAcs' tnts cwertji card n place Uctup tiassles are a Tvg pf the past1 Wcrtfig nun
Earl Weaver Baseball .... . 30.97 * FREE BONUS 100 NEW grapKS created by Sorware SoWons speca sottnie 'he RAMSOi'd wi i tadne sotware *X otner uatnes car s even
Faery Tale 30.97 * SUPER C-W UOKy from ma people ■*) bought you SuoetCal scratch the surface ot And as new ptOecnofl schemes amve, «« create new
parameters D keep your RAhlBOard opeiaing Gehnj enemy Hies
Fire Power 15.97 ONLY $24.95 RAMBOan) aso comes Ounded witn a fast opet thai can arctirveafiijr(«necKl
Flight Simulator II 33.97
data dek in unoer 50 seconds'
Fhgh! Sim Scenery #7 17.97 The conceptsberwWcartrsystems arepubkOomafi SownyshajCyouriave
Flight Sim Scenery #11 . . 17.97 lopay S44 9S w moie for someone eises "car(P SoSware Suppor! will sell you
SYSRES1" ENHANCED therwc*»e'ta|us!$26»"'So(ywjiWitha« an untarWed ncome. don't
FA 18 Interceptor 30.97 Trw Oea—me mean J» Besl Base emincemenl system forlne C-64
Heros of the Lance 25.97 * Adds sv*r 25 mapr commands 10 Eas;
declared *a- on high pnees
* Extended Super DOS-Wedge • Scrolling in™ Base
Kindwords 60.97
* Renumber. Trace Seaitfv and marywr*' lealuies RAMBOard - Our Price: $26.95
Land of Legends 30.97 * '541 7t fail bader included Other companies "card" boards: 544.95 or more.
Leaderboard Golf 27.97 * MI mentor from Basic * Transferable to 1581 ■The 1M1 RAMBOard requnes sotrmae so cperate Tl*s sotware can be erthei
Leaderboard RC #1 13.97 ONLY $39.95 FlAUBOard paiameters. soon to be found on out Renegade program Oisk. or any
ol the Olhe* card" software aheady on the market
Maxiplan 500 109.95
Microfiche Filer 60.97
Money Mentor 59.97
Obliteralor 24.97 Super Cat
T«M 0* warcftng enlessly mrcugh your asis to find me one trDe
Paladin 24.97 ytu re invested 1' Frustrated by caalog programs Uial run oil ol
Ow knowledge ol protection schemes ras made us tarnous Now ind out how we
Phantasie 26.97 memory or storage space every time your as* Ibrary grows''
Then new is the w™ to invest in SuaerCat. the mosl sophisticate do what we do best. Our books are your key to REAL knowledge OTHERS ONLY
Phantasie III 26.97 GIVE SURFACE INFO - We dig deep, much deeper Let us show you 9* re and
do* cataloging system available today try your Commodore O64
Printmaster Plus 30.97 * Cataoc, sip tt 6« fete and 5000 mes per da*' ouao'lctlaysoopyprolecW' These tooks ate a must lor a.! senous Ccfmootte
Pnnlmaster An Gallery #1 .... 21.97 • Heaps asks wtti duplicate ID s users
* Reads wes tram the oVectwy of the dots 10 be cataloged
Prinlmaster An Gallery #2 . . . 21.97
* Mms 3dom nj-ng y ran berg cataloged1
REVEALED BOOK I «* *» b^ S2350
Printmaster Art Gallery #3 . . 18.97 • Pnrtsaiirgeianefy c* reports, ever creates labels lor you disks'
REVEALED BOOK II *» hevnon Car^ge $23.50
Printmaster Fonts Borders .... 21.97 • Opeiaus wth one wrmo 1541 fSfi «rt*ves'
Find out wttyAhoyiMagaanenttieFeo 1967 issue, gave r«gti prases REVEALED BOOK III COMING THIS FALL!!
Road Wars 21.97
to this powerful utnry SupsrCal - A CLASSIC1
Rocket Ranger 30.97
Rockford 21.97
Only $24.95
Sculpt 3D 66.97
Shadowgate 30.97
FLASH! Kracker Jax
Strip Poker 24.97 C-128 CANNON Earns a 5 Star Rating
Strip Poker Dala Disk #4 . . 13.97 THE TOTAL COPY/UTILITIES PACKAGE In INFO'S May-June '88 Issue
CHEATED JUST FOB C-128 OWNERS! Kracker Ju is the powaftul pararoew based copying system that has taken the
Strip Poker Dala Disk #5 .... 13.97 • TheNCWer PowerfuTWorkswithsingiecirOualiWI 157"*we*i country by slomV WTu! IS a pararreer' Its a custom program thai atews your
Test Drive 27.97 • FastCcper ForoadmgupdalactelsortorusewittiKractetJaj1 154tor 1571 askdnw to sinpAti copy cujractxjn from yow eiperaw stf>are
The Director 42.97 * File Copier Fiie transfers between 1WM581 1571 dnves' leawig you «rrfi UNPROTECTED. TOTALLY BROKEN BACKUPS that can even
t ISSlFasiCopier Copie$fromone35"disk1oanother-1or2dnves
Three Stooges 30.97 be copied with a sfrple fasl copjei1
t MFMCopier CowuW«eaedtBMc<CPMIwmaB-on1S71dn¥e
We declare KiKket Ju to oe the best system ol its krd on the - ■ • ■ ■ today1 A
Time Bandit 24.97 • Tracts Sector Ednor 1S41 1571 and even iS8i compataNe'
Turbo 15.97 * Error Scanrer Full leatured error scanner with on-screen display
Bui don't take our word lor it—it you want the REAL story on how good Kraduw
» Densny Scanner Allows check lor altered densities tiac* by 1 rack1
Uninvited 30.97 Ju is |usl ask one o! our cuslomers Donl worry ¥ou woni have any problem
* Directory Edilor1 Reoiganiie trie Oneclones en your 5 2b" disks
Vampire's Empire 21.97 * KratterJai iWof our honest mostpopular [larameters1

Zoom 18.97 • SP£CLALBONIJSEmWtobackupsofPocket2Senes-FFEE1

Vols 1-2-3-4 Only $9.95 ea.
rour Commodore 128 deserves trie best, so wt^ not gel trie best1

ONLY S34.95 Vols 5-6-7 Still Only 519.95 ea.


Orotong s VCV* We acCTpt money croen cerMed cfecks personal crw*S lor prevous Sotware Support Man your otaer to Sottware Surjpon int
cuswnersl VlSA.MC.&sara.aMCO0C«WsihppedtoUSA FPO.*PO,Caraca.DrMe.ico.i»«iiM 2700 NE ftndresen Roao ' Vancouver WA 98661
L. I I I I I : I 11 U L id $3 00 per cder tor sf^pnrj and hand rg COD availaCIf !o U S customers Orty add S2 25 arMrnoru, per
UUll \U n II t 0^ fomgn customers must all or wme fer euct shwmg cfiarges Defeotve nems are replaced at no charge
IF and cnh. f you cad lor a Rwum Automaton Nuntter M n stock Crters are processed artm 2* hours U S
Snco^ o by UPS OTOurO n mosl cases FAST 2nd DAY MR avawDie add $t M per pound addfflcnaJ |U S 48
States onryl US sortware orders owr 100 dollars wil rjestro*d 2nd Day A* at Our regular S3 00 SH Charge
WasNntjton resbents pieiS* add 7 i\ adMonal to Sales Tai All prices Sucked W change 1206) G$!> <Jfi1!i 7 il..y, a weeh.
Technical support available Call
Program Submissions Inviltd 12061 695-964!. 9am 5pm Pocilic lime.
Naad more mlo' CHI or writs lor our Im CiHtog Monday-Friday.

Reader Service No. 265
SPRITE 1 AND 2 COLOR REGISTERS: that the computer was executing (or trying to execute!) at
POKE 49172,39:POKE 49175,40 the point when you pressed the back arrow key will be dis
played. Now you at least have a reference point to where
Feel free to try other VIC register numbers in the POKE your ML troubles are. —Jeff Cobb
statements. If you use the fourth example above, don't for Otsego, MI
get to put the sprites on the screen so you can see the effects!
Machine language programmers can learn a lot about tim •10 REM LOCK UP LOCATOR
er A interrupts (not the same as an IRQ!) by examining the • 20 F0RX=53199T053247:READA:B=B+A:POKEX,A
program. But whatever the case, I'm sure youTJ enjoy the :NEXT
wild displays you can create. Have fun! •30 IFBO6795THENPRINT"ERR0R IN DATA. TRY
— Melvin Savage AGAIN.":END
Dear Park MD •40 PRINT"[CLEAR][DOWN] [4"*"] LOCK UP L0
CATOR INSTALLED[3" "][4"*"]"
Have you ever wanted to find out just where that certain 6" "][4"#"]"
track and sector leads to? Well, Track Trace for the C-64
and C-128 is here to do the job.
TRIGGER, AND[3" "][4"*"]"
Enter and save the program below. After running Track
•70 PRINT" [4"*"] SYS 53236 FOR A REPORT.
Trace, you will be prompted for a track and sector. Enter
[5" "][4tt*"]lt
zero for both if you want to end the program. Otherwise,
•80 DATA 120,169,207,141,21,3,169,220,141
the program will proceed to trace tracks and sectors, start
ing with the one you entered.
Those of who who know how to examine track 18 (direc •90 DATA 49,234,104,104,104,104,104,141,2
tory) can find the beginning track and sector of a program. 54,207,104,141,255,207,76,226,252,173
This way, you can trace an entire program just to see how •100 DATA 255,207,174,254,207,32,205,189,
many sectors it takes up. —Michael Jaecks 96,0,0
Alamogordo, NM
•10 REM TRACK TRACE Do any of your disks need to be validated? Why does
•15 PRINTM[CLEAR]M a drive fail to validate some disks? Does your 1571 really
•20 INPUT'ENTER TRACK,SECTOR (0,0 TO QUIT need that new ROM upgrade? Find out with this program.
)";T,S:A=T:B=S:PRINT:D=0:IFT=0 THEN END I didn't realize how bad my 1571 was until I started us
•30 PRINT"TRK:";A;"SEC:";B;:0PEN15,8,15:0 ing this simple check program, which adds up the number
PEN5 8 5 "#" *>f blocks of each directory entry. If the disk is sound, "Un
•40 PRINT"—> ";:D=D+1:IFD>1THENPRINTCHR$ used Blocks" should be equal to the "Blocks Free" total of
(13);:D=0 the directory, which is read from the BAM. If "Unused
•50 PRINT#15,"U1";5;O;T;S:GET#5,A$:GET#5, Blocks" is bigger, then the disk needs to be validated. If
it is smaller, then you're in trouble: your sloppy 1571 has
been allocating blocks already used by other files, and your
•60 A=ASC(A$)
disk probably cannot be validated. Because this bug shows
•70 IFB$="nTHENB=0:GOT090
up when the 1571 is writing to the second side, you can
•80 B=ASC(B$)
avoid it by using single-sided disks. A better solution is to
get the new ROM upgrade.
To use this program with a C-64, delete line 15 and "DI
RECTORY" in line 140. With a 1581 (a very neat little drive),
•110 CL0SE5:CL0SE15:G0T020
replace 664 with 3160 in line 20. -Michael Laliberte
Outremont, QUE
One of the most frustrating aspects of machine language
programming is locating the exact section of code causing
a machine lockup. Sometimes RUN STOP/RESTORE gets
you out of trouble but you still have no clue as to why it •20 DIM L%(300):TB=664:A=0:C=0:N=0:P=0:R=
happened. In BASIC, you have more than enough error mes 0:F=0:A$=""
sages that tell you what went wrong, but in ML you are •30 OPEN 15,8,15,"I0":0PEN 1,8,2, "$O,S,R
on your own.

That's why I wrote the Lockup Locator. It installs a short •35 PRINT CHR$(147):PRINT" READING TRACK
ML wedge program at 53199 (SCFCF) and is armed by 18 [3"."] >:COUNTED FILE":PRINT
typing SYS 53199. After that, load and run your ML pro •40 IF ST THEN CL0SEl:CL0SE15:G0T0 130
gram with the lockup troubles. When your program reach •50 IF P THEN N=N+1
es the lockup, just press the back arrow key and the sys •60 GET#1,A$:A=ASC(A$+CHR$(O)):IF C<254 T
tem will reset itself. Then type SYS 53236 and the address Continued on page 44
26 AHOY!
c r

By Dale Rupert

ach month, well present several challenges de group is smaller or as close as possible to the sum of the
signed to stimulate your synapses and toggle the 3 integers in any of the other groups.
bits in your cerebral random access memory. We
invite you to send your solutions to:

Commodares, c/o Ahoy! PROBLEM #58-4: WORD ORDER

P.O. Box 723 The user enters two words. The computer tells which of
Bethel, CT 06801 the two words would come first alphabetically if the letters
of each word were first arranged alphabetically. To "COM
We will print and discuss the cleverest, simplest, short
MODARES" and "AHOY" the computer responds "COM
est, most interesting and/or most unusual solutions. Be sure
to identify the name and number of the problems you are MODARES" since "ACDEMMOORS" precedes "AHOY".
solving. Put your name and address on the listings as well. Sort out your ideas before starting this easy one.
Show sample runs if possible. Briefly describe your solutions
and tell what makes them unique or interesting, if they are.
You must enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you This month we will discuss the best solutions to Com
want any of your materials returned. Solutions received by modares from the April 1988 issue of Ahoy! Problem #52-1:
the middle of the month shown on the magazine cover are Later Date was submitted by Wallace Leeker (Lemay, MO).
most likely to be discussed, but you may send solutions The problem is to write a subroutine which determines whe
and comments any time. Your original programming prob ther the date stored in AS is earlier than, later than, or the
lems, suggestions, and ideas are equally welcome. The best same as the date in B$. The dates are in MM/DD/YY for
ones will become Commodares! mat and are in the 20th century.
There were essentially two classes of solutions. One class
converted the dates from strings into numbers, then com
PROBLEM #56-1: UNDIVIDED PRIMES pared them. A better method is simply to compare the
This problem was submitted by Robert Boomers (Agnos, strings directly. This program from Leslie Walden (Detroit,
AR). Write a program which can find and display all prime MI) is a good example of the preferred method:
integers (divisible only by themselves and 1) which are less
than 30000. Only one catch: no division or multiplication 1 REM
is allowed. Sift through your programming experiences to REM COMMODARES PROBLEM #52-1
solve this one. REM LATER DATE
Here's an interesting problem from Jim Speers (Niles, •10 FOR N-l TO 3: READ A$,B$
MI). The user enters a time in HH:MM;SS (hours, min •20 GOSUB 50: NEXT N: END
utes, seconds) format. Write a program which gives the •30 DATA 03/08/88, 09/16/74, 01/02/03, 01
(smaller) angle between the hour hand and the minute hand /02/04
in degrees. You need some acute thinking here. •40 DATA 08/10/80, 08/10/80
•50 AV$=RIGHT$(A$,2) + LEFT$(A$,2) + MID$
This one from Necah Beyukdura (Ankara, Turkey) is cer (B$,4,2)
tainly no giveaway. You have 9 donated envelopes of mon •70 IF AV$=BV$ THEN C$="THE SAME AS "
ey to be distributed to 3 equally poor families. Each envel •80 IF AV$<BV$ THEN C$="EARLIER THAN "
ope contains at least $100 and less than $1000. Knowing ■90 IF AV$>BV$ THEN C$="LATER THAN "
the amount of money in each envelope, your task is to di •100 PRINT A$; " IS "; C$; B$; V
vide, in the most equitable manner, the 9 envelopes into •110 RETURN
3 groups. (Unlike the "11 apples divided evenly by 12 peo
ple" problem, applesauce is not an acceptable answer.) Lines 50 and 60 construct strings arranged in YYMMDD
Stated more formally, write a program which takes 9 ran order. Now the strings may be compared to determine which
dom integers from 100 to 999 and distributes them into 3 date is larger. If YY is the same in both strings, MM will
groups in such a manner that the sum of integers in each determine the order. If YY and MM are the same in the

AHOY! 27
two strings, DD decides which date is later. If the two strings the hours.
are equal, so are the dates. The following program from Jim Borden (Carlisle, PA)
Jim Speers (Niles, MI) used this ON-GOTO structure displays hours and fractional quarter-hours:
to select the message to be printed:
.1 REM ==================================
70 ON 2+(AV$<BV$)-(BV$<AV$) GOTO 80,90,1 •2 REM COMMODARES PROBLEM #52-2 :
90 PRINT A$;" IS THE SAME AS ";B$: RETUR •6 REM ==================================
100 PRINT A$;" IS LATER THAN ";B$: RETUR .5)/4: M=(HR-INT(HR))*4
]/4 HOURS.": IF MN>0 GOTO 10
If the logical expression (AV$<BV$) is true, its numeric
value is —1. If the expression is false, its numeric value Notice that Jim's formula for rounding to the nearests quarter
is 0. If neither logical expression is true, line 70 becomes hour is equivalent to Claude's formula above.
ON 2 GOTO 80,90,100 which jumps to line 90, the second Commodores readers can't resist a challenge, especially
line number in the list. If the first logical expression is true, when it comes to beating someone else's program speed.
the second must be false, and line 70 becomes ON 1 GOTO Case in point is Problem #52-3: Clock Segments submit
80,90,100 which branches to line 80. Similarly if the second ted by Bob Renaud (Washington, MA). Given a 24-hour,
logical expression is true, the minus sign in front of it caus 6-digit, 7-segment digital clock, you are to write a program
es line 70 to read ON 3 GOTO 80,90,100 which branches which displays in HH:MM:SS format all the times during
to line 100. the day when exactly half of the 42 digit segments are turned
Congratulations also to John Desclin (Brussels, Belgium), on. The program must print the number of times each hour
Bob Miller (Memphis, TN), Terry Jernigan (Raleigh, NC), and the total number of times within a day which meet this
Dale Ickes (Uhrichsville, OH), and Frank Colaricci (Winter criterion. Times run from 00:00:00 to 23:59:59. The num
Park, FL), each of whom sent similar solutions using string bers of segments lit for numerals "0" through "9" are 6, 2,
comparisons. 5, 5, 4, 5, 5, 3, 7, and 5. Bob's program ran on the C-64
Problem #52-2: Time Clock was suggested by Jim Speers. in 247 seconds.
The challenge is to write a program which converts any This solution from Craig Ewert (Crystal Lake, IL) is in
number of minutes to hours and quarter hours (rounded teresting in the feet that it runs more slowly on the C-128
to the nearest quarter hour). The shortest solution is this in FAST mode (220 seconds) than it does on the C-64 (212
one from Claude Landusky (Honolulu, HI). seconds).

-1 REM ================================== •2 TI$="[6"0"]":DIMCH(23):UL=2:PRINT"[CLE

•3 REM TIME CLOCK •3 DATA2,0,l,4,7,8:DATA2,3,5,6,9:DATA5,6,
>4 REM SOLUTION BY 2,4,3,7
•6 REM ================================== =0T010:READP$(I):NEXT
+7.5)/15)/4;MHOURS" •10 FORX1=OT02:C1=SA(X1)
•15 FORX2=OTOUL:C2=C1+SA(X2)
This solution prints hours and quarter-hours in decimal ■20 FORX3=0TO3:C3=C2+SA(X3):IFC3>15THEN55
form. The problem didn't explicitly require fractions, al •25 FORX4=0TO5:C4=C3+SA(X4):IFC4>17THEN50
though most other readers gave quarter-hours separate from •30 F0RX5=0T03:C5=C4+SA(X5):IFC5>19THEN45
• 35 FORX6=OTO5:C6=C5+SA(X6):IFC6=21THEN70
•40 NEXT
•50 NEXT
.. .your best original games and utilities for the 64, 128, -55 NEXT
and Amiga for publication in Ahoy! and Ahoyl's Amiga- •60 NEXT
User. Programs must be on disk, accompanied by printed ■65 UL=5:NEXT:G0T0200
documentation and a stamped, self-addressed return en ■70 HN=NM(X1)*1O:LA=X2:LB=X2:IFX2=OTHENLA
velope. Send to the Ahoy! Program Submissions Dept., =6:LB=10
Ion International Inc., 45 West 34th Street-Suite 500, •71 IFX2=OANDX1=OTHENLA=6:LB=7
New York, NY 10001.
• 75 LC=X3:LD=X3:IFX3=0THENLC=6:LD=8
• 80 LE=X4:LF=X4:IFX4=0THENLE=6:LF=10

28 AHOY!
• 85 LG=X5:LH=X5:IFX5=0THENLG=6:LH=8 Charles makes fine use of that "formerly obscure" com
• 90 LI=X6:LJ=X6:IFX6=0THENLI=6:LJ=10 mand PUDEF. The statement in line 30 defines the filler
•95 FORY2=LATOLB:HC=HN+NM(Y2) character to be a zero instead of a space in the PRINT US
■96 F0RY3=LCT0LD:F0RY4=LE TOLF ING instruction. This program runs on the C-128 in FAST
■98 Y5=LG mode in 228 seconds. C-64 users may enjoy converting this
•99 Y6=LI program into BASIC 2.0 and testing it.
•100 PRINT"[HOME]"P$(X1);P$(Y2);":";P$(Y3 Some other solutions to this problem were somewhat fest
);P$(Y4);n:M;P$(Y5);P$(Y6) er than these, but they were also much longer (using more
•101 CH(HC)=CH(HC)+1:CD=CI>+1 sophisticated indexing) or incorrect (allowing duplications).
•102 IFLJ>Y6THENY6=Y6+l:G0T0100 Jim Speers mentioned one of his axioms that programming
•103 IFLH>Y5THENY5=Y5+l:G0T099 tradeoffs are speed v. memory requirements, and/or flexi
bility v. complexity. No argument here.
Let's wrap it up with Problem #52-4: Factor Fun, sugges
ted by Dale Ickes (Uhrichsville, OH). The problem is to
display all factors of an integer specified by the user. A goal
•300 REM ===============================
is to do this as quickly as possible for large numbers.
•310 REM COMMODARES PROBLEM #52-3 : Dale sent the following program, which he wrote to help
•320 REM CLOCK SEGMENTS his daughter.
• 1 REM ================================
■350 REM ===============================
It is up to you to figure out how the program works. From •3 REM FACTOR FUN
Craig's notes, PS stores the printable characters, and SA •4 REM SOLUTION BY
stores the number of segments. Since 2, 3, 5, 6, and 9 all •5 REM DALE ICKES
light 5 segments, they are handled by special loops within •6 REM ==================================
the print routine in lines 70-105. Craig mentioned that Y5 •10 INPUT"FACTOR WHAT NUMBER";A
and Y6 are not within loops because the C-64 runs out of •20 FOR C=A TO 1 STEP -1
stack space if they are. NM stores the actual digit repre •30 B=A/C: IF B=INT(B) THEN PRINT B;
sented by the indexes X1-X6 and Y2-Y6, used only for count •40 NEXT
ing the occurrences for each hour in lines 70 and 95. Any •50 PRINT: GOTO 10
clues as to why this runs so slowly on the C-128?
The shortest solution of reasonable speed is this one for
Indeed it runs very slowly for larger numbers. One of the
the C-128 from Charles Kluepfel (Bloomfield, NJ).
easiest ways to speed up this program is to check for divi
sors only as large as the square root of the given integer
•1 REM ==================================
(the other factor will always be larger than the square root,
•2 REM COMMODARES PROBLEM #52-3 : but is found when dividing by the smaller factor). The next
•3 REM CLOCK SEGMENTS level of speed improvement for large integers is to use a
•4 REM SOLUTION BY table of prime numbers which has previously been created.
•5 REM CHARLES KLUEPFEL Claude Landusky sent this solution which incorporates
•6 REM ======= C-128 ONLY ============= both of these features.
•7 T=TI
•10 DATA 6,2,5,5,4,5,5,3,7,5:F0R 1=0 TO 9 •1 REM ==================================
•20 DIM C(59),TH(23):K=0:F0R J=0 TO 5:F0R •3 REM FACTOR FUN
• 30 PUDEF"0":PRINT"[CLEAR]"j:TH=3:FR=4:TW •6 REM ==================================
•40 FOR H=0T023:CH=C(H):F0RM=0T059:CM=TW- ES OVER AN HOUR FOR N TO REACH 31627[3".
N:FORS=0TO59:IFCM=C(S)THENPRINTUSING"##: -20 DIM P(3500):P(0)=2:C=l
##:##";H,M,S;:PRINT"[HOME]";:TH(H)=TH(H) •30 FORN=3TO31627STEP2:X=O:PRINT N;
+1 •40 Q=P(X):IFQ*Q>NTHENP(C)=N:C=C+1:GOT070
M,11;:PRINT"[HOME]";:TH(H)=TH(H)+1:BEND •60 X=X+1:GOT040
TT=TT+TH(I):NEXT:PRINTTT 11: F=0: C=0: IFN>999999999THEN80
•50 PRINT:PRINT(TI-T)/60 •90 Q=P(F):IFQ*Q>NTHEN120

AHOY! 29
•100 IFN/Q=INT(N/Q)THENN=N/Q:C=1:PRINTQ;: ges. Keep those solutions and problems coming. □
•110 F=F+l:G0T090
•120 IFC=OTHENPRINT"PRIME"=;:GOT0140 Congratulations also to these readers who have not already
•130 IFNO1THENPRINTN; been mentioned:
Saul Betesh (Kingston, ONT)
The disadvantage of this program is that it takes over an Carlton Burton (Easton, TX)
hour to calculate prime numbers up to 31627 (the smallest Stephen Byers (Monteagle, TN)
prime greater than the square root of 999,999,999) and store Tony Casciato (Virginia Beach, VA)
them in P(). Once they are calculated, the program quick Carlos Centeno (Lares, PR)
ly finds prime factors of integers up to 999,999,999. Do David Dean (APO, NY)
you know the prime factors of 987,654,321? Jerry Dellacca (Beech Grove, IN)
You might modify this program by removing the PRINT Jason Denlinger (Walkersville, MD)
N; in line 30. Also change the limit in line 30 from 31627 Tim Fan-ell (Antigonish, NS)
to something smaller, thereby limiting the range of input Jesus Geliga-Torres (Aguadilla, PR)
values allowed. Using a limit of 300 in the FOR-NEXT Louis Lemire
loop lets you find factors of integers up to 300*300 or 90,000. Elizabeth Lindsey (East Brookfield, MA)
You may also add instructions to this program to save the Larry Miranda (Toronto, ONT)
prime numbers in a separate disk file. The next time you John Murphy (Neosho, MO)
run the program, just load the prime numbers from disk William O'Keefe (Niagara Falls, ONT)
rather than calculate them. The time savings will be tre David Rice (Phoenix, AZ)
mendous. Bob Rispoli (Ridge, NY)
Notice that Claude's program gives only prime factors. Andrew Rosenthal (Flushing, NY)
You must change it in order to list all pairs of integer fac Herbert Schlickenmaier (Alexandria, VA)
tors as given by Dale's program. For example, the prime Wayne Silberman (Thomhill, ONT)
factors of 12 are 2, 2, and 3. On the other hand, 12 can D. Topper (Gibsons, BC)
be factored as 1*12, 2*6, and 3*4. Changing this program Sarah Walden (Detroit, MI)
to list all pairs of factors could be an interesting task in itself. Terry Wollner (Tucson, AZ)
Hopefully you will have fun with this month's challen- Patrick Ziegler (Bismarck, ND)
Linear Programmer
Solves lincjr programming problems of tin lo 51)
variables anil 35 constraints. Systems mn be re
stricted by const rjmts of ft/ualitj. Itisihan or giaia
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2X, + 5X,<60

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of, . . /
found in college level analytical geometry lext
books. After entering point lines, planes and vec
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planes: find intersection of 3 planes. 1 planes, line
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lions. Entries nude and answers displaced in users
:ric equation, parametric equaiion. multiple points,


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ble-spaced, please) to Flotsam, c/o Ahoy!, Ion Interna to people about hardware upgrades. We will also have a
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I am in the middle stages of publishing a C-128 user's Independence, MO 64052
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I am of the belief that the 128 is a fine computer, and I I must write to protest your past review of Epyx's Sub
would like to see it around a few more years. Battle Simulator (February '88 Ahoy!). From the review
Could you please let your readers know about this book? one gets the impression that the game is well-designed and
I need to hear from more 128 authors, and to get their soft worth purchasing. In reality, the simulation is incredibly
ware out to all interested users. I have reviewed over 200 bad and I cannot believe that a company with Epyx's impres
fine C-128 programs for this book, but am still lacking in sive record would release such a half-baked piece of soft
a few areas. I know your magazine is always cramped for ware. Your reviewers did not even point out that the simula
space, but this help will not only benefit me, but all 128 users. tion allows the player to cross land masses with the sub,
Here's what our book will have: as well as to operate indefinitely with a dead battery. Lack
Reviews of all types of 128 software (no commercial pro of attention to these details makes for very ridiculous and
grams); BBS's, wordpros, terms, databases, games, utilities, unconvincing gameplay (I consider these lapses to be bugs).
business software, and much more. Also, we will have arti What is the point of a "simulation" that does not follow ob
cles from public domain writers, info on their latest prod vious rules of logic?
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AHOY! 31
[ ""

Metam rphosis
Take a
Many Faces of
rather drab, slow-moving BASIC program
and compile it. Lo and behold—a sleek, fast ma
chine language program appears. Last month we
presented a bare-bones compiler written in
BASIC to generate this metamorphosis. This month we will
examine the details of the compilation process.
We will follow the compiler step by step. Hopefully when
we are finished, you will be able to modify the compiler
yourself and increase its capabilities. This is not a task for
die novice. It will take some study, a knowledge of BASIC,
BASIC Program
and some machine language skills. If you have been looking
for a challenging and rewarding software project, this may
be it.

The compiler, called Mini-comp, is listed on page 62.
It is nearly the same as the original version presented last
month. Later we will discuss the few changes made to last
month's program. We will also mention some changes re
quired to make the compiler run on the C-128. First let's
review the procedure for using Mini-comp.
With Mini-comp loaded into memory, add your BASIC
program to be compiled (called the source code) between
lines 0 and 999. Delete the lines of the sample program
given in the listing. Line 999, or the last line of your pro
gram, should be an END statement. Debug your source
code in BASIC as you normally do. RUN your program
and edit it until it works the way it should. When the bugs
are gone, compile it.
To compile your program, type RUN 2000. This bypass
es the source code and jumps into the compiler. If the com
pilation is successful, you will see instructions to use the
SYS command to execute the compiled program. Your
BASIC program has been compiled (translated) into machine
language and stored in memory starting at address 49408.
The program in memory at that addresss is called the ob
ject code. The object code is an executable machine lan
guage program.

Type SYS 49408 in direct mode to run the compiled ver

sion of your program. The sample program given in the
listing last month runs about 30 times faster when com
piled than the corresponding interpreted program does.
If your compilation was not successful, the compiler de
scribes the first error it found, and you will see a state
ment identifying the line number containing a syntax error.
Recall from last month that the syntax of Mini-comp is very PHOTOGRAPHY 8

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it, use the coupon here.)
limited compared to standard BASIC. Only single-letter var memory location assigned to the variable B. The compiler
iable names are allowed. Only integer variables are suppor must convert the 5 into a two-byte integer quantity $0005
ted (values from -32768 to 32767). The entire syntax is and then store those bytes in SC002 and SC003, B's stor
represented in the source line from 5 to 999 this month. age address. The assembly language code to perform this
These are all the allowed forms of instructions that Mini- operation is:
comp can handle. Fix up any syntax errors, then re-com
pile the program with RUN 2000 until it is successful. LDA #$05 ;get LSB of B
STA SC002 ; store it
MEMORY MAP LDA #$00 ;get MSB of B
On the C-64, RAM is available from SCOOO to SCFFF STA SC003 ;store it
for user programs. Mini-comp stores the object code in
memory beginning at location PM which is 49408 ($C100 The first statement loads a 5 into the accumulator. This is
hex) in line 2060. Currently the space from 49408 to 53247 the least significant byte (LSB) of variable B's value. The
(SCFFF) can be used for your object code. EM in line 2070 second statement puts this quantity into memory location
stores the last available address for object code. SC002. Next B's most significant byte (MSB) which is 0
Variables are each stored in two bytes (least significant is loaded into the accumulator. Finally it is stored in loca
byte first) beginning at 49152 (SCOOO). The two bytes of tion SC003.
variable A are stored in 49152 and 49153 (SC001). B's value Follow the steps of the compiler program as it translates
is stored in 49154 and 49155, and so on, up to Z which the source code and stores the object code for 10 B=5. As
is stored in locations 49202 and 49203. When the compil suming line 10 is the first program line, the source code
er variable C stores the ASCII value of a source code vari in memory looks like this starting at address 2049:
able's name (A=65, B=66 Z=90), this formula in line
1310 calulates the variable's storage address AD:
Address: value ;Meaning

AD = (C-65)*2 + VM 2049: 9 ;Next Line Pointer LSB

2050: 8 ;Next Line Pointer MSB
VM is given the value 49152 in line 2050 as the start of 2051: 10 ;Current Line Number LSB
variable storage. RAM from 49204 up to the start of object 2052: 0 ;Current Line Number MSB
code at 49408 is unused. 2053: 66 ;ASCII value of UB"
The memory map for the C-64 is as follows: 2054: 178 ;BASIC token for u="
2055: 53 ;ASCII value of "5"
Basic Source Code: 2049 - 40959 ($0801 - S9FFF) 2056: 0 ;End of Line (EOL) token
Compiler Storage
Integer Variables A-Z: 49152 - 49203 (SCOOO - SC033) The next line pointer and current line number are handled
Unused: 49204 - 49407 (SC034 - SCOFF) in lines 2130 through 2190 of the compiler. Line 2210 fet
Object Code: 49408 - 53247 ($C100 - SCFFF) ches and stores the next byte of source code (66) which
is the ASCII value for "B"
TRANSLATION PROCESS Line 2220 calls the routine at line 1300 to see if the byte
Last month we discussed the method by which the com of source code in C is a variable. If the routine at 1300
piler parses the source code, fetching line numbers and in returns with the variable flag VG true (it does in our ex
struction tokens. We also outlined the functions of the gen ample), the source code byte is a variable. The routine at
eral purpose subroutines starting at line 1000. We discussed 1300 returns with the two addresses for the variable's stor
the array LL() which stores source code line numbers and age in A0, Al, A2, and A3. A0 and Al are the LSB and
the starting addresses of the corresponding object code. Fi the MSB of the address of the variable's LSB. A2 and A3
nally we analyzed the operation of the "jump table" repre are the LSB and the MSB of the address of the variable's
sented by array JT(). MSB.
Now let's see how the compiler translates BASIC source In our example, the variable B is stored in SC002 (LSB)
code into machine language. We saw that there are six main and $C003 (MSB). Consequently A0=2 ($02), Al=192
paths of the syntax diagram corresponding to BASIC state (SCO), A2=3 ($03), and A3=192 (SCO). Line 3010 trans
ments IF, GOTO, PRINT, REM, and END, as well as the fers those values to DO, Dl, D2, and D3 representing the
assignment statement (an understood LET statement). Line "destination" address.
2220 branches to the routine at line 3000 if the first byte Line 3030 fetches the next byte of source code which
in the source line is a variable. Lines 2230 through 2270 is the token for "=". BASIC uses values greater than 127
handle the other types of statements. for its key words. These values are called tokens. The token
Consider the source code statement value for "=" is 178. Line 3030 generates an error if the
value just fetched is not 178. According to the syntax dia
10 B=5 gram presented last month, "=" is the only token that may
follow a variable. Likewise, the byte following the "=" may
How is this translated into machine language? Clearly the be either a minus sign, an integer, or a variable name. Line
purpose of this statement is to store the quantity 5 in the 3040 fetches the next byte, and line 3050 tests it.

AHOY! 35
For our example, the next byte is 53, the ASCII value is loaded into the accumulator, and B's LSB is added to
for "5". Line 3060 stores a minus sign if there is one (to it. The result is stored as Cs LSB. The carry flag stores
ken value 171). In our case, line 3065 stores a space char the carry, if there is one. Now A's MSB is loaded into the
acter and then the character "5r in C$. This emulates the accumulator, and B's MSB and the carry are added. The
way BASIC handles numeric quantities for printing. Addi result is stored as Cs MSB.
tional digits of the integer would be fetched and added a Lines 3410 through 3580 of the compiler create the object
character at a time by lines 3070 through 3100 until the end code for the integer addition. Be careful not to confuse the
of the program line is reached. The End of Line (EOL) variable names used in the remarks of the compiler with
character is always zero. those of the source code in our example. The compiler re
Now C$ stores the string equivalent of "5". It is conver marks are for a source line A=B+C, and our example is
ted into a numeric quantity in line 3120. Line 3130 verifies C=A+B.
that the quantity is an integer (otherwise a BASIC error Line 40 of the source code is GOTO 30. This is com
is generated). Line 3140 converts negative integers from piled into a machine language JMP instruction. On the first
-32768 to -1 into positive integers from 32768 to 65535. pass, the compiler does not try to determine the address
They are now in "two's complement" form. Line 3150 calls of line 30's object code to which to "jump." Instead it cre
die routine at 1400 to break this number into its LSB and ates an entry in the Jump Table JT() indicating the current
its MSB. Line 3170 stores those values in variables LSB line number (40), the target line number (30), and the mem
and MSB. ory location after the JMP instruction where line 30's start
Everything is ready to generate the object code for this ing address will be stored.
program line. Line 3175 shows the assembly form of the Initially line 5120 stores 0's for the two bytes of line 30's
code to be generated. It matches the assembly code listed starting address. In this example, the object code for line
above. The object code values are stored in C(l) through 30 starts at address 49430 and line 40 starts at address
C(10). The object code for LDA immediate is 169 ($A9) 49449. The object code for JMP (76) is stored in 49449.
(see your Programmer's Reference Manual). The object code In pass 1 of the compiler, 0 is stored in 49450 and 49451.
for STA absolute is 141 ($8D). The other values of C() During pass 2 of the compiler, lines 2420 through 2560
are the variables we have just discussed. look up line 30's starting address in LL(), convert it to LSB/
If "10 B=5" is the first line of our source code, CM has MSB format, and store those bytes in addresses 49450 and
a value of 49152, the start of object code memory. The rou 49451 after the JMP instruction. In our example, line 30's
tine at 1500 POKEs the values of C() into memory starting starting address is SC116 (49430). In LSB/MSB format this
at 49152. Those values for this example will now be: is $16/$C1 (22/193). So the object code for line 40 starting
at address 49449 becomes 76, 22, 193.
.ddress Decimal Value Assembly Code

49152 169 LDA ^{immediate) CONDITIONAL BRANCHING

49153 5 5 Mini-comp currently allows only the test IF A=B THEN
49154 141 STA (absolute) mm where mm is a line number. It is easy also to allow
49155 2 $02 (LSB) IF A < B THEN mm. The routine at line 4000 handles
49156 192 SCO (MSB) the IF/THEN statement. Line 4040 tests for the "=" (to
49157 169 LDA #(immediate) ken value 178) after the first variable name. To allow a " < "
49158 0 0 (token value 179), change line 4040, add 4045, and change
49159 141 STA (absolute) just the first statement in line 4230:
49160 3 $03 (LSB)
49161 192 $C0 (MSB) 4040 IF CO178 AND CO179 THEN STOP
4045 BR=144: IF C=178 THEN BR=208
Consequently our source code in addresses 2049 through 4230 C(15)=BR: ...
2056 has become 10 bytes of object code shown above.
Now if the conditional test of the IF/THEN statement is
MANY FACIS "A < B", line 4045 gives BR, the branch instruction, a value
We don't need such excruciating detail to understand the of 144. This is the op-code for BCC (Branch if Carry Clear).
translation of the other paths of the syntax diagram. Figure Otherwise BR has the value 208 which is the op-code for
1 shows the many faces of a sample program and the pro BNE (Branch if Not Equal).
cess of its metamorphosis. The source statements
The first line of source code is the one we just discussed.
You should be able to trace through the compiler program 50 IF X<Y THEN 80
to see how the other BASIC statements are translated into
the object code as shown in Part HI of Figure 1. Notice and
that the assembler mnemonics are not actually generated.
They are shown in the Figure to help us interpret the object 50 IF X=Y THEN 80
Line 30 is compiled into the integer addition routine as generate the following object code, shown in assembly lan
shown. The carry flag is cleared (CLC). Variable A's LSB guage form:

36 AHOY!
Y (carry clear) or whether X is less than Y (carry set).
If they are equal, lines 4 and 5 are needed to test the LSBs.
At line 6, the flags are set as follows:
Condition Carry flag Zero Flag
6 TEST2 ??? NEXT ;BNE or BCC X<Y set clear
7 JMP mm X=Y clear set
8 NEXT X>Y clear clear

Lines 1 and 2 compare the MSBs of X and Y. If they If the IF/THEN statement is testing for X=Y, line 6 will
are not equal, the carry flag tells whether X is greater than contain a BNE (branch if zero flag not set) statement to
bypass the JMP instruction in line
7. If the IF/THEN test is for X < Y,
line 6 will contain a BCC (branch
The Many Faces i )f a Compiled BASIC Program
if carry clear) statement to bypass
the JMP. In line 7, mm corresponds
1. Source Code on the Screen to the address of line 80 in object
10 B=5 memory. It is determined just like
20A=B the GOTO mm statement which we
30 C=A+B discussed earlier.
40 GOTO 30
II. Source Code in Memory
REM statements are handled by
decimal hex hex (Isb msb) decimal decimal the routine at line 8000 which sim
address address next line ptr line # tokenized code and EOL ply fetches the bytes of source code
2049 $0801 $09 $08 and ignores them. The END state
10 00 66 178 53 0
2057 $0809 $11 $08 20 00 65 178 66 0 ment is converted in line 7000 into
2065 $0811 $1B $08 30 00 67 178 65 170 66 0 a machine language RTS (Return
2074 $081B $24 $08 40 00 137 32 51 48 0 from Subroutine) instruction. This
2082 $0824 $00 $00 - transfers control from your machine
language object code back to the
III. Compiled Assembly Code and Objec tCode
BASIC interpreter.
Assembler Hexadecimal Decimal The only other instruction cur
line BASIC mnemonics object code object i :ode rently allowed by Mini-comp is the
10 B=5 LDA #5 A9 05 169 5
PRINT statement. Its variations are
STA B.LSB 8D 02 CO 141 2 192 PRINT, PRINT A, or PRINT
LDA#O A9 00 169 0 CHR$(A), each with an optional
STA B.MSB 8D 03 CO 141 3 192 semicolon at the end. The routine
at line 6000 compiles the PRINT
20 A=B LDA B.LSB AD 02 CO 173 2 192
STA A.LSB 8D 00 CO 141 0 192
LDA B.MSB AD 03 CO 173 3 192
STA A.MSB 8D 01 CO 141 1 192
both use the subroutine at line 6200
to print a single character on the
30 C=A+B CLC 18 24 screen. This subroutine calls the
LDA A. LSB AD 00 CO 173 0 192 Kemal routine CHROUT at address
ADC B.LSB 6D 02 CO 109 2 192 SFFD2. CHROUT requires that the
STA C.LSB 8D 04 CO 141 4 192
accumulator contain the ASCII val
LDA A.MSB AD 01 CO 173 1 192
ue of the character to be displayed.
ADC B.MSB 6D 03 CO 109 3 192
STA C.MSB 8D 05 CO 141 5 192 Subsequently JSR SFFD2 displays
that character.
40 GOTO 30 JMP (LINE 30) 4C V. V. 76 ?? 7> PRINT without an argument is
the same as "PRINT CHR$(13);"
which prints a single carriage re
VARIABLE STORAGE turn. Line 6020 performs that task.
A LSB $C000 PRINT CHR$(A) is handled at line
MSB $C001 6300. The LSB of the variable A is
B LSB $C002 loaded into the accumulator. Due to
MSB $C003 the fact that CHR$() only allows
C LSB $C004
arguments from 0 to 255, the MSB
MSB $C005
of A is ignored.
The object code for PRINT
AHOY! 37
CHR$(A); is as follows: It is also relatively slow during execution. You could write
a different PRINT A routine and replace the DATA state
LDA A.LSB ments starting at line 11080 with your code. Your routine

JSR $FFD2 must convert the 2-byte signed integer in the X (LSB) and
Y (MSB) registers into ASCII characters and print them.

The object code for PRINT is Your routine should start at $C0E0 and end with an RTS

LDA #13
If you want to convert Mini-comp for die C-128, here are
some suggestions. You must supply a PRINT A routine as
Line 6400 tests for a semicolon after PRINT CHR$(A). described above. The routine at $BDCD for the C-64 is
If there is no semicolon, line 6390 adds the object code not valid for the C-128. There are some documented rou
to print a carriage return. tines which you might use, however. The Kernal routine
The most complicated source code statement to imple CHROUT (called BSOUT for the C-128) still resides at
ment in this compiler is PRINT A. It is processed begin SFFD2 and works the same as on the C-64 to print a sin
ning at line 6040. The remark in line 6050 is corrected from gle character.
last month's listing. The object code is simply this: JSR SAF03 (GIVAYF) converts a 2-byte signed integer
(MSB in accumulator, LSB in X register) into a floating
LDX A.LSB ;Put A's LSB in X point value in the floating point accumulator (FAC1). JSR
LDY A.MSB ;Put A's MSB in Y SAF06 converts the value in FAC1 into an ASCII string at
JSR $C0E0 ;call Print Integer routine $0100 terminated with a 0 byte. Your routine could take
characters starting at $0100 and print them using BSOUT
The routine at $C0E0 is disassembled in Figure 2. The until the zero byte is reached.
routine is called with As MSB in the Y register and the You must change the memory values in the following lines
LSB in the X register. After printing the leading space or for the C-128. Here are some suggested values:
minus sign, the routine converts A from a signed integer
(-3Z768 to 32767) into an unsigned integer (0 to 65535). 2050 VM=3072 :REM VARIABLES @ $0C00
The C-64 BASIC ROM routine at $BDCD converts a 2- 2060 PM=3122 :REM OBJECT CODE @ $0C32
byte unsigned integer into a floating point quantity which 2070 EM=3583 :REM OBJECT CODE @ $0DFF
is then converted into an ASCII string and printed. 2080 BT=7169 :REM BASIC TEXT @ $1CO1
This is a very roundabout way to implement PRINT A.
Also change line 11010 to the starting address of your PRINT
FIGURE 2 A routine and change the checksum value CS in line 11020.
A "pause" key feature has been added to Mini-comp since
last month in lines 2300 and 2310. Press any key to stop
* the display after the current line. Press another key to con
3 RUPER1] ? REPORT #58
tinue. Also line 2595 has been added indicating the range
of addresses occupied by the object code. Don't forget the
5 ; A SIGNED ] INTEGER -32768 TO 32767
change to the remark in line 6050.
6 Hopefully you now have an understanding of the compi
lation process. Following our discussion, you should be able
10 $C0E0 A9 20 LDA #$20 t to modify Mini-comp to handle other BASIC commands.
11 $C0E2 C8 INY ;MSB For example, GOSUB can be modeled after the GOTO state
12 $C0E3 88 DEY ;SET FLAGS ment. Use JSR instead of JMP in the object code. The RE
14 $C0E6 A9 2D LDA #$2D ;N0, "-" TURN statement becomes simply RTS. It should not be
15 $C0E8 20 D2 FF JSR $FFD2 ;PRINT IT difficult to save your compiled programs to disk for use
16 $C0EB 98 TYA ;GET MSB by other programs. In future columns we will implement
17 $C0EC 10 OC BPL $COFA ; >=0? floating-point math operations, string functions, and addi
18 $C0EE 8A TXA ;N0, LSB tional BASIC statements.
19 SCOEF 49 FF EOR #$FF ;1'S COMP If you are not interested in expanding Mini-comp, you
20 SC0F1 18 CLC ;+l GIVES might enjoy creating models using Mini-comp's limited syn
21 $C0F2 69 01 ADC #$01 ;2'S COMP tax to implement more sophisticated BASIC statements and
23 $COF5 98 TYA ;GET MSB all be simulated with simpler IF-THEN-GOTO statements.
24 $C0F6 49 FF EOR #$FF ;1'S COMP Reduced instruction set (RISC) microprocessors are cur
25 $C0F8 69 00 ADC #$00 ;+ CARRY rently the trend for new hardware designs. This compiler
gives you ample opportunity to work with a reduced instruc
27 $COFD 60 tion set. Enjoy it. □
38 AHOY!
For the C-64
By John Fraleigh
ombs Away! seems like a very simple game. A
mad arsonist prowls the top of a building,
armed with bombs and dynamite sticks. You
are equipped with buckets of water which you
i ,1 J ,1 , I
must use to catch and extinguish the bombs. As I said, it
seems very simple—but before you know it the bombs are
dropping at a rate of about 15 per second.
You start the game with three buckets of water. You move
them back and forth via a joystick plugged into Port 2. If
you miss a bomb, it will of course explode, and it will cost
you one of your buckets. Each consecutive level features
more bombs and faster action. Also, the higher the level,
the more points each bomb is worth. The game ends when
you've lost all three buckets. A high score is kept. You'll
need to be very quick to do well—good luck.
Entering the program requires the use of Flankspeed (see
page 61). The starting address is SCOOO and the ending ad es a short routine into the hardware interrupt to allow for
dress is SC55R To start, SYS 49152. more than two sprite multicolors and to divide the screen
The program takes advantage of the sprite, redefined char into two different screen colors. □
acter, color, and sound capabilities of the 64. It also wedg- SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 69

Excellence ...
for the Commodore
Li. Kenial - a 20 or 40 Megabyte Hard Drive which supports
CP/M, includes enhanced system commands, and is expandable,
configurable, & FAST! Great for BBS operation.

Super Graphix GOLD - the ultimate printer interface which

supports 128 FAST serial and includes a 32K buffer, 4 built-in
fonts, 4 downloadable fonts, and a utility disk with 27 fonts.
Super Graphix - an enhanced printer interface which has NLQ
built-in and includes an 8K buffer, 2 downloadable fonts, reset
button, and a utility disk with 27 fonts.

Super Graphix jr - an economical printer interface with NLQ

built-in and includes 10 printing modes, graphics, and easy

FontMaster II - a powerful wordprocessor for the C64 with

30 fonts ready to use, 65 commands, font creator, data merging,
super and subscripting, italicizing and more.

FontMaster 128 - a super wordprocessor for the 128 with 56 fonts

ready to use including foreign language fonts, on screen font preview,
4 column printing, a 102,000 word spell checker and much more.

The Xetec Product Family for the Commodore C64® and 128®
The name that spells Quality, Ajfordability, and Reliability
All Hardware is FCC Certified All Interfaces include a Lifetime Warranty
~.^^~=.==zz. Commodore C64 and 128 are registered trademarks of Commodore Business Machines, Inc.
—s——,^——^^ Xetec, Inc. 2804 Arnold Rd. Salina, KS. 67401 (913) 827-0685

Circle #113 on Reader Service Card

AHOY! 39
Entering Your Screen's Forbidden Territories
By Michael A. Grotton
ver the many years of the Commodore 64's and hit"+" to advance the color by one and "—" to decrease
existence, many impressive products have it by one. If you prefer a solid color scroll, simply turn
come out for it. But every now and then there each of the numbers to the designated color. Next the pro
will appear a quirky little routine that is truly gram will ask you for the speed. For this enter 1 for fast,
astonishing. The use of mathematical functions in sprite 2 for medium, and 3 for slow. These control how fast the
movements, for instance, was a ground-breaking achieve flashing will be. Your next two options are self-explana
ment that originated in Europe and made its way to the US tory: Save to save the scroll as a separate routine, and Quit
in due time. Now I'd like to share one of my own discover to exit the editor.
ies with you. The only restriction on the scroll routine is that you can
While traveling through Europe in the summer of'87 I not use memory between $2000 and $2300. This is used
stopped off at a little software shop in Holland. On one for data storage by the sprite scroll. Also, the scroll rou
of the monitors I saw a picture setup that was occupying tine uses the hardware interrupt vector at S0314 and S0315,
the entire screen. More than just the normal visible view so not all DOS wedges/cartridges will work with it unless
ing area—the whole screen. The side borders, top border, they offer "transparent" operation.
bottom border—everything! Now that you know how to create a scroll with side bor
When I asked the store owner if I could possibly borrow der sprites, here is a little info on how I eliminated the side
an ML monitor and a computer for awhile, he rudely re border to allow the sprites to show their faces there.
sponded: "If you want to do that, go back to America and For one thing, my routine only works if all sprites are
figure it out for yourself. I ain't gonna help you." It seems on and are in the general vicinity of one another (i.e., the
that European programmers arc not too willing to share their scroll sets up all 8 sprites next to each other on the same
secrets. Feeling a little cocky, I replied: "No problem!" And line). The most important factor is timing. I have two dif
some months later, here I am. ferent ways of making sure everything happens when I want
Before getting into specifics, let's take a look at the ed it to. One is a raster interrupt (check out Mapping the 64
itor I have written for you as an example of side border under SD01A). I set it to occur when the raster line reach
elimination. Side Bonier Scroll Editor is 10 blocks of code es the same starting line as the sprites. Next I must make
(about 2V&K). It is actually two separate programs com sure my vital code occurs at that exact moment. I accom
bined: the editor for editing the text, color, and speed of plish this by using both a countdown routine and NOPs (No
color changes, and the sprite scroll/side border eliminator. Operations). The NOPs take up about 2 cycles. The count
After entering the editor with Fkmkspeed (page 61), load down routine works like this:
it up and type SYS 49152 on a blank line and hit RETURN.
After a moment or two you will see sprites entering a por LDY #S06
tion of the side border. For a better effect, set the border LOOP DKY
color the same as the screen color. I find that POKE 53281. BPL LOOP
0:POKE 53280,0 works best.
When you are done viewing the scroll, type SYS 49541. So it simply stalls the computer temporarily. Next I need
This is the disabling SYS for the routine. Now type SYS the proper amount of NOPs to get the raster right where
50688. This will enter the editor. Your options will be to: I want it. Now the trick: by toggling 53270 (SD016) in and
1) Edit text out of 38 column mode (i.e., shrinking the border), the
2) Edit preferences 64 will forget about drawing any border at all. Of course
3) Save the scroll another part of it is necessary. By pushing the screen down
4) Quit the editor using the vertical scroll register at 53265 (SD011) I insure
If you choose to edit text, the screen will clear and a cur that nothing will get inside the sprite area to mess up the
sor will appear. Be careful not to scroll the screen, as what speed of the raster. One interesting note is that by elimi
is on the screen will be transported to the sprite scroll area. nating that part of the screen we get some garbage in its
Type your text, ending with 20 spaces, place the cursor place. This is somehow controlled by the last viewed byte
at the end of your typing (or after the 20 spaces), and hit in the VIC chip's current bank. In the normal setting this
fl. The editor will place an endmark on the screen where byte lies at 16383 ($3FFF). By turning it to a zero the gar
your cursor was and move your text into the scroll's buffer. bage is more than taken care of.
Now for preferences. The sprite scroll has seven color I hope you enjoyed this article/program. If you would
phases which it cycles through to make the scroll flash. To like more info on the trick or a copy of my own source
change any one of the seven colors, move the arrow (with files, write me care of Ahoy! D
the cursor right/left key) below the color you want to change, SEE PROGRAM LISTING ON PAGE 71

40 AHOY!
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Skeleton by Daryl Maksymec (Regina, Saskatchewan). At bottom left is the second most frightening hole in the ground
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42 AHOY!

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COMMODORE 1902BGB COLOR MONITOR i57i $199.95 Package of 10 Diskettes


Cm 581 $184.95 $499
$659 S'AiwM $164.95 SAME PACKAGE
S"7/I Q

- 1802COLOR....$169.95 51 UK HAM Computer • Key
<-t1084COLOR....$284.95 PRINTERS
DISK-1902 RGB COLOR MONITOR board -360K l-loppy Drive
4.7-7.1GMHZ. ■ 12"Mcntlor


.....$299.95 P-6
*T*?!*!: $419.05
J330.0S $729
PS-321 SL $470.85
W 40 MB $1088
50 S34B.95

ftu-rj.C" MPS-10&0 $159 FX-1050
: 31S.9S
'C= MPS-1250 $229 LQ-800
LQ-1050 : 708.B5
DPS-1101 DAISY (M4Q LX-BQtL m*1 98.05
lOaOkll 1159.85
#3 COMPLETE PACKAGE 1092i 1289.85
Commodore 1091^11 iiBB.flS COMPAIini F PKG
AMIGA 1524 J488.95 512K RAM Expandable to
640K 360K Floppy Disk
12 MONITOR 500 NX-100C Rainbow
Drive 12" Monitor

IN STOCK-CALL FOR LOW PRICE! NX-1000 Rainbow i 219.85

$349 AMIGA 500 W/1084

AMIGA 500/1084/1010
: 339.95
20 MB HARD DHIVE.. ..$699

A-501 512K EXPANSION ■ A-1010 3.5"
OKIDATA180 $218.95
OK1MATE 20 Ji 19.95

Supra 20MBHart Drive lor A-5OCL .$009
Cwlified Check. Bank Chert, App<o«d P.O/s. Money Orders. Visa. Am-Ei Omis pub CariBianche, frscwet CarJ4 C^0^ ««pi^ No
addiHoiulSkJichaiqolorciedtcaidoidcfSNonccMifirfchccksmuslwaitieiM^ksfotclNraritc.NY.csidcnlsjddjMn Prices

— ™"~^ luthwfianonnumber w iciurnsNfl roibe jcccpicd I&M PC XI a.cregiiicicd ludwna.ksoiInterruhonai Bus-ncss

NO SURCHARGE FOR CREDIT CARD ORDER! ojdc.spitJscadil IS'..shipping Shaniiwg. 611 API

Circle #269 on Reader Service Card

TIPS AHOY! ,255,170,32,207,255,32,205,189,169,5,32
•130 DATA 195,255,104,133,185,104,133,184
Continued from page 26
•140 DATA 1,95,9,94,15,95,37,94,45,95
•70 IF A>128 AND A<134 THEN P=l:PRINT">";
•75 IF N=21 AND Q THEN L%(F)=A:Q=O You want to put some information on your screen for your
•80 IF N=28 THEN L%(F)=A latest game. You could print it with the PRINT statement,
•90 IF N=29 THEN L%(F)=L%(F)+256*A:N=0:P= but that would be too boring. Why not put the information
O:F=F+1 in a scroll routine? Better still, a flashing scroll routine.
•95 IF C=2 AND A$=CHR$(128) THEN TB=1328 It would look good and you could display almost everything
•100 IF A<32 THEN A$=CHR$(46) your 64K could hold. The only problem is that all the scroll
"110 IF A>128 AND A<16O THEN A$=CHR$(58) routine programs that you can find are in machine language
•120 PRINTA$;:GOTO 40 and all those data statements take years to type in. There
•130 PRINTrFOR R=0 TO F-l:PRINT L%(R),:T= must be an easier way.
T+L%(R):NEXT:PRINT And now there is! The BASIC Flashing Scroll Routine.
•140 PRINTF" FILES",T" OCCUPIED BLOCKS",T This program can give you a scroll routine in no time. Here's
B-T" UNUSED BLOCKS[DOWN]":DIRECTORY" " how to use it. Type in the program as it is but substitute
•150 PRINT"[DOWN]IF BLOCKS FREE <> UNUSED your message in the quotes in lines 30 to 50. If you want
a bigger message, add in more lines between lines 51 and
59 in the same fashion as I have in lines 30, 40, and 50.
STARTING LINE Then run it. It couldn't be simpler. If one scroll routine
Those of you who own a Commodore 64 and a disk drive is not enough to satisfy you, then erase the B$ from line
may have run into the familiar problem of forgetting the 80 and you'll have all the scroll routines you can handle.
starting address of your machine language program. Most Who said BASIC was slow? —Nick Jankovic
of the time, this starting address is also used to activate the Adelaide. Australia
program. Starling Line is the place to begin.
After RUNning the BASIC loader program below, you •5 PRINT CHR$(14)
will be advised to the address used to activate the routine. •10 P0KE53280,14:P0KE53281,14:PRINTCHR$(3
You will know when Starting Line is active by the pres l)CHR$(147):H=53270:B$=CHR$(19)
ence of an asterisk. Now any time you load a program from ■20 A$(.)=" [11"*"] [s T]IPS [s A]HOY! [1
the disk drive, the starting address of that program will be
displayed directly below the LOAD command. ■30 A$(l)="[s B][s A][s S][s I][s C] [s F
Note: This machine language routine redirects the Ker- JLASHING [s SJCROLL [s RJOUTINE. [s B]Y
nal LOAD Routine Vector for its own purposes. If you plan [s N]ICK "
on using a fast loading program, make sure that you acti
•40 A$(2)="[s JJANKOVIC ([s K][s M][s T])
vate Starting Line after you have activated the fast loader.
-Michael Jaecks
•50 A$(3)=" [s 0]CT0BER 1988 FOR INSTRUCT
Alamogordo, NM
IONS.[8" "]"
• 60 F0RA=.T03:FORB=1T040:F0RC=7T0.STEP-1
•20 S=53100:REM CHANGE TO RELOCATE ML •70 P0KE53265,PEEK(53265)0R16:P0KEH,C:NEX
TEMENTS!":END ID$(A$(A),B,40-B);MID$(A$(A+l),l,B)
HI(X)*256 )OR16:POKEH,8:PRINTCHR$(147):END
•60 F0RI=0T04:READA,B:P0KES+A,FNL0(S+B):P •100 NEXT:NEXT:P0KE53265,PEEK(53265)OR16:
•70 POKES+18,FNLO(S+48):POKES+23,FNHI(S+4
I have found a unique function called Modulo to be pres
ent on some other computers, but not the Commodore com
puters. It performs the integer division of two values and
•90 DATA 173,95,19,208,28,173,48,3,141,94
produces an integer remainder. Below is a representation
,19,173,49,3,141,95,19,169,48,141,48,3 of the MOD function for your Commodore.
■100 DATA 169,19,141,49,3,169,42,32,210,2 By entering values for the variables A and B, the remain
55,96,141,49,3,173,94,19,141,48,3,169,0 der is then displayed. One might ask of what use is the
•110 DATA 141,95,19,96,72,165,184,72,165, MOD function. It can be used for many mathematical pur
185,72,169,5,168,166,186,32,186,255,32 poses, but one unique use is finding which years are leap
•120 DATA 192,255,162,5,32,198,255,32,207 years. For example, by entering "1988,4" for the values A
44 AHOY!
and B, you find a remainder of zero. This indicates that •40080 :GETKEY CA$
1988 is a leap year. You can go on to find leap years in •40090 :IF CA$=CHR$(17) OR CA$=CHR$(29) 0
the past or future by just looking for the remainder of zero. R CA$=CHR$(145) OR CA$=CHR$(157) OR CA$=
{Note: a value of four must be used for B when looking CHR$(19) OR CA$=CHR$(147) THEN 40080
for leap years.) —Michael Jaecks •40100 IF CA$=CHR$(20) AND LEN(CF$)<1 THE
Alamogordo, NM N 40080
•40110 PRINT CA$;
•40120 :IF CA$OCHR$(13) THEN PRINT"[c B]
";:PRINT CHR$(157);
•40130 :IF CA$=CHR$(20) AND LEN(CF$)>0 TH
•40140 LOOP
There is no command available from BASIC 2.0 to com
pute the exclusive-or of two numbers. However, the com
Some math applications require you to find the remain
mand can easily be simulated with the following line:
der of a division, but once again, BASIC doesn't have a
command for doing this. The easiest way Tve come up with
1000 R=(N1 OR N2)-(N1 AND N2):RETURN
for computing a remainder is to use this function:

The variables Nl and N2 contain the variables to be EORed,

and the result is stored in R. You might want to "play com
puter" and solve the equation for the four possible bit-pairs
In the function, D is the divisor, and X is the dividend.
(0,0; 0,1; 1,0; and 1,1) to see how the equation works.
The function can be used like this:
— Melvin Savage
Deer Park, MD
20 D=10:PRINT FN M0D(25)
The above line prints the remainder of 25/10.
The following routine allows you to get input in your pro
— Melvin Savage
grams without the usual problems associated with BASIC'S
Dear Park, MD
input function. It is designed to work on the Commodore
128. It can be added to your program just like any other
subroutine. When called, it prints a prompt and its own
cursor. It will handle all those bothersome input problems RENTING SOFTWARE
for you. For instance, it does not allow the keys that typi
cally mess up the input line such as CLR/HOME and the ISN'T HARD!
cursor keys to be entered. In addition, it allows for full use
of the INST/DEL key to correct typing errors, but does
not allow more to be deleted than have been typed. When It's as easy as picking up the
the user hits the carriage return, the string variable CF$
phone and giving your order. If
will contain the string that was typed.
With this routine you can write your program without you have a credit card, it's even
worrying about the user typing something that messes up
the screen or puts the cursor in some weird place. I hope
easier. The hardest part may be
you find it useful. -Paul Maioriello waiting for the mail to come!
Manalapan, NJ

•40000 PRINT "?";:PRINT"[c B]";:PRINT CHR We're having a special sale,

•40010 CA$="":CF$=tm with up to 80% off selected
•40020 GETKEY CA$:IF CA$=CHR$(20) THEN 40 software. Call now for a com
•40030 IF CA$=CHR$(17) OR CA$=CHR$(29) OR plete list.
CA$=CHR$(145) OR CA$=CHR$(157) OR CA$=C
HR$(19) OR CA$=CHR$(147) THEN 40020 Call toll-free ouiside Texas; 1-800-433-2938

•40040 IF CA$=CHR$(13) THEN 40150 - Inside Texas call: 81 7-292-7396


■40060 PRINT"[c B]";:PRINT CHR$(157); 5316Woodwav Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76133
■40070 DO UNTIL CA$=CHR$(13)
Circle #119 on Reader Service Card

AHOY! 45
Continued from page 22
tires and a winch to pull the truck out
of mudholes are particularly wise in
vestments for Georgia-bound gamers.
The joystick controls the player's 4
x 4 during the actual race. The gamer
moves the joystick left and right to po
sition the truck on the vertically scroll
ing course. Pulling back on the stick
gradually slows the vehicle, while
pushing it forward jolts it to an abrupt
There are plenty of other trucks try
ing to cross the finish line, and they
Hon't let the computerist's 4x4 cruise
past them without a fight. The bump
ing and banging costs precious seconds
and, if the player isn't careful, signif
icant damage to the truck.
Electronic drivers who slam through
other racing games at top speed are in
for a shock. While it is important to
maintain a fast pace, including mak
ing repairs and refueling as quickly as
possible at the periodic checkpoints,
sheer speed increases the amount of
damage the trucks take from collisions 4x4 (top
and may cause the truck to run out of and left)
gas in the middle of nowhere. lets the
Paul Vernon's graphics, though sim driver cus
ple, are very attractive. The truck's tomize his
flips, rolls, and wheelies separate 4x vehicle to
4 Off-Road Racing from more ortho meet the
dox racing competitions. rigors of
Is this yet another recommendation the chosen
of a computer racing game? It defin route. Sup
itely is. 4x 4 Off-Road Racing is sure plies are
to bounce and jounce its way into the purchased
hearts of every computer driver. at the Auto
Epyx, 600 Galveston Dr., P.O. Box Mart.
8020, Redwood City, CA 94063 READER
(phone: 415-366-0606). SERVICE
—Arnie Katz NO. 109

The object
Commodore 64
of Road-
Disk; $29.99
wars is to
This interesting and offbeat action
keep the
contest is set in the far future when
roads clear
even moons can be linked together by
of obstacles.
cosmic highways under the control of
master computers. The player manipu
spheres are
lates a pair of "battlespheres," robotic
used to de
globes equipped with laser cannon and
stroy the
shields, over this computerized outer
panels that
space roadway.
fire sparks.
The computer which controls this
road had the ill grace to go rogue. It
has started wiping out any vehicle NO. U0
which uses it. The battlespheres have
46 AHOY!

been assigned the dangerous task of The other graphic features, includ pid action game.
clearing the highway. ing explosions, sparks, and killer sat Arcadia, 711 West 17th St., Mesa
That's right, battlespheres. Even in ellites, seem rather perfunctory. As a Business Center-Unit 9G, Costa
solitaire versions, this is too big a job result, what should be a red hot road Mesa, CA 92627 (phone: 714-631-
for a single droid, so the powers that way thriller comes off as a rather te- 1001). -BUI Kunkel
be supply the player with a second
sphere. If it's not under human con
trol, the droid sphere "will act as a
good but not a perfect partner," accord
ing to the instructions.
Players follow just behind the bat
tlespheres as they road down this com
puterized gauntlet, using simple joy
stick commands to move the sphere
left or right, and engage and disengage
the shields.
The basic object of the game is to
keep the road clear. On either side of
the road are colored side panels which
ordinarily serve to keep vehicles on the
road. Now, however, under the malign
guidance of the rogue computer, many
of these panels have turned from their
ordinary brown to a deep blue. The Would you like to:
blue panels fire streams of deadly • Get free national advertising?
sparks across the road and must be ob
• Increase store traffic?
literated by the battlespheres.
Additional obstacles appear as the • Acquire the most avid Commodore computer-
game progresses, including laser-fir ists in your area as steady customers?
ing satellites and shield-destroying
balls and chevrons.
The documentation is excellent and
Simply offer a 10% discount to members of the Ahoy! Ac
extensive, a refreshing change from cess Club, comprised of all subscribers to Ahoy! and
most British software. In fact, the sto Ahoyl's AmigaUser (see ad elsewhere in the magazine).
ry background is, if anything, over We'll list your store name, address, and phone number in
done. It goes on at length about the his the Clipper (our monthly newsletter) and on the Ahoy! Ac
tory of this planet, the lunar highways, cess Club BBS. Then, the next time a member in your town
the rogue computer, and the battle-
wants to make a purchase, he'll pass your competitors by.
spheres. Then it blithely informs us:
(Unless, of course, your competitors are listed—in which
"Remember that in the bonus stages
you are rewarded for killing your op case you'd really better be!)
ponent [the second battlesphere], so do
not cooperate too much." How about If an across-the-board discount is not feasible for you, but
that for a game element out of left you'd like to offer our members some other incentive to
field? One must question the wisdom shop with you, write us. Space restrictions will prevent us
of imposing such a complex plot struc
from listing very many individualized offers, but if yours is
ture on a game, and then simply ignor
significant enough to warrant the space, we'll include it.
ing that same story halfway in.
The most serious flaw in Roadwars,
however, is its visuals. The graphics The deadline for inclusion in the December '88 edition of
are simply not up to current Commo the Clipper is September 9. Write or call now!
dore 64/128 standards. The color se
lection unsuccessfully contrasts the Ahoy! Access Club
garishly colored road (orange, pink, c/o Ion International Inc. hoy f
and white with blue and brown side 45 West 34th Street-Suite 500
panels) with the washed out gray tone New York, NY 10001
battlespheres. This tends to make the Phone: 212-239-0855
battlesphere, which should be the most
visually prominent element onscreen,
look insignificant.

AHOY! 47
FLOTSAM To the staff of the BEST Commodore magazine:
Continued from page 31 Let me start off by saying that I have never before been
This game recently received only 24 out of 100 points sufficiently motivated to write to any publication (computer-
in a review by a British magazine, which also described oriented or otherwise). But this time I felt it imperative to
the simulation as running so slowly that one got the im write and commend you on the job you have been doing.
pression the entire thing was written in BASIC. Contrary After letting my subscription lapse several months ago, my
to your reviewer's comments. Sub Battle Simulator is not C-128 became more often used as a dust collector than a
even in the same league as some of the other submarine creative tool. I had become disenchanted with program
simulations on the market, and I think there is no room ming due to repeated (tailed) attempts to move from BASIC
for the "personal preference" argument. With many game to machine language programming. But then I once again
prices at S30, I think you owe it to your readers to call a picked up an issue (July '88)—and immediately had my spir
turkey a turkey, lest some unsuspecting reader actually go its bolstered by the amazing feats of BASIC programming
out and purchase a dismal product like this. Epyx has done performed by the ever-more-prolific Cleveland M. Blake-
some wonderful games in the past, but Sub Battle Simula more. Here were programs (in a MAGAZINE, no less!)
tor certainly is not one of them. of a quality and playability above that of commercial soft
I find the rest of your magazine informative and entertain ware! And in BASIC! (Okay, with a little ML support.)
ing, although it could use more reviews, and a little light My first issue of this magazine was the July '86. I grew
ening up —after all we are talking about a $150 computer into programming with your mag and I cannot fully ex
and a young user base. —Anthony Kulesa press my thanks in words.
Boston, MA Hopefully, with my confidence once again on the rise,
I will Finally work the bugs out of one of my games and
We've learned that the more strongly a reviewer praises get it in the mail to you.
or condemns a particular program, the stronger will be the Compared to the venerable COMPUTE! and its offspring,
rebuttal. And understandably so—emotions are not aroused and the various other programming magazines, you pro
by a middle-of-the-road opinion the way they are by a con duce a magazine of quality so far superior as to be in an
tradictory one. We've also learned that even when there seems other league altogedier. You have my complete loyalty. May
to be "no room for the personal preference argument," we my subscription never again expire. Once again, thanks.
have to make room. But well also make room for the rebut —Jason Prince
tals—and we thank Mr. Kulesa for writing us with his. Memphis, TN
Keep Your
CHIP NLQ Collection Looking
CHECKER Near Letter Quality
Shipshape with
You don't have to buy a new
printer if you need to improve the
print quality of your correspon
We have an easy-to-install kit for you

EPSON FX-80/100
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incl. + series Call sea ihc next time you
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TESTS and/or IDENTIFIES STAR Gemini 10X / 15X $52.50 gramming informa
STAR Delta 10 / 15 $52.50 tion from a back is
Over 600 Digital ICs
Checks or COD only. Florida residents sue of Ahoy! Our official binders turn a
74/54 TTL + CMOS
14/4 CMOS add tax. year's worth of Ahoy! into a textbook on
9000 TTL Commodore computing! These quality-
Order information for STAR Gemini
8000 National and Signelics constructed binders use metal rods to
14-24 Pin Chips (.3"+ .6" widths) hold each magazine individually, allow
The largest integrated circuit on the ing easy reference to any issue without
Pressing a single key identiiies/tests printed board is either a type D 7800 removal. Sporting a navy blue casing
chips with ANY type of output in seconds. or D 7801. Please submit that informa with a gold Ahoy! logo imprinted on the
The CHIP CHECKER now also tests popular tion with your order. spine, these binders will be the pride of
RAM chips. The CHIP CHECKER is available The kit for the EPSON printers (Dots- your computer bookshelf.
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patible version is $259. haus Computer Products. each binder desired to:
Ahoy! Binders
ESP Corporation
45 West 34th Street-Suite 500
2603 Willa Drive New York, NY 10001
Holmes Beach, FL 34218
St. Joseph, Ml 49085 (Outside Continental us add $2.50 per hinder. Al
Phone: (813) 778-5773
(616) 983-2352 low 4 in 6 weeks for delivery )

Circle #117 on Reader Service Card Circle #116 on Reader Service Card

48 AHOY!
GEOS 2.0
1 file I vfeuj j disk i select | po^; options
Berkeley Softworks
Commodore 64 A study of System
Price: $59.95 GEOS 2.0's 49 files, 9 seteel^d I4y<b(jtes used U Kbytes frei
Has anyone out there not heard of deceptively
GEOS? Has any one of you not had the familiar
opportunity to try out GEOS? On the screen re
off chance that some of our readers veals new ft
may have just bought their computer menu

and have just looked at a Commodore choices, Jj

specific magazine for the first time, we clock calen- I
will briefly introduce GEOS. dar display,
The Graphic Environment Operating and icons
System (GEOS) is an easy to use disk- for three
based desktop metaphor for the C-64 disk drives.
and C-128 computers. Since 1985, READER
Commodore has included a copy of SERVICE
GEOS with every C-64 sold. For some NO. 120
reason, Commodore did not see fit to
extend the same privilege to C-128 pur successful applications ever sold for the which have been made to merit this
chasers even after a version of GEOS C-64. This success was virtually inevit major upgrade.
was developed for the C-128. Thus, if able, as it was packaged with every
you were a C-128 user and you wanted computer sold for the past three years. Hardware Support
a copy of GEOS, you had to go buy Since its introduction, GEOS has gone The most significant improvement in
it yourself. through five revisions which were la GEOS 2.0 is the inclusion of support
As of this writing, Commodore in beled 1.0 through 1.4. Each of these re for the 1571 and 1581 disk drives. Al
tends to remove GEOS from the C-64 visions fixed some bugs and added though these drives have always been
package and include it in the disk drive some features to the program. The last supported by GEOS 128, until now
package itself. This makes some sense, significant improvement was the inclu C-64 users have had to make do with
as GEOS cannot be used without a disk sion of support for the Commodore the 1541 disk drive. As mentioned
drive. The program would only gather 17XX series of RAM expansion mod above, GEOS is extremely disk inten
dust if for some reason you bought the ules for the C-64 and C-128. These sive. The use of the disk drive is essen
computer without a disk drive. Of modules let you add up to 512 kilobytes tial for GEOS to do what it does in only
course, if you subsequently buy a sec of external RAM to the computer. 64 kilobytes of RAM. A typical GEOS
ond disk drive you will now end up GEOS let you use this extra memory application disk will include the copy
with two copies of GEOS which should as a second disk drive to greatly speed of the desktop, a printer and input de
not cause any difficulties in any event. up its operation. vice driver, and some desk accessories
The purpose of GEOS is to make the The operation of GEOS is extreme such as the notepad or the photo man
C-64 much easier to use. It replaces ly disk intensive. Sections of program ager in addition to the application it
the computer's built-in, command driv and data are continuously being self and its data files.
en BASIC and operating system with swapped between the disk drive and the Some of the newer GEOS applica
a graphic interface. Programs are se computer's RAM. Even though GEOS tions, such as geoPublish, require a lot
lected by pointing and clicking at includes software which greatly speeds of space for both themselves and their
graphic representations, or icons, up the operation of the disk drive, disk data files. In fact the operation of geo
which are displayed on the screen as speed is still the limiting factor in the Publish is very restricted if it has to
if they were spread about on a desk use of the program. The 17XX series run on an unexpanded C-64 and a sin
top. Instead of the keyboard, the pri of RAM expansion modules help over gle 1541 disk drive. Adding a second
mary input device becomes a joystick come this limitation, as they are much 1541 disk drive is beneficial but far
or mouse, or even a light pen or a Ko faster than the disk drive. from the ideal solution. In this case you
ala pad. GEOS has the built-in capa We have just received a Beta 4 re have to split the application and its data
bility to manage the disk contents. Files lease of version 2.0 of GEOS. The files across two disks and some restric
can be copied and moved around, and jump to a new version number signi tions still remain.
entire disks can be duplicated by sim fies that GEOS 2.0 has some significant The additional hardware support
ply dragging the icons about the desk- improvement over the l.X series of the which is provided with GEOS 2.0
Top. program. The remainder of this report should lift all operating restrictions for
GEOS has become one of the most will concentrate on the enhancements the foreseeable future. The 1571 dou-

AHOYi 49
Drive A 1 Drive B Support of external expansion RAM
Mo Drive
n Ho Drwe f~]
has not been neglected. At this time,
the limitations of a mere 512 kilobytes
Configure of external RAM become obvious. For
Dir Shadom S81 □ program's example, it is possible to create two
working 1541 disk drives in RAM, but only one
screen pro 1571 disk drive can be so emulated. Of
vides a course it is not possible to emulate a

measure of 1581 disk drive in only 512 kilobytes
Drive C BAM exfHinsion: 5KK insight into of RAM. A new version of the Con
the disk figure program automatically shows the
1541 □ drive and
BAM Reboot M available options. For example, if you
□ RAM op select a RAM 1541 you lose the abil
IP u DMA for ^
tions that ity to create a RAM 1571.
are suppor The new manual shows options for
a BAM 1541
"MoveData" ted by ver a shadowed 1571, but we were unable
P RAM 1571 □ sion 2.0. to bring this up in the Configure pro
gram. A shadowed drive keeps a copy
ble sided disk drive has double the ca copy utility. Fortunately, the new mul of all that was read from it in RAM.
pacity of the single sided 1541 disk tifile capability in GEOS makes it prac This greatly speeds up disk access
drive. This is enough to comfortably tical to back up several files at a time. when a file or note pad page is ac
hold any GEOS application program What GEOS could use is a fast single cessed again. The Configure program
and its data files. The 790 kilobyte ca drive backup utility which uses all also showed an option for a Dir Sha
pacity of the 1581 disk drive is nearly available expansion RAM to minimize dow 1581 which was not described in
five times the capacity of the 1541. This disk swaps. the manual. The Configure program
is probably enough space to put all of Nearly as significant as the inclusion also let us choose a 1541 or 1571 disk
your GEOS applications on a single of support for the new higher capacity drive where an actual 1581 disk drive
floppy disk! On top of that, the 1581 disk drives is the inclusion of support was hooked up. This caused the 1581's
is noticeably fester than a 1541 or 1571, for a third disk drive on the deskTop. drive light to faintly flicker while the
even on the C-64. If you have them, the deskTop will now system locked up. Apparently the Con
One limitation in using the 1581 disk let you display up to three disk drive figure program has not been finalized
drive still remains. The GEOS desk- icons at a time. As in prior releases, in this Beta 4 version of GEOS.
Top has a capacity of 18 notepad pag one of these icons can still represent We also found a new 1351 mouse
es which can each contain icons for a RAM disk in the 17XX series expan driver on the disk. This 1351 (a) driver
eight files, or a total capacity of 144 sion module. The limitation, in this is apparently an accelerating driver
files. This matches the 144 file capa case, is that only two of the drives can which responds to the speed as well as
city of the 1541 or the 1571 disk drives, be active at any time. To activate the the position of the mouse. Fast mouse
but it is less than half of the 296 file "C drive, you have to click on its icon movements result in greater movement
capacity of the 1581 disk drive. We do and drop it on either the "A1 or the UB" of the cursor than a slow mouse move
not expect this to become an actual lim drive. Incidentally, the icons for the "A" ment over the same distance. This pro
itation for most users, as 144 files still and "B" drives now display the letters vides for greater precision in cursor po
represents an average file size of only "A" and "B" as well as the disk name. sitioning. The old 1351 mouse driver,
5'/2 kilobytes on a 1581 disk. Also, The icon for the "C" drive only shows as well as drivers for the Koala pad and
GEOS 2.0 does not support the file par the disk name. the Inkwell Systems light pen, are still
titioning and subdirectory capabilities When you drop the "C" drive (only included.
of the 1581 disk drive. Perhaps both of its icon, of course) on the "A" or the
these limitations will be overcome in "B" drive, it takes its place on the desk- deskTop Improvements
a future release of GEOS. Top. The former "A" or "B" drive will Two changes are immediately appar
If you only have a single 1581 disk then become the inactive T drive. ent when you open up the version 2.0
drive, you will find GEOS' present Note that although the "C" drive is in deskTop. You may first notice the pres
whole disk copy facilities inadequate. active, it remains logged in on the desk- ence of a deskTop clock in the upper
The single drive DISK COPY pro Top. If you intend to remove the disk right hand comer, showing the date and
gram, on the GEOS system disk, did from the drive you should close it be time. Or, you may immediately spot the
not work with the 1581 disk drive. We fore you swap it out to the UC" posi presence of seven menu items, at the
tried using the copy command on the tion. Activating the "C" drive is easier upper left, where the old deskTop only
deskTop's disk menu, but gave up after than it sounds. An even faster approach snowed five.
15 disk swaps and nearly 20 minutes. is to use oe of the new hot-key sequen The new deskTop clock lets you set
As a result, depending on your hard ces such as the COMMODORE- the date and time by clicking on the
ware, you will either back up a 1581 SHIFT-A combination, which swaps clock icon. After a brief disk access
disk a file at a time or use a stand-alone the "C" drive with the current "A" drive. you can adjust the time and date by

REVIEWS Page Company Svc. No.

simply typing in the changes over the note pad. The page files command CM Access Software 266

existing settings. 46 Arcadia 110

selects all the file icons on the current
49 Berkeley Softworks 120
Four of the menu selections, geos, notepad page. The border files com
7 Chip Level Designs —

file, view, and disk, remain the same mand selects all the file icons on the
8 Commodore 273
as before. The special menu on the pre border of the notepad. It is also possi 16-19 Computer Direct 270
vious GEOS release has been replaced ble to select groups of individual files 30 Computer Heroes 105
by select, page, and options menus. by holding down the COMMODORE 31 Computer Repeats, Inc. 115
The contents of the geos menu remains key while clicking on the files. Alter 10 Data East USA, Inc. 293
essentially unchanged. The file menu natively, files can be selected by press C-3 Data East USA, Inc. 114
contains two new choices: delete and ing the COMMODORE key and one 48 Dune Systems 117
undo delete. You will also notice that of the numbers 1 through 8. The num 11 Electronic Arts 295
all of the choices in the file menu can bers correspond to the eight icon po 46 Epyx 109
48 ESP Corporation 116
be selected via a hot-key combination. sitions on the note pad counting from
12 First Row Publishing 104
The delete command lets you delete the left to right and from top to bottom.
12 Gamco Industries 288
selected files. It is no longer necessary Multiple files can be selected by hold
8 Hayden Books 289
to drag the file's icon to the waste bas ing down the COMMODORE and 10 Honeywell 280
ket. Also note our use of the plural in SHIFT keys while pressing the num 10 Honeywell 281
files. GEOS now supports multiple file ber keys. 14 Howard W. Sams & Co. 282
selection. The undo delete command When several files are selected they 12 Intracorp 287
lets you retrieve the last file which was can be all copied or deleted en masse. 12 Konami 103
deleted, provided no other disk opera Clicking on any selected file invokes 12 Lucasfilm Games 102
tions have taken place. the multi-file ghost icon which repre 4,5 Lyco Computer 268

The view menu is the same as be 10 Mediagenic 294

sents the entire group. Just drag this
56 Microillusions 121
fore. The disk menu shows some chan icon around in the same way you would
11 Mindscape 297
ges. As for the file menu, all of the disk drag the individual icons. The multi
13 Mindscape 278
menu commands now have a hot-key file feature cannot be used to copy 13 Mindscape 279
option for keyboard selection. The add groups of files to another disk with a 20 Mindscape 108
drive command has been removed, as single disk drive. 43 Montgomery Grant 269
this function has been taken over by the The page menu contains two new C-2 Origin Systems 240
Configure program. In its place you commands. The append command lets 13 Pageant Publishing Co. 277
will find an erase command. This lets you add a disk note pad page after the 11 P.A.V.Y. Software Ul
you delete all of the files on a disk current page. The delete command lets 13 Phoenix Electronics, Inc. 112
without reformatting it. you delete the current note pad page 10 Prentice Hall 291
55 Q-Link 106
We mentioned that GEOS 2.0 sup and all files in it. If there are files on
11 Rain bird 298
ports multiple file selection. The se the page you will be able to cancel be
12 Readup Inc. 286
lect menu is part of this support. This fore the operation is carried out.
30 Remsoft 272
menu adds three commands, all of The options menu contains set clock, 14 Rent-A-Disc 118
which have hot-key alternatives. The RESET, BASIC, and shortcuts. The 12 Scorpion 101
all pages command selects all of the RESET command reinitializes the 8 Simon & Schuster 276
files on every page of the current disk deskTop. It lets you select a new disk, 11 Simon & Schuster 300
11 Sir-Tech Software 299
21 Software Simulations 161


Software Support Int'L
TAB Books Inc.
14 TAB Books Inc. 283

The Hunter Group, Inc.
11 Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc. 296
20 Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc. 107
Most of the companies listed at right are 14 Verbatim News Services 284
45 Wedgwood Rental 119
eager to send you free promotional materials 8 Wico Corporation 275
39 Xetec, Inc. 113
relating to their products or services. All you 6 Ahoy! Disk Magazine —

have to do is detach the Reader Service Card 34

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Ahoy Disk

included here, circle the numbers that corre 47 Ahoy! Access Club #2 —

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stamp and mail the card prior to the date shown. The publisher cannot assume responsibility
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AHOY! 51
I fife I vieuj j disk j select j p<rqe [ option? deskibp. The color combinations are
A new based on file categories such as data
GEOS help files, desk accessories, and System
screen files. The Pad Color Manager provides
C= A <md C= B to open drives ft <md 6.
shows the 16 categories of GEOS files for which
C= Shift A fmd C= Shift B to sump drwe with dri
hot-key op you can set any of the 16 available col
file Selection (Icon Modefr
tions which ors. Only the files' icons are colored.
C= 1 throuqh C= 8 to selee* pnqe fifes, The file names remain in the deskTop
are not
C= Shift 1 (hfouqh C= Shift 8 to sefel border files. pad foreground color. Three default
available in
Multiple File Opefations fleon Mode):
the menus. color maps are provided, or you can
HUH/STOP to abort operations. save your own settings. The settings
Version 2.0
C= G to uteuj the first file in the queue. take effect when the disk is logged in.
allows users
Movement: through the Pad ffeon MndeV Although color is not essential to the
to do al
v nnd A (CRSR key) to.pfige jo/umrds and bflekuwfdj. most every operation of the deskTop, it adds a nice
t through 9 to qo ro pages t to 9. thing via touch. The Pad Color Manager lets you
8 to qo to poqe 18. hot-key adjust the deskTop colors to suit your
Shift 1 through Shift 8 to qo to fmqes !! to 18. commands. tastes and the characteristics of your
video display.
such as for copying to, without having printing on a dot matrix printer. Geo The GEOS manual now numbers
to close the presently open disk. The Write 2.1 lets you use the full 8" width over 300 pages, more than double the
BASIC command exits GEOS and of the printer for its documents. In size of the previous edition. It is sup
returns control of the system to the comparison, the previous release of plied as a bound trade size paperback
built-in BASIC. The shortcuts com geoWrite maintained 1" margins on each with holes punched for a three ring
mand, which is not listed in the man page. When you tell geoWrite 2.1 to use binder. We miss the spiral binding,
ual, displays a screen full of addition the full page width, it will automati which was used for the last edition,
al hot-key commands which are not cally reformat the current document. which let the manual lay flat on the ta
shown on any of the other menus. The new format is not compatible with ble. Since the book is nearly an inch
GEOS version 2.0 lets you do nearly earlier versions of geoWrite. Keep this thick and firmly bound, we were not
everything widi hot-key commands. As in mind if you intend to pass a copy sure what the holes were for. Perhaps
you become familiar with the system, of the document to someone who does we are supposed to tear out the pages
your reliance on the input device not have the new version of geoWrite. for inclusion in a loose leaf binder.
should decrease. In general we found Other notable improvements in geo Part of the manual's bulk is due to
the hot-key commands to be faster than Write 2.1 include headers and footers, the inclusion of the manuals which ac
performing the same operations with the ability to format individual para companied the geoWrite Mbrkshop and
the mouse. graphs, and search and replace. geoSpell packages. These manuals
Conspicuous by its absence from any The other applications provided with were not simply copied over. They
menu was the command for booting Q- GEOS 2.0 include geoSpell, a full-fea were all edited and updated prior to be
Link directly from GEOS. Neverthe tured spelling checker, and geoMerge, ing included in the new GEOS manual.
less, Q-Link still remains the official a mail merge program. The Text Grab In fact, the entire manual reads better
telecommunications network for GEOS ber utility lets you convert text files than ever before. Still included are in
users. from other word processors to geoWrite troductory and tutorial chapters, along
format. The supported file types are with separate chapters for each indi
Applications generic PETSCII, Easy Script, Paper vidual application.
Along with the GEOS 2.0 you will Clip, SpeedScript, and Word Writer.
get new applications software. In par The Paint Drivers application lets you Conclusion
ticular, the accompanying word proces convert a page from a geoWrite doc GEOS 2.0 represents a significant
sor has been upgraded to geoWrite 2.1, ument into a geoPaint file format. This improvement over the previous release.
the same one which is supplied with lets you illuminate your text with geo- Although major emphasis has been on
the geoWrite Workshop. In fact, with Paint, the graphics application which the use of additional hardware, the us
exception of the geoFont application, is available separately. If you happen er interface has not been neglected.
GEOS new includes the entire contents to have access to an Apple LaserWriter The addition of numerous hot-key
of the geoWrite Workshop and geoSpell. printer, you will be able to print your combinations for most GEOS opera
These packages have been sold separ GEOS text and graphics documents on tions will make GEOS more comfort
ately for use with GEOS. We do not it with the geoLaser application pro able for experienced users. The inclu
have the space to present a complete gram. sion of geoWrite 2.1 and geoSpell
review of these applications; however, We found one new Desk Accessory makes GEOS a fully functional word
we will highlight some of their features. on the GEOS disks, the Pad Color processing package right out of the box.
GEOS is a graphics-oriented system. Manager. GEOS now lets you code file We still feel that GEOS requires the
Documents which are created by the icons as well as the background and right hardware to really fly. Although
system are treated as large bit maps for foreground of the disk note pad on the you can get by with one disk drive, our

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recommendations are that the mini are well worth the cost. If you are new isn't enough of a difference to matter,
mum system should include two disk to the C-64 and are looking for an easy take another look at your computer
drives and a 1351 mouse. You will need to use, intuitive graphic operating sys keyboard. Certainly the letters are the
a 1541 or a 1571, preferably the latter, tem, rest assured that GEOS 2.0 is the same, and they are probably arranged
as GEOS is supplied on three 5W" best GEOS yet. in the common QWERTY pattern. Yet
disks. For a second disk drive we urge Berkeley Softworks, 2150 Shattuck computers have some characters not
the use of the 1581. Its large capacity Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704 (phone: found on common typewriter key
and extra speed make it ideal for use 415-644-0883). -Morion Kevelson boards, and while some of these (such
with GEOS. We also recommend the as u < " and * > ") may only be of in
inclusion of one of the Commodore TYPING TEACHER terest to programmers, they are still
17XX series modules. For C-64 users, Future Age Computers there and need to be addressed. Fortun
the 1764 is a good choice; however, if Commodore 64 ately, Typing Teacher does recognize
you can come up with a replacement Disk; $29.95 most of these extra keys.
power supply you should consider the There has probably never been a bet The second question is whether die
512K 1750 RAM expander. We were ter typing teacher than the personal tutorials and speed drills will function
running our copy of GEOS 2.0 on a computer. You practice when it is con as typewriters or word processors, and
C-128 with two 1571 disk drives, a 1581 venient; you progress from one lesson it is in this area that Typing Teacher de
disk drive, and a 512K RAM expand to another at your own pace; speed cides it is a semi-typewriter: words
er. GEOS never had it so good. drills can be taken whenever the urge continue from one line to the next, but
GEOS still uses copy protection on moves you; and no one but you need do not wrap around. As an example,
its system disks. Although an original see your embarrassing early scores. only the first six letters of "respect"
and a backup disk are provided, they Moreover, computerized typing might fit on the line, leaving the final
cannot be duplicated. On the plus side, teachers use a variety of displays to aid V to appear on the next line. It may
you only need one of the original disks your drills and lessons, and because of not seem important, but when you're
when you boot the system. After boot this they do a good job of keeping you going through a speed drill and are try
ing, all work can be done from a copy from peeking at the keyboard to see ing to type exactly what you see on the
of the system disk. The first time you what your fingers are doing. screen, such breaks will drive you cra
use the system disk it installs itself and That personal computers excel at zy. More about that later.
the backup copy on your system. You teaching typing has been known for You begin at the beginning, although
are also given the opportunity to link some time, and the variety of programs it is possible to select any of 16 les
all of your GEOS applications to the on the market attest to that feet. With sons. It is also possible to select in
new system disks. This is the only so many programs available, choices struction and drills for either QWER
chance you will have to do this, so be are too frequently made on the basis TY or Dvorak keyboards, though few
prepared. of gimmicks: which program will bet Commodore owners will have use for
All of the separately sold GEOS ap ter hold my attention, the one that al the latter. The first lesson drills you on
plications, including geoWrite 2.1 and lows me to type missiles at space al A,S,D,F, and G-a drill for the left
geoSpell which are supplied with iens or the one that has me typing cars hand. At center screen, the letter you
GEOS 2.0, are copy protected. The around a race track? are to type appears and, as quickly as
protection requires that the application The gimmick to Typing Teacher is you do it, the next letter appears.
be linked to your original system disk that it has no gimmicks. If you've ever Lesson Two adds keys for the right
before it can be used. Once the appli wished you could walk into a software hand, and after that you'll begin explor
cation has been linked it can be freely store and buy a straightforward, sim ing combinations of hand usage as well
copied; however, it can only be used ple, bare-bones typing tutor without al as learning the keys on the upper and
on a system which has been booted phabet-menacing aliens, you can stop lower rows.
from one of your original system disks. wishing. As each lesson is finished, your word
Thus, if your system disk and its back Typing Teacher is so uncomplicated count and error count is shown on a
up should be damaged, all of your ap that the instructions for use occupy final screen, and then you may either
plications will be unusable until they barely more than a single page, the bal repeat the lesson or go on to the next.
are replaced. This also prevents you ance of the manual being used to ex In speed drills, a partial paragraph
from selling your original GEOS ap plain punctuation and spacing rules. is shown in the upper half of the screen
plications to another user. For exam Don't skip over these rules thinking you and your own typed responses are
ple, you may wish to finance your up know everything, for they will become shown in the lower half. One of the
grade to GEOS 2.0 by selling your or crucial during the speed drills. most boring things about typing teach
iginal geoWrite Wbrkshop and geoSpell In spite of its simplicity, however, ers is the quality of prose with which
packages to another user who is not Typing Teacher has a bit of trouble with you must practice: "The quick brown
ready to upgrade. balance that almost amounts to an iden fox...." is interesting the first time it is
If you are a serious GEOS user, and tity crisis. encountered, but seldom again. In us
if you have the right hardware for it, One of the first questions to be asked ing for drill work a short history of the
we strongly recommend that you up of such a program is whether it is go development of the typewriter. Typing
grade to GEOS 2.0 as soon as possi ing to teach you to type on a typewrit Teacher did manage to hold my interest.
ble. The improvements in performance er or on a computer. If you think there You must type exactly what you see
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The Commodore Connection.

el will be better distributed than when
published by Commodore.
DEC 14 Billed as an "all-encompassing as
1385 ftO
tronomy program," Sky Travel more
than lives up to its name by providing
Sky Travel you with the computer equivalents of
lets you a powerful telescope, an SST airliner,
view the and a time machine.
+ 6i°G. stars from Select the Map mode and you can
AZIM. *• any point in set the cursor at any point in the world
+ 54°0G'
R6T ASCH the world, from which you may wish to view the
Col Cae 07*14.6' and at any sky. And if you know the latitude and
point in longitude, you can set a finely tuned
+ 16°29'
time up to location. (If you don't know the coor
RATE OX 10,000 years dinates, an appendix lists those for
VIEM 72°
in the past most of the world's major cities.)
RF1 SKV or future. In selecting time, Sky Travel allows
F5 FIND READER you to set month, day, year, and hours
F7 IHFRH SERVICE and minutes—and displays surprising
NO. 121
accuracy for any date up to 10,000 years
in the past or 10,000 years in the future.
on the screen, down to the last space. out frills, fancy stuff, and aliens. As an example of those two power
Paragraphs always begin at the left mar Future Age Computers, 3 McCracy ful features, m tell a story Fve told be
gin, without indentation; the words Drive S.W., Rome, GA 30161 (phone: fore: On the evening I purchased Sky
break at the right without wrapping 404-235^948). -Ervin Bobo Travel, our family talk on the way
around; and if you forget to space af home was of stars, and naturally some
ter a colon (or forget any other punc SKY TRAVEL one looked at the sky and wondered
tuation convention outlined in the man Microillusions aloud about a bright object near the
ual) you're in trouble for the rest of the Commodore 64 moon. When dinner was finished, I
paragraph. It seems rather unfair that Disk; $49.95 booted Sky Travel and set the proper
one error in the middle of your text will For a long time I've been dismayed coordinates and the current date, and
cause all the rest of the text to be in about the principles of software mar chose a time about 90 minutes earlier.
error, but it did happen to me more keting: the "here today, gone tomorrow" It happens that the default view of
than once. philosophy that gives very few pro the program is the default view of one
Since the emulation here is of a grams a shelf life of more than six standing in my driveway, and the ob
semi-typewriter, you use the RETURN months. Those of us who have owned ject was there. Using the Inform fea
key only when you're ready for your computers for a while and who make ture, I found that the bright light was
word count. Press it and you'll quick regular trips to the software store find Mars.
ly be given your words-per-minute rate, the practice adequate, but what of the Well, I immediately rushed the fam
number of errors, corrected score, and new users who may never experience ily back outdoors for another look,
so on. These results can be saved on the fun of Gorf or the challenge of Jup ready to impress them with my new
a separate data disk, for later compar iter Landing ? knowledge, but after telling them what
isons of improved speed and accuracy. Fortunately for those of us who they were looking at I grew silent and
While documentation for Typing agonize over such things, the past year thoughtful.
Teacher is slight, there is no need for has seen many programs reissued in The first and best book of science
it to be any more: there are enough on economy packs, sometimes with a fiction I ever read was Ray Bradbury's
screen instructions to guide you name change. But missing from these "The Martian Chronicles," but in spite
through all the lessons. In reading the collections are programs originally of that and all the books that followed,
manual, you'll find that Typing Teacher published by Commodore. And in spite I was an astronomical idiot. This may
claims to have a response fast enough of what you may have thought from the not have been the first time I'd seen
to support typing speeds of up to 350 atrocious packaging, Commodore did Mars, but it was my first time to see
words per minute. And yet it says noth publish some winners. it and know what it was.
ing about caring for fried fingers. Among these was Sky Travel, which Thanks to Sky Travel.
There are a lot of good, simple I first saw in 1985. A new edition has Once you've set time and location,
points to Typing Teacher. I think Fd like just been published by Microillusions. you return to the Sky mode. Your mon
it better if, in speed drills, it behaved Granted that it is a repackaging of an itor displays a small section of the sky
less like a semi-typewriter, and more old program—it is a program that was with symbols and names for constella
like a computer/word processor. never as successful as some of us tions and planets filled in and with lines
In sum, however, it may be that Typ thought it should have been. Now that connecting the constellations. Any or
ing Teacher's claim to feme will lie in Microillusions has become an affiliate all of these embellishments can be de-
the feet that it can teach typing with- of Activision, it may be that Sky Trav Continued on page 74
56 AHOY!
#2 - FEB. '84 Illustrated lour of the 1541! #3-MAR. '84 Anatomy of the 64! Printer #5-MAY '84 Future of Commodore! In #7-JULY '84 MSD dual diskdrive' Data
Artificial intelligence! Synapse's Ihor Wolosen- interlacing lor VIC & 64! Educational software side BASIC storage! Memory management on base buyer's guide! Training your cursor!
ko interviewed' String functions! And ready series begins! VIC game buyer's guide! And the VIC & 64! Guide to spreadsheets! Hurray Screen displays! File Sleuth! Users Groups!
to enter: Music Maker Part II! Screen Manip ready to enter: Address Book! Space Lanes1 for arrays! And ready to enter: Math Master! And ready to enter: Renumbering! Checklist!
ulation! Night Attack! Relative Files! Random Files on the 64' Dynamic Power1 Air Assault! Biorhythms! VIC Calculator! Hath Defender! Brisk! What's My Job?

#8—AUG. '84 Choosing a word proces #9 — SEPT. '84 Program your own text ad #10-OCT. '84 C-64 graphics programs! #11-NOV. '84 Music programs & key
sor! Computational wizardry! Creating your venture! Build a C-64 cassette interlace! Vid Bit-mapped graphics! Joystick programming! boards for the 64' Graphics feature contin
own word games! Sound on the 64! And eo RAM! Word processors, part II! And ready Graphics processing! And ready to enter: VIC ues' 2-D arrays! And ready to enter: PTE word
ready to enter: Micro-Minder1 Directory As to enter: Salvage Diver! DOS! Sound Explorer! 40 Column Operating System! BAM Read 4 processor! Block Editor! Alternate Character
sistance! Trie Terrible Twins! Words Worth! The Castle of Darkness! Base Conversions! Print! Emerald Elephant! Lawn Job! Set for the 64! Tunnel of Tomachon!

#12 — DEC. '84 Buyer's guide to printers! #13-JAN. '85 VIC and 64 OS exposed' #14— FEB. '85 Printer interfacing! Multi #15-MAR. '85 Creating multiscreen
1525 printer tutorial! FasJJWpJfcs w'tn cus~ Sprites! Insert a 1541 qjuMfdisconnect color sprites! Modems' Bulletin Boards! The gameboards! Inside the Plus/4! Commodore
torn *J0k^ V" KMMM Pas ■''' "'GtiqgiQfjDViSfeHylcenie- Ul ory of game design! Buying a modem! And DOS1 And ready to enter: Old Routine1 Pro
cal! Diving^ito BASIC! And ready to enter: tra Mail! Mifflcmtor! Alice in Adventureland1 ready to enter: Futurewar! Fontasia1 VIC Era grammable Functions! Automatic Line Nos.!
Construction Co.! Space Patrol1 Cross Ref! Midprint! To the Top! Tape/Disk Transfer! ser! Insurance Agent! Flankspeed! Telelink 64! Home Budget! Salmon Run! Numerology!

#16—APR. '85 Assembly language col #17— MAY '85 Disk drive enhancements! #18—JUNE '85 Music & graphics entry #19 —JULY '85 PROM Programming!
umn begins! Programming the joystick! 1541 Install a reset switch! Assembler escapades' system! How modems work! Inside the 6510! 3-part harmonies on VIC/64! Speeding pixels!
disk drive alternatives! The Kernal! And ready And ready to enter: Super Ouper! Two-Col And ready to enter: Quad-Print! Mapping 4.4! And ready to enter: Auto-Append' Script Anal
to enter: Hop Around! Faster 64' Booter! Ele- umn Directory" DSKDU! Raid' DOS Plus! Font Towers of Hanoi! Speedy! Duck Shoot' Bit ysis! Wizard of Im! Lucky Lottery! Brainframe1
check! BASIC Trace! Space Hunt! Editor! Tile Time! Interrupt Wedge! Dumping! Screen Magic! 6510 Simulator! Etch! Printat! Autos: Leasing v. Buying!

#20-AUG. '85 Inside the 128! Real-world #21-SEP. '85 Inside the 1571 drive and #22 — OCT. '85 Create cartoon characters1 #23 —NOV. '85 Guide !o adventure gam
simulations! Sound effects! Modems! And 128 keyboard! Sprite programming! And Infinitesimal intrigue! Secrets of copy protec ing! ML spnte manipulation! BASIC for begin
ready to enter: Windows! Formatter! Sound- ready to enter: Fastnew! Go-lister! File Lock! tion! And ready to enter: Shotgun! Maestro! ners! And ready to enter: Lightning Loader!
a-Rama! Screen Dump! Selectachrome! Dis Dragon Type! Superhero! Auto-Gen! Moxey's Solitaire! Mystery at Mycroft Mews! Gravi- Knight's Tour! Chopper Flight! Rhythmic Bits'
integrator! Fidgits! Gators N Snakes! Porch! Fish Math! Ahoy!Dock! Invective1 nauts! 1541 Cleaning Utility! Shadey Dump1 Instant Bug Repellent! File Scout1 Slither!

#24-DEC. '85 Speech synthesizer! The #25-JAN. '86 Build a speech synthesiz #26-FEB. '86 Windows! Build an auto #27—MAR. '86 Programming education
IBM Connection! The year's 25 best entertain er! Survey ot sports games! And ready to en exec cartridge! Align your 1541! Survey of al games! Memory dumpers! Choosing a
ments! And ready to enter: Gypsy Starship! ter: Martian Monsters! Streamer Font! Micro- digit simulators! Structured programming! copy program! Custom characters! And ready
Directory Manipulator! Cloak! Gameloader! sim! Haunted Castle! Knockout! Infraraid! And ready to enter: Arena! Head to Head! to enter: Ahcy!Term 128! Trivia Game Maker!
Jewel Quest! Lineout! Santa's Busy Day! Alarm Clock! Memory Check! Scratch Pad! Crabfight! Treasure Wheel! Character Dump' Brickbusters! Easy Lister! Programmer's Aid'

028-APR. '86 Comet catching! Survey #29-MAY'86 128 graphic bit map! Epyx #30-JUNE '86 Debugging dilemmas! #31 -JULY '86 Inside the Amiga! Condi
of action and strategy games! Screen dum strategy guide! 128 commands! ML music Public domain software! Winning at Ultima! tional branching' Chess programs! 128 and
ping! And ready to enter: Chro no-Wedge! Mr. programming! And ready to enter: Bigprml! Computer Aided Design! And ready to enter: 64 DOS! And ready to enter: Screen Sleuth!
Mysto! Air Rescue! Notemaker! Screen Win Star Search! Failsafe! English Darts! Ski Folly! LazyBASIC! Got A Match? Star Strike! Queen's Skull Castle! Head-on! Nebergall Run! Word-
dow! JCALC! Hidden Cavern! Swoop! Free RAM Check! Alchemist's Apprentice! and Bishop's Tours! Shaker! Trackdown! count! Crazy Joe! Fidgits' Music School!

#32-AUG. '86 Inside the Amiga, part II! #33 —SEPT. '86 Windows and viewports! #34 —OCT. '86 Build a digital oscilloscope! #35-NOV. '86 C-128 shadow registers!
Approaching infinity! C-64 war simulations! Sound & music on the 64! COMAL! And ready ML speed techniques! And ready to enter: Data file handling! PROMAL! Habitat! And
Pascal for beginners! ML graphics! And ready to enter: The Last Ninja! Speech64! Multi Vault of Terror! Quick Change! Penguins! At ready to enter: Teleporter1 128 RAM Check!
to enter: Reversi! Highlight! Disk Cataloged RAM! Dogcatcher! Trapped! Matchblocks! tack Force! Disk Checkjp! Dvorak Keyboard! Discs of Daedalus' Guardian! Tenpins! Syntax
Meteor Run! Trim! Step On It! Flap! Variable Manager! Dual Dump! Mine Canyon! Mountaineer Mack! 128 to 64 Autoboot! Patrol1 Deluxe List! Long Lines! Detonation!

#36-DEC. '86 File manipulation! C-128 #37—JAN. '87 Pointers and the monitor! #38 —FEB '87 Hacking into machine lan #39-MAR. '87 Basic esthetics! Survey
shadow registers! Football games! And ready Best games of '86! DOS for beginners! And guage utilities! Amiga RAM expanders! And of video digitizers! Multiplayer games! And
to enter: The Artist! Minotaur Maze! Mouse ready to enter: Vorlex! Hanger 14! BASIC ready to enter: Window Magic! Crunchman! ready !o enter: C-64 Compressor! Wizard Tag!
in the House! Lazy Source Code! Rebels and Ahoy! Catacombs! Lixter! Dark Fortress! Per- User Conventions! The Adventurer! More Turbopoke! Rescue 128! Lights Out! Pinball
Lords! Speedway! The Editor! Micro City! maLine! Starfighter! Bugout! Screens! BASIC 128! Jailbreak! Turtle Rescue! 640! Arcade! Stow Away! Caverns o! Geehonk!

#40-APR. '87 Inside the Amiga 2O0Q! #41 - MAY '87 Kernal power! 64 and Am #42 —JUNE '87 Megaflops and microsec #43-JULY '87 Real world interfacing1 Bit
Fractals! Baseball games! COMAL. turtle iga graphics! Microworlds in COMAL! Brain onds! Sci-fi braingames! C-64 to Amiga file map graphics tutorial' C-64 graphic conver
graphics, and Logo! And ready to enter: Info- games! Dark Fortress master maps! And transfer! And ready to enter: D-Snap! Wraiths! sion! Martial arts software! And ready to en
flow! Laps! Pieman! List Formatter! Scramb ready to enter: Moondog! Startup! Illusion Galactic Cab Co.! Cave of the Ice Ape! ALT- ter: Wizard Tag II! Data Creator! Plink & Plonk!
ler! Extended Background Mode! Planet Duel! Master! Wall Crawler! Scavenger Hunt! Key 128! Power Squares! 128 Multi RAM! Univaders! Data Express! 128 Scroller!

#44—AUG. '87 Electronic screen swap #45-SEP. '87 The 128 versus The #46 —OCT. '87 A rainbow of data struc #47-NOV '87 The ins and outs of data
ping on the C-128! Science fiction action Clones! Building an Amiga trackball! MSD up tures! BASIC 8.0 reviewed1 Buying guide to organization! Overview of C-64 memory ex
games! The death of GOTO! Amiga reviews! date! CES Report! And ready to enter: Crys- COMAL! Tips Ahoy! Art Gailery! And ready to panders! Commodares! And ready to enter:
And ready to enter: Archer! Banner Print! tallus! Spriteshell! Hoops! Chainmail! No enter: Empire! C-64 RAMDrive! Hotfoot! Plat Orbit! RAMCO! A-Maze-Ing! Line Sentry! Des
Route 64! Steeplechase! Batter Up! Scanner! News! PS to GEOS! Centerfold! Red Alert! forms! Spray-Cam! Jam Attack! ert Front! Paper Route! Flash Flood!

#48-DEC. '87 Exploring artificial #49-JAN. "88 Iterative mathematics and #50 — FEB '88 Investigating audible wave #51-MAR '88 Synthesizing waveforms!
graphics! Expansion port tutorial, part II! The phenomena! Cartridges! Commodore 64 em Comprehensive guide to Commodore power
intelligence! Expansion port tutorial! Memory
expanders! And ready to enter: Redirect! Sil best C-64 and Amiga games of 1987! And ulators for the Amiga! And ready to enter: supplies! Utilizing Amiga HAM mode! Art Gal-
houette! Fueling Station! Take Two! Pizza Soy! ready to enter: Infoflow 64! TextSave! Clone- Coffee Break! Crypt of Fear! Screen Wizard! ery! And ready to enter: Vee Kloros! The Ex
Sprite-On! Warship! Cliffhanger! A-Matic! Ice Titans! Jungle Jake! ML Ranger! 128 Smart Merge! Marauder! tractor! 3-D Graphic Projector! Phantasy!

#53-MAY '88 Premier issue of Ahoyfs

#52-APR. "88 BASIC'S hidden treasures! "1
I AmigaUser, featuring: survey of sampling
Updating your Amiga 10Ws printer port! Disk
software! The essential Amiga game library!
drive accelerators! And ready to enter: Time All iiiu« $4.00 except #2, #3, #21 ($10.00) Guide to Amiga books! Business column! And
Subway! IRQ Messenger for the 64 and 1281
ready to enter; AmigaUserTerm! Matrix Pattern!
Sprite Exploder! Hi-Res Windows! Barricade!
Please send me
copies ol issue # copies of issue #_ #55-JULY '88 Making the thermal con
#54-JUNE '88 Advanced disk drive
. copies of issue § copies of issue 1 nection! BASIC/COMAL speed tests! Text
commands! Creating '/our own text games,
Enclosed find check or money order for $_ game programming, part II! And ready to en
part I! Programming in COMAL! And ready
ter: Tomb of Horror! Vari-Scan! Window
to enter; Rasngar! Movie Scroll! MOB Blob! (outside US add $1.00 per copy)
Dressing for the 128! Guerilla! Lunar Buggy!
Snap Snake! Phobia! Lost Dutchman's Mine!
ADDRESS_ #57-SEPT. '88 Build a lightning fast
#56-AUG. '88 Second issue of Ahoyfs compiler! Variegated COMALs! Consumer
AmigaUser. featuring: Video digitizers! Desk CITY. STATE.
Electronics Show report! Tips Ahoy! And
top publishing! Behind the AmigaDOS AS Send to: AhoyI Back Issues, Ion International Inc., 45 West 34th Street- ready to enter: Video Snapshot! The VLurian
SIGN command! Programming hints! And Mines! Color Editor! Trap Shoot! Turbo Ski!
Suite 500, New York, NY 10001.
ready to enter: Speech Set!

Capture is an addictive action/strategy game for

the Commodore 64. The object is to achieve the
highest score by capturing more objects than your
opponent can. Capture can be played solo or
After saving a copy of the game to tape or disk, type
RUN and press RETURN. After a few seconds a title screen
will appear. Select the number of players by pressing 1 or
2. Next you will be asked for the width of the maze. Select
the width using the number keys, and do the same for the
maze height. Finally you will be asked for the starting lev
el. Select a number from 1 to 8, level 1 being the least dif
ficult. A maze will then be randomly created, and in a few
seconds the game will begin.
Player l's joystick should be plugged into Port 1, and
Player 2's in Port 2. Once the game starts, you can direct
the movement of your ever-growing "snake" by pushing the
joystick in the desired direction. Avoid the walls and bor
ders at all costs; colliding with one will cost you a life and
give your opponent 100 points X the current level.
As you move around, you will notice that the screen shows of your snake is always centered on your screen, so while
only a small portion of the entire game board. The head you are moving, the screen will scroll with you. To collect
points and advance to the next level, capture all the yellow
spheres in the maze. The number of spheres remaining is
displayed at the bottom left of the screen. The player to
retrieve the last sphere will be generously rewarded with
bonus points. Note that in the one player mode you move
about twice as fast as in the head-to-head mode. This fast
er speed makes it more difficult to move through the maze
and thus partially makes up for the lack of an opponent.
There are several tactics you can use to achieve a higher
score than your opponent. The easiest method is to simply
block off your opponent and cause him to crash into an
object, possibly his own tail. This method will greatly in
crease your score, but it will also result in a shorter-last
ing game, since each player begins with only three lives.
A second, less difficult tactic is to save one sphere for your
self. When the other player has obtained all the other spheres,
you can go back and capture the one you saved. Whoever
captures the last sphere will receive all the bonus points
for that level. □
58 AHOY!
Attention new Ahoy.1 readers! You must read the following information very carefully prior to typing
in programs listed in Ahoy.' Certain Commodore characters, commands, and strings of characters
and commands will appear in a special format. Follow the instructions and listings guide on this page.

n the following pages you'l! find several pro Additionally, any character that occurs more than two
grams that you can enter on your Commodore times in a row will be displayed by a coded listing. For
computer. But before doing so, read this entire example, [3 "[LEFT]"] would be 3 CuRSoR left commands
page carefully. in a row, [5 w[s EP]"] would be 5 SHIFTed English Pounds,
To insure clear reproductions, Ahoyt's program listings and so on. Multiple blank spaces will be noted in similar
are generated on a daisy wheel printer, incapable of print fashion: e.g., 22 spaces as [22 ""].
ing the commands and graphic characters used in Commo Sometimes you'll find a program line that's too long for
dore programs. These are therefore represented by various the computer to accept (C-64 lines are a maximum of 80
codes enclosed in brackets [ ]. For example: the SHIFT characters, or 2 screen lines long; C-128 lines, a maximum
CLR/HOME command is represented onscreen by a heart of 160 characters, 2 or 4 screen lines in 40 or 80 columns
2 ■ The code we use in our listings is [CLEAR]. The respectively). To enter these lines, refer to the BASIC Com
chart below lists all such codes which you'll encounter in mand Abbreviations Appendix in your User Manual.
our listings, except for one other special case. On the next page you'll find our Bug Repellent programs
The other special case is the COMMODORE and SHIFT for the C-128 and C-64. The version for your machine will
characters. On the front of most keys are two symbols. The help you proofread programs after typing them. (Please note:
symbol on the left is obtained by pressing that key while the Bug Repellent line codes that follow each program line,
holding down the COMMODORE key; the symbol on the in the whited-out area, should not be typed in. See instruc
right, by pressing that key while holding down the SHIFT tions preceding each program.)
key. COMMODORE and SHIFT characters are represented On the second page following you will find Flankspeed,
in our listings by a lower-case V or V followed by the our ML entry program, and instructions on its use.
symbol of the key you must hit. COMMODORE J, for ex Call Ahoy! at 212-239-6089 with any problems (if busy
ample, is represented by [c J], and SHIFT J by [s J]. or no answer after three rings, call 212-239-0855).





[UP] Cursor Up SHIFT t CRSR J □ [RED] Red CNTRL 3

[DOWN] Cursor Down t CRSR I SO [CYAN] Cyan CNTRL 4 B

[LEFT] Cursor I-eft SHIKT ■*- CRSR —■ [PURPLE] Purple CNTRL 5

[RIGHT] Cursor Right — CRSR — [GREEN] Green CNTRL 6 D

[SS] Shifted Space SHIFT Space [BLUE] Blue CNTRL 7


[DEL] Delete INST/DEL D [ Fl ] Function 1 Fl

[RVSON] Reverse On CNTRL <i IS [F2] Function 2 SHIFT Fl

[RVSOFF] Reverse OIT CNTRL 0 [ F3 ] Function 3 F3

[UPARROW] Up Arrow t T [FA] Function 4 SHIFT F3 B

[BACKARROW] Back Arrow [ F5 ] Function 5 F5 I!
TV t [F6] Function 6 SHIFT F5

[EP] English Hound £ £ [F7] Function 7 F7

[F8] Functions SHIFT F7 ■

AHOY! 59
Please note: the Bug Repellent programs listed here are for Ahoy! programs published from the May 1987 issue onward! For older
programs, use the older version.
Type in, save, and run Bug Repellent. You'll be asked if you want automatic saves to take place. If so, you're prompted for the device,
DISK (D) or TAPE (T). You then pick a starting file number, 0 through 99. Next, you enter a name, up to 14 characters long. At this
point, Bug Repellent verifies your entries and gives you a chance to change them if you want. If no changes are needed, Bug Repellent
activates itself. (Pressing RETURN without answering the prompts defaults to disk drive and begins your files with "OOBACKUP".)
Type NEW and begin entering an Ahoy! program. As you enter program lines and press RETURN, a Bug Repellent code appears
at the top of your screen. If it doesn't match the code in the program listing, an error exists. Correct the line and the codes will match.
If used, automatic saves take place every. 15 minutes. When the RETURN key is pressed on a program line, the screen changes color
to let you know that a save will begin in about three seconds. You may cancel the save by pressing the RUN STOP key. The file number
increments after each save. It resets to 00 if 99 is surpassed. After saving, or cancelling, the screen returns to its original color and
the timer resets for 15 minutes.
When you've finished using Bug Repellent, deactivate it by typing
SYS 49152 [RETURN] for the Commodore 64 or SYS 4864 [RE
TURN] for the Commodore 128. •10 PRINTCHR$(147)"L0ADING AND CHECKING THE DATA[3"."]":J
=49152 :END
•20 F0RB=0TOll:READA:IFA<0ORA>255THEN4O •50 X=O:J=J+12:IFJ<5213THEN2O
■ 30 POKEJ+B,A:X=X+A:NEXTB:READA:IFA=XTHEN50 ■ 60 POKE2O8,0:POKE5213,0:A$="Y":B$=A$:C$="D":D$="DISK":D=
■50 X=O:J=J+12:IFJ<49456THEN2O $="Y"THEN90
•60 POKE198,O:POKE49456,O:A$="YM:B$=A$:C$="D":D$="DISK":D •80 PRINT"NO AUTOMATIC SAVES[3"."]":COTO150
■90 POKE49456,1:INPUT"DISK OR TAPE (D/T)";C$:IFC$O11D"THE -110 N$=RIGHT$(STR$(N),2):IFN<10THENN$=CHR$(48)+CHR$(N+48
ND=1:D$«"TAPE" )
0-99)";N 14):L=LEN(F$)
•110 N$=RIGHT$(STR$(N),2):IFN<10THENN$=CHR$(48)+CHR$(N+48 -130 POKE5215,L:FORJ=1TOL:POKE5215+J,ASC(MID$(F$,J,1)):NE
14):ULEN(F$) $
$ ■170 DATA32,58,20,169,41,162,19,236,3,3,208,4,955
•150 PRINT:INPUT"IS THIS CORRECT (Y/N)";BS:IFB$O"Y"THEN6 •180 DATA169,198,162,77,141,2,3,142,3,3,224,19,1143
0 •190 DATA2O8.7.32,125,255,79,78,0,96,32,125,255,1292
•160 POKE77O,131:POKE771,164:SYS49152:END •200 DATA79,70,70,0,96,162,0,134,251,189,0,2,1053
•170 DATA169,79,32,210,255,162,38,160,192,204,3,3,1507 •210 DATA240,19,201,48,144,9,201,58,176,5,133,251,1485
•180 DATA208,10,162,131,160,164,169,70,32,210,255,44,1615 •220 DATA232,208,238,134,252,165,251,208,3,76,198,77,2042
•190 DATA169,78,32,210,255,142,2,3,140,3,3,76,1113 •230 DATA169.0,166,235,164,236,133,253,133,254,142,47,193
•200 DATA36,193,32,96,165,134,122,132,123,32,115,0,1180 2
-210 DATA170,240,243,162,255,134,58,144,3,76,150,164,1799 •240 DATA20,140,48,20,24,101,22,69,254,230,254,24,1206
•220 DATA32,107,169,32,121,165,173,0,2,240,5,169,1215 ■250 DATA101,23,69,254,170,230,254,164,252,185,0,2,1704
•230 DATA79,141,2,3,76,162,164,169,0,133,2,133,1064 •260 DATA133,251,201,34,208,6,165,253,73,255,133,253,1965
•240 DATA251,133,252,133,254,24,101,20,69,254,230,254,197 •270 DATA201,32,208,4,165,253,240,8,138,24,101,251,1625
5 •280 DATA69,254,170,44,198,254,230,252,164,251,208,213,23
■250 DATA24,101,21,69,254,170,230,254,164,252,185,0,1724 07
-260 DATA2,133,253,201,34,208,6,165,2,73,255,133,1465 -290 DATA138,41,240,74,74,74,74,24,105,65,141,88,1138
•270 DATA2,201,32,208,4,165,2,240,8,138,24,101,1125 •300 DATA20,138,41,15,24,105,65,141,89,20,32,79,769
•280 DATA253,69,254,170,44,198,254,230,252,164,253,208,23 -310 DATA20,189,85,20,240,6,32,210,255,232,208,245,1742
49 ■320 DATA174,47,20,172,48,20,24,32,240,255,173,93,1298
•290 DATA213,138,41,240,74,74,74,74,24,105,129,141,1327 ■330 DATA20,240,27,165,161,201,212,176,4,165,160,240,1771
■300 DATA44,193,138,41,15,24,105,129,141,45,193,162,1230 •340 DATA17,32,65,20,238,32,208,238,1,214,32,225,1322
•310 DATAO,189,43,193,240,12,157,0,4,173,134,2,1147 •350 DATA255,208,6,32,49,20,76,198,77,232,208,242,1603
•320 DATA157,0,216,232,208,239,169,38,141,2,3,173,1578 •360 DATA200.208,239,32,66,193,173,95,20,162,96,160,1644
•330 DATA48,193,240,23,165,161,201,212,176,4,165,160,1748 •370 DATA20,32,189,255,169,0,170,32,104,255,169,0,1395
■340 DATA24O,13,238,32,208,160,0,32,225,255,208,6,1617 •380 DATA174,94,20,168,32,186,255,169,45,174,16,18,1351
•350 DATA32,33,193,76,38,192,232,208,242,200,208,239,1893 ■390 DATA172,17,18,32,216,255,162,1,189,96,20,168,1346
-360 DATA32.68,229,169,0,163,174,49,193,32,186,255,1555 •400 DATA200,152,201,58,144,2,169,48,157,96,20,201,1448
-370 DATA173,50,193,162,51,160,193,32,189,255,169,43,1670 -410 DATA48,208,3,202,16,234,32,49,20,141,0,2,955
•380 DATA166,45,164,46,32,216,255,162,1,189,51,193,1520 •420 DATA76,183,77,58,59,32,65,20,206,32,208,206,1222
•390 DATA168,200,152,201,58,144,2,169,48,157,51,193,1543 •430 DATA1,214,169,0,170,168,76,219,255,32,79,20,1403
•400 DATA201,48,208,3,202,16,234,32,33,193,76,116,1362 •440 DATA169,26,141,0,214,173,0,214,16,251,96,162,1462
•410 DATA164,206,32,208,169,0,170,168,76,219,255,160,1827 •450 DATAO,142,0,255,96,19,18,32,32,32,32,146,804
■420 DATA1,1,160,0,0,65,72,79,89,33,0,0,500 •460 DATAO,1,0,0,65,72,79,89,33,0,0,0,339

60 AHOY!

Flankspeed will allow you to enter machine language Ahoy! programs without any mistakes. Once you have typed the program
in, save it for future use. While entering an ML program with Flankspeed there is no need to enter spaces or hit the carriage
return. This is all done automatically. If you make an error in a line a bell will ring and you will be asked to enter it again.
To LOAD in a program Saved with Flankspeed use LOAD "name~l.I for tape, or LOAD "name"8,l for disk. The function keys
may be used after the starting and ending addresses have been entered,
fl — SAVEs what you have entered so far.
f3-LOADs in a program worked on previously.
f5—To continue on a line you stopped on after LOADing in the previous saved work.
f7— Scans through the program to locate a particular line, or to find out where you stopped the last time you entered the program.
It temporarily freezes the output as well.

100 POKE53280,12:?OKE532S1,11 OP IK
125 FORA=54272TO54296:POKEA,O:NEXT ND ■415 POKE54276,17:P0KE54276,16:RETUR« BF
130 POKE54272,4:POKE54273,48:POKE54277,0:POKE54278,249:PO ■420 OPEN15,8,15:INPUT#15,A,^$:CLOSEI5:PRINTA$:RETURN DH
WO DATA169,251,166,253,164,254,32,216,255,96 FF •435 IFLEN(T$)O4THENG0Sl'B380:G0T0430 JD
145 DATA169,0,166,251,164,252,32,213,255,96 EK ■440 FORA=lT04:A$=MIDS(TS,A,l):GOSUB450:IFTCA)=16THEfIG0SU!i
155 GOSUB4SO:ini=0THEN150 OE ■445 NEXT:B=(T(l)*4096)-KT(2)*256)+(T(3)*16)-t-T(4):RETURN KB
160 POKE2r.l,T(4)+T(3)*16:POKE252,T(2)+T(l)*16 AM •450 IFA$>"@"ANDA$<"G"THENTCA)=ASCCA$)-55:RETURN GM
170 G0SUB47O:IFB=0THEN15O PG •460 T(A)-16:RETURN IC
175 POKE254,T(2)+T(1)*16:B=T(4) + HT(3)*16 GM •465 REM ADDRESS CHECK OL
ISO tFB>2r>5THENB=B-2ri5:POKE254,PEEK(254)+l HG •470 IFAD>ENTHEN385 HO
190 REM GET HEX LINE ED •480 IFB<256OR(B>4O96OAN'DB<49152)ORB>53247THEN395 OB
195 G0SUB495:PRINT": [c P][LEFT]";:KI)fiA=OT08 KD •485 RETURN HE
205 NEXTB IJ •495 AC=AD:A=4O96:GOSUB52O AP
210 A%(A)=T{1)+T(0)*16:IFAD+A-1=ENTHEN340 FA ■500 A=256:GOSUB52O NF
215 PRIM" [c P][LEFT]"; EG •505 A=16:GOSUB520 LG
220 S'EXTA:T=AD~(INT(AD/256)*2%):PRINT" " II •510 A=liGOSUB52O HE
225 F0RA=0T07:T-T+A%(A):IFT>255THENT=T-255 GI. ■515 RETURN JD
230 NEXT ■! •520 T=IST(AC/A):IFT>9THENA$=CHRSCT+55):GOTO530 OC
235 IFA%(8)OTTHENG0SUB375:G0T0195 FL •525 A$=CHR£(T+48) JI

245 HEM GET HEX INPUT PA ■535 A$="**SAVE**":G0SUB585 IC

250 GETA$:IFA$=""THEN25O GA ■540 OPEN1,T,1,A$:SYS68O:CLOSE1 AB

260 IFA$=CHR$(133)THEN535 M ■550 GOSUB400:IFT=8THENGOSUB420 PM

265 IFAS=.CHRS(134)THf-N560 TG ■555 GOTO535 FI

270 IFAS=CHRS(135)THhNPRlST" ":GOTO62O HO •560 AS=i"'*L0AD;K*":G0SUB585 PE

275 !FA$=CHRS(136)THENPRm" ":GOTO635 HE •565 OPEN1,T,0,A$:SYS690:CLOSE1 PO
280 IKA$>"y"ANl)AS<"G"THENT(B)=ASC(AS)-55:GOTO295 MI •570 IFST-64THEN195 01
285 [FA5>'7"ANDAS<":"THENT(B;=ASC(AS)-48:GOT0295 DJ •575 G0SUB405:IFT=8THENG0SUB420 CO
290 GOS'u'Bil5:GOTO25O JA ■580 GOTO56O GN
295 ?RI\TAS"[c P][LEFT]M? PK ■585 PRINT" ":PRINTrABC14)AS KA
300 GOTO2O5 FA ■590 PRIST:AS="":INPi;T"FILEMAME";A$ 10
■305 IFA>OTHHN32O BI ■595 IFAS=""TflEN590 HK
■310 A=-1:IFB-1THE(J33O BD
■ 605 GETBS:T-1:IFB$="DtlTHENT«8:A$-"eO: "+A$: RETURN NP
315 GOTO22O FA
■325 A=A-1 FK •615 RETURN
■340 PRINT" ":T=AD-CINT(AD/256)*256) KH
■345 FORB=OTOA-l:T=T+A%(B):IFT>255THF.NT=T-255 OD
■350 NEXT ■'■
•645 PRINT-.G0T0670 HI
•665 GETB$:IFBS=CHR$(136)THEN195 JD
-670 GOSUB495:PRINT": ";:G0T0650 KE

AHOY! 61
IM DODTA MTI Letters on white background are Bug Repellent line codes. Do not enter theml Pages 59 and 60 explain these codes
I m r Utl IMN I ! and provide other essential information on entering Ahoy! programs. Refer to these pages before entering any programs!

2030 FALSe=0: true=not false ig
FROM PAOI 32 2040 def fnptr(m)=peek(m)+256*peek(m+1) eh
2050 vm=49152 :rem $c000 start of varia

•1 REM=================*===^============= IH -2060 PM=494O8 :REM $C100 START OF OBJEC

•5 REM=================:=============!==== ML «2080 BT=2049 :REM $0800 START OF BASIC
•7 REM=====:=======-===================== FF -2085 GOSUB 11000 :REM PUT PRINT RTN IN
•50 IF A=B THEN 60 AE -2120 FOR N=VM TO VM+51: POKE N,0: NEXT :
•70 PRINT ' OB -2125 REM ============ MAIN ============ MI
.999 END GK -2150 IF LN>999 THEN PRINT "[3"="] END OF
•1100 C=PEEK(M): M=M+1: PRINT C,: IF C=32 -2160 PRINT "[5" "]CURRENT LINE # -"; LN HC
•1310 AD=(C-65)*2 + VM CF -2210 GOSUB 1100 :REM FETCH NEXT BYTE EO
•1320 NX=AD: GOSUB 1400: AO=NL: A1=NH : -2220 GOSUB 1300: IF VF THEN GOSUB 3000 :
•1330 NX=AD+1: GOSUB 1400: A2=NL: A3=NH : -2230 IF C=139 THEN GOSUB 4000: GOTO 2290
■1340 RETURN MP -2240 IF C=137 THEN GOSUB 5000: GOTO 2290
•1400 NH=INT(NX/256) KK : REM 'GOTO LN
•1410 NL=NX-256*NH AC -2250 IF C=153 THEN GOSUB 6000: GOTO 2290
•1500 FOR KK=1 TO N MG -2260 IF C=128 THEN GOSUB 7000: GOTO 2290
•1550 RETURN KC -2290 IF C>0 THEN EC=O: GOSUB 10000: STOP
•2000 REM ====== INITIALIZATION ========= PB :REM 'EOL CH
■2010 DIM LL(50,2) :REM LL(N,1)=LINE -2300 GET K$:IF K$="n THEN 2130 :REM BACK
62 AHOY!
2410 IF JI=O THEN 2570 :REM NO JUMPS 00 •3400 REM <« A=B OR A=B+C >» BN
2430 :MM=JT(N,1) :REM REFERENCED LINE # AD •3430 GOSUB 1100 LO
2440 :FOR J=l TO SN :REM CHECK ACTUAL •3440 IF C=0 THEN 3600 :REM A=B DM
LINE #S AA •3450 REM <« A=B+C >» KF
2445 :REM - GET OBJ MEM TARGET ADDRESS •3460 IF CO170 THEN EC=170: EC$=;" + ":
2450 :IF MM=LL(J,1) THEN TADDR=JT(N,2): •3470 GOSUB 1100: GOSUB 1300: IF NOT VF T
2460 :NEXT J KG •3480 GOSUB 1100: IF C>0 THEN EC=O: GOSUB
2480 :EC=1: LN=JT(N,O): GOSUB 10000:STOPHB •3490 S4=A0: S5=A1 :REM ADDR C'S LSB 01
2560 NEXT N :REM NEXT JUMP TABLE ITEM JJ •3540 N=19: C(l)=24: C(2)=173: C(3)=S0: C
2570 PRINT"[3"="] END OF PASS 2 [3"="]" ON (4)=S1 LD
2580 PRINT"TO EXECUTE THE COMPILED PROGR •3550 C(5)-109: C(6)=S4: C(7)=S5: C(8)=14
AM, ENTER" HP 1: C(9)=D0: C(1O)=D1 HD
2590 PRINT" SYS"; PM AA •3560 C(ll)=173: C(12)=S2: C(13)=S3: C(14
■2595 PRINT"OBJECT CODE RESIDES FROM";PM; )-109: C(15)=S6: C(16)=S7 PK
"TO";CM-1 OJ ■3570 C(17)=141: C(18)=D2: C(19)=D3 DI
2600 END LC •3580 GOSUB 1500 GA
3000 REM <« A=(-)NN, A=B, A=B+C >» GL •3590 RETURN KC
3010 DO=AO: D1=A1 :REM ADDR OF A'S LSB GE ■3600 REM <« A=B >» MJ
3020 D2=A2: D3=A3 :REM A'S MSB HA •3610 REM LDA B(LSB), STA A(LSB), LDA B(M
■3030 GOSUB 1100: IF CO178 THEN EC=178: SB), STA A(MSB) MG
EC$=" = ": GOSUB 10000: STOP :REM '= AA •3620 N=12: C(l)=173: C(2)=S0: C(3)=S1: C
■3040 GOSUB 1100 :REM '-, NN, OR B DJ (4)=141: C(5)=D0: C(6)=D1 IB
■3050 GOSUB 1300: IF VF THEN 3400 :REM 'BEL •3630 C(7)=173: C(8)=S2: C(9)=S3: C(10)=l
■3055 REM <« A=(-)NN >» LP 41: C(11)=D2: C(12)-D3 GC
•3060 IF C=171 THEN C$="-" :REM '- HM •3640 GOSUB 1500 JJ
■3065 IF CO171 THEN C$=" "+CHR$(C) :REM -3650 RETURN NO
•0-9 DI •4000 REM «< IF A=B THEN MM »> KG
■3070 GOSUB 1100 :REM GET DIGITS OF NN FN •4010 GOSUB 1100 :REM 'A EL
■3080 IF C=0 THEN 3120 DB •4020 GOSUB 1300: IF NOT VF THEN EC=65:
■3085 IF CHR$(C)<"0" OR CHR$(C)>"9" THEN GOSUB 10000: STOP KP
EC=48: GOSUB 10000: STOP LM •4030 S0=AO: S1=A1: S2=A2: S3=A3 OK
■3090 C$=C$+CHR$(C) LJ •4040 GOSUB 1100: IF CO178 THEN EC=178:
•3100 GOTO 3070 HP GOSUB 10000: STOP :REM '= IK
■3120 NN=VAL(C$) 00 •4050 GOSUB 1100 :REM 'B FC
•3140 IF NN<0 THEN NN=NN+65536 :REM GOSUB 10000: STOP JH
CONVERT (-32768,32767) TO (0,65535) HG ■4070 GOSUB 1100 :REM 'THEN FE
•3150 NX=NN: GOSUB 1400 NH -4080 IF CO167 THEN EC=167: GOSUB 10000:
■3175 :REM LDA #NN(LSB), STA A(LSB), LDA .4090 C$=Mlt GE
#NN(MSB), STA A(MSB) EG •4100 GOSUB 1100: IF C=0 THEN 4120 :REM
•3180 N=10: C(1)=169: C(2)=LSB: C(3)=141: GET MM El
C(4)=D0: C(5)=D1 NP •4110 C$=C$+CHR$(C): GOTO 4100 BA
•3190 C(6)=169: C(7)=MSB: C(8)=141: C(9)= •4120 MM=VAL(C$) O1
D2: C(10)=D3 CN •4130 IF MM<0 OR MM>999 THEN EC=l: GOSUB
AHOY! 63
■4180 REM LDA A(MSB), CMP B(MSB), BNE EX •6220 PRINT:N=5: C(l)=169: C(2)=PC: C(3)=
IT, OC 32 PG
■4185 REM LDA A(LSB), CMP B(LSB), BNE EX •6230 C(4)-210: C(5)=255: GOSUB 1500 DG
■4190 N=19: C(l)=173: C(2)=S2: C(3)=S3 GK •6300 REM <« PRINT CHR$(A) [;] >» MA
•4200 C(4)=205: C(5)=A2: C(6)=A3 JG •6310 GOSUB 1100: IF C<>40 THEN EC=40: GO
•4210 C(7)=208: C(8)=ll: C(9)=173: C(10)= SUB 10000: STOP :REM '( HP
SO: C(11)=S1 CE •6320 GOSUB 1100: GOSUB 1300: IF NOT VF T
■4220 C(12)=205: C(13)=A0: C(14)=A1 GB HEN EC=65: GOSUB 10000: STOP BE
•4230 C(15)=208: C(16)=3: C(17)=76: C(18) •6330 REM LDA A(LSB), JSR $FFD2 OL
=0: C(19)=0 OA •6340 PRINT: N=6: C(l)=173: C(2)=A0: C(3)
•4240 GOSUB 1500 PD =A1 HD
■4250 RETURN DI •6350 C(4)=32: C(5)=210: C(6)=255 NP
•5000 REM <« GOTO MM >» GB •6360 GOSUB 1500 ED
•5010 C$=mt AA •6370 GOSUB 1100: IF C<>41 THEN EC=41: GO
•5030 IF C=0 THEN 5060 MP •6380 GOSUB 1100: IF C>0 THEN 6400 JO
■5040 C$=C$+CHR$(C) HG •6390 PRINT: PC-13: GOSUB 6200: RETURN NG
•5050 GOTO 5020 BJ •6400 IF CO59 THEN EC=59: GOSUB 10000:
•5060 MM=VAL(C$) IN STOP :REM '; HP
•5070 IF MM<0 OR MM>999 THEN EC=l: GOSUB -6410 GOSUB 1100: IF COO THEN EC=0:GOSUB
10000: STOP NJ 10000: STOP PP
•5085 JT(JI,O)=LN :REM SOURCE LINE# CG •7000 REM <« END >» EL
•5100 JT(JI,2)=CM+1 :REM OBJ MEM LOCATION •7010 N=l: C(l)=96: GOSUB 1500 IH
•5110 REM JMP MM BP 10000: STOP DD
•5120 N=3: C(l)=76: C(2)=0: C(3)=0 FO •7030 RETURN BP
■5130 GOSUB 1500 HB •8000 REM <« REM >» DE
•5140 RETURN LG •8010 GOSUB 1100: IF C>0 THEN 8010 PA
•6010 GOSUB 1100: IF C=199 THEN 6300 :REM LINE[RVSOFF]";LN MC
•6060 PRINT: N=9: C(l)=174: C(2)=A0: C(3) •10050 IF EC>127 THEN PRINT"EXPECTED BASI
•6070 C(4)=172: C(5)=A2: C(6)=A3 BA •10060 PRINT"EXPECTED CHARACTER[3" "]";GH
■6080 C(7)=32: C(8)=224: C(9)=192 DE R$(EC);"[3" "]WITH ASCII VALUEMEC :RETUR
•6090 GOSUB 1500 DI
■6100 GOSUB 1100: IF C=0 THEN PC=13: GOSU •11010 M=49376 :REM $COEO OM
6110 IF CO59 THEN EC=59: GOSUB 10000: •11030 READ B: IF B<0 THEN 11060 HD
STOP :REM ' ; KL •11040 POKE M,B: M=M+1: CK=CK+B OM
6120 GOSUB 1100: IF C>0 THEN EC=O: GOSUB •11050 GOTO 11030 NB
10000: STOP EN
64 AHOY!
IMPORTANT I Letters on white background are Bug Repellent line codes. Do not enter them! Pages 59 and 60 explain these codes
I If 11 \Jl 1 mil I ■ and provide other essential information on entering Ahoy! programs. Refer to these pages before entering any programs!


•11080 DATA 169, 32, 200, 136, 16, 2 PD •152 PRINT"[D0WNJ7. TOUCH-UP SPRITE GL
•11090 DATA 169, 45, 32, 210, 255, 152, 1 •153 PRINT"[DOWN]8. COPY SOURCE TO DESTIN
•11100 DATA 138, 73, 255, 24, 105, 1, 170 •155 S1=PEEK(2040):S2=PEEK(2041) GJ
, 152 LM •160 P0KE198/J DN
•11110 DATA 73, 255, 105, 0, 32, 205, 189 •170 GETA$:IFA$<"1"ORA$>"8"THEN170 IJ
» 96 MI •175 A=VAL(A$):0NAG0SUB200,250,300,400,50
•11120 DATA -1 IB 0,350,600,1000 CH
•180 RUN DO
•1 IFPEEK(2040)<180THENP0KE2040,255 MH ■205 0PEN5,8,5,F$+",P,R MB
•2 IFPEEK(2041)<180THENP0KE2041,254 PB ■206 INPUT#15,A,B$,C,D:IFATHENPRINTA;B$;C
■10 POKE5328O,O:POKE53281,O:POKE53269,O:P ■207 GET#5,A$,B$:CLOSE5 AP
OKE53248,22O:POKE53249,1OO A0 ■208 C$=CHR$(O):S1=ASC(A$+C$)+ASC(B$+C$)*
•15 POKE53271,3:POKE53277,3 EJ 256:Sl=Sl/64 FM
•20 POKE53251,100:POKE53250,30:PRINTn[CLE ■209 POKE2O4O,S1 OD
KE53264.2 CK •220 RUN GG
B=B+[PI] JG ■270 GETA$:IFA$="+"THENS1=S1+1:IFS1>255TH
•54 G0T060 CK 280 P0KE2040,SI:PRINT"[HOME][DOWN][DOWN]
•55 IFSGN(Y)=lTHENB=[PI]/2 IA "TAB(14)S1 NP
•56 IFSGN(Y)=-lTHENB=-[PI]/2 NI ■285 IFA$OCHR$(13)THEN270 AE
•60 D1=DE*[PI]/18O:Y1=INT(.5+A*SIN(D1+B)) ■290 POKE65O,O:RUN GM
:X1=INT(.5+A*C0S(Dl+B)):RETURN FG ■300 POKE53269,2 DO
•90 Xl=X+ll:Yl=10-Y:Q=Sl*64+Yl*3+INT(Xl/8 ■310 PRINT"[CLEAR][DOWN][DOWN]CURRENT SHA
•100 IFXK-11ORY1<-1OORX1>12ORY1>1OTHENRE URN> TO END.":P0KE650,128 JH
TURN GI ■ 320 GETA$:IFA$="+"THENS2=S2+1:IFS2>255TH
•105 X2=X1+11:Y2=1O-Y1:Q=S2*64+Y2*3+INT(X ENS2=255 KB
2/8) FE ■325 IFA$="-"THENS2=S2-1:IFS2<18OTHENS2=1

AHOY! 65
354 F$="n: INPUTF$: IFF$=imTHENRUN FM ,5 EM
355 0PEN15,8,15,MI0":PRINT#15,"S0:"+F$ MP •606 PRINT"[HOME][WHITE]F1 - EXITS M - M
■356 0PEN5,8,5,F$+",P,W DM IRROR" PC
■360 A%=(S1*64)/256:B%=(S1*64)-A%*256 HB •607 PRINT"F - FLIP I - INVERT CLR/HOME
■365 PRINT#5,CHR$(B%)CHR$(A%); LL •610 SYS49158:G0SUB900 HI
■ 370 F0RI=Sl*64T0S2*64+63:PRINT#5,CHR$(PE •630 LY=O:LX=O LN
EK(I));:NEXT EM •635 POKE2O42,14 GM
'375 CL0SE5 FH • 640 F0RI=896T0959:POKEI,0:NEXT DG
;D:FORI=1T05000:NEXT AP • 650 P0KE53289,7:POKE53252,LX*8+24:POKE53
•378 CL0SE15 HO 253,LY*8+82 IL
-400 F0RI=S2*64T0S2*64+63:POKEI,0:NEXT GP S1*64+63:POKEI,0:NEXT:G0SUB900:G0T0655 FP
•410 P0KE53269.3 JP •660 IFA$="[F1]"THENRUN CA
•420 INPUTDE LA • 675 IFA$="I"THENF0RI=Sl*64T0Sl*64+63:POK
[3"."]"DE"DEGREES[DOWN]":PRINTTAB(25)PEE •680 A=15-PEEK(5632O)AND15 LP
AB(14)"D0NE" MI •705 IF(PEEK(56320)AND16)THEN650 BE
•450 FORX=1T02000:NEXT:RUN GD •710 A=Sl*64+LY*3+INT(LX/8) HH
•515 PRINT"[DOWN]PRESS Fl TO BEGIN. DF •722 Z=LX+LY*40+55296+160 AO
•520 POKE650,128:POKE53269,3:X=1:A1$="[RV •723 A=PEEK(Z)AND15:A1=1:IFA1=ATHENA1=12 AH
S0N]":A2$="[RVS0FF] NB •724 POKEZ,A1 GF
•522 PRINTA1$"[HOME][8"[DOWN]"]START:[RVS •725 GOT0650 PC
OFF]"S1:PRINTA2$"END :[RVS0FF]"S2 BH •800 A=S1*64:POKE252,A/256:POKE251,A-PEEK
•523 POKE2O4O,S1:POKE2O41,S2 GN (252)*256:SYS49152:G0SUB900 LP
-525 GETA$:IFA$="+"ANDX=1THENS1=S1+1:IFS1 •820 GOTO650 FC
>255THENS1=255 MP •850 A=S1*64:POKE252,A/256:POKE251,A-PEEK
• 526 IFA$="+"ANDX=2THENS2=S2+1:IFS2>255TH (252)*256:SYS49155:G0SUB900 BO
ENS2=255 OP •870 G0T0650 II
•527 IFA$="-"ANDX=1THENS1=S1-1:IFS1<18OTH • 900 A=S1*64:P0KE252,A/256:POKE251,A-PEEK
ENS1=18O JC (252)*256:SYS49377:RETURN LF
• 528 IFA$="-"ANDX=2THENS2=S2-1:IFS2<180TH •1000 FORI=OTO63:POKES2*64+I,PEEK(S1*64+I
•530 IFA$=CHR$(13)THENX=3-X:B$=A1$:A1$=A2
$:A2$=B$ FB R0T.M1
•535 IFA$O"[F1]"THEN522 HP Starting address in hex: COOO
•540 PRINT"[CLEAR][DOWN][DOWN]PRESS +/- T Ending address in hex: C177
0 ADJUST SPEED AJ Flankspeed required for entry) See page 61.
•550 POKE53269,1:X=2O MJ COOO: 4C 09 CO 4C 48 CO 4C B7 6F
•555 FORI=S1TOS2STEPSGN(S2-S1):POKE2040,I CG C008: CO AO 00 Bl FB 99 40 03 F3
•560 FORQ=1TOX:NEXT JE C010: C8 CO 40 DO F6 AO 3C A2 21
•565 GETA$:IFA$="+"THENX=X+1 GI C018: 00 84 FD 86 FE 38 A9 3C 3E
• 570 IFA$="-"THENX=X-1:IFX<1THENX=1 NF C020: E5 FD 18 65 FE A8 B9 40 23
•575 IFA$OCHR$(13)THENNEXT:GOT0555 KM C028: 03 85 02 18 A5 FD 65 FE D2
• 580 P0KE2040,S1:POKE650,0:RUN LH C030: A8 A5 02 91 FB A4 FD A6 57
66 AHOY!
IMPflRTANTI LeEterson white backcrouno are Bug Repellent line codes. Do not enter them! Pages 59 and 60 explain these codes
I If 11 UIII rill I ■ and provide other essential information on entering Ahoy! programs. Refer to these pages before entering any programs!

C038 : FE E8 EO 03 DO 05 A2 00 7C •80 G0T030 DJ

C040 : 88 88 88 CO FO 90 D2 60 4F •90 K=PEEK(P(P)):POKEP(P),TF+D(P):SYSBM,X
C048 : AO 00 Bl FB 99 40 03 C8 3C (.)-N9,Y(.)-N9,. EA

C050 : CO 40 DO F6 AO 00 A2 00 5C •100 IFNPTHENSYSBM,X(N1)-N9,Y(N1)-N9,1 LM

C058 : A9 00 85 02 84 FD 86 FE 91 ■110 IFK=29THEN190 KK
C060 : 18 A5 FD 65 FE A8 B9 40 23 •120 P0KES+5,ll:P0KES+l,6:P0KES+4,128:P0K
C068 : 03 8D FF CF A2 00 8E 00 F9 ES+4,129 KE
C070 : CF 38 A9 07 ED 00 CF A8 8F •130 FORI=1T010:POKE55665+P*21,0:FORJ=1TO
C078 : B9 AF CO 2D FF CF FO OA 9A 100:NEXT CL
C080 : A5 02 AC 00 CF 19 AF CO 2E ■140 POKE55665+P*21,1:FORJ=1TO1OO:NEXT:NE
C088 : 85 02 E8 EO08 DO DF 38 CA XT:POKEP(P),K:SYSCB ON
C090 : A9 02 E5 FE 18 65 FD A8 45 •150 IFPTHENS(0)=S(0)+100*L:GOT0170 LP
C098 : A5 02 91 FB A6 FE A4 FD 16 •160 IFNPTHENS(1)=S(1)+1OO*L BK
COAO : E8 EO 03 DO 05 A2 00 C8 AE •170 L(P)=rL(P)-l:IFL(P)<lTHEN280 CC
C0A8 : C8 C8 CO 3F DO AA 60 01 17 ■180 GOSUB510:FORJ=1T01000:NEXT:GOT020 EE
COBO : 02 04 08 10 20 40 80 A9 59 ■190 P0KES+5,4:P0KES+l,3:P0KES+4,128:P0KE
C0B8 : 04 85 FC A9 AO 85 FB A2 AD S+4,129 KB
COCO : 00 AO 00 A9 FA 91 FB C8 5C ■200 S(P)=S(P)+5*L:OB=OB-N1:GOSUB51O:IFOB
C0C8 : CO 18 DO F9 AO 00 E8 18 OE =.THEN220 LP
CODO : A5 FB 69 28 85 FB A5 FC 28 ■210 GOT070 MH
C0D8 : 69 00 85 FC EO 15 DO El 6D • 220 J=C: X=8: Y==4: W=24: H=5: C=2: G0SUB570 KO
COEO : 60 A9 D8 85 FE A9 AO 85 18 •230 SYSPL,11,5,2:PRINT"[RVSON]BONUS FOR
C0E8 : FD AO 00 A2 00 8C 00 CF 86 PLAYER"P+1; IC
COFO : 8E 01 CF AD 01 CF 4A 4A 63 •240 B=FNR(25*L)+25:S(P)=S(P)+B BK
C0F8 : 4A 18 20 64 Cl A8 Bl FB F7 ■250 SYSPL,11,7,1O:PRINT"[3">"] "MID$(STR
C100 : 8D 02 CF AD 01 CF 29 07 OE $(B),2,3)" POINTS [3">"]":G0SUB510 AD
C108 : AA BD 5B Cl 2D 02 CF DO 5D ■260 X=10:Y=ll:W=21:H=3:C=4:G0SUB570:L=L+
C110 : 05 A9 OC 4C 18 Cl A9 01 9B 1:IFL>8THENL«1 GL
C.I 18 : 85 02 A9 D8 85 FE A9 AO FO ■270 SYSPL,11,12,4:PRINT"[RVSON]PREPARE F
C120 : 85 FD AC 00 CF FO 10 18 39 OR LEVEL"L:GOT0960 HO
C128 : A5 FD 69 28 85 FD A5 FE 85 ■280 IFS(0)>HSTHENHS=S(O) EP
C130 : 69 00 85 FE 88 DO FO AC 15 ■290 IFS(1)>HSTHENHS=S(1) JP
C138 : 01 CF A5 02 91 FD EE 01 30 ■300 X=12:Y=7:W=17:H=7:C=ll:G0SUB570 HN
C140 : CF AE 01 CF EO 18 DO AB 05 ■310 FORI=8T010:SYSPL,15,I,12:PRINT"[RVS0
C148 : AE 00 CF E8 EA EA 8E 00 14 N][ll" ll]":NEXT:G0SUB440 AE
C150 : CF A9 00 8D 01 CF EO 15 IE ■320 SYSPL,15,9,12:PRINT"[RVS0N] GAME OVE
C158 : DO 99 60 80 40 20 10 08 1C R ":A$=STR$(HS) AO
C160 : 04 02 01 00 18 6D 00 CF BC ■330 SYSPL,14,12,12:PRINT"[RVS0N] HIGH: "
C168 : 6D 00 CF 6D 00 CF 18 60 5B RIGHT$("[4"0n]1I+RIGHT$(A$,LEN(A$)-l),5)tI
C170 : FF 00 FF 00 FF 00 FF 00 70 AP

CAPTURE ■340 P0KES+6,250:POKES+4,17



■360 POKES+4,16:FORI=1T04000:NEXT:GOT0700 KA
10 P0KE52,56:P0KE56,56:CLR:G0T0590 00 ■370 P(0)=AD+15+15*C:X(0)=15:Y(0)=15:P(l)
20 GOSUB370:G0SUB440:P0KES+5,4:POKES+l,3 MG =AD+C-15+(R-5)*C:X(l)=C-25:Y(l)=R-5 AP
30 FORP=.TONP:SYSJY,P:IFPEEK(JS)>.THEND( ■380 D(0)=4:D(l)=3 PN
P)=PEEK(JS) IE ■390 IFPEEK(P(O))=29THENP(O)=P(O)+2:X(1)=
■40 POKEP(P),TS+P:X(P)=X(P)+VX(D(P)):Y(P) X(1)+2:GOTO39O PA
=Y(P)+VY(D(P)) MF ■400 IFPEEK(P(1))=29THENP(1)=P(1)-2:X(1)=
■50 P(P)=AD+X(P)+Y(P)*C:IFPEEK(P(P))OTTT X(1)-2:GOTO39O KP
•430 F0RI=Y(P)-5T0Y(P)+5:F0RJ=X(P)-5T0X(P
,X(N1)-N9,Y(N1)-N9,N1 BB )+5:P0KEAD+J+I*C,32:NEXTJ,I,P:RETURN KP

AHOY! 67
440 F0RI=0TO23:POKES+I,0:NEXT:POKES+24,1 ] [c R][s *][s I] [c R][s *][c S] [RVSO
450 GOSUB440:POKES+1,FNR(40)+100:POKES+1 •760 SYSPL,5,8,9:PRINT"[BACKARR0W][GREEN]
5,30:P0KES+5,9 AG [RVSON] [s B][3" "][c Q][s *][c W] [s B]
460 POKES+4,20:P0KES+4,21:RETURN JE [s *][s K] [s B] [s B] [s B] [s B][c R][
470 GOSUB440:P0KES+12,13:POKES+13,0:P0KE s K] [c Q][s *][3" "][RVSOFF] " AI
S+5,9:P0KES+6,220 NN -770 SYSPL,5,9,9:PRINT"[BACKARR0W][GREEN]
480 POKES+11,21:FORI=1TO255STEP2:POKES+1 [RVSON] [s J][s *][s K] [c X] [c Z] [c E
,I:P0KES+8,FNR(256):NEXT OF ][3" "][c E] [s J][s *][c X] [c X][s J][
■ 490 POKES+11,0:GOSUB440:RETURN GI s *] [c E][s *][c X] [RVSOFF] " AI
■500 POKES+5,4 CG -780 SYSPL,5,10,7:PRINT"[RVS0N][30M[c Y]"
-510 A$=STR$(S(O)):SYSPL,1,22,11:PRINTRIG ]" PB
HT$(n[4"0n]M+RIGHT$(A$,LEN(A$)-l),5); HL • 790 X=7:Y=14:W=26:H=2:C=8:G0SUB570 PF
■520 A$=STR$(S(1)):PRINTSPC(16)RIGHT$("[4 •800 SYSPL,15,14,8:PRINT"[RVS0N]A GAME OF
"O"]"+RIGHT$(A$,LEN(A$)-1),5); LE "; GI
■530 SYSPL,13,22,l:PRINTLEFT$("[3n#"]",L( •810 SYSPL,8,15,8:PRINT"SURVIVAL OF THE Q
■540 SYSPL,34,22,1:PRINTLEFT$("[3"#"]",L( •820 X=12:Y=18:W=16:H=2:C=6:GOSUB570 NP
1))" " CP •830 SYSPLt15,18,6:PRINT"[RVS0N]WRITTEN B
; HA •840 X=4:Y=22:W=32:H=1:C=4:GOSUB57O HB
•560 RETURN MA •850 POKE198,0:SYSPL,6,22,4:PRINT"[RVS0N]
" FE 60 HH
•590 P0KE53280,0:P0KE53281,0:PRINT"[CLEAR •880 GETA$:W=VAL(A$):IFW<10RW>3THEN880 PC
]"CHR$(142)CHR$(8)n[12n[D0WN]n]n; DA •890 G0SUB450:SYSPL,4,22,14:PRINT"[RVSON]
•610 CB=49152:CM=49205:SI=49535:BM=49333: •910 G0SUB450:SYSPL,4,22,2:PRINT"[RVS0N]
PL=49591:WD=49476:JY=49494:JS=49617 GM ENTER STARTING LEVEL 1 TO 8 " AJ
■620 AD=16384:N9=9:TF=34:TT=32:TS=27:S=54 • 920 GETA$:L=VAL(A$):IFL<10RL>8THEN920 LH
272:N1=1 AF •930 GOSUB450:FORI=OT01:S(I)=0:L(I)=3:NEX
•630 POKES+1,130:P0KES+5,9:P0KES+15,30 PH T JH
•640 P0KE56334,0:P0KEl,51:P0KE781,9:P0KE7 •940 SZ=W*H:C=W*40+20:R=H*25+10:J=C IM
82,0:POKE90,0:P0KE91,216:P0KE88,0 GK •950 X=4:Y=13:W=32:H=10:C=6:G0SUB570:SYSP
• 650 P0KE89,64:SYS41964:P0KE1,55:P0KE5633 L,13,17,6:PRINT"[RVS0N]CREATING MAZE[3".
4,1:POKE54272,216:POKE53272,3O IG "]" JF
• 660 READI:IFI>0THENI=14336+I*8:FORJ=ITOI -960 GOSUB470:C=J:SYSCM,C-20,R:FORI=1T012
•670 FORI=1TO4:READVX(I),VY(I):NEXT LD •970 A=AD+FNR(C-20)+10+(FNR(R-10)+10)*C:K
-680 F0RI=49152T049617:READJ:P0KEI,J:NEXT HO =FNR(2) PJ
•690 SP$=" ":FORI=1T040:P$=P$+"[BACKARROW •980 FORJ=0TOFNR(10)+SZ/2:IFKTHEN1010 PP
]":S$=S$+" ":SP$=SP$+"]":NEXT:SYSSI HG •990 IFPEEK(A+J*C)O31THENP0KEA+J*C(30:G0
•700 PRINT"[CLEAR]n;:FORI=OTO23:SYSPL,0,1 T01030 JH
,9:PRINTP$;:NEXT:PRINTLEFT$(P$,39)"[LEFT •1000 G0T01020 DD
•710 X=12:Y=1:W=15:H=2:C=2:GOSUB57O HG 030 KF
•720 SYSPL,17,1,2:PRINT"[RVSON]AHOY!n;:SY •1020 J=99 HG
• 730 X=5:Y=6:W=30:H=5:C=5:G0SUB570 El EAR]":0B=3+L*3:FORI=1TOOB 0J
•740 SYSPL,5,6,7:PRINTn[RVS0N][30"[c P]"] -1040 XY=16384+FNR(C-30)+10+(FNR(R-10)+10
•750 SYSPL,5,7,9:PRINT"[BACKARR0W][GREEN] • 1050 POKEXY,29:NEXT:F0RI=0T01:SYSPL,1*21
[RVSON] [s U][s *][s I] [s U][s *][s I] ,19,14:PRINT"[c A][BLUE][17n[s *]"][c 7]
[c R][s *][s I][c A][c R][c S][c S] [c A [c S]» AE
68 AHOY!
1060 FORJ=20TO22:SYSPL,I*21,J,6:PRINT"[s 169,4,133,252,189,72,193,133,253 KJ
B]"SPC(17)"[s B]M;:NEXT AD •1390 DATA169.216,133,254,169,18,141,71,1
1070 SYSPL,I*21,23,14:PRINT"[c Z][BLUE][ 93,160,18,177,249,145,251,56,233 GL
16"[s *]I!][c 7][c X][BLUE][LEFT][INSERT] •1400 DATA27,170,189,74,193,145,253,136,1
[s *]";:NEXT HB 6,240,24,165,249,109,68,193,133 II
1080 F0RI=0T023:SYSPL,19,I,6:PRINT"[RVS0 •1410 DATA249,169,,101,250,133,250,24,165
V][c J][c L][RVS0FF]";:NEXT OD ,251,105,40,133,251,144,2,230 FP
L090 SYSPL,5,20,12:PRINT"PLAYER 1"SPC(13 •1420 DATA252,24,165,253,105,40,133,253,1
)"PLAYER 2" JP 44,2,230,254,206,71,193,16,197 BM
1100 SYSPL,1,21,11:PRINT"SCORE:"SPC(15)" •1430 DATA96,100,,,,,21,5,6,7,8,2,,,,l,l HA
SCORE:" CM •1440 DATA1,1,32,170,192,208,5,173,1,220,
1110 SYSPL,12,21,11:PRINT"LIVES:"SPC(15) 208,3,173,,220,41,15 PG
"LIVES:" EA •1450 DATA73,15,170,189,111,193,141,209,1
1120 SYSPL,33,24,14:PRINT"LVL: [YELLOW]" 93,96,,1,2,,3,, LI
MID$(STR$(L),2,1); FE -1460 DATA,4,,,,,,,,120,169,145,141,20,3,
1130 G0SUB510-.G0T020 LP 169,193 DC
1140 DATA27,255,255,255,255,255,255,255, •1470 DATA141,21,3,169,6,141,206,193,88,9
255 NL 6,206,206,193,240,3,76,49 NG
1150 DATA28,255,255,255,255,255,255,255, •1480 DATA234,169,6,141,206,193,173,248,5
255 JM 6,72,162,1,189,248,56,202,157 ID
1160 DATA29,0,60,78,223,255,255,126,60 EL •1490 DATA248,56,232,232,224,8,208,243,10
1170 DATA30.255,129,129,129,129,129,129, 4,141,255,56,208,223,32,170,192 NJ
255 GB •1500 DATA72,32,170,192,72,32,170,192,141
1180 DATA31,196,200,49,50,76,140,19,35 FN ,134,2,104,170,104,168,24,32 OL
1190 DATA35t0,0,0,24,60,126,255,0 BO •1510 DATA240,255,96,,,, EC
1200 DATA36.0,255,126,60,24,0,0,0 KH
1210 DATA37.0,12,60,252,252,60,12,0
1220 DATA38,0,48,60,63,63,60,48,0,-1
1230 DATAO,-1,0,1,-1,0,1,0 KN FROM PAGE 39
1240 DATA169,,141,21,192,141,36,192,169, Starting address in hex: COOO
64,141,22,192,141,37,192,160 JL Ending address in hex: C55F
1250 DATA,162,64,185,255,255,201,29,144, SYS to start: 49152
6,201,33,176,2,208,5,169 NE Fhnkspeed required for entryl See page 61.
1260 DATA32,153,255,255,200,208,235,238,
22,192,238,37,192,202,224,255,208 AB COOO: 4C 6B CO A9 8D
01 19 DO 9A
1270 DATA224,96,169,,141,70,192,169,64,1 C008: A2 OB AO 00 AD
12 DO C9 BO
41,71,192,169,31,160,,162 BN C010: 5E BO 04 A6 05 AO 5E 8E 5C
1280 DATA64,153,255,255,200,208,250,238, C018: 21 DO 8C 12 DO 20 45 C5 A4
71,192,202,224,255,208,242,32,170 OC C020: AD OD DC 4A 90 03 4C 31 13
1290 DATA192,56,233,10,141,207,193,24,10 C028: EA 4C BC FE 99 20 20 53 48
5,30,141,68,193,32,170,192,56 HC C030: 43 4F 52 45 20 00 20 20 BA
1300 DATA233,10,141,208,193,169,10,133,2 C038: 48 49 47 48 20 20 00 9F 39
49,169,64,133,250,160,10,24,165 II C040: 54 4F 20 50 4C 41 59 20 5B
1310 DATA249,109,68,193,133,249,144,2,23 C048: 41 47 41 49 4E 00 50 52 4C
0,250,136,208,241,173,208,193,141 HE C050: 45 53 53 20 54 52 49 47 93
1320 DATA71,193,173,207,193,168,169,32,1 C058: 47 45 52 00 05 30 30 30 CC
45,249,136,16,251,24,165,249,109 MG C060: 30 30 30 30 30 00 4C 3D DA
1330 DATA68,193,133,249,144,2,230,250,20 C068: 30 20 00 AD OE DC 29 FE 79
6,71,193,173,71,193,16,225,96 ME C070: 8D OE DC A5 01 29 FB 85 3A
1340 DATA32,253,174,32,138,173,32,247,18 C078: 01 A9 38 85 FC A9 DO 85 DD
3,152,96,32,170,192,141,69,193 FH C080: FE A9 00 85 FB 85 FD A2 DO
1350 DATA32,170,192,141,70,193,32,170,19 C088: 08 Bl FD 91 FB C8 DO F9 61
2,72,169,,133,249,169,64,133 LP C090: E6 FE E6 FC CA DO F2 A5 8E
1360 DATA250,172,70,193,240,15,24,165,24 C098: 01 09 04 85 01 AD OE DC C5
9,109,68,193,133,249,144,2,230 PN COAO: 09 01 8D OE DC 78 A9 IB 60
1370 DATA250,136,208,241,173,69,193,24,1 C0A8: 8D 11 DO A9 81 8D 1A DO BB
01,249,133,249,169,,101,250,133 FD COBO: A9 7F 8D OD DC A9 03 8D 8B
1380 DATA250,104,170,189,72,193,133,251, C0B8: 14 03 A9 CO 8D 15 03 58 38

AHOY! 69
COCO: AO 50 A9 FF F9 EO C4 99 94 C290: DO 84 18 A5 FE 6D OE DO EE
C0C8: 80 39 88 10 F5 A9 IE 8D 66 C298: C9 1C 90 OA E9 F3 38 E9 19
CODO: 18 DO A9 00 85 06 A9 8F 28 C2A0: OD 90 03 8D OE DO C6 02 76
C0D8: 8D 18 D4 A2 01 8E 2E DO 84 C2A8: 10 30 A9 28 AO 00 85 02 E2
COEO: A9 OF 8D 86 02 20 44 E5 F9 C2B0: AD IB D4 2A 90 03 C8 DO A5
C0E8: A2 04 A9 C8 85 FA 86 FB 05 C2B8: 01 88 84 FE A6 42 E8 E8 80
COFO: AO 00 A9 EF 91 FA C8 91 12 C2C0: EO OA DO 02 A2 00 A9 4C 17
C0F8: FA C8 A9 FA 91 FA C8 98 4F C2C8: 9D 05 DO AD OE DO 18 69 4A
ClOO: 18 65 FA 85 FA 90 02 E6 72 C2D0: OC 9D 04 DO 86 42 A9 92 54
C108: FB A5 FB C9 08 DO El A2 CC C2D8: 85 96 C6 96 A5 96 8D 01 ID
C11O: 09 AO IE 18 20 FO FF A9 AA C2E0: D4 E6 09 A5 09 8D 08 D4 BE
C118: 2C AO CO 20 IE AB A2 OF 41 C2E8: A4 03 20 CC FF 88 DO FA Dl
C12O: AO IE 18 20 FO FF A9 36 E7 C2F0: 4C 05 C2 A9 10 8D 04 D4 25
C128: AO CO 20 IE AB A2 10 AO C6 C2F8: A9 80 8D 15 DO A9 FF 8D CD
C130: IE 18 20 FO FF A9 5C AO IE C300: OE DO A9 OE 85 05 A2 03 C6
C138: CO 20 IE AB A2 00 AO 23 49 C308: AO OC 18 20 FO FF A9 3F C6
C14O: 18 20 FO FF A9 66 AO CO DA C310: AO CO 20 IE AB A9 DF 85 6A
C148: 20 IE AB A9 03 85 05 A2 OC C318: A2 A5 A2 DO FC A2 03 AO 17
C15O: OA AO IE 18 20 FO FF A9 EB C320: OC 18 20 FO FF A9 4E AO ED
C158: 5C AO CO 20 IE AB A9 80 2A C328: CO 20 IE AB A9 DF 85 A2 84
C16O: 8D 06 D4 A9 11 8D 04 D4 E9 C330: A5 A2 DO FC AD 00 DC 29 F9
C168: A2 F5 86 03 A9 82 8D ID 61 C338: 10 DO B8 4C 4B Cl A9 OF E3
C170: DO A9 64 85 FC A9 OA 8D 13 C340: 2D 00 DC 49 OF AE 00 DO 22
C178: 28 DO A9 05 85 FB A9 00 4B C348: C9 08 DO 03 E8 FO OC C9 9D
C180: 85 43 20 9D C3 A9 83 8D 85 C350: 04 DO 05 CA EO 1C 90 03 85
C188: 17 DO A9 00 AO 09 99 04 61 C358: 8E 00 DO 60 A4 FB 38 A2 93
C190: DO 88 10 FA AO 04 A2 00 3C C360: 06 CA 30 14 BD BO 05 69 52
C198: A9 DD 99 FA 07 8A 99 29 09 C368: 00 9D BO 05 C9 3A DO Fl 82
C1AO: DO 88 10 F4 A9 DE 8D FF 15 C370: A9 30 9D BO 05 38 BO E9 70
C1A8: 07 A2 00 CA 8E 15 DO 8E 20 C378: 88 DO E3 E8 AO FF C8 B9 Cl
C1BO: 1C DO 8E OF D4 A9 80 8D C7 C380: BO 05 D9 AO 06 FO F7 AO 40
C1B8: 12 D4 E8 86 FE 86 02 86 ID C388: 05 B9 BO 05 90 OB AO 05 3E
C1CO: 42 AO 15 B9 30 C5 99 40 42 C390: B9 BO 05 99 AO 06 88 10 D8
C1C8: 03 99 55 0*3 99 6A 03 88 4D C398: F7 C6 FC DO 43 A9 F8 8D 98
C1DO: 10 Fl A2 00 8E 20 DO A2 97 C3A0: OB D4 A9 00 85 09 E6 43 E2
C1D8: OD 8E F8 07 A2 DC 8E F9 7C C3A8: AA AO 25 18 20 FO FF A9 EB
C1EO: 07 A9 D2 8D 01 DO A9 20 8D C3B0: 00 A6 43 20 CD BD A5 43 2F
C1E8: 8D 00 DO A9 01 8D 27 DO 77 C3B8: 29 03 DO 12 AO 04 B9 FA 21
C1FO: A9 34 8D OF DO A9 1C 8D 8F C3C0: 07 49 02 99 FA 07 29 02 D9
C1F8: OE DO A2 00 BD El C3 9D 7B C3C8: 99 29 DO 88 10 FO 18 A5 A3
C2OO: 00 37 E8 DO F7 AC IE DO 84 C3D0: FB 69 OA 85 FB 38 A5 03 A2
C208: A9 05 4D 5B C5 8D 5B C5 D3 C3D8: E9 OA 85 03 A9 64 85 FC E5
C210: A9 04 85 FD A2 02 FE 03 E7 C3E0: 60 00 00 00 00 15 44 14 AE
C218: DO BD 02 DO FO 6C A9 BC 3D C3E8: 55 50 15 15 55 05 56 91 FA
C220: 38 FD 03 DO BO 10 98 25 A8 C3F0: 15 66 54 19 6A 94 5A A9 DC
C228: FD FO OB A9 00 9D 02 DO 3C C3F8: 95 66 55 91 19 55 94 19 F7
C230: 20 5C C3 4C 8A C2 BD 03 CA C400: 55 A5 69 55 64 59 55 64 31
C238: DO C9 E6 DO 4D A9 D2 8D El C408: 1A 55 94 16 96 90 05 96 E4
C240: 03 DO 38 BD 02 DO E9 OA DO C410: 50 16 A6 94 19 AA 94 55 5F
C248: 8D 02 DO A9 00 9D 02 DO C2 C418: 96 54 11 45 14 00 00 05 72
C25O: 8D OB D4 8D 04 D4 A9 12 DF C420: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20
C258: 8D 01 D4 A9 BC 8D 05 D4 89 C428: 00 00 00 00 00 00 01 10 39
C260: A9 81 8D 04 D4 A9 E6 85 08 C430: 00 00 40 00 01 10 00 02 83
C268: A2 A5 A2 DO FC 8D 03 DO 82 C438: 00 00 28 00 00 28 00 02 8A
C270: A9 80 8D 04 D4 A9 11 8D 49 C440: AA 80 OA AA AO 2A AA A8 3E
C278: 04 D4 AD 01 DO 18 69 OE 60 C448: 2A AA A8 2A AA A8 2A AA 18
C280: 8D 01 DO C9 FC DO 03 4C C6 C450: A8 2A AA A8 OA AA AO OA D5
C288: F3 C2 06 FD E8 E8 EO OC 02 C458: AA AO 00 AA 00 00 00 00 4E
70 AHOY!
C460 : 00 01 55 40 15 55 54 55 OB C078: 00 99 27 DO C8 CO 08 DO 6C
C468 : 14 55 3F FF FC 3F 7D FC C7 C080: F8 A9 80 AO 00 99 F8 07 DD
C470 : OF 55 FO 03 FF CO 01 55 DF C088: 18 69 01 C8 CO 08 DO 63
C478 : 40 05 55 50 2A AA A8 2A OB C090: A9 37 85 01 58 60 A2 19 6C
C480 : AA A8 55 55 55 55 55 55 D3 C098: AD 12 DO 18 69 05 29 07 DF
C488 : AA AA AA A6 AA 9A 55 55 IF COAO: 09 18 EA EA EA AO 06 88 Bl
C490 : 55 55 55 55 A6 AA 9A A6 78 C0A8: DO FD EA EA CE 16 DO EE Fl
C498 : AA 9A 50 00 05 FO 00 OF 33 COBO: 16 DO EA EA EA EA EA EA 19
C4A0 : 00 00 00 00 00 04 40 00 E4 C0B8: EA EA EA EA AD 12 DO 18 OD
C4A8 : 01 00 00 04 40 00 02 00 EF COCO: 69 05 29 07 09 18 8D 11 IF
C4B0 : 00 02 00 00 2A AO 00 2A A7 C0C8: DO CE 16 DO EE 16 DO CA EF
C4B8 : AO 00 2A AO 00 2A AO 00 EE CODO: DO E3 20 OF Cl 20 1A Cl 72
C4C0 : 2A AO 00 2A AO 00 2A AO 21 C0D8: A9 IB 8D 11 DO A9 DC 8D 21
C4C8 : 00 2A AO 00 2A AO 00 2A 88 COEO: 12 DO A9 01 8D 19 DO A6 8C
C4D0 : AO 00 2A AO 00 2A AO 00 07 C0E8: B3 BD 29 C2 AO 27 99 00 A7
C4D8 : 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D8 COFO: DO C8 CO 2F DO F8 C6 B2 BD
C4E0 : 83 01 31 31 31 31 01 83 AE C0F8: A5 B2 10 10 A9 05 85 B2 58
C4E8 : C7 87 E7 E7 E7 E7 81 81 DA C100: E6 B3 A5 B3 C9 07 30 04 F8
C4F0 : 83 01 Fl E3 C7 8F 01 01 A4 C108: A9 00 85 B3 4C 31 EA 20 73
C4F8 : 83 01 F9 E3 E3 F9 01 83 BD C110: 78 Cl C6 02 DO 03 20 BD C4
C500 : C3 83 33 33 01 01 F3 F3 97 C118: Cl 60 A5 C5 C9 04 DO 03 47
C508 : 01 01 3F 03 01 F9 01 03 4B C120: 4C 85 Cl 60 60 18 3E 02 CC
C510 : C3 83 3F 03 01 39 01 83 58 C128: 22 3E 01 22 3E 00 22 3E 4A
C518 : 01 01 F3 E7 CF CF 87 87 A4 C130: C2 21 3E Cl 21 3E CO 21 55
C520 : 83 01 39 83 83 39 01 83 A2 C138: 3E 82 21 3E 81 21 3E 80 B9
C528 : 83 01 39 01 81 Fl 03 87 E4 C140: 21 3E 42 21 3E 41 21 3E El
C530 : 00 00 00 AF FF FA AF FF 8A C148: 40 21 3E 02 21 3E 01 21 6B
C538 : FA AF FF FA AA AA AA AA 88 C150: 3E 00 21 3E C2 20 3E Cl DO
C540 : AA AA 00 00 00 A5 06 49 8A C158: 20 3E CO 20 3E 82 20 3E B6
C548 : 01 85 06 A8 B9 5B C5 8D E5 C160: 81 20 3E 80 20 3E 42 20 81
C550 : 25 DO B9 5D C5 8D 26 DO A7 C168: 3E 41 20 3E 40 20 3E 02 E6
C558 : 4C 3E C3 07 00 06 OA 40 FD C170: 20 3E 01 20 3E 00 20 60 AE
C178: A2 00 20 25 Cl E8 E8 E8 DC

fill DE B1OI HI HE H
8D 1A
DO F6 60 78 A9 80
DO A9 81 8D OD DC
SCI ElN1 re R C190: A9 C8 8D 16 DO A9 37 85 DD
C198: 01 A2 F8 9A 58 20 8A FF D2
rKI iM
Wri ivi E
1 1A
C1A 0: A9 00 8D 15 DO 8D 18 D4 38
Starting ) address in 1 lex: COOO C1A8: A9 IB 8D 11 DO A9 06 8D 1A
Ending address in hex: C9E1 C1B0: 20 DO 8D 21 DO A9 01 8D 59
SYSto start: 49152 C1B8: 86 02 4C 7B E3 AD 4B C2 A8
Flankspeed required for entry! See page 61 C1C0: EE BE Cl DO 03 EE BF Cl 74
C1C8: 29 3F DO 06 20 IE C2 4C 55
cooo : 20 IE C2 78 A9 03 85 B2 5E C1D0: BD Cl 85 FB 20 04 C2 A9 62
coos : A9 01 85 B3 A9 00 8D FF 23 C1D8: 31 85 01 AO 00 A2 00 Bl 85
CO 10 : 3F 85 FE 85 OA A9 7F 8D 1A C1E0: FC 9D 06 22 E8 E8 E8 C8 27
C013 : OD DC A9 IB 8D 11 DO A9 DF C1E8: CO 08 DO F3 EE E2 Cl AD B7
C020 : 81 8D 1A DO A9 96 8D 14 FB C1F0: E2 Cl C9 09 DO C7 A9 37 El
C028 : 03 A9 CO 8D 15 03 A9 DC Cl C1F8: 85 01 A9 18 85 02 A9 06 78
C030 : 8D 12 DO A9 18 85 02 A9 93 C200: 8D E2 Cl 60 A9 00 85 FC BE
C038 : FF 8D ID DO 8D 17 DO A9 D2 C208: A2 08 46 FB 90 03 18 69 OA
C040 : 00 A8 99 00 20 99 00 21 5D C210: 08 6A 66 FC CA DO F3 18 8D
C048 : 99 00 22 C8 DO F4 A9 DC 19 C218: 69 DO 85 FD 18 60 A9 30 28
C050 : AO 01 99 00 DO C8 C8 CO AE C220: 8D BE Cl A9 C2 8D BF Cl A9
C058 : 11 DO F7 A9 00 AO 00 99 16 C228: 60 02 OA 07 OF 07 OA 12 CD
C060 : 00 DO 18 69 30 C8 C8 CO 35 C230: 2A 20 2A 20 2A 20 13 09 2B
C068 : 10 DO F4 A9 FF 8D 15 DO 5B C238: 04 05 20 02 OF 12 04 05 8D
C070 : A9 CO 8D 10 DO A9 01 AO 94 C240: 12 20 13 03 12 OF OC OC Cl

AHOY! 71
C248: 20 05 04 09 14 OF 12 20 CF C418: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 18
C250: 2D 17 12 09 14 14 05 OE EA C420: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20
C258: 20 02 19 20 OD 09 03 08 D4 C428: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 28
C260: 01 05 oc 20 01 2E 20 07 E8 C430: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 30
C268: 12 OF 14 14 OF OE 20 06 F4 C438: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 38
C270: OF 12 20 01 08 OF 19 21 04 C440: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40
C278: 20 OD 01 07 01 1A 09 OE DF C448: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 48
C280: 05 20 OF 03 14 OF 02 05 El C450: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 50
C288: 12 20 31 39 38 38 20 00 B5 C458: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 58
C290: 00 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 71 C460: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 60
C298: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 99 C468: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 68
C2A0: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Al C470: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 70
C2A8: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 A9 C478: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 78
C2B0: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Bl C480: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 80
C2B8: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 B9 C488: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 88
C2C0: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Cl C490: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 90
C2C8: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 C9 C493: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 98
C2D0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DO C4A0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AO
C2D8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D8 C4A8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 A8
C2E0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 EO C4B0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BO
C2E8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E8 C4B8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B8
C2F0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FO C4C0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CO
C2F8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F8 C4C8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C8
C300: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C4D0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DO

C308: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 08 C4D8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D8
C310: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10 C4E0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 EO
C318: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 18 C4E8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E8
C320: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20 C4F0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FO
C328: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 28 C4FS: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F8
C330: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 30 C500: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
C338: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 38 C508: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 08
C340: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40 C510: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10
C348: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 48 C518: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 18
C350: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 50 C520: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 20
C358: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 58 C528: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 28
C360: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 60 C530: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 30
C368: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 68 C538: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 38
C370: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 70 C540: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 40
C378: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 78 C548: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 48
C380: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 80 C550: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 50
C388: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 88 C558: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 58
C390: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 90 C560: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 60
C398: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 98 C568: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 68
C3A0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AO C570: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 70
C3A8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 A8 C578: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 78
C3B0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BO C580: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 80
C3B8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B8 C588: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 88
C3C0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CO C590: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 90
C3C8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C8 C598: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 98
C3D0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DO C5A0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 AO
C3D8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D8 C5A8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 A8
C3E0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 EO C5B0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 BO
C3E8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E8 C5B8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 B8
C3F0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FO C5C0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 CO
C3F8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F8 C5C8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C8
C400: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 C5D0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DO
C408: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 08 C5D8: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 D8
C410: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 10 C5E0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 EO

72 AHOY!
C5E3: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 E8 C7BS: 20 E4 FF FO F8 AE C7 C9 E7
C5F0: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 FO C7C0: C9 OD FO 27 C9 14 FO 15 93
C5F3: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F8 C7C8: C9 20 30 E9 C9 5F 10 E5 EB
C600: A9 00 8D 20 DO 8D 21 DO A7 C7D0: AE C7 C9 9D 40 03 E8 20 FA
C608: 8D C8 C9 A9 24 AO C8 20 7F C7D3: D2 FF 4C B5 C7 AE C7 C9 B5
C610: IE AB A9 00 85 CC 20 E4 DA C7E0: EO 00 FO Dl CA 20 D2 FF 42
C618: FF FO FB C9 31 FO OF C9 C9 C7E8: 4C B5 C7 AE C7 C9 EO 10 E3
C620: 32 FO 12 C9 33 FO 15 C9 22 C7F0: 10 B8 AE C7 C9 EO 00 FO CB
C628: 34 FO 18 4C 16 C6 A9 01 39 C7F8: Bl A9 01 85 CC A9 08 A2 FB
C630: 85 CC 4C OD C7 A9 01 85 D3 C800: 08 AO 08 20 BA FF AD C7 01
C633: CC 4C 4B C6 A9 01 85 CC 60 C808: C9 A2 40 AO 03 20 BD FF 36
C640: 4C AA C7 A9 01 85 CC 4C 48 C810: A9 00 85 FB A9 CO 85 FC 28
C648: A9 C7 60 A9 5F AO C9 20 AD C818: A2 EO AO C5 A9 FB 20 D8 AO
C650: IE AB 20 C9 C9 A9 00 A2 1A C820: FF 4C 00 C6 93 11 11 20 09
C653: 00 A9 IE 9D 28 04 8E 40 B8 C828: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 IF 28
C660: 03 20 E4 FF FO F8 C9 OD 29 C830: 12 53 43 52 4F 4C 4C 20 33
C668: F0 67 C9 ID FO 30 C9 2B BD C838: 54 45 58 54 20 20 45 44 48
C670: FO OE C9 2D FO 19 C9 9D D7 C840: 49 54 4F 52 20 31 2E 31 30
C678: FO 3C AE 40 03 4C 5E C6 09 C848: 92 OD 20 20 20 20 20 20 A8
C680: AE C8 C9 FE 29 C2 20 C9 96 C850: 20 20 9A B8 B8 B8 B8 B8 C6
C688: C9 AE 40 03 4C 5E C6 AE 64 C858: B8 B8 B8 B8 B8 B8 B8 B8 IE
C690: C8 C9 DE 29 C2 20 C9 C9 Al C860: B8 B8 B8 B8 B8 B8 B8 B8 26
C698: AE 40 03 4C
5E C6 AE 40 EA C868: B8 B8 OD 20 20 20 20 20 87
C6A0: 03 EO 06
FO 29 A9 20 9D OC C870: 20 20 20 1C 3C 96 31 1C OD
C6A8: 28 04 EE C8
E8 C9 A9 IE 07 C878: 3E 20 9F 2D 2D 20 IE 45 54
C6B0: 9D 28 04
4C 5E C6 AE 40 DA C880: 44 49 54 20 53 43 52 4F BA
C6B8: 03 EO 00
FO 11 A9 20 9D 06 C888: 4C 4C 20 54 45 58 54 OD 94
C6C0: 28 04 CA
CE C8 C9 A9 EO
IE C890: 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 91
C6C8: 9D 28 4C 5E
04 C6 4C 5E AE C898: 1C 3C 96 32 1C 3E 20 9F D3
C6D0: C6 A9 Al
AO C9 20 IE AB 37 C8A0: 2D 2D 20 IE 45 44 49 54 60
C6D8: 20 E4 FF FO FB C9 31 FO B6 C8A8: 20 50 52 45 46 45 52 41 CF
C6E0: OB C9 32 FO 12 C9 33 FO D8 C8B0: 4E 43 45 53 OD 20 20 20 48
C6E8: 19 4C D8 C6 20 D2 FF A9 8A C8B8: 20 20 20 20 20 1C 3C 96 48
C6F0: 05 8D FD CO 4C 00 C6 20 75 C8C0: 33 1C 3E 20 9F 2D 2D 20 88
C6F8: D2 FF A9 OA 8D FD CO 4C 18 C8C8: IE 53 41 56 45 20 53 43 CD
C700: 00 C6 20 D2 FF A9 OF 8D FF C8D0: 52 4F 4C 4C OD 20 20 20 78
C708: FD CO 4C 00 C6 A9 01 85 OA C8D8: 20 20 20 20 20 1C 3C 96 68
C710: CC A9 93 20 D2 FF A9 13 C9 C8E0: 34 1C 3E 20 9F 2D 2D 20 A9
C718: AO C9 20 IE AB A9 AO 8D 44 C8E8: IE 51 55 49 54 20 4C 41 F8
C720: E7 07 A9 00 85 FB A9 04 E7 C8F0: 52 47 45 20 53 43 52 4F 28
C728: 85 FC A9 9D 8D 40 03 A9 6C C8F8: 4C 4C OD 11 11 20 20 20 21
C730: 5B AO C9 20 IE AB AD 40 CD C900: 20 20 20 20 20 IF 4F 50 5F
C738: 03 20 D2 FF A9 00 85 D4 32 C908: 54 49 4F 4E 9A 20 2D 2D 58
C740: A9 57 AO C9 20 IE AB 20 B5 C910: 20 9E 00 13 11 11 11 11 26
C748: E4 FF FO FB C9 85 FO 07 61 C918: 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 AO
C750: C9 93 FO B9 4C 2C C7 A9 42 C920: 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 A8
C758: 5B AO C9 20 IE AB A9 40 Fl C928: 11 11 11 11 12 20 20 20 DE
C76O: 20 D2 FF A9 00 85 FB A9 28 C930: 20 20 45 4E 44 20 41 42 EB
C763: 04 85 FC A9 30 85 FD A9 F5 C938: 4F 56 45 20 54 48 49 53 7C
C770: C2 85 FE AO 00 Bl FB C9 CF C940: 20 4C 49 4E 45 20 57 49 4A
C778: 00 FO 17 91 FD E6 FB 20 13 C948: 54 48 20 27 46 31 27 20 EA
C780: 97 C7 E6 FD 20 AO C7 4C 99 C950: 20 20 20 20 92 13 00 12 88
C788: 73 C7 91 FD C8 91 FD 4C F7 C958: 20 92 00 9D 20 9D 00 93 F9
C790: 7D C7 91 FD 4C 00 C6 A5 IE C960: 12 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 DF
C798: FB C9 00 DO 02 E6 FC 60 75 C968: OD 11 11 43 52 53 52 20 F2
C7A0: A5 FD C9 00 DO F9 E6 FE BE C970: 4B 45 59 53 20 4D 4F 56 CO
C7A8: 60 60 A9 B8 AO C9 20 IE 74 C978: 45 20 41 52 52 4F 57 2E 98
C7B0: AB A2 00 86 CC 8E C7 C9 72 C980: 2E 2E 2E OD 11 27 2B 27 A2

AHOY! 73
C988: 20 41 4E 44 20 27 2D 27 18 C9B8: 9E 93 11 11 46 49 4C 45 2E
C990: 20 54 4F 20 43 48 41 4E 8F C9C0: 20 4E 41 4D 45 3A 00 00 3D
C998: 47 45 20 43 4F 4C 4F 52 C5 C9C8: 00 AO 00 B9 29 C2 99 00 A8
C9A0: 00 0D 11 11 53 45 4C 45 F9 C9D0: D8 C8 CO 07 DO F5 60 BD IF
C9A8: 43 54 20 53 50 45 45 44 D2 C9D8: EA 80 7F 75 48 40 55 35 4C
C9B0: 20 28 31 2D 33 29 3A 00 ED C9E0: A8 FF 89

REVIEWS list of major and minor constellations. other historical stellar events such as
Select the one you want, press Return, alignments of planets, solar eclipses,
Continued from page 56
and the Sky screen will reconfigure to and even the "star" of Bethlehem—now
leted if you wish a naked look, but show that object at screen center. thought to be a planetary conjunction.
whether or not they are necessary de If you've picked a constellation, it For other periodic events, such as
pends on your level of knowledge. will add to the fun to select Deep Sky transits of the sun by Mercury and Ve
With the cursor keys, you can "slew" with the Options key (F3). Here, far nus and both solar and lunar eclipses,
the screen in increments to turn your galaxies will appear as whorls and spi the Sky Travel clock can be set to an
viewpoint through a full 360 degrees, rals. A good example is Andromeda. accelerated rate so that the events hap
and you can also adjust elevation to any Though the cursor will center on the pen in less time.
point between the zenith (straight up) constellation, to the left of center you'll In the original version of Sky Travel
or nadir (straight down). At nadir, see the Andromeda galaxy (M31), were a few inside jokes, and one mag
you'll find yourself looking through the looking like a saucer turned on end. azine conducted a kind of forum for
earth, with heavenly bodies in place on Now magnify your view by decreasing several issues as new treasures were
the other side of the world, and youil the viewing angle from a default 72 de found. All were ground objects you
also find yourself looking at your feet. grees to 9 degrees. The result is the wouldn't expect but would be pleasant
(One shoelace is untied.) same as looking through a telescope ly surprised to find: set the coordin
As you perform these moves, using with variable magnification, and now ates for St. Louis, Mo. and you can
either the cursor keys or a joystick, the you'll see not only M31 but the two sat slew around until you spot the Gate
legend in the right screen border up ellite galaxies. way Arch. Select New York City and
dates itself to show the new figures for Screens discussed so far are Sky and you'll see the Empire State Building.
elevation, azimuth, right ascension, Map, accessed through the Fl key. (One report from those days had it that
and declination. Also displayed here There is a third called Chart, and this King Kong was clinging to the side of
are the date and time selected, the time- displays the stars and constellations on the building. He is not there now, per
zone from which you are viewing, the a "celestial sphere" with demarcation haps because lately he hangs out at the
clock rate, and angle of view. Just be lines showing declination and right as World Trade Center.)
low these items there is an onscreen cension. In this mode the stars are The documentation for Sky Travel is
reminder as to how the function keys black on a white background, and this excellent, giving you a good ground
are used. makes it a mode perfect for printing. ing in the rules and laws of astronomy,
By moving the crosshair cursor Though only a portion of the sky is explanations of planetary ephemeris,
about the sky, it is possible to center shown, as in Sky mode, it should be discussions as to why the Julian cal
on an object and then touch the Inform helpful to make a printout for tonight endar is used, and more. All of it is
(F7) key. A message regarding the ob and then take the map and a penlight presented in very readable form.
ject will appear in the lower border and outside to help you in identifying the As to the program itself, it is a mar
will not only identify the object, but sights you'll see. vel , and will be useful to anyone who
will tell what is known regarding mag Some you won't see are the histori has ever looked at the night sky in won
nitude, distance from earth, and so on. cal events made possible by setting the der. It is well worthy of reissue.
Should you know what you wish to calendar for past dates. Halley's com Microillusions, 17408 Chatsworth
see, a faster way is to use the Find (F5) et is visible only during the period of Street, Granada Hills, CA 91344
key. Cycle through the moon, planets, its approach to earth a few years ago. (phone: 800-522-2041 or 818-360-3715).
and Halley's comet, and you'll find a The documentation gives guidelines for —Ervin Bobo


74 AHOY!
Circle #114 on Reader Service Card

n Vietnam, an American of war-torn Southeast Asia.

soldier soon learned that There you will encounter
there were no winners in guerilla fighters, snipers,
this deadly game. To survive booby-trapped trip wires,
each mission with his morale armed patrols, and napalm
and sanity intact, and return air strikes. You must pick up
to base safely, was all he food, medical supplies, and
could hope for. This was cap ammunition along the way.
tured in the award-winning At times, the odds may
film, Platoon. seem insurmountable. But
In Data East's Platoon, don't think about winning -
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Modem Land Combat Volume I
Access Software, Inc.


Answer this multiple choice question.

Question: What is HEAVY METAL?
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Combat Weaponry in an exciting
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Question:.What ^
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