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Spring loaded, ready to explode in a burst of speed

Out running all it's predators, with the greatest of ease
Bouncing ten feet in the air, darting from side to side
Then a dead stop, blending in the grass, as it hides where it freeze

The Springbok, smallest of the antelopes, on the Serengeti planes

Running, playing, jumping and eating grass where it reigns
But always wairly of predators, a constant in the neighborhood
So forever cautious, taking no chances which they refrain

Off in the distance a Cheetah, the one thing the Springbok fears
The only animal that can out run them
And so the hunt draws near
They know they can be run down and thus the problem

The Cheetah starts to stalk his pray

The herd grows restless
Staying together in a group for protection, what they call the herd effect
The Cheetah charges into the group to cause unrest

The Springboks that break from the group, the Cheetah tracks down
It is only a matter of time before they are dragged to the ground
And so life on the Serengeti continues as it been carefully planed
The strong survives, the weak surcombe and one more time it goes around

Author: Timothy B. Thayer