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Alief B.

Majith Khan
Section Manager Grocery
Tesco Seri Alam
PTD 111515,Jalan Seri Alam.
81750 Masai,Johor Bahru

Mr Brendan Sta Maria

Area Director Southern
Tesco Stores (Malaysia)

Dear sir,


In reply to the showcause letter I recently receive,I hereby provide my

explaination below:

1. I was partially involved in the buy and dispose conspiracy,honestly I

did buy and dispose but only with the 502 75% week 8 items.But I
did it only 5 or 6 times in the period of May 2009 to April 2010.
2. Regarding the second until the fifth misconduct that I was allegedly
accused,I was aware of the compounded waste (destroy and RTC
items) thats piling up daily in the backroom even during my absence
at Bkt Indah.And that happens to be because of poor handover from
night shift to day shift and lack of communication and nobody bother
attitude in the team.I and the other managers in grocery team did our
part on gradually declaring our waste daily by approval of our Trading
Manager on how much we are to do RTC and Destroy.
3. I did not partake or fairly know about the events of the nearly
expired or already expired items being bought and dispose off,cause
my Trading Manager has placed 1 Team Leader(Nasir) and Acting
Section Manager(Khyrul) to daily managed the waste.I admit that its
my error in line of duty to neglect whats happening to the waste they
4. I also admit that I failed to inform my superiors(TM GROCERY &
SGM) of the wrong practice of declaring waste thats happening at the
time prior to the act being discovered on 8th of April 2010.Because
from the 2nd to the 22nd of April I was supporting at Tesco Bkt Indah.
I sincerely apologize in the event of my own negligence I let this big issue
slip pass me and bring about trouble to the department and company. And I
also apologize in case theres any harsh words contain in this letter.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Alief B. Majith Khan

Section Manager Grocery
Tesco Seri Alam