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To: Jeannette Novakovich

From: Samuel A. Gum

Subject: Job Application
Date: June 15, 2010

The purpose of this memo is to demonstrate how I will adapt my resume to meet the job Iǯm applying for.

Summary- I have adapted my resume to meet the job Iǯm applying for by focusing on my biological
research experience.

Job Description- A Research Associate is required for creating complex DNA constructs to be used for
genetic manipulations in mice. Candidates should have both a working knowledge of and practical
experience in molecular biology techniques with a focus on DNA manipulations, including DNA
subcloning, sequence analysis, and PCR. Background in tissue culture and molecular immunology is
highly desirable. The candidates will need to be able to work closely with the supervisor and other team
members, and be able to effectively communicate their results in meetings. Computer skills such as MS
office also required. Candidates will need to be highly organized, flexible and motivated. Experience
required: Bachelorǯs Degree & 2-4 years Molecular Biology experience.

Audience Analysis- The audience is the Regereron human resources representative in charge of hiring.
The company currently markets ARCALYST (rilonacept) Injection for subcutaneous use for the treatment
of a rare, inherited, inflammatory condition. The company has therapeutic candidates in clinical trials for
the potential treatment of cancer, eye diseases and inflammatory diseases, and has preclinical programs
in other diseases and disorders. Knowledge of these projects should better my chances of receiving the

Rhetorical Analysis- I have already changed my resume and cover letter to demonstrate my ability to do
the job. I focused my resume and cover letter on my three years of research experience at McPheron Labs
dealing with DNA manipulation and analysis. I also added my employment history to demonstrate
communication and team skills.

Recommendation Ȃ I recommend the letter grade of DzAdz for my Job application project