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Prioritized List of Proposed Engineering Projects


Year of Project Title Requesting Unit Description

3 to 5 years Cockcroach Detector and Killer Dareen Joy Aquino This project will be used to kill cockroaches as it detects
Lyza Kristine Samaco one. It is like a vacuum cleaner where in the detected
coackroach will be vacuumed and trap in a round- shaped
container that certains pesticide.
5 years Portable Photocopier Jeffrey Jamias The project’s main purpose is for students and teachers
need in immediate photocopying of lectures or important
3 years Language Translator DOLE Call Center A device to be used in translating a certain language for
Employees example, in watching Korean movies or programs, the
device will be setup to translate Korean language to
English language.
2 years Sunburn Warning Surfers and swimmers It will tell that the temperature is too high that can cause
sun burn. For example, the temperature is 40° C it can
cause a skin cancer if too much exposed to the sun, the
detector will immediately alarm and warm the users.
3 years USB Bluetooth Rhyss Bati It is a hardware device that enable the computer to receive
or transmit data through bluetooth signal.

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1. Aquino, Dareen Joy D.

2. Jamias, Jeffrey B.

3. Samaco, Lyza Kristine A.

4. ___Bati, Rhyss T. ____________

Date Submitted : 09 June 2010

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