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Piano Arrangements Poston Compiled and Edited with Notes by 411 ballads, a shanties, Tullabies reels, work songs, cowboy songs, ‘and spirituals popular in America from Colonial days to modern times Guitar Chords and illustrated ‘method for learning to play authentic guitar accompaniments Acknowledgements Inuroduction by Alan Lomax ‘Note om th Sone Sings by Elizabeth Pasion Not on the Voce Part, 1. The Pen Sarpnt 2. Phe Dying Brish Sergeant 3 Yankee Doodle 4 The Ram of Derby 5. The utely Southerner 6 The Rowton Come-Al-Ye 1. Line Mosee/Old Smokey 4% The Wid Mizzowrye 9, At Walked Down on Broadway 0, u. 2, 2, 1, 15 The Bay of Mesco Foreman Young Monroe The Erie Con, Weary ofthe Raley The Lite Brown Dall Kary Crued 16. The Fogay Dew 17. Prey Sao 18. The Lay Man 19, Went up on the Mountain 20. Come all you Virginia Git 21, GroudHos 22, Old Blue 23. The Farmers Cust Wie 24, Preny Poly 25, ILove my Love 26, My Good Old Man 27, Will You Wear Red? 28, Lolly Toodum 28, Old Mars Courahip 30, Ean Virginia 31 Single Gir 32, Goober Peas 32, Wate up, Dal’ Corey 36 Davie 38. Cotton. Joe 36. The Old Grey Goose 37. Hah-YouBye wegeeaaarsassges 38 9 CONTENTS cy » 4. 4 a s “6 4s 46 . ae *. sh su sa. 56. sr @. 61 @. 6 6 @. @. %0. "2. 2. 1s %6 n on ». ® Hush, Lite Baby alte un, Boys, Run Frog Went A-Court’ Uncle Reuben Blue Tal Fly Green Com We're Gonne Rate a Rukus Goi’ 10 Boston Weevly Wheat Bly Boy Get Along Heme, Cindy Blackeyed Susie Sourwood Mountaln ‘ite Ded The Cherry Tree Carol, ‘Poor Wasleria Sanger Hebrew Children [Nobody Knows the Trouble 1 See ide’ my Lard Deliver Daniel Great Day What Month was Dsus Born i? Down bythe Riverside The Ballad ofthe Boll Weevil The Grey Goose John Henry Pick a Bale Cotton Stewball The Hammer Sone Godamighty Drag Rairoad Man ‘Follow the Drinl-Gonrd “The Sious Indl ‘Sweet Betty frm Phe ‘The Ox Driving Sone Jesse James ‘Rye Whiskey The Range ofthe Bufo The Old Chisholm Tra WhoopleTHYi-Yo The Dying Cowboy 100 101 ry 10 106 10s 105 11 Pm a Ridin’ Old Pane The Zebra Dun My Government Claim Black lack Davy The Reving Gambler 86 w. as ». 50. 91 92 9s. 36 o. *. Birmingham Jail ohn Harty Frankie and Johnny ‘Brady and Duncan Take a Smif on Me (The Cocaine Sone) Dalia The Midnight Special Theo’ Casey ones The Rock Ilan Line Healejah, Pm Bam The Big Rock Candy Mountains “Abt the Dl Bal Ameer Contents 108 m na 100. Carles Love 101, St mestfery 102. The Rising Sun 103. The Tuan 104, Wri Man 108. Irene 106, Which Side are You on? 107. Blowin down the Rood 108. So Lone 109, Alabam Bound 110, Wander LL, Fare The Well, O Honey (DB's Sons) “American Folk Guitar Sole ‘Selected List of Recordings» American Polk Music Indes of Tales Index of Fir Lines and Chores 3 136 16 ne 11 2 8 ua us 1 1st 158