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The history of Telecom Companies is not too old in Bangladesh, but they are paying the biggest
amount of taxes to Bangladesh government. Telecom companies of Bangladesh have been the
largest employers for skilled people since several years. From the Citycell to Grameen era, there
were stories of monopolistic market only. But now, in the beginning of 2008, Bangladesh eyes a
potential perfect competition market in the Telecom sector.
Teletalk, began its operation in 2004 as being the second last operator, long after the Telecom
industry has been established in Bangladesh. It now has a subscriber base of around 12-14 lakhs
which is around 3.5% of the total subscribers.

Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is a public limited company, registered under the Registrar of the
Joint stock companies of Bangladesh. Total shares owned by the Government of the Peoples
Republic of Bangladesh. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited (the ³Company´) was incorporated on 26
December, 2004 as a public limited company under the Companies Act, 1994 with an authorized
capital of Tk.20,000,000,000 being the only government sponsored mobile telephone company
in the country. On the same day the Company obtained Certificate of Commencement of
Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has continually expanded its network, to better accommodate its
growing customer base as well as to keep the promise of providing better service. As of now,
Teletalk has already established its network foothold in 61 Zilas, 336 Upazilas, and most of the
highways. Teletalk is continuing its network expansion to reach more corners of Bangladesh.











The basic product of Teletalk Bangladesh Ltd is its SIM. Connectivity is the Ú   of
this product. The 
 0 is good connectivity and a large area of coverage which
Teletalk Struggles to maintain. Teletalk is now concentrating on its   0which
are !  ".It has launched some new VAS recently such as Internet SMS
while previous ones such as Cricket Update or Load Shedding update continue to serve.
Value added services of teletalk: A comparison with the market leader

" #  "     


%&%'%     Ê    

 -GP to GP Chat
-Broadcast Message
-Off line messages
-Presence status display
-Chat Rooms
-Settings Wizard

Namaz alerts
Cricket alerts
Cricket score update
Other Alerts- Information on updates of bills
and telephone numbers to call ambulances,
hospitals, blood banks, police stations etc.

 '  ')  

Namaz timings
News service
Sports Update (International Cricket Matches
and English Premier League updates).


     " +" 

Ê     Ú , 




The pricing strategy for Teletalk prepaid connections is shown here-


Call Directions Call Categories Peak [ 8am-12am ] Off Peak [

12am-8am ]
Out Going Calls Teletalk to Teletalk Tk. 1.40 Tk. 00.60

Teletalk to Others Tk. 1.90 Tk. 1.00

Teletalk to Overseas Tk. 1.90 + ISD & Tk. 1.00 + ISD


SMS Tk. 1.00

Voice SMS Tk. 2.00

GPRS Tk. 00.02/KB or

Unlimited fee Tk.

FnF Tk. 00.75

[Teletalk] & Tk.
1.25 [Other]


Call Directions Call Categories Peak [ 8am-12am ] Off Peak [ 12am-

8am ]
Out Going Calls Teletalk to Teletalk Tk. 0.99 TTk. 00.60

Teletalk to Others Tk. 1.90 Tk. 1.00

Teletalk to Overseas Tk. 1.90 + ISD & Tk. 1.00 + ISD &

SMS Tk. 1.00

Voice SMS Tk. 2.00

GPRS Tk. 00.02/KB or

Unlimited fee Tk.

FnF Tk. 00.25 [Teletalk]

& Tk. 1.00 [Other]


Teletalk will have to pursue an aggressive advertising campaign, as it will provide unsought
Printing, electronic and some other Media will be used for this purpose.


News Paper Television Outdoor

Magazines Radio Tri vision

Newspaper- Teletalk should increase its advertisements in " *    - "*  
0 'etc to communicate with the target groups.
Magazines- Teletalk should advertise in magazines.

Television- Television advertising is certainly the most effective communication strategy.
Advertising for Teletalk can be done on ATN Bangla, ³Channel i´ etc. in their prime hours on a
relatively regular basis.ccccc
Radio- As the FM radios are emerging rapidly as a strong media, there will be some radio
advertisement to cover the necessity based target group. This will also help to build the way
when Teletalk will be gradually penetrating other areas of Bangladesh.
Internet- Teletalk plans to develop a strong web page. Developing a web page and its
maintenance would not be expensive. The page will contain attractive and at the same time
important information about Teletalk.

Transit'Recently Teletalk has advertised in   buses covering the whole bus with Teletalk
themes and ads. It will publish some attractive ads and use it in some private and mass transits
like and 
. This type of advertising will increase the visibility of
Billboard- Some billboards will be placed on busy and important roads in Dhanmondi, Gulshan,
Banani, Uttara, and New Market areas.

Teletalk sales its products through its customer care centers and the dealers. It has only 4
customer care centers which should be increased to give better service to its existing and
potential subscribers. Its distribution should be made better by making SIMs available in small
retail shops in every area.
Teletalk participates in the trade fairs and that is also a good place to gain the attraction of the

./c Ê
        Ú  TELETALK should improve the quality
of their service, specially their behavior with the customers. They need enough skilled
and well-trained marketing officers who will be able to talk gently and can attract people
by his words of mouths©c
/c &Ú  TELETALK should increase their network coverage because they
have got about 3, 00,000 consumers but don¶t have enough network coverage to support
them. Their main competitor GP has a got a huge coverage. So to be in the market they
should increase the network coverage.
/c   0)  TELETALK has got some billing problems. Sometimes unexpected
bill occurs. So they should make their system much better.
J/c    " 0
 Ú    ): TELETALK should give more dealer ship of
cards to make the card available everywhere. And they should supply cards timely so
that people will not face any problem to get cards.
¦/c  Ú  They can increase the number of service center so that the consumer
can easily get their service. And if they increase their service center then people will be
able to buy their product directly from them.
£/c 0J#
 'Teletalkshould have a good helpline. Unlike other
players, Teletalk lags behind in this area. Specailly Teletalk¶s different packages, their
tariffs, switching from one package to another etc are the frequently asked questions by
its subscribers.
0/c    'As Teletalk is the market follower, it has to be watchful about the
call rates of other players and take immediate steps to balance its call rate with others.
Otherwise, it can not penetrate the market.

Serving customer should get priority as far as the marketing concept is concerned. Customer
satisfaction is a function of perceived performance and expectation. Telecommunication being a
dominantly service oriented industry; its success mostly relies on the quality of service provided
to the customers. Customer service is of utmost importance when there are number of
competitors, competing with each other in terms of service quality and professionalism.