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We all have little stumbles, walking the path of life

Old and feeble now, my footing is not the same, it's a bit trite
But, my mind is clear as a whistle and what a mind it is
A world of knowledge and experience, a bit of a whiz

And when it comes to expose, well the documentation is vast

One story after another, about some experience in life for us to grasp
When one writes about experience, the documentation is the source
And that experience, makes you stay the course

What is life but a record, of some thing you did in time

Some of those things are solutions, for us simple folk in kind
To pave our own path, of something we might do
So at some future date, we might gloat, of what it's like to be you

We as writers have a special interest in how we live

Any time in the future what we did, might be looked as a truth or a fib
It is fun writing about the past and what your life was about
Just be sure when you write about it, you don't create any doubt

Author: Timothy B. Thayer