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Mr Albert Abrams attended medical courses at the prestigious Heidelberg

University, where he received special distinctions and the golden medal. He
originated from San Francisco and he was part of the high society of the city, as he
was one of the richest inhabitants.
On his return to America, he took over the Pathology Department at the Stanford
University. A fellow teacher mentioned, in Adam’s presence, that the onion which is
pulled out of the ground and left beside some onions which are still in the ground
has a negative effect on the ones in vicinity, without affecting the ones that are
situated at a greater distance, though.
He ascertained that by feeling the abdomen of a healthy patient, the patient makes a
high sound, whereas on feeling a sick patient's abdomen he makes a stifled sound.
When a patient is near by an apparatus that emits roentgen radiations his body has
the tone of a sick organism. When the apparatus is drawn nearer, the tone comes
back to normal.
In 1924 he emitted the hypothesis that a disease can be diagnosed by sampling some
of the patient's blood. The medical world blamed him for this declaration. Albert
Adams pleaded that the curative effect the quinine has on malaria is the effect of the
radiations that come from the quinine molecules, which annul the emissions of the
malaria carrying cells; the quinine's action is due to electromagnetic emission and
not to chemical-pharmaceutical action.
With the assistance of an engineer specialized in radio communications, whose name
is Sam Hofman, he managed to build a transmitter with the power to emit on those
frequencies that could annul the waves transmitted by malignant cells.
In 1922 he presented the results of his research in a scientific paper. He was accused
of witchcraft and fraud by The American Medical Doctors' Association and by the
British Medical Journal.
Albert Adams died two years later, after the Scientific American Magazine had
attacked his work and activity in 18 consecutive issues.
In 1965 the researcher Riviere exposed a batch of rats that had tumors to a
magnetic field associated with microwaves for 20 minutes a day for a month. As a
result of the treatment, the tumours and its extensions disappeared completely. The
magnetic fields were between 300 and 620 fe and the wave lengths between 3 and 80
The researcher Kenyon suggests the following: "The malignant tumours may be
caused by perturbations of the body, as these mechanisms highly probable have an
electromagnetic cause."
Gales Hieronymus isolated three ears of wheat and placed a parasite on each of
them. He submitted them to a radionic transmitter treatment that got the license
2482773 in the USA. After three days of ten full minutes per hour treatment, two of
the parasites were reduced to a stain of humidity on the ear, and the third became
an amorphous mass.
The German physician Fritz A. Popp declared that healthy cells transmit an
ultraviolet radiation whose wave length comes close to 400 nanometres and is
capable of redressing the genetic destructions the cells suffer. Certain substances
can absorb this radiation, leaving the cell without the ability to renew itself. Altered
cells multiply themselves anarchically and thus cause cancer.
Researches at the A. S. Popov Institute of Bioinformatics discovered that living
beings transmit radiations whose wave lengths are between 300 and 2000
nanometres and named them "biofield".
Jane Waters, from the alternative medicine centre, ascertained that by exposing
psoriasis affected parts of the skin to ultraviolet light with lengths between 300 and
400 nanometres, the psoriasis disappears for a few weeks.
Lakovsky postulated, as early as 1924, that living organisms are natural oscillators
which emit electromagnetic waves.
This theory was maintained by British physician Herb Froelich who promoted the
idea that living cells are in a continuous state of oscillation.
Where there are radio waves fields there also are electric waves.
This theory was brought to light by Herbert Pohl, the director at the Cancerous
Diseases Research Laboratory in Itillwater, Oklahoma who, by using barium
titanite, a powder which is sensitive to electricity and has a tracing function, he
ascertained that it is attracted by cells that behave as radio beacons.
The fact that the cells communicate with each other through electromagnetic fields
was emphasized in 1972 by S. P. Novosibirsk. Researchers placed identical samples
of tissue in two tight closed vessels, separated by a glass wall.
The cells in one vessel were experimentally infested with a lethal virus that
destroyed the tissue. The cells in the other vessel were not affected.
The experiment was repeated, but this time the glass wall that separated the two
vessels was replaced with a quartz wall.
As a result of the experiment, it was ascertained that the second sample of healthy
cells was destroyed. The viruses couldn’t break the physical obstacle, but their
radiation could. An intensification of the virus’s radio activity was noticed at the
time of the attack of the tissue. Through this energetic attack the virus makes a
breach in the energetic shield of the target cell and then invades it. It is similar to
the attack of a fortress. When they manage to break a part of the wall, the attackers
will invade the citadel.
The cells with a weak energetic field are rapidly destroyed, whereas the ones with a
strong energetic field will last in front of the siege.
This is the reason why human beings must have a strong energetic field.
The following case is the most eloquent. In winter, most people who, for one reason
or another, go into frozen water catch a strong cold. Normally, the viruses that lie in
the lungs can’t cause infections because the cells of the organism are protected by an
energetic shield. When the shield vanishes, as a result of the body’s cooling, the
viruses invade the organism.
That’s why the traditional Chinese medicine is based on strengthening and keeping
a strong personal energetic field.
They reached the conclusion that the allergic reaction can also be provoked from
distance, without direct contact between skin and allergen.
This process has a radiant nature and experiments established its electromagnetic
one. Experiments have proved that allergic reactions can be unleashed with the help
of electromagnetic waves transmitted by an oscillator. It has been ascertained that
by modifying the frequency of these waves, a frequency that completely neutralizes
the symptoms can be found.
It is shocking that an antidote against the allergy could be found by submitting a
glass of water to the correction frequency. The water that is treated in this manner
is capable of instantly calming a patient who has a crisis.
This fact opens new horizons to treating illnesses by using water treated with
electromagnetic fields.
It has been ascertained in 1964 by researcher L. Gross that the process of cloning
DNA macromolecules can be disturbed by the activity of electromagnetic fields.
The first Romanian who built a cancer curing apparatus was Carol Prezibilã.
Almost 40 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. The idea that sprang during
college in Germany, where he worked with Einstein, Henri Coanda and others had
to be put into practice.
With the help of a few collaborators, he built an apparatus named Helioproboscope.
After the first few sessions his health improved. He also treated some friends with
this apparatus and the news was spread.
Among the people who were cured there were 57 medical doctors. Some of them
asked him not to tell anyone that they had been treated by him, so they wouldn't be
laughed at.
The treatment consisted of a ray of light with a certain frequency that on being
applied on the zone affected by illness led to the destruction of cancerous cells.
When he was a student in Germany, Einstein, impressed by his ideas, advised him:
"Don't ever get married because you have to belong to mankind, not just to one
Carol Prezibilã patented his first invention in 1926; it was a jet plane. This invention
was followed by a long chain of other inventions, for which he received three State
He patented an internal combustion turbine which was designed to work in power
stations on coal or hydrocarbons.
The project was thought aberrant and for this reason was sold to the American firm
"General Motors" which sells a turbine with ten times more money than the
acquiring of the license had cost.
He also lay to patenting an engine that worked on water.
The first attempt to patent the cancer curing apparatus took place in 1981. He
obtained the invention license in the nineties, after the fall of the communist regime.
Nowadays, Carol Prezibilã's name is barely known.
One of the people who stepped on his tracks is professor Cristian Degeratu.
Professor Cristian Degeratu was stricken by a merciless disease, cancer. For 20
years he was 30 times hospitalised and went through 6 operations, but his health
didn't improve.
In 1991 he heard of engineer Carol Prezibilã's invention that treated illnesses with
rays of light. Cristian Degeratu went through treatment on Carol Prezibilã's
apparatus combined with a natural diet and was happy with the results.
This made him build his own apparatus, in association with electrician Dorin
He first tested the apparatus's efficiency on fish in an aquarium. By directing the
ray of light towards the fish and modulating the frequencies, he discovered the
frequencies that were favourable to health.
When the light had negative effects, the fish would go away from it and would come
near it when it had positive effects. He obtained an invention patent for the
apparatus that he called Crisdor. At the time when he was interviewed he had
arrived at the third generation of apparatuses. Depending on the applied
frequencies, patients who suffer from cancer, leukaemia, sterility, impotence,
ganglion, liver, heart or gall bladder related diseases can be cured.
Another exceptional researcher who went on the same path is Mr Ionut Vrânceanu.
He is a graduate from Medical Faculty in Iasi. He built an apparatus that was based
on a Coanda style laser sheet with a crystal ruby, which is filtered in a bulb filled
with a noble gas.
Depending on the patient's disease, gases such as helium, hydrogen, argon, etc. are
used. The ray of light penetrates as deep as 12 centimetres inside the organism, thus
being able to operate on internal organs. He cured patients who suffered from
cancerous tumours, leukaemia, hepatic affections (hepatitis, cirrhosis), pancreatic
illnesses, biliary diskynesia, affections of the thyroid, spondylitis, rheumatism,
sterility, etc.
Favourable effects usually occur in a short time of only 4-5 sessions. At the same
time, patients are recommended a strict diet and various natural products. He also
uses an injected sea buckthorn[hippophae rhamnoides]serum, another one of his
The Chinese firm Hokar International put out on the market the gyromagnetic
apparatus for treating diabetes, WSJ-B. The apparatus has 5 transmitters that are
placed on the adrenal zone, pancreas, navel and ankles.
In this manner positive vibrations are let in the organism and they regenerate it.
The treatment lasts for 40 minutes per day and in the case of diabetes, it led to the
reconstruction of pancreatic functions and production of insulin. The healing rate in
the case of diabetes is 93,3%.
Romanian politicians get healed by using Chinese equipment but they remonstrate
against the use of cancer healing apparatus in Romanian hospitals. Pigeons may die
as long as they live.
Chinese researcher Wang Shijie, who invented this apparatus, was invited on the
B1TV television station to present his invention.
Praiseworthy decision, but only when Romanian television will support Romanian
researchers too, instead of striking them. Have you ever seen a Romanian
researcher who invented a cancer curing apparatus show on a televised
Luckily there are some newspapers that present Romanians' inventions while
governors make their utmost to ban them and shut inventors' mouths, many times
by using certain state or private televisions.
In the case of laser treatments it has been ascertained that depending on the wave
length laser radiations act differently on normal living cells and on cancerous cells.
Certain frequencies led to the growth of erythrocites and hemoglobin in the blood.
In clinical treatments different types of lasers are used:
Carbon dioxide - = 10,6 m
Helium-Neon -0,63m
Helium-cadmium - = 0,44 m
Azote - = 0,34 m
Argon - = 0,5 m
A tumour acts differently on its irradiation with different lasers.
While helium-neon and nitrogen laser radiations accelerate the evolution of the
tumour, helium-cadmium laser radiation hinders it. With the help of an ultraviolet
laser fascicle malignant tumour can be detected early. At the contact between the
laser fascicle and the affected tissue the zone illuminates. In this manner the
presence of the tumour, its size and even its approximate time of appearance are
detected. The red radiation of the helium-neon 0,63 mm laser charges the cells with
4 times its regular amount of energy. The inflammation process stops. Broken bones
are brazed in a shorter amount of time. All regeneration processes accelerate,
making 10-15 year old cureless wounds heal in a few weeks. Gangrenes and burns
disappear as a result of the treatment. The organism's immune system activates.
A percent of only 3% backsliding has been found on patients treated in this manner.
Ponder on how easily a person can be cured of diabetes. But who would medical
concerns sell insulin to?
The blue-green argon radiation treats diabethic retinopathy. Cataract and tumours
inside the eye are also healed with the help of the laser. Ruby laser pulse signals of
10-7 seconds heal glaucoma in 10-15 minutes after the patient walks home.....
It was found that symphonic music has a beneficial effect on plants. Crop plants which have been
issued symphonic music has been a productivity increase and 30 to 100% higher (depending on
species) than the control group.
While plants subjected to rock music have withered and died after a while.
Interesting things happen and where dolphins. It is known that they do everything possible to
save the life of a man when he is in danger of drowning. Help came from an intelligent species
with the closest human and that she thanks man leading a policy of exterminating them. It was
noted that when a patient enters a water tank where they are dolphins emit sounds that lead to
improved disease who suffer it.
Were presented cases of children who could not give any word and after several sessions with
dolphins have held their first words. After treatment were found changes in the types and
structure of brain waves of patients.

Everything around us is energy from light around us to solids. Solid matter can become light as
happens in the sun or in nuclear reactors.
In general human senses are limited.
Gaze captures only a small part of the surrounding so-called visible light. The same is true for
Hearing can take and transmit that information to the brain only part of the surrounding sounds,
called auditory sounds.
I see for example infrared light, ultraviolet light, radio waves, X-radiation, etc..
All these energies affect our lives for better or worse.
Take for example the sound. Many times it becomes annoying. This apparatus was built which
sounds cancel results in high noise environments. Such equipment is mounted inside the aircraft
to cancel noise that they produce propeller engines. These devices produce a sound equal in
intensity and frequency but in counter phase with the tone that we want to cancel.
You can say that light cannot be undone. In one experiment, a laser issued in error, black light.
Thinking the matter as an energy. Look at it as a light or music.
Are physicians who consider the universe as a huge hologram.
It was hypothesized that at the smallest particle of matter would be a string that vibrates and
gives a feeling of material, like a vibrating guitar string.
Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto says:
'Existence is vibration ... Whole universe is in vibration state and each thing generates its own
frequency, which is unique. Although it is difficult to accept that even the chair you sit, body,
everything we see and touch is just vibration. Indeed, it is unbelievable that we can take things in
hand and see, things like wood, stone, concrete objects are all reflections of a vibratory state. "
Matter and antimatter meet when they cancel each other sounds as against phase is canceled.
Antimatter has the same construction as the material.
In the Old Testament is written, the beginning was the word. "
It seems that in the antimatter is a 'sound' the same frequency as the 'sound' which underlies
matter but for phase.
By this I wanted to show that depending on the energy it receives this man can bring energy input
if they are similar to those of body or energy to get sick if it gets canceled body energy.
The body receives energy through air, food, light, heat, music, etc..
Subtle bodies
The human being is formed out of the physical body and other subtle bodies that overlap and
intertwine with each other each having a well established role is interrelated with energy and
information exchanges between them and linking the physical body and speck of divinity with
which God has endowed us.
Since each body has a physical body vibration level of the previous one, occupying the same
space and being in the extension.
Doctor William Kilner in 1911 published his observations on the human energy field. He managed
using color filters to observe the human aura. He noticed a heavy layer thickness of about half a
centimeter close to the skin, followed by another layer perpendicular thin radiating body in thick
and 3-7 inches more subtle third layer to a distance of about 15 centimeters. He noted that the
aura differs from person to person. The doctor found that diseases occur as thin spots and the
aura of helping them to develop a diagnostic system based on color and structure aura. Today's
systems are performing observation, diagnosis and recovery of human aura.
Subtle bodies
The human being is formed out of the physical body and other subtle bodies that overlap and
intertwine with each other each having a well established role is interrelated with energy and
information exchanges between them and linking the physical body and speck of divinity with
which God has endowed us.
Since the physical body, each body has a higher level of vibration before the previous one,
occupying the same space and being in the extension.
Doctor William Kilner in 1911 published his observations on the human energy field. He managed
using color filters to observe the human aura. He noticed a heavy layer thickness of about half a
centimeter close to the skin, followed by another layer perpendicular thin radiating body of 3-7
inches in thickness and the third layer more subtle up to a distance of about 15 centimeters. He
noted that the aura differs from person to person. The doctor found that diseases occur as thin
spots and the aura helping them to develop a diagnostic system based on color and structure
aura. Today there are efficient systems of observation, diagnosis and recovery of human aura.
Etheric Body
Following after the physical body is the etheric body which has a higher vibration level so the
Etheric body is composed of fine line of energy has the same structure as the physical body
including all organs.
Etheric body extends from a few millimeters to several centimeters around the body and takes
color from blue to gray depending on the person. You can see the etheric body by placing a hand
next to a white wall lit stronger (without looking embarrassed) and the long arm contour.You'll see
that within half an hour notice a blue light (or dark tone that everyone according to his body is
essential) around the hand.
Etheric body is the matrix on which cells grow. Cells grow on the etheric body's energy lines.
Etheric body decides where each cell increases.
It was found that the etheric body of a plant leaf is designed before the rise of leaves, leaf molds
growing given the etheric body.
Kirlian wives were the first to have discovered a method of photography that highlights an existing
light emission around living organisms. They were able to differentiate healthy from the diseased
leaves, noting that emissions of energy around the diseased leaves are much smaller than
healthy leaves emissions before the disease to manifest physically.
This shows that the disease is installed from the reduced energy of the subtle body. If a part is
removed from a leaf and then photographed by Kirlian method, the remedy is visible as a bright
Wilhelm Reich in the period 1934-1938 when he worked as a researcher at the Psychological
Institute of the University of Oslo, Norway revealed a blue energy which he called orgone energy.
He built a device which accumulates and which he called orgone Oraccu. Device is a hexagon-
shaped box is built of layers of organic and inorganic materials interior wall is made of an iron
Organic materials like wool, cotton, wood absorbs orgone energy. Layers battery ensures a flow
of energy from outside to inside. Device design reminiscent of the Holy Ark.
It was found that the plants placed in the box grow much faster. Reich said that in cases of
cancer of the blood content orgone was completely exhausted. The researcher was convinced
that this energy is carried by red blood cells and transmit the body with oxygen.
Cells with low energy loads are easily contracted and has a thin edge blue, bright light.
When the body is loaded with energy and red blood cells dilate blue edge becomes more intense,
sometimes covering the entire cell
No organism can survive around these red cells heavily loaded with orgone energy.
Wilhelm Reich also discovered another form of energy that he called orgone energy dead.Based
on orgone energy built a device that can bring rain.
In 1956 Reich was brought into court by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on charges of
fraud. The organization denied the existence of orgone energy and destroyed all the books and
scientific studies of Reich as equipment which it owned. He was sentenced to two years'
imprisonment for the distribution of orgone accumulators and the suspect died in prison in
1957.Interesting is the discovery by U.S. researchers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have found
that sending a very powerful ultrasound in a bowl with water to form tiny bubbles emitting blue
flashes. Phenomenon called sonoluminescence. Energy centers
People have a lot of energy centers of various sizes from the seven main energy centers and
ending with the lower energy centers that are points used in acupuncture.
Remember some secondary energy centers and they are used by some people.
The two energy centers one in each hand. are used for bioenergeticieni. in treating patients.
Centers of the right eye, one for each eye are used. a class hypnotist. the challenge of hypnotic
Centers of one foot on each leg by drawing your energy to earth. Therefore it is said that summer
is good to walk barefoot through the grass and earth.
One center over each of the two breasts. Centre which was above the left breast is highly
activated in those who practice prayer heart.
Centers are also found in the knee, stomach, liver, kidney, gonads, thymus, spleen, pancreas,
near the solar plexus, ear, clavicles intersection, etc.. Opening of energy centers belonging to the
internal organs in some people give what is called 'unique phenomenon. " Those people can live
without feeding, some even without drinking water. With those picks they open energy centers
that feed the body with cosmic energy.
Therese Neumann of town Konnersreuth Bavaria starting in 1922 has not eaten anything, and
since 1926 has not drank anything. And it occurred to her death in 1962. In 1927 being kept
under observation and subjected to multiple investigations Waldsassen hospital by chief surgeon
Dr. Seidl, Theresa Neumann found that weight over two weeks ranged from 52.5 kg to 55 kg. But
it is known mainly because bear the stigmata of Christ. At 60 hours after it was shared by a priest
expelled through the mouth Ostia (communion) in the stomach. To the surprise of doctors Ostia
was intact without being affected in any way the gastric juice.Remained the most amazing Ostia
gone before them. to recur in the mouth of Theresa.
Principal energy centers
-Muladhara (the root meaning in Sanskrit)-base center is located between the anus and genital
organs. It consists of four whirlwind. In Indian tradition is represented by a lotus with four petals.Is
red and belongs to the adrenal glands. Human link with the land. Bottlenecks at the center can
produce depression, greed, and physically lead to obesity, diseases of the spine, etc.. The
awakening of this center lead to the release of repressed emotions and memories of the past.
- -Svadistana (own home) sacral center is between navel and genitals. It consists of six whirlwind
is designed as a lotus with six petals. Is orange and belongs to the ovaries or testicles. Activation
of this center is to increase sexuality, physical attractiveness and self confidence. Disturbance of
this center leads to diseases of the urinary system and sex. The awakening of this center lead to
strong sexual desires and sharpening all senses to a painful, the effects disappear when the
energy is placed.

-Manipura (gemstone beautifully) is above the solar plexus center near the navel rib. This
center has ten petals have yellow color and endocrine gland is the pancreas which it
belongs. Give and power will be turned in particular to people who order: police, soldiers,
presidents, hypnotist, healers. Because the system manages digestive disorder that leads to
illness center bodies belonging to it. Fire is considered the center for the body that manages
every vital energy from food, air, etc.. This center controls feelings. The awakening of the national
center can control fire and the heat generation individuals. In Tibet there are competitions
between people who woke up this center and can control their internal fire. In full winter those
people strip and is wrapped with sheets soaked in ice water. When a sheet is dried it is placed in
water again and re-wrapped around the person. Who wins until dawn. Win at the dawn of dried
up mostly bed.
-Anahata (intangible) heart center is the middle rib in the heart. Is represented by a lotus with 12
petals is green and belongs to the thymus. This center emanated beings love to others. Manage
especially heart and circulatory system. The first three centers and commitment matters related to
this person. Raising energy from the spine and activating the center raises human consciousness
to a higher level making it to have spiritual experiences and not to run after worldly
pleasures. After awakening the heart center can activate the energy center which is only eight
petals in it and make wishes to meet immediately.
Because the heart meridian palms begin and end at heart is the person who has turned your
heart can heal others using both the energy which flows through the palms and mental
energies.Negative thinking leads to closure of these two centers.
-Vishuddi (purify) the right center of the neck is seen as a lotus with 16 petals, is blue and
belongs to the thyroid and parathyroid. Disturbance of this center lead to respiratory diseases and
thyroid gland. Keep the creativity and intuition. Wake gives clear auditory center, the power to
communicate telepathically, the power to travel in time to be indestructible and able to endure
hunger. Speakers, writers, composers, are some of the people who enabled this center.
-Ajna (science) The third eye is the energy center above the place where the cross eyebrows,
has 96 petals, the color indigo, and belongs to the pituitary. Belongs eyes, nose, ears, and part of
the brain, the rest belonging to the last energy center. The opening of this center gives the
spiritual clairvoyance and the power to influence the lives of others better.
-Sahasrara (thousand times) in the center crown of the head is called the thousand-petal
lotus.This center has a purple color and belongs to the pineal gland. Activation of this center
gives what is called spiritual salvation in Christian or Buddhist illumination. This center is depicted
in Christian iconography by a halo of golden light surrounding the faces of the saints.
In Indian tradition was established that there are hundreds of thousands of energy channels that
cross the body, of which 14 are principal.
To reach enlightenment sushumna use, the most important energy channel across the backbone
along it. This energy channel start with the energy center at the base of the spine continue to link
up where each energy center. and ends with the energy center of the crown.
Ida and ping other two main energy channels. go left and right energy center at the base of the
spine continuing upward through a series of curves sushumna crossing over back and forth is
encountered with the latter between the two eyebrows and forming an energy hub.
Center at the spine and the crown is a single energy channel is the beginning and end while the
rest Sushumna main centers are in duplicate each other front and back.
These centers are actually the whirlwind formed themselves in the whirlwind smaller
(petals).which are equal in health status between them and spins clockwise.
The seven main energy centers are present on all the subtle bodies at the same place, which is
possible because these subtle bodies have different frequencies of increasingly high.
Through these subtle energy centers bodies feed on cosmic energy, each energy center of a
vortex by taking a certain type of energy. At the same time through energy centers to transmit
information and energy from one to another subtle body.
Indian mythology is represented by a serpent asleep at the base of the spine where the energy
center Muladhara.
By exercising practitioner need to control this energy and have a gradual rise along channel
Sushumna energy and so on all energy centers open meeting. Sahasrara center until last the
time achieve enlightenment.
Raising Kundalini suddenly may cause serious health damage or death.
Professor Harry Oldfield is the founder, International School of Electrocrystal Terapy "and was
perhaps the first researcher who obtained a photo of Kundalini Kirlian method.
He has conducted photography. Kirlian equipment a woman of 50 years suffering from a neural
blockage before and after treatment under a electrocristalin. In the first photo to get a blocked
energy flow in the second photo imaged Kundalini energy flow freely moving as a coiled serpent.
Emotional Body
The second body is associated with subtle feelings, has a fluidic structure, and its color varies
according to the feelings you give that person. and go from clear to dark colors.
Thickness up to 7 cm from the body. Unlike centers with blue etheric body, emotional body
centers have specific colors energy centers.
Mental body.
The third layer extends from about 15 to 20 cm around us and presented as a golden light. Is
where thoughts are formed and function of emotions that people they have different colors and
Astral body
The fourth layer extends to about 25-30 cm from the body and consists of vivid colors. This subtle
body belongs to your heart and manage relationships between people.
At this level occur bridges between people with energy exchanges between them. These bodies
are close and unite those persons that we, and remove the antipathy.
BODY Keter.
This layer is the template that is built etheric body.
Gives impression of solid consistency. Having dark blue color and is crossed by transparent
In these goals energy is blue which formed the etheric body and this energy increase the body's
These goals represent a template that contains all of the physical body structure.
BODY. Heavenly.
Subtle body is the sixth and is level from occurring spiritual experiences. Represents the bridge
between man and divinity.
Being the seventh layer extends to about one meter around the body and is ovoid shape. It
consists of gold-silver wires that support all the subtle bodies and protects them from external
negative influences. On this layer are printed as bands films of our lives.
After an author there are at least two layers. In case of illness these subtle layers are affected.
Bioenergetic people use their own energy field to restore subtle bodies affected patient. Counts
but how well prepared is healer and to what energy level can work.
In traditional Chinese medicine known that the human body circulating energy by some
vessels. They called meridians.
Meridians carry energy the body organs. These meridians go from place to place body
surface places known as acupuncture points. When not circulating through these meridians
energy. Free and the quantity required bottlenecks occur leading to illness.
Chinese medicine uses acupuncture and acupressure to release energy circulating through the
meridians act on the acupuncture points. Another method is to adjust our own energy that flows
through meridians. One of the most successful techniques are Qi Gong exercises.
Qi Gong
In Qi Gong Jing (essence), Qi (energy) and Shen (spirit) are considered the three treasures, three
origins, the three foundations.
Practitioner must retain the essence "to transform the 'energy' internal to learn to stand up and
turn it into 'spirit'.
The practitioner must first learn to control his emotions and to eliminate. This process lead to
health and longevity. 'Essence' parents transmitted through sperm fusion with egg is called, the
original essence "or" essence of water. " In addition there is the 'essence' of food and air time
called, the essence of fire. "By practicing Qi Gong may improve quality, originating substance. It
is considered important to strengthen and preserved the essence of the original.
By excessive sexual activity is lost, the essence of the original "and the body degenerates
quickly. After birth, the original essence "is determined in the kidneys and therefore it must be
kept healthy.
Existence, substance originating underline when personally fail in this, "essence" of a patient
being treated bioenergetics. If it fails too much, the essence of "Healer's body will feel pain in the
right kidney, a sign that the essence" is running on its own and must also refrain from breaking,
"essence" of the patient.
Fetus draws its nutrients through the umbilical cord by an aspiring movement of the abdomen.
Abdomen is considered the main source of 'energy' because it is located in the abdomen. 'The
essence of the original "which is established after birth the kidney becomes rooted in
continuously," energy "which in turn collects in the lower Dan Tian (Xia Dan Tian), an energy
reservoir which is situated on the meridian Concept.
The lower Dan Tian is the main reservoir, "original energy" and is located at 3 cm below the navel
and a andâncime 3-5 cm. 'Energy' converted, the essence of the original "is called the energy of
water while the energy produced in the 'essence' of food and air time is called 'fire
power." 'Energy water' is associated with wisdom and cool, the energy of fire "which is linked to
'Energy' flows through meridians in the body maintaining good condition. Part of the 'energy' is
used to thinking, feelings, emotions. Mind uses when it wants to make such a motion being
transmitted muscles. Part of the 'energy' called 'protective power' (Wei Qi) forms a protective
layer of the skin and protects the body from external negative influences.
Man must have a 'spirit' that is strong and made with the mind. Mind is also of two kinds,
"emotional mind" and "meditative mind". Man must monitor, emotional mind 'with' meditative
mind. This man must be free of emotions. When the spirit is strong and the energy is strong.
When the spirit is weak and the energy is low. 'Spirit' is that managing traffic, "energy" in the
body. 'Fire Power' spirit while giving force, energy, water "reinforces," meditative mind "to control,
spirit." 'Spirit' fed, energy, water and kept in premises ,, meditative mind "is called 'original spirit"
(Shen Yuan) or "spirit water."
,, Meditative mind "must be stronger as' emotional mind." When you are doing something but you
will do what you want you are influenced by 'emotional mind. "
When you have the desire and willingness to put into practice what you want are under control,
the meditative mind. Consumption of meat, alcohol, drugs stimulates, emotional mind and
eliminates, meditative mind. Therefore the body must be purified by diet and by fasting.
The human body is crossed by 12 meridians connecting the extremities of the body and organs
through which energy flows. In addition there are eight meridians which are designed tanks which
regulates energy and energy flow in the 12 main meridians.
Energy to be healthy in these tanks should move freely without stopping. Two of the conception
vessel meridians are situated on the anterior midline of the body and governor meridian located
posterior midline of the body (spine). These two meridians are linked to each other forming a
closed circuit. Energy must fill the tanks and move slightly to adjust the energy movement in the
12 meridians.
The abdomen abdominal breathing is moving making energy in the body to move freely without
any obstructions.
The second is Dan Dan Tian Tian's medium (Dan Zhong Tian) linked to the solar plexus and
heart where it produces and gathers, the energy of fire "that caused the essence of food and air
This energy is influenced by emotions. If an excessive consumption of food quantity, energy of
fire leading to a growing body faster degeneration of the body. If starvation quantity energy of fire
decreases body leading to illness. When a person have too much energy, the fire "by Qi gong,
energy, water is mixed with, the energy of fire to cool it.
The three-century Dan Tian is located on the forehead and is called the upper Dan Tian (Shang
Dan Tian). Thinking uses more energy to be conveyed to the top of penetrating meridian (Chong
This meridian is a complex route. Run through the soles of feet and reach the kidneys. Other end
of this meridian starts from the sinus through the body near the meridian concept of
communicating, almost to the sexual organs where the link comes from the soles, reaching the
spine where the spinal cord enters the brain that goes to. Spirit is located in the upper Dan Tian
and mental functioning of human energy to reach the desired quantity here.
The 12 main meridians are divided into two categories: positive meridians (yang) and negative
meridians (yin).
Yin meridians and their related organs are: heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, vessels-
Yang meridians and their related organs are: stomach, small intestine, large intestine, gall
bladder, urinary bladder, triple warmer.
Energy level is higher than the yang organs in the yin organs. Practicing Qi Gong aims to
maintain health, cure disease, extend life.
Diseases are often caused by emotional excesses. Depression causes stomach ulcers, anger
affects the liver, lungs sick sadness, fear destroys the kidneys and bladder. To avoid ill man must
learn to control emotions.
When circulation is blocked energy meridians in the body begins onset. When a meridian energy
is too much or too little yin and yang that is related to body starts to work sick and if not corrected
energy movement that body will suffer damage.
It says that an Indian prince Bodhidharma Buddhist Chinese Emperor Liang was invited to spread
his philosophy.
He found a Shaolin temple all sick monks.
To remedy the situation he retired in solitude and after nine years returned with two treaties:
Yi Jin Jing (Treatise on the movement of muscles and tendons) and
Xi Sui Jing (Treatise on Money marrow).
'Treaty on spinal money "remained secret until 20 years ago. This Treaty relates to the
functioning of energy in the bone marrow and spinal cord.
Good movement of energy in the bone marrow leads to a better quality of blood cells on a longer
period of time thus leading to a health and longer life. This practice is considered a superior form
of Qi Gong.
Qi Gong practitioner must cancel all thought and to focus on exercises.

Breathing and imagination

An important role in the practice of Qi Gong has him breathing.
Breathing should be calm, quiet, subtle, deep, long, continuous, uniform, slow, easy. Abdominal
breathing must, making lowering and raising skirt to massage all body organs and to trigger
Man must learn to relax the entire body thus giving energy to move freely throughout the body.
Qi gong is mainly used in abdominal breathing consists of a slow inspiration and a slow
exhalation. Breath is also used with the full retention consists of a slow inspiration air in the chest
followed by a retention period and a slow exhalation.
In Qi Gong exercises the mind has an important role that it should be clear without thoughts and
concentrating on exercises. The mind must lead energy through the body along meridians and to
do so accumulate to move freely through the body. Everything takes imagination and
While breathing need to think that fact not pull breath but the energy absorbed through the skin,
hands, feet, along the meridians, the energy accumulated energy in the tank body and send
organs as required.
The exercises are complex having more parties that are running concurrently such as mental
issue of sound, making the body movements, specific breathing exercise, the issue of sound,
mind driving energy in the body in breathing rate on the desired route.
Zhang Zi said, "Breath an immortal go to toe that a normal individual stops at the mouth " .
Yoga and breathing exercises and imagination play an important role. In Qi Gong exercises are
generally used with body movements. Yoga while still prefer items.
Has an important role in various forms of yoga breathing, breathing with great importance to
having the full retention. Imagination plays a role in the practice of yoga.
Standing practitioner in the specific position must imagine how the energy starting from the first
energy center. Located at the spine column rises and activates the energy center characteristic of
that year.
Yoga exercises are also composed of several parts running concurrently comprising: That
posture breathing technique, the issue of sound mind, driving energy head along the spine and
activate that specific energy center year.
While Christianity and yoga the focus is on spiritual development. Qigong prevail in maintaining
health and achieving longevity, spiritual development role with an appendix.
Breath with the fill fluid is used both by practitioners of Yoga and Qi Gong and Christians
Breathing with the full retention is recognized as a practice that leads to a faster spiritual
In Qi Gong recognizes the value of breath with the full retention but must be notified it must
begin to be practiced only after that person learned to energy through meridians control
movement otherwise with the risk of accumulation energy and lock in the heart with it serious
risks of disease. HEART PRAYER
Most of those who practice prayer of the heart do not know how to breathe and to manage energy
properly accruing many of them were ill with heart and lungs.
Heart prayer is as follows:
Inspiring to listen to heartbeats and acted, the Lord Jesus Christ Son of God ", will air retention in
the lungs is saying," Holy Mother of God for the prayers and the Holy (the kind you want or the
name of the saint which is celebrated in day) was completed by the expiration time is what it
says, "Have mercy on me a sinner."
All time attention must be directed to the top of the heart. Time to reach full containment on the
basis of seniority in practice a few seconds to 30-40 seconds.
Retention of air must be without fatigue or dizziness. And there must be clear mind without
thoughts and attention to be directed above the heart and its beat.
After a long period of time heart prayer will run automatically no only asleep but also in a state of
St. Callistus of Constantinople Patriarch said, "First comes the heat from the kidneys. Preheat us
which seems an aberration. But this is not a delusion but a natural work born will work. But if
anyone thinks that is the grace, this is truly an aberration. Whatever it heat it no must receive and
to evict them. Then comes a warmth of heart and if the mind receives it down the thoughts of
fornication. This heat is doubtless a mistake. If all the body heat of the heart and the mind is clear
and without bias and if you stuck at heart then this is truly a work of grace and not an
aberration. Knowing it is well to begin to learn the mind as if in prayer to stay top of the heart and
look into its depths. ".
Those who practiced prayer say that after a while your heart feels a pain in heart then warmth
and peace, a spiritual peace.
Heart pains when attention needs to move to the top of the chest under the neck and then be
back out again over the left breast. After much practice is observed that the heart rises a light that
shines like the sun. Man begins to see things that can not normally see. The mind begins to be
kidnapped in the sky and see the heavenly mysteries.
In 1973 Balitscky researcher tried to find a way to anticipate the installation of cancer. He used
rabbits infected with Brown-Pierce carcinoma. It was observed that before installing carcinoma
are changes in the brain.
He found that abnormalities occur in brain wave emission.
Russian physicist Iniusin called bioplasma energy emission which underline from Kirlian
photography around living organisms. Bioplasma emission energy change as a result of strong
emotions. He described his research results as:
'Where were alerted rabbits showed radical changes in radiation of bioplasma. Bioplasma
generate condensed. Radiation emitted at the time of bioplasma showed darker colors with
shades of purple. "
Emotions play an important role in the health status of being, so man should have a positive
mood to be able to maintain health.
It was found that people who are ill who got a pet have a shorter recovery time than other
patients and this because that depression change with a state of good humor and love front of
that being and thus a beneficial role and the health of the patient.
The brain is a continuous exchange of information cells. When is subject to stress brain cells
send wrong commands leading to their malfunction and ultimately cell destruction whether long-
term stress. In most cases people suffering from cancer had a great offense, usually with two or
three years before its installation leading major changes the type and structure of brain wave
emission long term this affect link. and information exchange between the brain and
cells. Therefore best treatment leading to cure cancer are which calms the mind bringing the
normal parameters brain waves emitted by the brain. This can be achieved using soothing
teas infringed peace in the soul. Resettlement types and structure of brain waves emitted by the
brain in health status is made and using the drug Gerovital H3.
The Lucke Adenocarcinom is a malignant renal tumour which can be found at
the leopard frog. Nuclei of malignant cells were extracted and transplanted into frog eggs,
which had had the nuclei removed to begin with.
It has been ascertained that the frog eggs produced normal larvae and the cells did
not become malignant. This means that, generally, the genetic information in cancerous
cells is not different from the one in healthy cells. The cancerous cell has a modified
structure because other genes in the DNA structure are activated, compared to the healthy
Cancerous cells are covered in a layer of mucus which protect them against the
attack of lymphocytes and from the signals transmitted by the brain. Since the cells have
lost contact with the brain, they remain deaf to its signals.
Normal cells can turn into cancerous cells and develop due to some blockages that
may occur in the normal circulation of the energy and that lead to the weakening and
destruction of the etheric body.
Because the cells are protected by the layer of mucus against the brain signals,
which coordinate the cells’ development, and due to the fact that the etheric body, which
“tells” each cell where to grow, is weakened or destroyed, the normal cells modify their
structure as follows: the DNA activates other genes and it forms its own energetic
structure by absorbing the surrounding energy.
The tumours develop in certain places in the organism, which have already been
affected. Generally, the disease sets in a place that has been affected by an accident (hits,
cuts, burns, irradiations, etc.). In that place the energy doesn’t flow properly and the
etheric body is affected, as it can’t cope with another attack.

As the tumour has its own energetic structure, it acts as a living being. The images
of some malignant tumours were obtained for the first time using electrono-graphical
techniques by researchers Dumitrescu, Golovanov and Celan. The discovery with the
number 82556 was patented in Bucharest.
Dumitrescu discovered that there was an intensification of the emission of light in
the affected zone, this being the brightest zone in the picture. When the patient has
leukaemia, the whole peripheral zone of the organism is brighter, because the blood is
affected by the disease.
Dumitrescu artificially induced the guinea pigs the malignant hidroperitonita. In the
resulting electrono-graphic pictures he noticed a bright spot in the eighth day of
As time went by, the radiant zone increased its brightness and volume;
Dumitrescu stated: "The hypothesis according to which malignant tumours may act as
sources of electromagnetic waves might be real."
Prof. Lambert presented the following results in his work entitled "Bodily
Resistance and Malignant Growth": "In tissue cultures, the cancerous cell is altered at 39º
C and dies at 42º C. The normal cell is altered at 43º C and dies at 46-47º C."
One of the methods used in treating cancer is raising the temperature of the affected zone
up to 43-44º C, thus provoking the death of the cancerous cells.
Another method is to use two rays of electromagnetic radiations which would meet
exactly inside the tumour, leading to an increase in temperature of that specific zone and
consequently to the elimination of the tumour. This method is mostly used in treating
brain tumours to avoid surgery.
The third method is to insert a probe inside the tumour through which a liquefied
gas is introduced; this leads to the cooling of the metallic walls of the probe and to the
freezing of the tumour.
Thought control can help the brain to resume full control the body transmission signals to cancel
foreign signals who made it possible installation disease.
By viewing can be obtained spectacular results in body recovery.
Mrs. Carl and Stephanie Simonton visualization techniques used to help cancer to heal.
They have suggested a patient, naval officer to imagine that leukocytes are some divers that puts
me wall cancer cells and it blows.
Another case presented by the Discovery television channel is a child. that. I was discovered. a
brain tumor. It was proposed to use visualization to heal.
Influenced by science fiction films he has imagined an army consisting of spacecraft he leads and
destroy the tumor using lasers. Every day he led an army increasingly higher against the tumor.
One day when preparing to attack noticed that no longer find the tumor. The analysis was found it
disappeared without trace. Mature he became a pilot of light aircraft.
Control that it exercises the mind the body can see very well in people hypnotized.
A personal pain caused by a decayed tooth, subject to a short lesson hypnosis just a few
minutes, the pain has disappeared for a period of three days. As is known hypnotist does not
filling the masses.
A young man could not sleep all night all because of a decayed masses. Having undergone a
brief hypnosis session and having doubt about the outcome of teeth begin to chatter increasingly
louder then without saying anything up and leave. Asked where the answer goes, "Let me sleep."
Pain disappeared and I wanted to recover after sleepless night.
Overall hypnotist must be very careful to commands given medium.
A young man who had a form of poisoning skin red spots and suggested that light is acting out
the disease in the body inside the body to the skin. As a result almost all areas immediately
imflamate have increased and new ones appeared. After this result and suggested that the body
does two rays of light, one inside and another from outside to inside. The result was that a quarter
of an hour 80% of the spots have disappeared.
Through hypnosis or hypnosis mind is that people can make sure that its action is suggested.
Information not pass through the filter of human logic. When action is set to perform live brain
receives information, rational thinking, removed from the context.
Nervous system normally performs work without our realizing it. The only information we receive
is damaged when you feel pain. The human body is like a garment that we put into account only
when no breaks.
Hypnotized person may give orders directly to the internal organs and make them perform a
certain action (increase or decrease the blood flow and temperature in an area or throughout the
body, destruction or restoration of body cells and so on). In 1901 Edgar Cayce young 24 years
old who became the greatest American seer was subjected to Al. Layne in a hypnosis session in
order to be healed because his voice is lost.
Hypnotist asked the band because of his illness he started talking, "talking through hypnosis. In
the normal state cannot articulate words and sounds due to vocal cord paralysis due to muscle
tension. Is a state of panic caused by a psychological impact. I can heal by increasing blood
circulation in affected areas. "
I suggested is to increase blood circulation in the affected area it healed after about 20 minutes
after leaving the band began to speak normally. Later it was found that the state of trance Edgar
Cayce could answer any questions.
A person subjected to hypnosis and suggested that his skin is touched with a red iron in the fire,
which was actually achieved with a feather. The surprise was that the place has emerged a
burn. The brain takin good information sent cells affected by failure behave as had been burned,
more specifically to self-destruct.
All through mind control human cells can survive without problems and a few hundred degrees.
In Greece on May 21, 1982 C. Ducteil French reporter witnessed. Langada area near
Thessaloniki a religious ceremony the occasion of St. Constantine.
Anasteria sect members they stabbed a bull on the embers and roast meat. Hot coals has a
diameter of 4 meters and several centimeters thick. The rhythm of music group members prayed
to St. Constantine. Sect members are barefoot and begin to walk on embers dancing one after
another. When completed dance takes place table.
None has traces of burns on the soles. These stories show how the mind can have greater
control over the body. We know that through hypnosis a person can quickly learn a foreign
language or to paint. What is less known is that through hypnosis can develop rapidly and mental
capacities which include a place of honor clairvoyance (see Edgar Cayce). People can have
spiritual experiences, see angels, and space travel including other planets, etc.. However by
hypnosis man has access to information. There is a heavenly council which gives access to
certain information. When information is prohibited psychic sees black eyes or a white
cloud. When a person wants for example lottery numbers and all attempts to obtain them be
warned however that if you find them someone will die of the family. Theft is punishable even in
heaven. Opinion amateurs.
In Edgar Cayce came one day an official of the bank to ask for help. He wanted to know the lotto
numbers and the money thus earned to cover the amount of money they steal, and they spent
gambling. Edgar Cayce in a trance state tells him not to give numbers because he had arrived in
prison and broken family. Man dissatisfied with the response turn to Edgar Cayce
collaborators for them the forthcoming session of hypnosis ask him and lottery numbers.
Therefore man won the lottery in place to cover the hole in the bank money spent on gambling,
he arrived in prison and his family fell apart. Edgar Cayce found and has fired employees.
An acquaintance of mine all its stress on the top asking them to give lottery numbers to win and
she some pennies. After receiving a response time as a dream.
See with her sister dead in his arms and then see lottery numbers. He was assigned to choose, if
he wins the lottery sister dies.
She said her husband numbers but did not play. Because dealing with sale of newspapers looked
back from Bucharest to see the lottery numbers. Were those of dreams.
Placebo effect
Man can autosuggestion enabling to cure diseases only using his mind power.
Everyone has heard of the placebo effect. This is a way to fool a patient saying that is given a
miracle drug that will heal quickly.
I can explain how acting that substance in the body and the discovery epochal is. I give examples
of patients healed even giving the persons concerned.
So far so good. But a small problem arises. Pill that contain anything else but no miracle
substance. And because it was not invented yet (or has been banned).
Everything is a hoax. Or so it seems at first sight. Certainly that if the doctor is convincing the
effect is guaranteed.
Man is fallen morale due to illness and negative state of mind reflected on the body further
weakening it and leaving the place open the disease to develop.
Once the patient that there is a remedy for that disease the change of heart, is optimistic.
Given a positive provision brain takes control the body and will begin the attack the disease.
The general returned to the battlefield and defeat.
On the Discovery channel was presented. If a surgeon who work for arthritis patients. It was
decided at a time to see if the placebo effect works for operations.
Surgeon in the operating room the patient was taking. I fall asleep on him after it began what
ought to be operation.
Cut the skin and walk on your knees asking nurses utensils that he had to perform the
operation. Everything as a normal operation or so it seemed at first sight.
Clear is that Dr. not cut than superficial skin and then walk on that surface as operation should be
For the show to be perfect the room was placed a television the present a real operation.
Finally patients were told that the operation succeeded. The percentage of healed by this
method was the same operate as if the real.
The issue achieved in eight years away were presented and several people, operated "in this
way. If prior to surgery could not move at the time of interview were perfectly healthy the knee,
operated. " CONTROL WILL
Man can go through the exercises at will and control capabilities that seem impossible for most
People who go on broken glass swallowed glass pieces after they have cut its teeth without being
affected in any way.
Others leave their body pierced by sharp metal rods at the ends.
When they are removed from the body not even a drop of blood flow.
A person is struck by the sharp blade of a sword. I leave without the slightest scratch.
Just curious looks and walking on coals. Embers dance was used in ancient times as a religious
In Greece, the ritual, the fire gods "originated from ancient times when you have to show
reverence to the faithful that worship god Dionisios dancing on fire to honor God without burning.
In Kosti village on the border with Bulgaria residents called popular, Aghia Eleni "dancing on fire
celebrating Saints Constantine and Helen. Popular legend says that this ritual dates from around
1000 when the church caught fire in Kosti and villagers walk through fire to save icons on the
walls in the flames.
Diana Schrech a German journalist tells the 'Mannheimer Morgen "of July 26, 1988 a religious
ritual in the river town of Ladenburg Nekar.
Around 25 people are held hands around a curtain of fire 4 meters in length singing a prayer. A
barefoot man forward on the carpet of coals without being pravocate any burns.
Were often shown on TV cases with people with such capacities.
Only a small proportion of these people were born with these abilities and most of them by
developing will control.
Many of them have developed these skills after they have suffered accidents and serious
illnesses, which left them in bed for many years.
Most resigns himself to being a disabled but there are others who choose to fight, and having a
combative spirit fail to rise.
A couple remained paralyzed in bed for many years chose to fight having nothing to lose. He
managed to overcome their handicap and even the human environment.
Being out with a friend for a ride in a hot summer day at a time he says it is too hot and then with
your fingertips start to gather clouds in the sky above them after starting to rain.
This story brought me to mind another situation which at first glance seems a joke.
A few years ago because of dry summers in a village priest goes to a priest in a parish adjacent
to ask you to remove icons from the church and join a religious procession in order to bring rain.
The latter's reply was, "You know it too hot, and then I engine (water pump).
Give the gift that it is required and worth it.
Brain waves
When a person becomes ill have major changes in types of brain waves emitted by the brain,
which is totally different from those of health. Returning to release the same type of brain waves
that occur in health status leads to a rapid healing of the patient.
The patient is placed sensors on the scalp and the signals captured are transformed into visual
images on the computer screen. Depending on the program computer screen can see all types of
brain waves emitted at that time, or you can use a ball in motion picture or other image.
When the patient will deliver the same types of brain waves as health will stabilize the remaining
ball in the center of the screen. The person will succeed in about two weeks to go they can
control the type of brain waves emitted.
In the brain waves were established 4 groups with frequencies from 0-4Hz Delta Theta 4-8Hz, 8-
12Hz Alpha Beta 12-21Hz.
In 1973 Gerald Oster of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York found that placing a
subject by emitting an audio headset sound through each speaker with a difference of 6 Hz
between these brain produces brain waves specific to 6 Hz Theta waves.
Thus it was found that the specific difference of a sound emitting brain waves brain to produce
brain waves with that frequency. These sounds are used to: create certain moods, quick learning,
healing, relaxation, decorporare, etc..
Placing sensors on the skin area affected by the disease that the patient can observe the
characteristics of the sensors and displayed on a computer screen, to change their thinking by
controlling blood flow and temperature in that area.
In 1959 doctors Troskin Serov and demonstrated in an experiment that the number of leukocytes
may be amended by autosuggestion.
Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce was born in Kentucky (USA) in 1878 and lived until 1945.
At 24 years by Edgar Cayce The Layne is subject to a hypnosis session in order to be healed
because he lost his voice.
Time was crucial for his future because apart from the fact that he regained his voice found in a
state of trance can answer any question he is asked.
He has dedicated his life to helping athers. În state of trance gave recipes and medical treatments
often considered strange. However his diagnosis was correct and the treatment they gave their
proven efficacy forever.
His wife which is a detection of tuberculosis in the terminal stage of trance state has prescribed a
treatment consisting of capsules of heroin vapor inhalation and brandy. Five months later his wife
was cured. Prescribed diet, medicines, homeopathy, phytotherapy, exercise, etc..
The cancer treatment consisted of a rabbit injected with cancer cells taken from patients. After the
rabbit produced antibodies needed, some rabbit blood was injected into the patient. In 1966 a
medical team from Wayne State University tested on 20 cancer patients treated similarly. Two
people were healed and the other eight tumor growth ceased.
Edgar Cayce in a trance state asks a patient to use drug Clarawater. This medicinal product
search ads in several newspapers giving including Europe but without success.
Return to Edgar Cayce in a state of trance which gives the product composition. Later that person
receives a letter from Paris of a man who says that the product had been manufactured by his
father. but because it has not been purchased by patients. he had to quit the factory in
May. Recipe sent with the letter proved to be identical to that dictated by Edgar Cayce.
But most interesting is that the story did Edgar Cayce in a trance state and out its previous life
has been Egypt's leader.
In conflict with the army he had had to leave followed by a few thousand people representing the
majority of scientists in the country. They were established in Sudan laying the foundations of a
civilization developed. Departure of this social class had a disastrous effect on Egypt. Distance of
several tens of years due to economic depression which bathe Egypt Egyptian state leadership
sent a commission to ask the leadership to return to Egypt. They were left disappointed when
they appeared before a stooped old man. Front on to return to Egypt was subjected to treatment
with a device that has reclaimed it regained body couple.
,, MOBILE healing "
Today we have the technology needed to produce equipment for regenerating the body. More
specifically these devices is as shown in the first chapter is all you will need to put on the
market. Be made a catalog with each wavelength and what kind of condition can be used.
Watched a television report a hallucinating.
A major U.S. mobile phone company has made available $ 100,000,000 a famous scientist to find
a way to cancel amis cellular radiation producing brain cancer especially when a call is made but
also the place where we mobile customers.
Researcher takes work seriously and discovered during experiments on mice that are frequencies
cure cancer. When the company announced the results have been withdrawn from all funds and
was fired.
For each cancer patient in the western world are spending at least $ 50,000. Given that 30% of
deaths in the Western world are caused by cancer, you realize the enormous funds within the
accounts of major drug concerns. A 'cell' that can cure cancer one person costs $ 50. Given that
changing the frequency used can cure all diseases concernele of 'drugs' could go bankrupt. What
we do not want. No?
Padre Pio (Padre Pio)
Padre Pio was born Francesco Forgione in as the 25th May 1887 in the village Pietricina
Benevento province.
His parents father and mother Mary Forgione Grazio Giusepa Di Nuntio had seven children:
Michele 1882, Francesco 1884 (lived 19 days), Amalia1885 (he died a month before the birth of
Padre Pio), Francesco 1887 (Padre Pio) Felicia 1889, Pellegrini 1892, 1894 Grazia. Grazio
Forgione was a farmer with less land and was forced to emigrate to America twice to be able to
support his family.
Parent log Agostino one of the first Padre Pio's spiritual directors are aware that it was still early
spiritual experiences since he was only five years and were so frequent that they consider them
One day father Agostino says, "You do not see Madonna (Virgin Mary).
At the same time and first impressions have demonic, "My mother left the world, many monsters
prejma and I came in crying. Lit world and I was silent because the monsters disappear. Again I
am a left and I started to cry because monsters. "
It happens that Francesco to find a priest to the door, a priest who does not let him go.Francesco
began to pray, see a barefoot boy who cross. priest disappears.
Mother of Padre Pio Francesco surprised that once was nine at the time while flagellate with a
chain of iron.
Ask, "Why son beat you so." He replied, "I gotta beat beat Jews as they did Jesus and his blood-
and back out."
One day in 1896 Grazio Forgione has carried his son to the sanctuary of San Francesco in
Altavilla Pelegrino Irpin Pietricilna 26 Km.
The church, near Francesco was a woman with a small child who was crying in his arms
deformed and prayed before the altar in order to get his healing. Francesco begins to weep and
to pray for healing little boy. . Mother at a time tired of praying slam child on the altar and begins
to scream: Why I do not want to cure him. "
The church sat silent then hear the child scream to stand up completely healed.
On January 5, 1903 received approval to enter the novice to the brothers capuchins. Because
she was very ill he was sent home more than once hoping that native air make him better.
Spent noviciate in Morcone monastery. After a year he was sent to continue his studies of all the
monasteries of Pianisi Sant'Elia, Monte Santa Maria, San Marco Catholic Church.
In early 1909 he was appointed to Benevento diacon then was sent to the monastery of
On July 30 was spent as a priest at the Cathedral of Benevento. From 1910 until 1916 Padre Pio
of Pietrelcina lived and where she served in the holy fame.
In April 1913 lice were studded flowering plants. A peasant called to Padre Pio to get rid of
insects. The priest went and while he prayed and blessed harvest, insects fell instantly
flashed.Because of this and other peasants have turned to Padre Pio, a week throughout the
harvest was saved. During the night the devil came to torment him Padre Pio devastating room,
bending thick bars of the bed that could not be bent with hands or a strong person, and leaving
bruises on the priest, not infrequently deploying bones.
In the afternoon of September 7, 1910 while praying to Padre Pio, he made his appearance
Jesus and Virgin donating his stigmata. Right in the middle of the palms and soles skin turned
red in the middle of giving her severe pain. Since then submit them to the torments of the demons
have become unbearable.
On August 5, 1918 Padre Pio he had a spiritual experience as it appeared a heavenly character
which have in hand a long iron and the sharp end of which came fire and pierce his soul. he felt a
pain of death. In a letter dated September 5 writes his confessor, "bleeding wound that is
reopened and bleeding continues. On September 20 it is the same character, this time with
hands, feet and ribs full of blood.
In a letter dated October 22, 1918 says, "When I find the mysterious figure bent arms, legs and
bleeding heavily from the coast. Imagine the pain that you tried it and trying it all day. Heart
wound bleeds heavily in special Thursday night until Saturday. Wed afraid that if God does not
die without the blood and not hear my moans I take these wounds. Let me take the pain and
anguish but my the external signs that give me unspeakable humiliation, confusion and
Padre Pio in 1916 and spent his entire life in San Giovanni Rotondo Capuchin monastery.
Besides Padre Pio who was credited with miraculous healing power to be there in several places
Marie Pompilio a spiritual daughter of Padre Pio Nicola says that his brother was seized while
praying sleep he felt a hand hit him causing him to awaken. Ask the next day Padre Pio if he
struck him he replied, "This departs sleep when they pray." One day Mary Pompilio saw an
episode in which a man falls to his knees crying in front of Padre Pio, "Father, thank you that I
have saved from death. He was captain of artillery on the battlefield during a shootout sees a
monk who tells him, "Sir distant from the place you come with me quickly." It is close to where the
priest is and before reaching a projectile exploded in the place where he was leaving a
crater. Turning he saw that the priest had disappeared.
Belin priest while Michelangelo was still a student written in November 1921 Padre Pio asking
him to pray for his dying grandfather who was almost 80 years. After several days old into a
coma. The next day old man reeling saying that he dreamed of a monk who brought 10 years of
life yet. His grandfather lived just 10 years. General Aviation Dr. Bernardo Rosina told the
following story.
During the war has received information that the San Giovanni Rotondo is a German holding
material to be destroyed.
U.S. general who was in command of U.S. air forces in the area wanted to fly himself appliance
squadron of bombers. When they approached San Giovanni Rotondo he and his pilots saw the
figure of a priest appears in the sky with his hands up. Bombs were loosened and fell into the
bushes automatically and changed planes and pilots route without intervention.
After the war General accompanied by a few drivers went to the Capuchin Friar. They recognized
that Padre Pio said, "You are the one who wanted to kill us all."
Speranza mother who lived until 1980 was a nun who was also famous stigmata of Christ. It
declared that met every day during the Padre Pio a full year in Rome between 1937-1939 when it
was available Sant'Uffizio. Complaint expressed by Father Alberto D'Apolito nun replied, "You are
free to think as you want. I repeat that I saw Padre Pio a year, all days in Rome. I always prayed
for him and now I pray for his glorification. "However Padre Pio was not only one time in Rome in
1917 to accompany his sister to the monastery of Santa Brigida Grazia.
Luigi Antonelli author of several novels of a cancerous tumor was discovered and doctors gave
her three months or six months of life that is operating. Appealing to Padre Pio was healed.
Cleon Morcaldi turn to Padre Pio to see if her grandson went to war is alive and to ask the
Guardian Angel to help send him a letter. That evening he wrote that letter and put it on
bedside.To the surprise of this morning the letter was gone. After two weeks family answered the
grandchild. Savino Grieco was a well known atheist materialism in Puglia and his wife banned
him very loyal to go to church and talk to God sons. In 1950 Savino and the discovery of a brain
tumor at the hospital in Bari. He was transported to Milan to undergo a surgical operation. One
night I dreamed that Padre Pio told him: 'You'll see time will heal you. "
From morning to feel better but doctors wanted to perform the operation and before entering the
operating room he ran into his parents' house in Milan. After several days the pain reappeared
and he was again admitted to hospital. Doctors refuse to operate it but finally surrender. Before
surgery is subject to a new examination and finds that the tumor disappeared. Savino went to
Padre Pio but the abbey. She'd had worse. Two men wearing it to Padre Pio and he said: 'Go
home and pray you. I will pray for you. You'll heal. " Gemma di Giorgio Sicilian town of Agrigento
province Ribera was born on Christmas day of 1939. After birth mother realizes that her daughter
has different eyes of other children at the age of three months and realized it no sees.
Your daughter in Ribera sent to two specialists in Palermo ophthalmologists Cucco and Contino
and the discovery that the girl was born without pupils. When th girl was seven years a nun it was
also a relative advise the family to turn to padre Pio and he sent him a letter to explain its
case. Girl's grandmother went to church in the locality and prayed a long time to cure the girl.
One night, Padre Pio mother appears to him in dream and said, Where is this Gemma for which
so many prayers deafen my head. "Also in his present mother daughter sleep. The next
day mother received a letter from Padre Pio as written, "Dear daughter, I assure you that we pray
for their daughter." Encouraged by this response deciseră to go immediately to San Giovanni
While going by train girl told her grandmother impression that he had seen something. I do not
think Grandma seeing no change in the girl's eyes. Once they went to San Giovanni Rotondo to
confess to Padre Pio. This girl's eyes met his. wound of hand making them crossed. . Grandma
concerned for the girl to call him Padre Pio said, Gemma sees and you know it. "In a few days the
girl began to see normally but without pupils. There were even scientific reports on the subject.
In 1945 Giuseppe Canaponi Sarteano lived in the area of the province of Siena. He was married
and had a son. On May 21 while returning from work on the motorcycle is hit by a truck. After the
accident suffered: a skull fracture bone fracture above the left eyebrow, left eardrum rupture
fracture of ribs and a fractured left leg in five parts. Recovery was satisfactory outside the left
He was admitted to hospitals: Sarteano, Chiusi, Montepulciano, Siena, Bologna. Left leg could
not be bent at the knees and was diagnosed with 'fibrous ankylosis of the left knee. "
It was considered incurable and retired through illness. Tried to bend the knee on forced
Zuppinger device under general anesthesia. Therefore femur broke again should stay another
three months with leg in plaster.
He told his wife a believer of Padre Pio. It ask their husband to go to San Giovanni Rotondo but
he starts to swear and curse against Padre Pio. In a later realizing he had nothing to lose decided
to go to Padre Pio. Arriving at the monastery he went to confession to Padre Pio and without
realizing he knelt before the priest and said the sign of the cross. After confession Giseppe rose
and turned to his wife without realizing that normally goes to the surprise of his son and
wife. Back home with his wife danced for two hours in front of friends to surprise them.
Giseppe Canaponi lived to age 70 years and still receive disability pension because doctors have
observed that the physical causes which caused disability were still present. And yet he
continued to work normally although the left leg was two inches shorter and half as righteous.
Antonio Carotenuto Boscoreale town in the province of Naples remained paralyzed for five
months due to a herniated disc.Profesorul Giudice Giuseppe decided to operate it. . Before
operating Antonio prayed to Padre Pio.
At night I dream of Padre Pio who said, "Do not be afraid, you have nothing, you're right." The
day before surgery herniated disc finds that teacher was gone.
Ms Giuseppina Chimento Turin nets seven years have osteoarthritis in my right hand and gave
him continuous pain. One morning in October 1980 prayed to Padre Pio. The next day found that
his hand is healed.
Antonio Paladino lying completely paralyzed for 33 years because of an accident at work. On the
night of December 12, 1968 feel that Padre Pio and met him he said, "up and go." He stood up
and began to go completely healed.
Karol Wojtyla in 1962 while he was in Rome he was informed that a family pal of 40 years Wanda
Poltawska psychiatry professor and mother of four girls had a cancerous tumor.
Doctors said the surgery would be unnecessary. Karol Wojtyla by Angelo Battisti sent a letter to
Padre Pio asking him to intervene to bring Wanda Poltawska heal.
Padre Pio says, "When it cannot say no." Padre Pio received one week of future Karol Wojtyla
Pope John Paul II a letter thanking him for healing Poltawsca teacher.
Perhaps one of the most shocking episodes is the one that was witnessed Sanguinetti Gulielmo
One day came to San Giovanni Rotondo a lady with a suitcase. It sat in a row waiting to
confess. Arrived in front of Padre Pio open suitcase and began to cry.
Surrounded by old clothes was a corpse of a baby about six months. Woman with sick child
journey undertaken Padre Pio hoping it will heal. The little train die and his mother with a huge
belief is hidden in suitcase and continue the journey.
Dr. Sanguinetti argues that even if the baby was alive when he put the bag it would certainly have
died asfisiat. While the woman screamed. Padre Pio took the body of little hands him a brief
prayer and then addressed the women: 'Yeah why both guys. Can not you see that your son is
sleeping.''Indeed child breathes quietly.
Since the advent of stigma and death until one who was Padre Pio, Sant'Uffizio "(Holy Office)
issued a long series of decrees that were not canceled until today against any person who was
the first priest with stigmata.
Twice for long periods he was forbidden to have contact with parishioners.
Emanuele Brunatto both times I managed to order the Vatican to lift ban on.
First published in three languages and distributed worldwide book, Antichrist in the Church of
Christ "in 1933.
He published a second time, "White paper" which showed the tortures to which he was subjected
to Padre Pio from the Vatican and was to be forwarded to representatives of all countries in a UN
press conference on March 2, 1964 which Vatican made to give back. Senior prelates at the
Vatican have not suffered as a simple monk to be closer to God than they.
The beatification process of Padre Pio began on March 20, 1983 and this seat because the pope
Karol Wojtyla became known as Pope John Paul II.
On September 13, 1972 Cardinal Giuseppe Siri commemorating four years after the death of
Padre Pio in the church of Santa Caterina of Genoa said: "The first who had to admit it I am
Jesus Christ who sent him on the cross, and it happened so with Padre Pio ... he he was reduced
to a murderer, was isolated, it reached the point of being forbidden to communicate with believers
.... "

That scurvy was a disease caused by vitamin C has long been considered a contagious disease.
Jean-Antoine Villemin member of the Academy of Medicine in Paris said, "Scurvy is a contagious
miasma comparable typhus epidemic that takes form when people live piled with the smooth:
prisons, ships, sieges, etc.."
Pellagra is a disease caused by lack of food due to a vitamin niancinei exclusive use of corn-
based foods.
Those hit hard by the disease the skin becomes red followed by dementia, weight loss, diarrhea
ending with death.
Military physician Joseph Goldberger found that changing the diets of pellagra patients recovering
them. It announced its results in 1915 and the New York Times published the news.
Thompson-McFadden Commission appointed by the U.S. government continued to treat pellagra
contagious epidemic. Even that doctor Jean-Antoine Villemin, his wife and 14 employees were
injected blood and various body fluids from patients suffering from pellagra without ill not
convinced the medical world, the victims continue to die of the disease.
In Japan starting in 1955 there was an epidemic called Smon manifested by internal bleeding and
diarrhea followed by neurological degeneration. Tried to find the cause of disease by looking for a
virus that caused disease. Disease is emerging through an ordinary diarrhea.
This was treated with increasing doses of drugs followed by large and worsening the patient's
Pharmacology 1969 H. Beppu test drugs and entero-vioform Emaform which were treated
"patients of Smon mice.
Much to his surprise found that mice died immediately.
The two drugs were made of the same substance chioquinol. The epidemic ended in 1973 with
the prohibition of drugs based chioquinol. The epidemic resulted in 11,007 casualties of which
several thousand deaths.
Ciba-Geigy pharmaceutical company lost the lawsuit although bribery many doctors who had to
And today is selling drugs for diarrhea based derivatives Chioquinol substance.

AIDS - HIV or when death comes in white robes.

In 1980 Michael Gotlieb a young medical researcher at the Unversity of California at Los Angeles
wants to devote study the immune system. He discovered a young man of 30 years with a rare
lung infection that had begun to heal.
Microbe Pneumocystis carinii in the lungs is a common guess anyone. This illness causes a
person only for those with weakened immune system in particular those struck by cancer, whose
immune system was damaged, "chemotherapy". This however was not subject to
Gottlieb was amazed to notice that patients have very few T lymphocytes over the next month
also found three other cases. When it was destroyed five patients with immune sistumul found
that all were active homosexuals. Hoping that can help in career Gottlib tried to make their views
known in the magazine, the New England Journal of Medicine. But was refused.
Call Wayne Shander an official of EIS 'Epidemic Intelligence Service, which in turn put him in
contact with the official James Curran, "Venus Disease battalion" which belongs to the TDC,
Center for Disease Control "which helps him to publish an internal newsletter material TDC,
Morbidity and mortality Weekly Report.
Were new cases of illness reported to CDC.
In all cases it was gay men who used poppers (nitrates, volatile liquid) and prolong sexual stimuli
that facilitate anal intercourse.
Following these reports has constituted a committee headed by James Curran. They
found that disease is caused either by the use of poppers or is contagious. Consumption theory
was discarded poppers because patients consume a variety of drugs, without even taking into
account the cumulative effects of drugs on the body.
AIDS is caused by prolonged consumption of synthetic drugs or drugs that destroy the immune
system with immediate effect reducing the number of T lymphocytes and leaving the body found
in the attacks. agents. pathogens.
In the case of leukemia and cancer has sought for decades without any tangible result prove that
these diseases caused by germs or viruses. These cases are so rare that can not be
considered. But research swallows huge funds and made them happy virologists. How funds
have been thinned had found a new epidemic.
A 'disease, a virus, and a' medicine 'which aggravate the disease so as to be a large number of
dead. Of course virus is to blame, the product.''If the disease is declared to be caused by drug
researchers have no chance to receive funds. Would give money to detoxification centers. But
when it's an epidemic, state open pockets and money is flowing to the pockets, researchers.
Have won both, researchers and concernele of 'drugs' and drug traffickers.
Only in U.S. spending, "Cleaning" of the disease are between 16 and 20 billion dollars annually.
French scientist Luc Montagnier is the one who discovered HIV in 1983. but American researcher
Robert Gallo said he. true discoverer. lie proved later.
In laboratory tests it was found that HIV grows in harmony with the cells they infect. HIV failed to
kill any T cell lymphocytes . 'Even those patients presenting parties viral (HIV) are never more
than one in 10 000 of T lymphocytes capable of producing active copy of itself, is only an average
of 500 or more contains a virus in lethargy ( inactive), "says U.S. geneticist Peter H. Duesberg.
Since many of the AIDS patients were infected with HIV these cases were known cases of
idiopathic CD4 linfocitopenia. The so-called HIV / AIDS cases are not met any of Koch's
While all infectious diseases are distributed evenly between the sexes. AIDS hitting 90% male
and only 10% female.
While an infectious disease virus is large in tissues. In AIDS patients HIV is rare often not
An infectious disease usually strikes a person in a few days within several months while if they
speak of an HIV viral latency of 10 years.
Normal viruses cause disease in the absence of disease antibodies disappear when the body
starts producing antibodies itself guilty. After declarations, specialists HIV is one that continues to
attack and when the body produces antibodies. A person is declared HIV positive blood test if I
am found antibodies to HIV virus. This is much less relevant. for 'research'.
In 90% of AIDS cases is about homosexuals and drug addicts.
People living with hemophilia treated with factor VIII and a substance that promotes blood clotting
are also among those hit by AIDS.
Two thirds of mothers who gave birth to children with AIDS admitted that he injected drugs.
Diseases caused by weakening the immune system have increased the '80s, starting with the
rise in drug abuse, the sexual stimulatoarelor by homosexuals. site of AZT and others, antiviral
Drug users are 90% men and only 10% of women also report if there is disease of AIDS.
Several types of drugs consumed at parties gay Americans: alcohol, amilnitraţi, barbiturates,
butilnitraţi, cocaine, crack, ecstasy, heroin, librium, LSD, mandrex, mescaline, methamphetamine,
hallucinogenic mushrooms, senocal, Valium and other drugs dozens .
Because sexual contacts in the gay community were a lot of disease spread and abuse of drugs
they were consuming antibiotics, antifungal,, antiviral (AZT, DDI, DDC, acyclovir, ganciclovir).
In women who used drugs during pregnancy. found that the degree of mental delay births. is
proportional to the drug. Children born to mothers seropositive and seronegative drug
addicts.their rate of production of lymphocytes. reduced half.
Tests on mice who were given poppers for several months revealed that this substance has
destroyed the immune system.
The illness of AIDS in Africa a nurse working in Tanzania said: "If people die of malaria is said
that is AIDS. If you die of herpes they say it's AIDS. I even saw people dying of AIDS deaths
recorded as accidents. Figures on AIDS in Africa am pure lies. "
Cheryl and Steve Nagel very much wanted a child and their dream came true when a girl could
be adoption of a few weeks born in Petrosani in Romania.
Lindsey was a healthy girl to return to U.S. adoptive parents have subjected her to a complete
medical examination at a clinic in Minneapolis and learned with astonishment that the test came
up positive for HIV. He was sent to a specialist pediatric hospital in Minneapolis. It found that the
girl is perfectly healthy but just in case the drug was prescribed to take Septra three times a
day. It is a known sulfonamide for adverse effects on the body. Septra is sold under various
names including bactrim. According to the informant Pharmaceutical Physician Desk Reference it
causes nausea, vomit, anorexia, urticaria, fever and affects bone marrow.
Even the manufacturer Borroughs Wellcome recommends to use, the product ". maximum.twice
a week.
How girl after a week was still healthy and her doctor prescribed 120 milligrams of AZT daily.
AZT, is sold under the name Retrovir or Zidovudine is also produced by Burroughs Wellcome.
AZT's (Azidothymidine) destroys cells that multiply in the body, causing ulcers and bleeding,
destroy hair roots, skin, destroys mitochondria, muscle damage, immune system damage, etc..
After one month doctor finds what she called 'improvement' which consisted of health girl weight
loss, cessation of growth, loss of appetite accompanied by vomit, and failed to drink any milk.
Girl's parents call the teacher Margaret Hostetter clinic belonging to the University of
Minnesota.This little girl after the test subject decided to stay in 'treatment' but seemed Septra am
convinced that the effects caused by the HIV virus' drugs.'' After a brief return the child's situation
continues to worsen. The doctor insisted that a few weeks after her daughter to be given another
'drug like AZT's''DDI (Dideoxynosine) but they refused.
In 1992 the child's situation became critical child can not sleep because of muscle pain and
screamed constantly.
Nagel family got in touch with Peter Duesberg and following his advice they chose not to give
baby AZT which has immediate effect. Pain stopped, the girl began to sleep normally be able to
drink milk in the quantity required. Since then the girl began to develop normally and had no
health problems. Doctors were not pleased. The decision taken by parents professor
Hostetter threatening the family that law can intervene. girl to continue treatment with AZT.
Simon Can.dice another girl. no. had the same luck. When he was 18 months HIV antibody was
detected and was taken to the Pediatric Hospital in Minneapolis where she was prescribed
Septra, AZT and interferon (a drug that blocks the cells), although the girl was perfectly
healthy.Followed the same muscle pain followed by the development of gastric malignancy in the
whole area. He was given morphine and were surgically cutting the nerves leading to the
intestine. This was followed by loss of bowel control and her death in June 1993. He lived six
Since the HIV virus, guilty. " was sent to parents, and they have been subjected to, treatment with
AZT''. Doctors have decided to reunite families faster.
Jerome Horwitz laboratory director belonging Ditroit Cancer Foundation received a grant from the
NIH (National Institutes of Health) has created a modified form of nucleotides used in the
construction of DNA. Human DNA is a chain of nucleotides linked together as people would form
a human chain of hands taking apart. Each person takes a person with left hand and right hand
with that other person forming human chain.
If in that range between a man with one hand chain is broken in two. If the human chain that
people constantly fall with one hand it will crumble.
The chain of nucleotides that form each of two DNA chain is composed of four types of
nucleotides (thymine, adenine, and guanine Citozina) which is grown in infinite combinations.
AZT's (Azidothymidine) replaces thymine in the DNA chain. AZT's problem is that it has only one
arm who may not catch it by another nucleotide and broken arm. If the amount of AZT is high it
will fragment the DNA until the cell destruction.
– (AZT) -(AZT) AZT's
- (A) - - (G) - - (T) - - (C) - - nucleotides
- (A) -- (G) -- (T) -- (G) -- (C) -- (T) -- (A) - - Normal DNA chain
- (A) -- (G) -- (AZT) - (G) --(C) -- (AZT) - (A) -. - DNA chain broke. of AZT
AZT's composition of the cell exactly when the cell starts to divide fragmenting the DNA and
causing cell death.
Horwitz tested. AZT your mouse. and found that instead of destroying it destroys tumors and
healthy tissues leading to death of mice. Researcher disappointed. not published the results.nor
continued testing of the substance.
Researchers who asked AZT for laboratory testing the research on. SIDA received a bottle with a
label that was present. a skull and crossbones sign of high toxicity and the following text: Toxic to
inhalation, skin contact or if swallowed. Affected organ bone marrow. If you feel unwell seek
medical advice. (Show the label if it posbil). Preserved in a protective packaging product. "
Pharmaceutical concern Bristol-Myers Squibb sold DDI (Dideoxynosine) other substances that
break the DNA chain.
It destroys the pancreas, destroying nerve cells in the body. Given to patients who suffered the
treatment "with AZT resulted in hundreds of deaths, unexplained" after which the sale was
approved and implemented.
Jerome Groopman is one researcher who tested the patient's AZT in a hospital in Boston.
When delivered, the product "in 14 patients after three months only two were in the degree of
picking on him.
An Australian study conducted on 300 patients, treated "with AZT for a year showed that half
needed infusion and one third died.
Dutch studio found that most of the 91 patients treated "with AZT needed blood transfusions and
three-quarters died. Claus Koehnlein German doctor sent a letter to Director magazine ,,
Nature''in which he declared: 'The hospital I found daily around the disaster caused by Gallo and
his colleagues. Every time I see a patient with tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis or herpes zoster
infection with cytomegalovirus, can not help thinking that may be HIV positive and we must
administer antiviral therapy.Available chemotherapeutic agents am pure substances, which
means that the treatment causes the same disease with the patient trying to heal. In reality I
mean that is to kill patients. Things are come to such a point in the AIDS virus because of the
assumption that the treatment itself produces its adverse prognosis. "
For those who want to learn the truth regarding AIDS and HIV should read the book, Inventng the
AIDS Virus "written by Peter H. Duesberg researcher at State, National Academy of Sciences'
U.S. and the first to discover family HIV virus belongs to which site.
Peter H. Duesberg is a professor of molecular biology at the University of California at Berkeley
and the first researcher to isolate a cancer gene.
The preface of the book is signed by Kary B. Mullis Nobel laureate for chemistry.
International Congress for Integral Treatment of Malignant Disease held in 1953 in Stuttgart
presidium chairman Dr. Zabel has noted that before the start of tumor growth body functioning
must have been abnormal ... This is a bomb for that concept tumor is a local disease limited. "
Little Professor remarked, cancer develops in a body that is fully collapsed "and" cancer
problem not be resolved by specialists but rather a generalist. "
After Ewing can see is the role of the liver in cancer development the fact that 85% of primary
hepatoamele. and 50% of primary colangioamele associated with cirrhosis.
Rats. fed butter yellow (oxidized) and rice was observed within 60 days of liver cirrhosis. , Within
90 days of colangioamelor. and hepatoamelor and 150 days of carcinomas.
Group minerals - K, P, Mg, Mn, Cu, Fe, Au, etc.., Predominates in muscle, brain, liver, heart,
kidney cortex, etc..
The group formed - Na, Cl, I, Br, Al, etc. H2O found in large quantity in: serum, lymph, thyroid,
biliary tract, connective tissue.
Group potassium should predominate inside cells (intracellular) and 60% belongs to the body
Sodium belongs to the group which remains outside the cells (serum, lymph, connective tissue)
called extracellular owned 30% of the body and 10% belong to both groups.
Dr. Max Gerson said: "With 70 years ago in the United States was not known leukemia. 50 years
ago lung cancer was so rare in clinical and autopsy that each case was worthy of being
published. But today, that change for the worse. Yamagata and Itchiahawa produced
experimentally in rabbits cancer rubbing their ears with tar.
Before producing cancer had pathological changes in liver, kidney, spleen and lymphatic system.
Blonde Kaspar said: "The whole syndrome of metabolic disturbances which we call esophagitis,
gastritis, duodenitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, cholecystitis, cholangitis, pancreatitis and
other stages are considered only a dynamic process starting with the collapse of the liver.and
portal hypertension and ending with liver cirrhosis and cancer tissue.
Cancer is a mutation of somatic tissues due to chronic liver damage. Kaspar concluded that:
98% of cancerous organs die not due to cancer but due to liver disturbance.
Feerichs doctor warned since 1861 the relationship between cancer and liver system - the gall
After removal of liver tumors were found to recover to some extent, in a long time. When the
cancer is generalized there is a rapid loss of muscle and liver substance.
Dr. Max Gerson said: "I think I can claim that we solved 50% of cases even the most advanced.
The real problem occurs when the liver can not be recovered in this case there is no
hope.Restoration of liver and liver function is so important that patients whose livers can not be
recovered from cirrhosis die within ranging from six months to two years and half. They have not
died of cancer, but because of a liver hypoplasia.
Vrgoc teacher found a high prevalence of tuberculosis in the Kirghiz established settlements,
while tuberculosis occurs rarely among nomads. Farmers using salt while not nomads. Kirghiz he
said that his Vrgoc noted a deterioration of sight and smell when eating bread and salt.Nomads
who used the salt have lost the ability to smell wolves.
Stanley and Livingstone found the tribes who did not know the salt and after having used it for the
first time. had chest symptoms.
Nurses who followed a diet with no salt when returned to food with salt had diarrhea and nausea.
The "Briefe aus dem Lambarenespital" - Letters from Hospital Lambarene - Albert Schweitzer
Professor of African said: "In this way it is possible that the incidence of cancer. so rare in this
country before they have a connection with very low salt consumption before and still less
frequent use of it. Strangely enough is that we have no case of cancer in hospital. "
In 1926 the British Journal of Cancer, Dr. Fry found that the blood of rats with tumors. amount of
sodium is 25% above the normal value of healthy tissues and 60% above normal when the tumor
disappears. In people suffering from tuberculosis, cancer and other chronic diseases when
starting the system without salt. Body begins to eliminate large amounts of sodium chloride (salt)
which continues for two weeks, which is followed for other disposal of sodium chloride in excess,
but on a shorter time.
The laboratory has revealed that chronic diseases. Negatively charged sodium and
calcium.invades organs slightly positively charged them losing potassium time where ... adverse
metabolic changes begin.
H.S. Burr and his colleagues have found that tumor development is preceded by bioelectrical
alterations and that all malignant tumors are electronegative.
C. W. Crile, M. Telkes and A.F. Rowland malignant tumors found in a low electric polarization.and
high electrical conductivity which, according to Dr. Max Gerson could be due to high sodium
content in the area in tumor growth. In 1936 H. Kaunitz and B. Schober found that by introducing
the blood of rabbits of different toxins, including toxin and diphtheria potential liver and muscle
decreased by 30 millivolts and lower. With the entry of toxins into the liver parenchyma cells was
found and an invasion of sodium in liver parenchyma.
Lasnitzki found a decrease in cancer potassium ion.
Dr. Joseph Ross Medical Center in Los Angeles with Dr. Belton Burrows in Boston found that
patients with five chronic conditions showed a marked decrease in potassium. They used as a
tracer radioactive potassium atoms, thus wanting to observe their low quantity in the body and
can calculate the amount of potassium that you lose one person during illness, thus, may receive
compensation required amount of potassium deficiency.
Compensation generally is managing patients potassium solution containing 5% Lugol's iodine
and 10% potassium iodide.
Tannenboum and Silverstone, in an experiment conducted on mice have found that increasing
dietary fat from 2% to 20% hepatoamelor formation rate increased from 37% to 53%. Intake of
riboflavin (B2 vit.) has reduced. hepatoame formation. Casein (the substance in milk) and
methionine led to the development of tumors in mice.
Dr. Max Gerson found that hormones, certain vitamins, calcium phosphate and Caridina have a
carcinogenic effect.
Cancer appears and grows only in the body's immune system is not working or is destroyed.
Dr. Ronald Glasser presented an interesting case as relevant role in cancer immune system.
A person and has a kidney transplant. that seem to have nodules carcinogens.
To prevent rejection of transplanted organ patient has been given drugs that suppress the
immune system, so called immunosuppressants.
Within a few days the transplanted kidney volume increased. In an X-ray appearance of a tumor
was found attached to a lung, although the X-ray performed prior to surgery does not
appear.which proves that developed after surgery. A day later was found a tumor mass and the
other lung. Doctors have concluded that it is metastatic cancer that develops
within a few days when she would normally have had months or years. After stopping drugs that
suppress the immune system, cancer formations were resolved within days, while also returning
to normal kidney.
On 17 October 1808, Dr. JLAlibert from Sf.Louis Hospital conducted an interesting
experiment. He collected material from a cancerous breast tumor from a woman, to ground into
small particles, forming an emulsion that has inoculated it to him and another three
students. There was a febrile inflammation which lasted several days after she disappeared.
After a few days Dr. Alibert repeated the experiment on him and a colleague still no. result.
But the most shocking experiment conducted by Dr. Max Gerson two rats one with cancer and
healthy one. I opened it on one side and. he connected a blood vessel from one, on the other,
then sewed them together. Healthy rat blood circulated one day and one night in sick
rats clearing body cancer patient and heal it.
Regenerative power of a healthy body was highlighted in the following experiment.
Dr Alexander Studitsky researcher at the Institute of Animal Morphology in Moscow chopped
muscle tissue from rats and placed in an incision made particular and noted that the animal has
recovered a body muscles again in those parts.
Dr.E.Weiss from Chicago has injected aqueous extract obtained from human cancerous tissue in
cancer patients once weekly for six consecutive weeks. For a short time, they increased slightly in
weight and increased their appetite without other curative results which show that the immune
system is active in a small percentage. in patients cancer. Diet plays an important role in the
health status of being. Human physical body is nourished with plant and animal foods and subtle
energy bodies receive specific energy.
The Kirlian photography can be seen that emit energy crops or animals. If a food is fresh, it will
deliver a strong energy around and if consumed that energy will be taken. The subtle bodies.
For example, material forming the etheric body will be taken and the food will be raw material in
construction and restoration of human etheric body. Heat treatment (boiling, roasting, burning) will
be destroyed these subtle energies and subtle bodies are not fed, their power will weaken, which
will reflect the physical body, causing disease.
The Kirlian photography was discovered that the energy surrounding fresh foods disappear after
being subjected to heat treatment (boiling, roasting, burning). Foods subject to freezing, after
thawing will retain 30% of full power. When we eat raw food, your digestive system will loosen
food cells, respectively smaller components and will be transmitted through the bloodstream to
cells in the body that need them. These components are built parts ready to be delivered to those
cells in the body that need them. As you take parts from one machine built ready to repair and
maintain another car.When food is processed (burning, roasting, boiling) components of cells that
are destroyed food and the body can not take what he needs and that will be fed in this way a
long time, the body will destroy occurring throughout the range of degenerative diseases (cancer,
leukemia, cirrhosis, diabetes, heart disease, etc.)..
It is as if someone would give you a hammer and a quantity of iron and you would make to build a
Mercedes or a Toyota.
Werner Kollath, professor at the University of Rostock has undergone a lot of animals on a diet
devoid of vitamins and minerals and found that they have developed normally to adulthood. From
that time began to have constipation, dental caries, colon poisoning, loss of calcium, etc..
Their condition has not improved even after taking vitamins. When they were given food in
nature, leaves, vegetables, animals have returned.
Francis M. Pottenger American doctor has tested the effects of diet on a group of 900 cats. He
found that animals fed with cooked meat and pasteurized milk and fish oil were prone to allergies,
indigestion and skeletal deformities. Generations have become increasingly ill, lower, causing
less weight kittens. 25% of abortions were recorded in the first generation and 70% in the
following. The third generation of cats did not exceed 6 months of age.
Others were fed the same diet, the only exception being that the milk was pasteurized and the
meat was raw. These animals were healthy, giving birth to healthy kittens. Changing diet in cats
fed cooked food with raw food diet, only the fourth generation of cats was found to restore the
normal health.
Dr. Masanore Kuratsune, Head of Department of Medicine Kyushu University Japan, made an
interesting experiment in 1950. He and his wife who was pregnant following a similar diet that
was given to prisoners of war in Japanese camps. It consists of a diet containing between 729
and 826 calories per day to a weight of 70 kg, which represents one third of daily calorie needs.
Diet consists of raw rice, vegetables, and a small amount of dried fruit. Their health status has not
changed. When they began to cook food, they appeared the same disease seen in prisoners of
war from Japanese camps: edema, lack of vitamins, collapse.
An experiment conducted in U. S. Two groups of mice are placed on the same road.
The first group was fed raw eggs, giving a quantity of vitamins and minerals. Found an increase
in their weight and health status.
The other group was fed powdered egg. The same also vitamins and minerals. They have low
weight followed by degradation of their health. Simply these foods are destroyed cellular structure
and DNA.
The owner of a farm fox mountains Harz applied Dr. Max Gerson diet to cure seven foxes and
pulmonary TB. He included in the diet fruit and vegetables grown on the bases natural gardening
method (without chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides) and adding potassium.
He was able to heal sick six of the seven foxes, and noting the extraordinary quality of fur.
After this success he began to buy foxes suffering from tuberculosis from neighboring farms at
low prices succeeded, through their healthier. and selling the fur to have a thriving business. Dr.
Norman W. Walker was cured of nephritis (kidney disease) by a regime of juices, beyond the age
of 100 years and published many works on the properties of natural juices.
Arnold Ehret was cured of a heart disease, renal failure and Bright's disease through a proper
Dr. Max Bircher-Benner was the ill treatment of a gastric ulcer in a serious condition. All medical
tests have failed to help her stomach woman refused any food. At a meeting of doctors in Zurich,
Dr. Max Bircher-Benner case exposes women.
A vegetarian colleague advises him to give ground raw vegetables and fruit juice and green
leaves. With no other choice and patient acceptance began to feed on vegetable raw
vegetables.In two weeks the patient was cured by living in full health by then.
At a medical congress in Zurich, Dr Bircher-Brenner presented their treatment plant raw
vegetables, which was disapproved by all peers.
Because many seriously ill people continued to assault him by Dr Bircher-Brenner, he has built a
private clinic. Clinic's patients recovering from tuberculosis, cancer, multiple sclerosis
(development stopped), epilepsy (improved). Dr. Max Bircher-Brenner died in 1939, but his clinic
"Lebendige Kraft" Zurich is today one of the most sought and valued health centers in the world.
Kristine Nolfi Danish doctor attended medical college in Copenhagen. During the training hospital
for 12 years suffered from constipation and gastritis, was at one time on the brink of death due to
bleeding caused by a stomach ulcer. Because it became vegetarians avoiding meat and fish and
when health problems have disappeared. 14 years followed a diet consisting of three quarters of
the raw, the rest of the food - vegetable dishes. In the winter of 1940-1941 years found the body
of an installation that prolonged fatigue after five weeks and found that a small breast lump had
reached the size of a hen's egg.
Dr. M. Hindhede had confirmed their fears by giving her the same diagnosis: cancer. He advised
her not to make it open biopsy because blood stream, allowing cancer to spread in the body by
Kristine Nolfi doctor and realized that they must follow a regime of 100% raw. For two months
there has been no change after that node has started to reduce in size and strength began to
return. During the year that followed the diet based on raw, the tumor was reabsorbed, leaving a
scar in place followed by a good general condition.
It considered and, following advice Dr. M. Hindhede that can return to the old normal vegetarian
diet consisting of 65-75% raw-food rest being cooked. After about four months he felt sharp pain
in breast with passing weeks have become increasingly acute. It returned to the diet based
exclusively on vegetable raw vegetables. And pain disappeared tumor developed began to
disappear. Next summer come to therapy five patients were cured after they have all followed the
same diet based on vegetable raw vegetables, which one did wish that Dr. Kristine Nolfi
establishment of a clinic-based plant diet of raw vegetables. It has sold the house in the city of
Copenhagen and has bought a property at eight kilometers south of Helsingor who became Clinic
Humbegaarden-Raakost-Kursted "of Humlebach, surrounded by a large botanical garden.
Dr Kristine Nolfi died on August 29, 1957 at the age of 76 years.
She advises that the fruit is if not desired their consumption of whole, cut into pieces. bulbs and
roots grated data and cut greens. Is prohibited use tool grinders or crushing the car-
juicer. since. such plants lose vital energy. They should be consumed immediately since in half
an hour lose their effect on the body.
People who eat food prepared. have a three times higher amount of leukocytes to the people who
eat only raw, which proves that people who eat food prepared body reacts to the invasion of toxic
substances in food that poisons the blood and body.
Vegetable consumption is not always positive effect on the organism.
Vegetables grown in soils that are fattened with chemicals and sprayed with insecticides and
herbicides are toxic action on the human body they consume.
Dr. Max Gerson suffered from terrible migraines, making it to close for days in a dark room. It fails
to cure headaches following a vegetarian diet that followed the advice of Dr. Max Bircher-Benner.
Dr Max Gerson with Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch tuberculosis therapy being determined in a diet
composed of fruits and vegetables, roots, non-fat, meat, salt. Were able to cure 446 of 450 cases
of tuberculosis treated.
With time, experimentation on patients, Dr. Max Gerson has developed a treatment for cancer -
called Gerson.
The doctor said that Max Gerson was able to cure 50% of cancers, even those with advanced
Date of this medication, cancer is:
Acidolpepsină - two capsules before each meal
Potassium (10% solution) - 10 x 4 teaspoon daily, dissolved in fruit juices and vegetables, the first
- 10 x 2 teaspoons 20 weeks;
- 8 x 2 teaspoons 12 weeks;
- 6 x 2 teaspoons throughout treatment.

Lugol solution (dilution 50%) only in fruit and vegetable juices

- 6 x 3 drops daily - 4 weeks
- 6 x 1 drops daily - 8 weeks
- 3 x 1 drops remaining treatment

Thyroid - 5 x 1 grains daily - 4 weeks

- 3 x 1 grains daily - 8 weeks
- 2 x 1 granules
Stop during the menstrual cycle and in case of tachycardia.

Niacin 50mg/zi 6 times / day

In advanced cases doctor Max Gerson. 50mg use hourly. Treatment is discontinued. during the
menstrual cycle or the occurrence of bleeding.
3 x 4/zi pancreatin
Royal jelly: 100 mg before breakfast
Enemas of coffee back on the right with legs stretched. Keep the liquid 15 minutes. It makes at
least four hours and six weeks depending on disease progression will be reduced gradually to a
daily. If a pain. used enemas to two hours. Use three tablespoons of ground coffee to one quart
of water. Boil three minutes after the expected cooling. Use at body temperature.
Castor oil: In the morning (10am) taking two tablespoons of castor oil with a black coffee
sweetened with unrefined sugar.
Enema performed after 5:00 consists of:
- A liter of warm water
- Soap (special)
- 3-4 tablespoons of castor oil
- 30 drops of caffeine
- Half a tablespoon of ox bile powder
. Mix until it becomes an emulsion.

Raw liver extract - 3 cups per day throughout

treatment - 24 months
1 mg of B12 injection with 3 cc liver in a single syringe injection for 4-6 months
Exists in the form of injectable medicine vials: one vial Pernaemyl day.
For a glass of juice using calf liver:
- 50 g of fresh calf liver dirty and unfrozen
- 400 g fresh carrots (do not use those sold in plastic bags)
- An apple
All divide, place two paper towels on a wet cloth. it folds and squeeze. Repeat this operation until
everything is ready. On October 3, 1989 at California Hospital and agreed Baya Gerson Institute
was discontinued raw calf liver juice because 50% of patients infected with campylobacter, which
has caused gastro-enteritis. Treatment was replaced by posing two Spirulina tablets and two
tablets of 500mg liver. It was later established that combat Campylobacter infection to use
In colon cancer disorders, using enemas vagina juice green leaves and keep as much liquid as
In Gerson therapy are totally banned. any food, bottled, canned, frozen, salted, smoked, sulfur,
alcohol, wine, beer, coffee, tea, sugar, salt, fats (vegetable or animal), cocoa, all kinds of sweets
(cakes, cake, cakes , chocolate, ice cream, etc..) flour, mushrooms, nuts, oil, spices (pepper,
paprika), soybeans (and soy products).
Are prohibited butter, cheese, eggs, fish, meat, milk of any kind. Is prohibited and fluoridated
toothpaste and hair dyeing.
In obtaining juices from vegetables and fruits are used only by pressing juice extractors.
Centrifugal juice extractors are prohibited, they destroy plant substances, substances break into
pieces, resulting substances may not be helpful body.
Used fruit: apples, apricots, bananas, cherries, black currants, grapes, grapefruit, mango, melon,
oranges, peaches, pears, plums, tangerines, etc..
Salads: apples, carrots, lettuce, chicory, sorrel legs, red, cauliflower, radishes, leeks, celery,
peppers, etc..
Aromatic: cloves, anise, bay leaves, coriander, dill, fennel, nutmeg, rosemary, marjoram, sage,
saffron, thyme, sorrel, parsley, garlic, etc..
Each can build your own diet based on what he likes to eat or ready to choose one form of
literature of specialty. Max Gerson found that the first two weeks patients not support diet and
want to stop. Treatment succeed in a series of crises which usually take several days. This is
manifested by nausea, headache, vomiting, muscle spasms, intestinal gas accumulation, lack of
appetite, inability to drink juices, coffee clismele difficulties. When the patient vomits because of
accumulation of bile in the stomach, it is advised to drink mint tea with lemon and a little unrefined
sugar (or honey).
The liver is affected and many toxins having gained when beginning a vegetarian diet, it will
It will try to get rid of toxins through all possible means and one of these means is to produce a
larger amount of bile that will eliminate a large amount of toxins.
Body detoxification crises are due to start and put in motion the immune system begins to attack
the disease from the body. For example when you're sick and fever, it is the result of mobilization
of the immune system and fighting the pathogen has invaded the body. Lack of response to the
disease organism is that the immune system does not work and leaves the body without
protection from the disease. The fact that the body begins to eliminate toxins observed
immediately start the diet, by dark urine and stink, sweat and stink gas etc..Smell of the room sits
a person subject to detoxification was a very nasty smell.
A miraculous event of teacher Doina Tasca is presented in "Naturismul. It has suffered as a
teenager by a hormonal disorder, excess and a deficiency thyroid follicles, which is why the
doctor had subjected her to a treatment with Vit.E, Progesterone, Tirotoni and other hormones
over several years, resulting in , irregular cycle, endemic, hypocalcaemia, spasmophilia. In 1982
it was discovered an ovarian cyst which resolved after treatment with medroxyprogesterone. In
1985 he appeared several breast cysts which have worsened despite treatment. in 1988
defending a drug intoxication. Followed ovarian pain, irregular cycle, painful, calmed by
tranquilizers, hair loss, the occurrence of hematoma, vomiting almost everything he ate, his
breasts "hull" and could hardly stand. He was diagnosed with cancer in phase - II - the (30 August
1988). The operation have been extracted a tumor diameter 22 cm, one fibroma, one ovary and
part of the uterus.
I have found spots on the left side of the gut and nervous system reached. He received treatment
with cobalt and chemotherapy intravenously vit.B6. Intravaginal is formed from a granulation
tissue which was the actual cautery and curettage biopsy without patient consent and without
anesthesia. Wound from curettage is no longer closed and have a vaginal discharge green -
brown. Breast problems were accentuated. Since September 19, 1988 began a vegan diet after
reading the book by Jean Valnet "Treatment of diseases by vegetables, fruits and cereals. And
put on breasts cabbage compresses. When natural treatment began following a series of crises
revolving strong weekly.
A whole body ached, bone, breast, lymph nodes, muscle, every hair of the head, teeth, fever and
vomiting. After three days. I changed the color and smell of vaginal discharge. and after one
week. I have closed the wound from curettage biopsy.
Platelets rose from 100,000 to 215,000 and leukocytes from 2200-4800.
He has sought to engineer Valeriu Popa. and decided to follow the diet in place of it.
From November 19, 1988 began treatment:
Morning - oil gargle then spit it (acting as a detoxification).
- Cleaning the tongue with a spoon
- Corn chew
- Enema with celandine

11oo time - three tablespoons of raw rice

- Half a liter of distilled water

Time 13oo - 125 gr. sprouted wheat

- 25 gr. Honey
- 25 gr. Walnut
- Lettuce - two apples
- Four tablespoons beetroot
- Two tablespoons carrot
- Two tablespoons celery
- One tablespoon black radish

Time 18oo - 13oo same menu as at

Time 21oo - a cup of thyme tea

- Thirty pumpkin seeds
If thirst of sage tea.
To sleep - enema with comfrey
- Vaginal lavage (every evening
else: tea hollyhock, marigold,
horse tail).
- Cabbage leaves applied to the breast.
During this period toxins are eliminated through urine, saliva, feces, sweat (bad breath). He tried
to take chemotherapy.
On December 26, 1988, 50 mg Farmorubicin and on December 27, 1970 mg of Platinol. Arrived
at home threw up 23 times.
I recovered vegetation vaginal pellets were extended and formed a aphthae.
From January 1989 to change the diet.
Morning - made of vegetable juice:
- 475 gr. Beet juice
- 200 gr. Turnip juice (sweet)
- 100 gr. Cabbage juice
- 50 turnip leaves (dandelion)
- 20 gr. Onion juice
- 5 gr. Garlic juice
- 50 gr. honey

Time 13oo - 125 gr. Sprouted wheat

- 25 gr. honey
- 500 gr. Red apple

18oo pm - the same menu as at 13oo.

He discontinued chemotherapy. And a biopsy on January 17, 1989, Doctor - "What blood you
handsome! If it is an old red wine, the result of analysis - you are perfectly healthy.
Dr. Max Gerson met two women with breast cancer who were cured by drinking tea from
fenugreek seeds (fenugreek) associated with a vegetarian diet without salt.
Two other people were cured for eight months drinking green leaf juice.
A young woman of 19 years, married her first child and finds that he can not breastfeed. The
hospital is making an incision and found a tumor is unoperated, then closed and sent home.
He took tea made of equal parts of: coriander, comfrey, yarrow, horse tail, garlic, mistletoe (cold
To these are added 100 gr. propolis, drink three cups of 100 ml of tea per day. He got 60 pills of
propolis granular and was cured after 20 days.
If a vegetarian diet is strictly followed then the patient has no chance of recovery. as noted and
physician Max Gerson. He submitted a patient with breast cancer who had only 39 kg to a
vegetarian diet. Its relatives, many doctors have not agreed to treatment, Dr. Max Gerson being
pressured to give him other than plant foods. "Every family insists that she is so collapsed. The
patient weighed 39 kg. He was skin and bones and they wanted to give him egg yolk. I gave him
the egg yolk in small quantities and as a result of recurrent cancer. Then they insisted to give him
raw minced meat. I gave meat and cancer again recurred. The third time they wanted to give him
oil. I gave oil, and for the third time the cancer recurred.
However the three times I was able to remove the cancer and cure the patient.
The grandfather of a former high school classmates had a cancerous tumor in his nose. The
doctor suggested to go to hospital in Iasi to be extirpated tumor, which involved removal and
nose, but just gave him opportunities of healing. The man said "I have 74 years, die tomorrow
and bury me and no nose." Went to an old known for healings obtained using herbs. It gave him a
bottle containing a more herbal tea and ointment. Man after all the glass of tea consumed
dropped in May to go and buy another. and was given only ointment that. After a period of time,
the tumor is resorbed. After about a year meeting with doctor in town he was amazed to see him
alive and told him: "Believe that you have much dead." Ointment is made by mixing burnt
eggplant shell with cream.
A man was admitted to hospital Fundeni the last phase. A tumor had been extirpated from the
neck, but his situation worsened so much that it was "guarded" by the candle. An acquaintance
tells his wife that a plant with a man healed of a tumor that was in the back. Man's wife that he
made tea plant (tendril) and gave him to drink leading to its dramatic comeback.
In a few years away when I met him he refused to drink tea and have periods when he felt very
bad. When using herbs to treat cancer, the first time included plants that clean the body of toxins
with plants regenerated liver. After a period of time should be included and plants that destroy
cancer cells.
When it starts to destroy tumors, toxins from their destruction will accumulate in the liver and the
patient will die of liver damage. Toxic substances enter the body through improper diet and toxic
substances resulting from the struggle between the immune system and various pathogens.
At the same time one or more organs that eliminate toxins from the body can not function at
capacity due to illness.
When the quantity of toxic substances in the body exceeds the capacity of disposal of the body,
toxic substances will accumulate in the body and unless action is taken will give rise to serious
illness. The first time the toxins will accumulate in the blood then because it can not retrieve these
toxic substances will accumulate between the cells and finally it will accumulate in cells leading to
their poison.
If in addition they add poisonous chemicals as the drugs given to patients. body destruction is
assured. Unlike other devices to the beginning of the book that the frequencies used only kills
cancer cells and lead to restoration of cellular structures. Irradiation treatment which applies to
patients with cancer kills all cells in the body that are subjected to radiation without discrimination
and lead to patient death. So-called chemotherapy, "antiviral" of patients with AIDS, cancer,
leukemia, are built to kill diseased cells but to destroy DNA - the body's cells without distinction all
leading to a death in agony.
Method of genocide by chemotherapy "viral" and irradiation was applied to patients would be
envious of any leader of Nazi concentration camp. It is enough to compare the physical condition
of the Jews escaped from Nazi camps at the end of WWII and the patients were poisoned with
chemotherapy "antiviral", beaming.
If doctors, researchers, drug manufacturers and politicians would be forced to undergo the same
treatment with all the toxic substances they put on the market. and they thrust on patients, many
of the so-called "medicines", disappeared from the market.
English Dr. Oliver Wendel said that if we just throw all chemical drugs in the depths of the oceans
have done a great human good and evil only fish species.
DHEA is a hormone produced by the adrenal.
DHEA paralyzes enzyme - 6 - phosphate dehydrogenase prevent the transformation of normal
cells into cancer cells;. must. exceed 3.3 mg / l. In people with cancer falls below 0.1 mg / l
Dr. Arthur Schwartz, a microbiologist at Temple University found that DHEA helps to
weaken.driving the process. the body burns fat.
It was found that DHEA reduced by one third of body fat, prevents atherosclerosis and diabetes.
Alzheimer's patients were 48% lower than the normal DHEA levels.
In two separate experiments conducted by Dr. Vincent P. Calabrese of Virginia Medical School
and Dr. Eugene Roberts of the Department of neurochemical Beckman Research Institute of City
of Hope, Durant, California found that supplementation DHEA patients sick whit multiple
sclerozis lead to increased resistance, strength, agility, more power to members and enhance the
immune system.
DHEA is found in plant and wild Mexican yams.
Provitamin A
Vitamin A is necessary in view night. The adjustment development and reproduction of cells.
Lack of vitamin A in the body promotes cancer setting.
Vitamin A supplementation leads to enhanced activity, increase of antibodies in the body.
Preformed vitamin A is toxic in large quantities while its precursor beta-carotene (provitamin A) is
not toxic or high dose of 500,000 IU per day.
From studies on animals and humans showed that beta carotene supplementation in the diet
resulted in the destruction and reduction of installation of various cancers.
If smokers found that addition of beta-carotene 82% decrease in cancer installing them.
Cancer cells are protected by a mucoid substance which protects them from attack by
lymphocytes. Beta - carotene destroy mucoid substance allowing lymphocytes to attack cancer
cells. Beta-carotene supplementation increases the number of immune T cells.
The American Clinical Journal of Nutrition "Dr. HR Watson presented an experiment in which
administered daily for two months 30 mg beta-carotene to a group of ten men and ten women
were found which resulted in increased production of T cells by the body. Beta - carotene can kill
viruses and increases the production of CD4 reject fungal infection, Candida albicans (aphthae)
which attack people with weakened immune system (AIDS, cancer).
In an experiment Dr. Charles Henneken found that addition of beta-carotene reduce heart
problems by 50%. In turn Dr. Manson found that people taking 25 000 IU beta-carotene had 22%
fewer heart problems than those taking less than 10,000 IU
Dr. Monika Eihholzer researcher at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Bern, Switzerland, in a
study of 2974 people over 12 years found that those who had the lowest amount of beta-carotene
in the diet had heart problems 150% higher than those who had the highest consumption of beta-
Dr. Theodore Breitman National Cancer Institute "Bethesda" in U.S. demonstrated since 1980
that retinoid acid derivative of vitamin A leads to healing and restoring cellular functions. in
leukemia. This discovery made Professor Wang Zhenyi pr director of Shanghai Institute of
Hematology from 1986 to initiate treatment with acid retionic. ill patients with promyelocytic
leukemia. The result was a miracle, or 90% of patients cured.
French Professor Laurent Degos during a visit to China has confirmed results.
The journal of hematology "Boold" has published an article that discovery.
In .1971. Chinese teacher Mao Zedong from Harbin Medical University, made a trip to Manchuria
to become acquainted with traditional Chinese medicine found that a region heal arthritis and skin
diseases using a decoction that was the composition of arsenic trioxide. . Patients due to toxicity
of the product could end up with ulcers or even cirrhosis and liver cancer but is healed of arthritis
and skin diseases.
Professor Wang Zhenyi taking the idea started. to administer intravenous doses of low
concentrations of arsenic trioxide, patients with various cancers.
In leukemia recoveries were obtained in 70%.
In patients treated with retinoid acid is found cases of recurrence of disease. Professor Chen Zhu
and his wife. Chen Saiyan were associated retinoid acid treatment and arsenic trioxide, when
disease relapse for fifteen patients, leading to their recovery.
Retinoid acid helps to diseased cells and restore normal cellular structure and function, and
arsenic trioxide leads to cell death who reoffend.
Results were presented in magazines "Boold" and "Science.
American team led by Professor Raymond Warrelln same journal confirmed the results of these
experiments conducted in "New England Journal of Medicine.
Professor Hugues from The Saint Louis Hospital in Paris said: "No doubt, the Chinese are those
who have discovered treatment cancer with retoniodic acid and arsenic. Treatment is applied in
France with more than 90% remissions permanent cures. One of the tragic episodes of medicine
is the Italian Professor Luigi Di Bella.
Luigi Di Bella was born in 1912 in Sicily as a thirteenth child of poor families. 1967. following the
death of leukemia son of family friends, Professor Di Bella tried to find a way to cure patients with
leukemia and cancer.
After many experiments conducted over the years Professor Di Bella has developed a cancer
treatment for diseases.
It is based on four substances:
- Somatostatin - inhibits growth hormone (octreotide - synthetic balance).
- Melatonin - hormone produced by the pineal gland with a wide spectrum of use.
- Retinoid - vitamin derivates
- Bromocriptine - drug used in neurological diseases (eg Parkinson's disease). In autumn 1998 a
crowd gathered in front of the Italian Health Ministry demanding madam Minister Rosy Bindi to
begin national implementation of Di Bella therapy in hospitals.
In spring 1998 a crowd of more than 20,000 people demonstrated on the streets of Rome asking
the government to start treating patients with Di Bella therapy.
Professor Di Bella held a speech in European Parliament plenary session introduced the
successes in curing people suffering from cancer in wounds sclerosis, Alzheimer's. Media
pressures. And the masses. Health Minister agreed to make Di Bella therapy with volunteersare
only in terminal cases of cancer. The decree also banned trade in pharmacies somatostatin,
monthly dose reaching the black market at 800 euros. In seeking to discredit therapy in
treatment applied volunteers dosage composition and treatment is not respected and patients
are given and other substances (chemotherapy).
In a discussion concerned with. Director of a clinic in Rome. I asked for Di Bella therapy and he
told me:
- "I have seen many cancer that Di Bella therapy had the effect of rainwater.
- What question?
- Applies only therapy the patients are in last stage of the disease.
- Why not apply and those in early stages?
- As to the evidence that treatment is not good. "
A question like that for me. Similar treatment in China as a cure for leukemia patients 90% and in
Italy has failed to cure any person according to official statements? Maybe political links with
major drug concerns as their appointment by the people which is considered world government.
Angiogenesis is the formation and development of blood vessels. Process occurs during
ovulation, pregnancy, growing, healing wounds and fractures, in particular heart disease and
circulatory system. When a cancer cell begins to multiply it needs more food. During tumor
development it is building a network of new blood vessels to feed the cells inside tumor and to
remove residues. Antiangoigeneza is the process by which blood vessels are stopped
increasing. Hypothesis antiangiogenezei use in treatment against tumors was first issued in 1971
by Dr. Folkman in the New England Journal of Medicine. When the tumor will not develop blood
network tumor will die by starvation. Researchers have attempted to find substances that inhibit
blood vessel growth. Cartilage in that it has no blood vessels, researchers have reasoned that
has substances that prevent the formation of blood vessels. The first experiment was used in
antiangiogeneza cartilage tumors was conducted in mid-1970s at the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology by Robert Langer PhD and Anne Lee Doctor of Medicine. By injecting an extract of
calf cartilage of rabbits and mice was obtained halting new blood vessel growth in tumors and
tumor growth was halted. Robert Langer and Lee Anne turned to shark cartilage because sharks
skeleton is made entirely of cartilage and is devoid of fat may be used without processing to
destroy active substances.
They performed the following experiment cartilage extract was put into small capsules implanted
behind a lot of rabbit corneas. Another group have not been implanted capsules of shark
cartilage. Then both groups were implanted behind the capsule. a type of carcinoma. All rabbits
were not shark cartilage capsules developed tumor blood vessels with us on average
60mm.Rabbits that received shark cartilage implants have developed new blood vessels
averaged only 1.5 mm. Dr. Brian CM Duri associated ala Medical Center Department of Medical
Sciences at the University of Arizona found that when bovine or shark cartilage was applied to
tumor cells were killed.
In Mexico the first tests were performed on people where seven of eight patients, cancer patients
in terminal stage had a positive development. One person retired after eleven weeks of the
program. Three persons tumor size was reduced by 60% and three others tumor completely
disappeared. In an experiment conducted in Cuba was used shark cartilage to treat a group of
twenty-nine persons, cancer patients are in the terminal stage, which gave the maximum survival
of six months. For six weeks were given 60 grams each. Shark cartilage by injection. Ten weeks
following the same dose given orally or rectally.
After this period were given a maintenance dose of 20 grams daily. Advanced stages of
disease nine patients died during the first seventeen weeks. After those six have died of stroke,
accidents, pneumonia but not cancer. Fourteen people were cured and lead a normal life. Dr.
Jose Menendez and Dr. Jose Fernando Britto, two Cuban doctors who carried out the
experiment, were invited to the U.S. and the first conference held at the Metropolitan Hospital
Center in the eastern part of Manhattan - the site beginning in May 1993.
Shark cartilage has a lot of active substances with different roles in tumor destruction. It was
found that while they are inhibited growth of new blood vessels inside the tumor in the connective
tissue (tissue that connects the healthy tissue tumor), there was a multiplication of blood vessels
and increase of fibrous tissue surrounding the tumor. Dr. Fernandez Britto noted in patients
treated with shark cartilage, tumors were separated from healthy tissue surrounded and
encapsulated by fibrous tissue which was filled with blood.Fibrous connective tissue replaced by
tumor in about fourteen weeks.
FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Department of Food and Drugs approved in March 1994
tested shark cartilage in cancer therapy. They attempt to discredit the beneficial effects of shark
cartilage has approved its testing only patients in the last stage of disease (stage IV) and who
underwent at least two types of treatments (chemotherapy and radiation) or two types of
chemotherapy . At the same time as the forced testing. To make use of shark cartilage denatured
by processing to reduce the beneficial effects on patients. Scandinavian fishermen used shark
liver oil for the skin over the wounds and for swelling. lymph nodes.
Shark liver oil of cold water were extracted substances called alkilgliceroli.
Alkilgliceroli began to be used to treat people in the early 1950s.
3 antagonistic, etc.. v Other substances that have proven effective in destroying tumors by
blocking the growth of new blood vessels inside tumors are angiostatiu, interleukin - 12, SP-PG
 
TIMP - 2, thalidomide, antagonistic integrin v 3, etc
Scalene is of another substance found in large quantities in shark oil and olive oil in small
quantities and is used successfully to treat cancer.
Shark cartilage is 1,000 times more active than calf cartilage (bovine). Shark cartilage can be
taken in doses of several grams to several hundred grams per day is not any body toxicity. Unlike
synthetic drugs that block growth of blood vessels throughout the body substances in shark
cartilage block growth of blood vessels. only inside tumors. Shark cartilage can be used
successfully in the column and joint disease in which cartilage is damaged ones. The disease or
achieved positive results: psoriasis, arthritis, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma neovascular.
The interior walls of the arteries are covered with collagen and its most important
substance is the ascorbic acid. Scurvy is the disease caused by Vitamin C deficiency,
which makes the walls of the arteries break; the patient dies as a result of internal
Most of the animals' bodies produce ascorbic acid for their own necessity.
Human beings and hamsters are two of the exceptions to this rule, as the lack of ascorbic
acid can cause arteriosclerosis (the hardening of the arteries).
Doctor Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel prizes, divided 50 hamsters into two
groups; one group was fed on nourishment that lacked Vitamin C and Lysine. Lysine is a
very slick nourishing substance that has been added in order to prevent fibrin and
cholesterol from sticking to the walls of the arteries. After a year the hamsters were
autopsied and it was found out that the hamsters who received normal nourishment were
all suffering from arteriosclerosis whereas the ones who received supplements of Vitamin
C and Lysine had no sign of the disease.
Dr Linus Pauling saw that a young man who died in a car crash was suffering
from arteriosclerosis. The walls of his arteries had many lesions covered with fibrin and,
in certain places, the cholesterol had been deposited on the arteries, forming a network of
fibres. He assumed that the hamsters must have been suffering from arteriosclerosis too.
From a batch of 50 mature hamsters, he autopsied 25 of them and he discovered that each
of them had arteriosclerosis in different stages. He added Vitamin C and Lysine in the
food of the rest of the hamsters, hoping to make them well. He came to the conclusion
that the rest of the hamsters had the same problem.
After one year he autopsied them and he noticed that the old hamsters didn't have
arterial wounds.
On January 11th 1994 Doctor Linus Pauling acquired the patent number 5278189
for his discovery.
Doctor Richard Passwater has declared that ascorbic acid helps the liver transform
cholesterol into bile/gall.
The dosage recommended for humans is 1000 mg of Vitamin C every morning and
evening and 1000 mg of Lysine in the morning.
The dosage is increased by 1000 mg a day until diarrhoea appears and is then
reduced to 500 mg two times a day and kept stable. Generally, it reaches the maximum
point of 3000-5000 mg.
The editor of Saturday Review magazine, Norman Cousins, got cured of
ankylosed spondylitis with large doses of intravenous Vitamin C. During the treatment he
locked himself up in a hotel room, watching comedies to keep a positive spiritual state.
In Journal of Applical Nutrition, doctor F.R. Klennes stated that daily doses of 40-
100 mg of Vitamin C given to patients who suffered from viral hepatitis removed the
disease in six days. Patients suffered from diarrhoea.
Vitamin C also has a strong anti-cancerous effect. According to a study, women
who consume less than 90 mg of Vitamin C have 2.5 times bigger chances of suffering
from dysplasia than women who consume more than 90 mg. The persons who were
operated and were given 1000 mg of Vitamin C had less dangerous clots than the persons
who didn’t receive a supplement of Vitamin C.
Dr. W.A. Harris administrated 1 gram of Vitamin C per day for a period of two
weeks to 20 out of a group of 40 infertile men. All the wives of the men who had taken
Vitamin C got pregnant but none of the wives of the men who had taken placebo
In a five month study made by Doctor Judy Z. Millez on a group of monozygotic
twins the difference in growth between the brothers was between 0.6 and 2.5 cm in the
favour of the children who had taken supplements of Vitamin C.
When the walls of the blood vessels are wounded, the blood coagulates in that
specific area. When the blood coagulates, the fibrinogen in the blood is converted into
fibrin, which sticks to the affected zone. The negative cholesterol joins the porous fibrin.
The calcium particles get glued together and then enter the cholesterol layer to harden it.
The cemented arteries become rigid and may break, leading to internal bleeding and
Now you know that heart diseases occur due to the lack of Vitamin C. Something
the doctors won’t tell you. From family experience I can tell you that one or two grams a
day of Vitamin C, over a long period of time, gradually reduce heart problems. Also from
a family experience I can tell you that a person who didn’t consume Vitamin C and who
didn’t have any apparent heart condition had a heart attack. Medicine for the heart is:
Vitamin C, Lysine, Omega 3, Ginseng, Siberian, sea-buckthorns and CoenzymeQ10.
GEROVITAL H3- The miraculous medicine against cancer

Procaine, also known as novocaine, was initially used as an anaesthetic.

Procaine is created in laboratory by the union between two vitamins called
PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) and DEAE (Diethylaminoethyl).
Doctor D. Chapman declared in “Biochemical Journal” that when procaine
gets inside the body, it splits into PABA, DEAE and DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol).
Doctor Hans Kugler discovered that procaine splits into PABA and
DEAE and DMAE favour the production of fosfatidilcolina – a component of
the cellular membrane. At the same time, they increase tissue circulation.
PABA is a B vitamin that aids the growth of blood cells and metabolic
proteins. It also helps the functioning and keeping in good conditions of the glands,
intestines and hair.
Doctor Earl Mindell stated: “in experiences made on animals PABA reacted
with pantothenic acid in order to give back grey hair its natural colour.”
Dr. R. Hochschild stated: “due to its essential role in the biosynthesis of the
membranes, results show that the aging process can be influenced by maintaining the
DMAE concentration.”
DMAE has the ability of crossing the blood and brain barriers and in experiments
on animals it has increased the animals’ life span with 30-40%.
Dr. Kugel stated: “in my own studies regarding longevity that I carried on mice
predisposed to cancer at the Roosevelt University from Chicago, I used procaine as one
of the life prolonging factors.
There is an enzyme in the body called monoamine oxidases (MAO). The quantity
of MAO is constant until the age of 35; after this age it begins to increase as the person
grows older.
People with a high quantity of MAO suffer from diseases such as arthritis,
arteriosclerosis, nephritis, depression, senility, etc.
Dr. Ana Aslan, a cardiologist and chief medical doctor at the Romanian Institute
of Gerontology has created a product which contains procaine and named it GEROVITAL
In an experiment conducted on 920 old rats by Dr. Ana Aslan, their MAO
quantity was reduced by 85% in two weeks. It was ascertained that their life was
prolonged by 22%.
Dr. Josepk Hrachovac at the University of California has also noticed that the
Gerovital H3 formula created by Dr. Ana Aslan reduces the MAO level in the body by
Dr. David Mac Farbene confirmed Dr. Hrachovac’s results.
Dr. Ana Aslan tested the medicine on a person who suffered from severe arthritis
and was unable to move his leg. After one day of treatment, he started moving his leg and
the next day he was cured.
In 2004, when I tried to buy Gerovital H3 from a pharmacy, I found out that this
medicine had disappeared. Its production had been stopped for a year and when it came
back on the market again, the following were written on the prospectus: “Although the
carcinogen effect of the procaine chlorhydrate has not been demonstrated, the product is
not recommended for patients who suffer from cancer because the stimulation effect on
the mitotic potential of the neoplastic cells is not excluded.” In other words, a medicine
concern indulges in making assumptions, putting the patients’ lives at risk. What’s worse
is that they sell a series of medicine called Gerovital that don’t contain procaine, thus
misleading the patients.
Fritz German doctor Wiederman exposed journalists case of the over 600 patients treated with
Gerovital H3 them by that date.
The patient suffered from depression and arthritis because who could not work. Following
Gerovital H3. she could return to work after a week. In three weeks swollen hands returned to
normal and pain disappeared. After five months. hair regained its color and began to grow where
it had fallen. At the age of 68 years women have increased wisdom tooth. Dr. Albert Semord
member of the American Medical Association Medical Society of New York County the American
Geriatrics Society and the New York Academy of Sciences said on the effect it had on his
Gerovital H3 and its patients.
"Every month is more amazed at the results not only physical but also mental and emotional.All
my patients feel like me. I do not show the age of 78 fish, hunt, ski, make love twice a week. I feel
very good. " Unlike other medicines Gerovital H3 has no side effects.
Paul Luthor doctor at the Municipal Hospital Offenbach am Main Germany found that
administration of procaine stimulate production.of the Dimethylaminoethanol in the body ,
substance that improves memory and sleep, thinking, hearing and health in general.
Dr. Ana Aslan found that people who have undergone treatment with Gerovital H3 had a lifespan
29% longer than average life expectancy.
Diseases were cured after treatment with Gerovital H3: arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, arthritis,
nephritis, impotence, mental impairment, psoriasis, asthma, angina, ulcers, depression, hearing
loss. Even in patients with Parkinson's disease dyskinesia was removed after two weeks at 90%
of patients. Dr. R. Hochschild spoke. About Gerovital H3: "I do not stimulate not inhibit in
its many actions, but rather to normalize and regularize.
Dr. Ana Aslan said: "If you're tense you relax, if you are apathetic refreshes.
A long line of personalities visited by Romania to be treated with Gerovital H3. Among the
personalities who used the treatment with Gerovital H3 include names like: Nikita Hroşcov
Charles de Gaulle, Cary Grant, Kirk Douglas, Aristotle Onassis, Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth
Taylor, Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos, President. Mao etc.. Aslan dr.Ana
discovery brought. Romanian state during the communist period benefit of millions of
dollars. Romanian state has never rewarded financially dr.Ana Aslan. Dr. Ana Aslan instead
enjoyed a high international recognition which an exasperated wife Elena Ceausescu of
Romania's President at that time. Elena Ceausescu not support international attention on that. It
had. Dr.Ana Aslan. Elena Ceausescu exasperating that in meetings with other heads of state they
were interested in Dr.Ana Aslan and Gerovital H3 miracle drug. Elena Ceausescu ordered to be
taken against Dr. Ana Aslan. Hence a trial was staged and Dr. Ana Aslan was dragged through
the courts.
Despite the absolute power he had Elena Ceausescu, the Romanian State that has not allowed
even to think to prevent drug Gerovital H3.
After 1990 individuals who visited petty power were not satisfied with that plundered the
country destroyed all businesses after they disbanded and sold them as scrap metal overseas.
They thought that if all people were left without food to find a way to send the next world. Have
started to ban all medicines discovered by Romanian and manufactured in Romania from Pell
Amar, Cantastin and ending with Gerovital H3. (One year was denied. Now manufacture products
called Gerovital with. Gerovital H3 not in them).
Professor Dr. Ion Brad gave the following experiment: tumor tissues were grafted on the hind legs
of mice. One member was treated with novocaine and cancer has stalled. The other member was
treated with an exciting and powerful tumor grew rapidly.
French explorer Jacques Cartier anchored his ship on shore in the winter of 1534 Sf.Lawrence
River in Quebec, Canada.
Lack of ascorbic acid nutrition seamen twenty-five of the one hundred and ten men died and fifty
were seriously ill. Through the tribe of Indians, medicine men told them to Jacques
Cartier.infusion of bark and needles from pin Anneda.
Distance of four centuries Professor Jacques Masquelier Dean of the Faculty of Medicine,
University of Bordeaux went to Quebec to study substances Anneda pin. He found in its
composition a strong bioflavinoid which was twenty times more potent than vitamin C and fifty
times stronger than vitamin E. Dr. Masquelier discovered that grape seeds have a high quantity of
that substance.
Adoxinol (AND) and Pycnogenol are two of medicines based substance.
Dr. David Write, University of Notting, England, found that A. ND offers a powerful protection
against the installation of arteriosclerosis by reducing cholesterol, oxidized LDL and foam cell
In research conducted at Baylor University found that A. ND rebuild collagen.
Professor Henri Choussat the Faculty of Medicine of Bordeaux A ND administered to a group of
people who had varicose veins and edema. Capillary resistance to cracks had grown by 140%
within three days. Edema disappeared after a week as 75% of varicose veins. Dr. Juan Duarte
discovered that. AN.D helps the functioning of the aorta, reducing clots and heart attack risks.
AN.D has a strong anticancer effect.
Advise staff to use buds pine because medicines are expensive and the amount of active
substance is reduced.
Dr. Irwin Fridowich at Duke University in 1968 found antioxidant 'supreoxid dissmutază "or SOD.
SOD is considered the most powerful antioxidant and is produced by a gene called "Matusalem"
after the Bible character who lived 969 years.
To produce SOD body needs copper, zinc and manganese.
Species with the largest amount of SOD live the longest.
By the age of 25 years body produce enough SOD to counteract the action of free radicals. With
increasing age decreases the amount of SOD in the body leaving cells unprotected from attack
by free radicals, leading over time to destroy cells. Body condition and appearance of old age is
the result of damage by free radicals. SOD is found in the mucus that surrounds each cell. And
not allow free radicals to reach the cell.
Dr. Michael Rose, a biologist at the University of California has managed to double the life of flies
entering them. Extra in DNA Genes "Matusalem".
Helen Brady a pensioner who worked at the State Department has a double gene Matusalem.
Dr. William Harris, Head of Laboratory of Lipids, University of Kansas Medical Center stated, "her
body prevent a fantastic efficiency damage caused by free radicals. Perhaps they are immaculate
arteries. Researchers hope that this live 100 years longer than average life expectancy. In an
experiment conducted at the Department of Medicine and Biochemistry at the University. Duch,
researchers have shown that white cells that increased their SOD's remained healthy after
undergoing the action of free radicals and carcinogens. Those not received SOD have died in the
attack free radicals and become carcinogenic in contact with carcinogens.
Bacteria "radiodurans' lives inside nuclear reactors are being producing the greatest amount of
SOD per unit. The amount of SOD in the body can increase by adding three elements: copper,
zinc, manganese. G T
Enzyme glutathione (GT) is another antioxidant produced by the body. protecting organs like
eyes, liver, kidney, heart, ears, joints.
Dr.J. Adam D. Odunse Doctor from the University of California found bringing to the normal
amount of GT. was able to prevent onset Parkinson's.
People living with Parkinson's have low levels of GT.
Dr LM Torres supplemented for fourteen months the amount of GT in the brains of old mice and
found that they lived with 46% to 91% more.
Dr Roger Williams of the University of Texas said that GT has a strong antitumor effect can heal
people with cataracts, allergies, diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis, protecting the body against
harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol.
Green Dr.Gareth researcher at Harvard Medical School demonstrated experimentally that GT
increased phagocytic activity of cells in the lungs to remove bacteria, dust and cigarette
smoke.Selenium is needed to metabolise GT.
Deprenyl is another substance that reduces the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MAO).
Dr. Joseph Knoll chair of Pharmacology at the University Medical Semmelwels Deprenyl
administered in a group of rats and found that their life has doubled.
By blocking the enzyme MAO Deprenyl increases the amount of dopamine produced by the
Deprenyl is used successfully in diseases such as: Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
Dr.Morton Shulman suffering from Parkinson's disease after which he could not walk, talk, with
violent shaking. After starting to take Deprenyl trembling were quiet and can go and lead a normal
life. He founded in 1987 in Toronto Canada Institute Deprenyl Research.
Coenzyme Q10 (ubichinona)
It is considered a miracle in the treatment of heart disease.
Coenzyme Q10 was isolated by a team of researchers led by Dr. Karl Folkers of the University of
Texas at Austin in 1957.
Dr. Peter Mitchell and Dr. Karl Folkers demonstrated its vital role of being rewarded with the
Nobel Prize and Medal of Honor Priestley.
Coenzyme Q10 strengthens the heart normalize blood pressure, increases stamina, strengthens
immunity. Decrease by 25% of this coenzyme lead to the installation of body disease and when
reduced by 75% death occurs.
Patients suffering from cardiomyopathy who received extra Coenzyme Q10 for a period of six
years had a survival rate at the end of six years by 75% compared to only 25% of survivors who
received conventional treatment.
A group of heart patients at Methodist Hospital of Indiana, which doctors gave them a few days to
live were given supplements of Coenzyme Q10 and after two years 62% were still alive.
Folkers Dr.Karl experimentally demonstrated that Coenzyme Q10 supplements deleted cardiac
arrhythmia at five of six patients. 100 mg. of Coenzyme Q10 daily strengthens and increases
cardiac power to people who suffered heart attacks. Beneficial effects of coenzyme Q10. Ceases
to discontinuation of treatment.
Dr. Matsumamura and Dr. Folkers tested in 1973. effects of coenzyme of the 13 patients in
advanced stages of periodontal disease (Paradontosis). Of these nine patients seen in a
regression of the disease. After two months of treatment 4 of them were cured.
Coenzyme Q10 in Denmark was included in the treatment of cancer. It has proven efficacy in
doses of 380-400 mg daily.
Coenzyme Q10 is found in most foods consumed but is destroyed during food processing and
Lack of chromium promotes onset of diabetes, arteriosclerosis, cataracts, etc..
Chromium thin the blood, stimulates the production (DHEA) dehidroepiandrosteronul, a hormone
important in fighting aging.
According to the Journal of Gerontology Dr. VM Dilman Chromium Picolinate used in an
experiment a group of rats increased their life by 26%. Need varies between 50 and 200mg daily.
In an experiment conducted by University Louisiana it was found that women taking Chromium
Picolinate obtained with 80% more muscle than women taking placebo.
The body needs 2 mg copper daily. The proportion is between 80 and 110 micrograms per 100
milliliters of blood. Excess copper produces manganese and magnesium elimination from the
body. Copper poisoning produces rheumatism, psychosis, strengthening blood vessels,
hypertension, abortion, pornography hiperchinezie. In low doses has anti-inflammatory properties
and antireumatismale. In an experiment conducted on 1140 patients who received a short time
for copper salicitat intravenously. 89% were found to have decreased inflammation, fever
yielded and increased joint mobility averaged over a period of three years.
Daily magnesium needs vary between 400 and 600 mg.
Prevent cancer, heart attack, strengthens bones, controls cell permeability, neuromuscular
Doctors Edwin Prien and Stanley Gershoff from Harvard Medical School have shown
experimentally that daily doses of 300 mg of magnesium oxide and 10 mg. Vitamin B6 dissolve
and prevent occurrence of calcium oxalate stones formed in 92%.
Dr. A. Remesha presented in Japanese Journal of Research Cancar an experiment that showed
that selenium together with magnesium and vitamin C inhibit breast cancer development in rats.
Selenium plays an important role in maintaining health. Its absence causes cancer, heart
problems, infertility, liver disease, muscular dystrophy.
Selenium is an antioxidant, protecting body from arthritis, cirrhosis, emphysema, cancer,
arteriosclerosis. Has efficacy in cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, cataracts, anemia. Prevents
excessive blood clotting, thereby protecting against coronary heart disease, heart attacks and the
brain. Increase immunity. can be used in fighting cancerous tumors, malaria, leptospirosis AIDS.
In experiments conducted by Dr. A. Remeska and presented in Japanese Journal of Cancer
Research that selenium along with vitamin C and other minerals inhibit breast cancer growth in
laboratory rats. It was found that selenium contributes to the production of sperm. Proves
effective in combat delayed growth, Spine deflection and joint disorders. Helps remove toxic
metals like arsenic, silver, copper, cadmium, mercury and poisoning caused by drugs, cigarette
smoke, alcohol. ZINC
The body needs zinc 15 mg daily. Its absence cause problems in the sexual organs, skin, mind
and various internal organs. Cause impotence, sterility, abortion, lack of sexual desire, prostate
disease. , Skin, hair loss. , Poor wound healing. Memory loss, growth delay, loss of taste and
smell, circulatory problems, increase the amount of cholesterol, cirrhosis, diabetes, etc. decrease
antibody. To activate immunity in case of illness of cancer is used in various doses of zinc
Prostate uses an amount ten times higher. Men who have passed fifty years have 60% chance of
prostate cancer are increasing. Amount of testosterone produced by the body decreases with age
and body begins to produce. dihydrotestosterone a substance that leads to proliferation of
prostate cells. Enlarged prostate starts to gather around the urethra making urination
difficult.Prostate patients receiving Zinc Picolinate. Zinc blocks the body's production of
dihydrotestosterone. Prostate size may be caused by a bacterial infection.
In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition by Dr. GW Evans stated that vitamin B6 and
zinc.are assimilated by the body. in greater quantity if taken together.
Injecting a virus in which a gene has been previously inoculated forces the
cancerous cells to commit suicide. The therapy has been discovered by the Chinese
researcher Peng Zhao Hui. All healthy cells contain P53 genes that brake cell
multiplication and induce suicide (arthritis=artrita/ artroza) to/in the abnormal cells, thus
preventing the formation of tumours.
In 70% of the pulmonary tumours and in 50% of the rest of the tumours, the
affected cells manage to break free from the control of this gene.
The technique discovered in China is inserting the P53 gene into a adenovirus
and injecting it into the tumour. The virus penetrates the affected cells and the P53 gene
induces their suicide, thus leading to the death of the entire tumour. One shot a week for a
period of 8 weeks is enough to kill more than half of the tumours.

Genetic therapy is used together with radio-therapy. The radiations kill not only the
cancerous cells but also the healthy ones, including the cells that form the bone marrow.
The genetic therapy would be more successful (it has the highest rate of healing
anyway) if it were used in combination with the rays of light treatment discovered by
Romanians, which kills only cancerous cells (this treatment is presented at the beginning
of the book). Stem Cells
Are cells that are at the initial stage of cell development. Embryo develops from a single cell that
begins to multiply. The first cells are identical and only later will specialize turning into different
cell types that make up the various tissues of the body. These stem cells can turn into any tissue
type desired.
Because stem cell capacity to transform into any desired cell type scientists trying to obtain these
cells in several ways and their implantation in tissue weakened. in order to regenerate the
area. Can be used in heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson's, etc.. One way of obtaining stem cells
by cloning. German researcher Kansai Spemann issue in 1938 the theory that cloning was
possible starting from the nucleus of a cell of an individual who was inserted into an egg whose
own first nucleus is removed. Cloning is the beginning and present difficulties. It took 484
embryos to be cloned sheep Dolly was born and 84 for mouse Cumulina.
From these eggs have replaced the nucleus of adult somatic cells. Egg which is now complete
genetic code (DNA double chain) behave like a fertilized egg and kept in culture medium under
conditions appropriate chemical stimulation begins to divide and multiply. With stem cells are
obtained various cell types of tissues, skin, nerve, retina, smooth muscle, bone, cartilage,
connective tissue, etc.. The next step would have been transplanted tissues in patients. It
replaced the egg nucleus with a nucleus of a somatic cell taken from a patient who wants stem
cell transplantation. Replacement occurs because stem cells results. have the same DNA in the
nucleus, thus wishing to that transplanted stem cells be compatible with the patient and decrease
the chances of being rejected by the body. Yet there is danger of being rejected because besides
kernel of the same patient's DNA that has been transplanted cells, cell rest has another gene
Italian researcher Angelo Vescovi demonstrated experimentally that nerve cells can be
transferred into cells hematite thus opening a new field of research. Today treatment with stem
cells is performed with the patient's own stem cells harvested from bone marrow avoiding any
rejection. A diabetic which will be injected their own stem cells in the pancreas, they will turn into
pancreas cells and heal the person with diabetes. The cornea will be injected into cells that make
up the cornea, regenerating it, people being healed.
Dr Amit Patel from Mc Gowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine in Pittsburgh performed
bypass coronary on twenty patients with severe heart failure. Half of them were taken from bone
marrow of the pelvis two types of stem cells which were injected into the heart during
surgery. University announced that after six months left ventricle of the heart that pushes blood
increased by 24% its thrust. Dr. Amit Patel said: "one of these patients could not work at all and
now are returning to work. Are very promising results. Stem cells injected into heart muscle cells
turn into new heart and new blood vessels.
A report conducted by the Discovery Television presented the cases of older people with serious
cardiac deficiencies after they were injected into muscle tissue of the heart stem cells which had
been harvested from bone marrow have returned can run several miles daily.
Another experiment: a few mice were removed a portion of the spine spinal nerve leaving them
paralyzed. After those were implanted stem cells in place were implanted special fibers which
were coated with stem cells (as cotton absorbs water) so that the stem cells to restore spinal
nerve connections between the ends of the spine, namely replacing the missing portion. Stem
cells turned into nerve cells and mice began to walk without sequelae remains. Stem cell
treatment is the best option being transplanted into their body cells that have the same genetic
In organ transplantation they have different genetic construction and the body rejects the
transplanted organ, namely the immune system attacks and destroys cells transplanted
considering them enemies because of different genetic structure of the host body.
Man must take rest of life immunosuppressants, drugs that block the immune system and leaves
the body discovered before the disease. Anyway man lives after a transplant usually a very short
time. For someone to receive an organ someone else must die. When an individual who needs a
transplant has a good financial standing and is willing to pay, the situation is resolved. Specifically
someone is killed. Melatonin
Melatonin is a hormone secreted by glands located in the brain epiphysis.
Dr. Randy Nelson of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore has taken a number of mice that has
divided into two groups. In both groups gave carcinogens only difference being that one group
was kept in an environment with low light (winter) while the other group was kept in bright light
(summer). 85% of mice kept in bright light of summer have cancer while none of the mice kept in
low light (winter) were not sick.
Dr. W. Wright and Dr. J. Shay from Medical Center al University of Texas have found a way to
deactivate genes leading to cell death which could theoretically live continuously.
Dr. Judith Campisi of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory using a substance able to maintain active c-
fos gene making the cell able to divide indefinitely.
Dr. Michael West researchers in Molecular Biology from the University of Southwestern Medical
Center at Dallas Chicago Tribune magazine presents an experiment in which he managed a way
to stop aging and young cells maintain genetic maneuvering genes M-1 and M-2. Aging cells
have gene M-1 in activated position.
Dr. Michael West has failed to disable gene M-1 cells and become young and continuing
divisions. Disabling and gene M-2 cells divide continuously.
Dr. Michael Rose, University of California has managed to create a variety of vinegar flies that
live twice more. Additional inoculated in DNA genes that produce SOD (superoxide dismutase).
Dr. Thomas Jonson biologist at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics at the University of Colorado
in Boulder and he succeeded as modifying a gene to double the life of roundworm. It was found
that they had a high amount of SOD and catalase enzyme.
Molecular Biology Specialist Dr. Thomas Maciag from Biosciences Laboratory Jerome
Holland al American Red Cross has managed to double the life of skin cells by inactivating a
gene that produces protein interleucină. Technique is called antisense and used to create those
remaining tomatoes ripe indefinitely. So-called dutch tomatoes (with plastic taste) that if you look
on the table. go back over two years and find them equally. By controlling cell proliferation genes
ensure that this is possible using an extracted stem cells from bone marrow to create an organ or
amount required to be injected into weakened organs. Another way is to add genes "Matusalem"
a stem cell after it is multiplied in number to create the desired organ transplant or to be injected
into organs, tissues and bone marrow. This method will increase the amount of SOD in the body
can be used to treat people who have been subjected to large amounts of radiation such as
"Chernobyl" or cosmonauts. Genes can be used "Matusalem" or portions of the genetic material
of bacteria radiodurans, which can be constructed in the desired amount. These genes can be
replaced in creating human eggs who have a lifetime several times longer than those of today
and to enjoy good health.
The large amount of radiation coming from the sun as ozone depletion and acid rain due to the
proliferation of hundreds of nuclear explosions made by major powers over time, will destroy
more and more crops, shortly crops can not be grown outdoors. Therefore be created by genetic
engineering of plants to be multiplied the amount of genes "Matusalem" In this way people still
have food. Increasing the amount of SOD in plants when they are consumed fresh
(unprocessed) will increase of SOD in the body protect people from diseases.
Natural antibiotic
Doctor of medicine and chief scientist specializing in molecular biology Michael Zasloff of
Magainin Pharmaceuticals. Pennsylvania announced the discovery in 1993 in the small stomach
spiny dogfish. Acanthias Squalas a powerful antibiotic called it sqalamină.
A steroid in sqalamină is linked to a positively charged molecule through which sqalamina
actually stick to negatively charged membranes of microorganisms (bacteria, protozoa, fungi,
etc.) they dissolve. and. destroy them this way.
Shark cells as human cells are not destroyed by squalamina because they are not negatively
charged. Team of researchers led by Professor Shai Yechie from Biochemical
Department Weizmann Institute in Tel Aviv, Israel discovered in insects peptide that inhibits
bacterial infections.
Synthesized in laboratory conditions was found from experiments that these peptides are
attached to dissolve membrane of bacteria and leading to their death. Peptides do not act on
human cells.
Mircea Ciuhrii biologist Doctor docent and active member of the New York Academy of Science in
1999 found that some proteins exist in insects inhibit the process of assembling the nucleic acids
in proteins tires. blocking the possibility of viruses to multiply and thus eliminated by the immune
system. Researcher Mircea Ciuhrii managed the Centre scientifically Application "Insect Farm" to
create a variety of pharmaceuticals that have proven effective in viruses hepatitis A, B, C, D and
E, cirrhosis, liver cancer, prostate adenoma, rheumatism, herpes, staph infections and
streptococcal etc.. Fractals or mathematics of Divinity
Mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot was the one who coined the word fractal to bring together the
work of others before him.
Comes from the Latin word fractal frangere which means to break into irregular pieces.
Mathematician Benoit in 1975 published the paper "A Theory of fractal sets" representing the
starting point of studying fractals. In 1982 Benoit will publish "Fractal Geometry of Nature
Fractal is the mathematical formula (simple or complex) which shows a picture (graphic).
Mathematician Michael Barnsley has been fascinated since childhood by observing that each leaf
fern resembles the whole.
He built a simple computer program to create graphics these characteristics. Resulting image
was more real than expected.
Mathematicians Barnslez Michael and Elton John have demonstrated that it can be
reproduced. any image in the world using fractals.
Succeeded compression very large images in very small codes having a compression ratio of
10,000 to 1.
Each atom, molecule, cell and is organized with a fractal mathematical pattern.
Each creature (plant, animal, human, etc.) develops after a fractal mathematical equation. The
nature and the universe are built on the same fractal codes. When you see a flower a butterfly, a
crystal a tree, an animal actually see how nature is organized respecting mathematical patterns
Chemicals, organic chemicals, particles in motion (light, electromagnetic radiation, X-rays,
sounds, etc.) are Structural each by a fractal and the contact and interaction with the cell will be
beneficial or destructive to the fractal structure of the cell.
Fractals benefits are fractals which helps to keep intact the fractal organization of cells.
Fractals destructive are those fractals that interaction with fractals of living cells produce changes
in their program leading to the destruction of living cells.
Cell cancer resulting from healthy cell that has been modified mathematical program (fractal) after
it was built. and manage the cell.
Cell which was modified fractal pattern with the new math (fractal) modeling and acting after the
new program (fractal). The treatment is trying to restore the original mathematical fractal pattern
of healthy cell.
Water has a simple structure H2O. However at level water influence was observed
experimentally that fractal organization the various streams of particles (energy) have on the
fractal organization of water. Fractal organization of water see when it freezes. All have seen frost
formed on the glass in winter. We remain amazed at the beauty of frost and wonder why take
such forms.
Who knows beauty snowflake diversity and organization of their perfectly geometric which
actually represents the crystallization of water respecting the fractal patterns.
Possibility to modify the fractal structure of water was established from experiments conducted by
Japanese researchers.
Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto has followed higher education at the University of
Yokohama, where he earned a degree in physics. This caused astonishment in scientific
circles with results they obtained from experiments on water. Dr. Emoto Masuru observed from
research that water is influenced by feelings, emotions, words, prayers, music and even written
When near a bowl of distilled water were uttered words like "thank you", "peace", "angel", "love",
"mother" and was made to "listen" to music by Vivaldi, Beethoven, Schubert, Mozartcrystals
resulting from the freezing water that please the eye with a symmetric geometry harmonious.
Fractal program introduced water through words and music give by freezing water that
architecture crystals with atoms and molecules arranged in an orderly manner with divine
In the case of water which were sent words like "devil", "war", "blood", "death" or was made to
"hear" heavy metal and hard rock music with violent texts resulting crystals from freezing
water were broken, crushed as if they had a blast
Do you realize what effect have those fractals on living cells.
Now understand why the plants died made to bear the heavy metal and hard rock music .
They took two samples of water from the same place.
Water that has "listened" prayers by a priest after freezing the crystals that had this beautiful
geometric shapes.
Water that has "listened" to prayers. After freezing this have twisted crystals, broken.
Therefore it is good before we sit down to ask divine blessing on the food that we follow to
Water may be induced. a fractal beneficial. that the consumption to help maintain the good
condition of the fractal structure of the body. For introduction of fractals benefits on the water
structure. Several methods are used. One of these is to put a glass bowl of water near a speaker
that emits music by Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Schubert and so on.
Before the speaker solder glass is better to be purified quartz crystal.
Crystal is purified keeping it two weeks in water with salt in order to remove potential negative
fractals. Then continue cleaning the crystal with prayer to induce positive fractals.
Crystal serves. to purify the emission of particles with negative fractals that crossing at the exit of
this stream of particles having a positive fractal construction. Wife of Dr. Lee Lorenzen had a
disease that could not be cured by any of the treatments that has been subjected.
Dr. Lee Lorenzen built a device through which water was subject to the action of a laser and a
magnetic field inducing such information (fractals) benefits.
Consuming treated water as his wife was cured.
The Kirlian photography underline aura (flows of particles are emitted by bodies being subtle).
And these subtle bodies are built respecting a mathematical pattern, a fractal. To work subtle
bodies need food energy and therefore captures energy. Flows of particles around.
If fractals particle flux will have the same fractal structure as subtle bodies and loading them will
help keep in good condition subtle bodies and thus the entire body.
When the body is deprived of these streams of particles or particle streams receiving have
destructive fractal structure subtle bodies will be affected and the body will fall sick.
Japanese scientists or thought to capture and transfer positive energy those streams of particles
that it receives from the environment and the subtle bodies that feed. Japanese specialists after
studies found that this energy is of cosmic energy and they called Pi. Japanese research group
led by Dr. Shinji Makino have developed a complex technology called 'Bio Control System "to
capture and to transfer this energy.
They discovered that water can receive the easiest and stored in a long time this energy.
Water is purified and subjected to a stream of particles (loaded with energy) with Life Energy
Following Kirlian photography was found that the resulting water has a halo (particulate
emissions) similar to the human energy field. Pi water used for crop irrigation has led to increased
production by 35% compared to control cultures.
Pi water has beneficial effects on the whole body when consumed.
Particulate flows stored of Pi water have the same fractal structures with particle flows that
support the subtle bodies and will have the role of feeding, loading and regeneration maintaining
good working condition subtle bodies and hence the physical body. From a group of 24 cancer
patients with pi water consumption without further treatment, five patients have tumors
disappeared, the other eight of these tumors were significantly reduced, and the rest have been
reduced disease manifestations. THOUGHT
Thought is a fractal that change fractal image we want to change.
Thoughts are formed in simple form of words which are simple codes that structuring our ideas
into a larger code (phrases), or complex shapes consisting of images which are actually complex
codes (fractals) and is the higher form of thinking. Hence the words "a picture is worth a thousand
Mind is a hologram, a three-dimensional image. Composed from structured particles after a
mathematical program (a fractal). Thought is a mathematical program (a fractal) attaching the
desired image and alter the structure of mathematics (fractal). it consists. Depending thought
issued. an image can be: an object, a being, a situation, a mood, illness, environment, etc..
Everyone has heard of computer software viruses that destroy or modify a program that and
antivirus that destroy viruses. As is the case of thoughts. We are a program (fractal) that we are
moving in a program wider (external environment). Reality around us and where we are are the
result of our thinking but also those around us.
When you curse someone we do a change in body program that personae and situations which
will be that person. Since it is a destructive program that thought will have destructive influence
on us and our health.
Man must think only positive. as once thought from the way its delivered running that
program.For. that our desire to satisfy mind must be focused on target and make sure of its
Doubt is a destructive program that kills the program thought. Want a car. If you think constantly
and you are sure you have the car then thought that is actually a program will go and make
necessary changes in the program universe thus creating the situation to obtain the desired
When doubt occurs then everything is blocked.
If you think you do not have money to buy the car that you can not pay for insurance and
gasoline then wish fulfillment remains suspended pending completion other conditions. Simply
have a conditional desire the fulfillment of other desires. First you create a program to change the
universe. Then you conditioned on the fulfillment of the program running other programs.
In this way a program easily met you into a series of programs to be fulfilled by one and finally to
fulfill the original program (the car). I thought I might say masochistic.
Would you go to visit a foreign country. When you think you have no money to make that road trip
you conditioned on the fulfillment of other desires. When you are sick you think you have no
money for drugs.
After you get the money and medicines default notice that they have no effect. It would be better
if you want and make sure you heal.
Thoughts are subtle form of reality. Thought is a mathematical program, an image composed of
small particles. The desire is more intense thought even take physical form turn into reality. The
reality is condensed form of thinking. "Ask and you will be given, knock and the door opens."
Man through his thoughts it emits requires certain things and situations which should be
made. We can compare human thinking with a honeycomb of bees in each small room is being
placed one thought.
Every thought must be placed given in their pantry. For example you want a car. Thought must be
placed and will unite with thoughts that you have given along the life and you wanted a car but
also those related to cars. Delivered thought will join similar thoughts until that closet will be filled,
namely thought will become brighter and will have power to make necessary changes in the
universe bringing the desired object or situation that you requested.
If you want a Mercedes, but you always think you do not have money to buy it result of your
thinking might be evidenced by a Trabant. To know a person's future, we must know the past.
Human life is particularly the result of thoughts that he has delivered throughout life but the
thoughts of those around him as well as actions taken by him and that creates the reality in
which that person is alive. The thoughts the man asked to be put in certain situations and they will
perform throughout life when they have favorable conditions for expression.
Fears, desires and actions create reality. That we want or not. Thoughts issued a lifetime building
and shaping our life and body. When we see or someone tells a story note that often happens to
us after a while the same fact.
Is the result I was impressed of that happening and later because thoughts issued by us universe
will put in the same situation. The thoughts I have recreated the same program of reality.
The difference between a saint and an ordinary man is less than you think, but at the same time
as great as the distance between earth and heaven. Linear thinking is a normal man.
Time always goes forward. After days following night.
Objects are obtained by processing raw materials.
To get a place depending on the distance we travel by foot, car, boat or ship and not least by
plane, and in exceptional cases, with the spacecraft.
When installing a disease we must go to the doctor to take medication and only afterwards to
heal us. Man is born, grows, ages and dies. Can not rise and rejuvenate or even less, become a
Man is man and not once could not turn for example, in rock, water, plants, animals, air, etc..
We hear so-called doctors giving verdicts as incurable disease or genetic disease (incurable).
Normal human thinking faces a lot of things. It's a real beehive: what I wear, what I eat, to make a
phone call an hour I met with X etc..
St mind is focused only to God. Having eliminated parasitic thoughts, his mind will be clear. When
you want something, that wish will come true instantly there is no other desires and especially
there is no doubt.
If you want to walk on water, he will go. First St. believes it is possible and the divinity will fulfill
their wish.
No doubt. Shall not ask questions on how to comply and physical laws that make that action
possible. Hologram
If ordinary lamps emitted photons moving in all directions. In a resulting laser photons moving in
one direction as a multiplicity of parallel straight lines.
When a laser beam passes through a transparent plate printed with a holographic image photons
change their direction of travel respecting the structure of holographic print and the output
photons with different directions of travel will interfere at some distance (seen) resulting in
brighter areas thus constituting the hologram (as two beams of flashlights will meet in the air
resulting in a light that area better).
When creating holographic images have a multitude of light beams that meet in the air.
When a coherent light (laser) is directed to a transparent plate light will follow its travels and travel
in a straight line without being modified initial trajectory any angle and positioning of transparent
plate front of the beam.
Direction of travel of photons will be the same over the surface of the board or as they cross a
border or center plate. Transparent plate can be crossed at the same time. A lot of photons each
with different direction of travel and having to exit the same path as its input (this is a theoretical
explanation in practice there are small deviations "losses").
Some cards have holographic photographic emulsion consists of small grains of silver bromide is
set in a transparent gelatinous substance. Each particle of the photosensitive substance will
record all directions of photon travel which bounced off the subject which are recorded
holographic image plate.
Hologram acts as a mirror. When the mirror is broken any piece can reflect the whole picture.
Hologram because the entire image is recorded on each particle separately when it will be broken
every piece will reflect the whole picture Of course respecting proportions. Hologram is called flat
if the photosensitive layer is of the order wavelength used.
Three dimensional hologram has thickness photosensitive layer larger than the wavelength
used may have m which is 30 times more than the wavelength of helium-neon laser 20
Hologram plane fixed in the plan. trace of photons the bounce from object while three-
dimensional hologram. Register directions of travel of photons (coming from the object) in
volume. Hologram plane is a two-dimensional image of interfering lines of, photon and three-
dimensional hologram is a structure in space being composed of from interference layer
consisting of curved layers.
On one hologram can record a large number of images (per 100 cm2 in a volume encyclopedia)
which can be decoded independently of one another. Record and play scenes changing the angle
of light beam falls on the hologram. Polish physicist 1920 M. Wolfke published the paper "On the
Possibility of optical representation of molecular network" showing that radiation using X-ray
diffraction on crystals obtained image optical lattice.
In 1948 English physicist Dennis Gabor discovered holography by trying to increase the power of
resolution electron microscopy and published his "A new microscopic principle" in which exhibited
two stages of obtaining holographic representation. He noted that the electronic beam when
crossing a transparent plate some of the electrons apart interfering (meeting with). Part of the
beam was not spread. .
Physicist D. Gabor said that the idea to build a hologram in which the object is registered with an
electronic beam and image reconstruction is made using a light beam appeared following the
publication in 1942 by English physicist W. Bragg of the paper " Roe.ntg.en microscope. Image
created by physicist D. Gabor were of poor quality and had a duplicate.
Once discovery has revived interest in laser holography.
In 1961, American physicists E. Leith and J. Upatnieks created the first hologram without lining.
A coherent beam hitting directly holographic plate. Other coherent light hitting the subject
reflecting its image on the holographic plate where they meet at an angle the first coherent
beam such recording hologram on holographic plate and escaping the double because the two
rays on the plate exactly met. Three dimensional holograms were discovered in 1962 by Russian
physicist N. Denisiuk using thick photographic emulsions. He obtained these holograms using:
laser, holographic plate, object.
Ray emitted by the laser. through the photographic emulsion plate, meets the object reflecting the
object image on the plate obtaining such registration object on holographic plate.
To obtain a spatial image clearer, the object is struck coherent rays from several angles
simultaneously and then reflecting the object image on plate with photosensitive substance.
When a laser beam similar to that of the printed hologram will hit holographic
plate. photonscomposing the corresponding radius will be diverted by the photosensitive
substance on the direction of travel of the photons that have printed holographic plate. Across the
holographic plate photons will be reflected in certain angles and out of that boardphotons out in
certain angles will meet at various distances the photons exit the other angles creating brighter
areas of interference and all those areas taken together give objective picture printed on
holographic board.
In 1971 physicist Dennis Gabor received the Nobel Prize for establishing the first hologram.
Dr. Karl Pribram researcher in psychiatry for 10 years after a study found that mental structure of
the brain is holographic. Information received through sight, hearing, taste, touch are registered at
the mental level as holograms and distributed throughout the body.
For example a hair (or any other thing from the body) will contain all information about the
condition of the person to whom it belongs. It is considered by some physicists that the universe
is a holographic structure. Mind recorded in holographic form. Holographic information captured
Thoughts are actually holograms which will merge on holographic universe exist
simultaneously in the so-called Bell's theorem. According It any happens to subatomic
particles affect immediately remaining particles. This behavior is specific of holograms.
Max Planck discovered that heat energy is emitted in packets of energy called quanta. Einstein
found that electromagnetic radiation is in the form of quanta. We may call them holographic
Researcher Rupert Sheldrake in his book "A new science of life" concluded that once a member
of a species learn a new behavior will cause small changes in behavior similar to all members of
the species. If it occurs long time, the behavior will be assimilated by all members of the species
and spread in time and space. In his book "Flow of Life: Biology Understanding" scientist Lyall
Watson found that after a group of monkeys on one island learned to make something new,
monkeys on other islands begin to have the same behavior.
If we consider the behavior of a species as a hologram, then any change in behavior hologram of
a member of that species will behavioral changes throughout the hologram of that
species.Doctors George De La Warr and Ruth Drawn managed by an apparatus and using hair
as an antenna to obtain images of organs affected by disease as malignant brain tumors, liver
cyst, even a child of three months.
Since 80% of diagnostic errors made by doctors and patients are given drugs in this way the
patient's condition worsens. Romanian researcher Mircea Brasoveanu created a device that
measures the human energy field, food, medicines, etc..
The device can using a hair to establish disease of someone suffering but Also predispositions to
disease. At the same time may determine if a drug leads to the restoration and strengthening of
individual energy field or destroy it.
Even if a crime perpetrator can be established (a number of people between the killer and to be)
made measurements on the hair of the participants. Events are recorded in a being or an object
in the form of a chain of holograms (holographic film). Because they are registered as
holograms an object as small. He keeps the film all the events has been involved. Cronovizor
device was constructed which capture and play images from the past as a movie.
Some people by touch or look can. See events that attended a person or object.
If we consider the universe a hologram then the human eye are those
recorded. on. brain.External holograms. The human body is a holographic structure evidenced by
the fact that each cell contains all the information body. A cell can create another body identical to
that of which belonged. Brain and mind implicitly manage the organization of holographic
structure of the organism as a whole but also of smaller holograms represented by cells. When
the brain signals not corrector they do not reach cells when disease occurs more precise
disruption that holograms. Lack of coordination by the brain of cells is best seen in the case of
tumors. Positive thoughts bring brightness and power main hologram representing body and
consequently all the smaller holograms that component (cells). The time which is given a
negative thought. it acts as an interference in brain signals who go to cells. Negative thinking is a
hologram that weakens, edit and destroy small holograms (cells) and hence large hologram
(body). Thoughts as holograms themselves as positive or negative change in the human body
and our environment.
When a person has suffered an injury in a previous life from the example of a spear in its current
aura you will see that spear. The hologram that person's aura Javelin hologram was added
creating the physical discomfort. A clairvoyant therapist out that spear from aura of the person
solving such problems generated. because of it. . Get Out Javelin hologram leaving hologram that
person clean.
Any treatment is to restore the structure and brightness of the hologram is the physical and subtle
The disease is disaggregating holographic structure. Of the body.
A method of healing is to overlap. over the physical body. Another hologram representing a new
mold for the body.
Here imagination plays an important role. Such methods are used by Native American shamans.
Don Jose Matsuwa is 109 years old Spook Huichol Indians a tribe of the Sierra Madre mountains
of Mexico numbering about 15,000 members. He said: 'When I start the ritual of healing, he
claims. on Nierika to open. (This is the crossing point of the spiritual world in a tunnel-like
material.) I see a circle and I call Kauyumarit brother deer. Ask him to come help us. . Then, using
songs and feathers do deer spirit to enter in sick person's body. I imagine as deer body image
becomes human. If the two images overlap, everything is fine. Sometimes after an hour or
two must check whether the image is superimposed as well. Sometimes the images overlap very
quickly, but sometimes it takes time. "
One day old healer had a vision in which appear a person who was lost. Huichol Indian territory
for five days without food and water and being on the brink of death. It was a 18 year old
American named Brant who left New York in order to learn the secrets Native American
shamanism. . Men sent by Don Jose'l found and brought before it who adopted him as 'grandson'
it. He stayed 12 years with Don Jose 'who taught the mysteries of shamanism after that was sent
to lead knowledge among the whites. In the words of Brant see holographic essence of being
human. , When taking in hand feathers, then I feel transformed into an eagle. Master air I use
bunch of feathers as one fan to invoke the spirit of wind. At that time become able to see the flow
of vital energy of man. Finally, take feathers as some brushes and paint, repair holes where the
flow is interrupted. If shaman is looking at this time the sick he can see through the glass as his
body is transparent. Where the body is not transparent, is disease. "Then invoke the spirit of the
deer to run into that person. Then the shaman place near the mouth of sick and absorbs "disease
of the patient. After a spat in a pot. There is also opportunity. the shaman to become ill while one
person heals. Reality around us is a hologram. Is changed continuously. it fits as holograms of
our thoughts.but affected by holograms thoughts of others.
When someone wants something then holographic reality around that person will be
created.respectively hologram thought expressed by that person. Therefore thought a person
who wishes to obtain something must be formed from a clear, bright object or situation that would
be made.
The person who thinks negatively and is afraid of something not happening will be put in that
situation since through his thoughts reality around him was molded by them. He created a
hologram (thought) and the universe recreated in the physical plane that hologram. Thought once
released becomes structure of the universe structure. Thought becomes reality when it will be as
bright as the rest of the structure of the universe. At that time the thought will become what we
call event positive or negative depending on the structure that thought and our interests at that
Life is a film consisting of a series of events whether it is a being or about the universe as a
whole. Life is a series of events which are actually translation into reality thoughts issued by that
person but also of thoughts issued by others and related to that person.
Thought will become an event in a person's life when this thought will have enough clarity and
brilliance that can be translated into the physical. With the advent of a new hologram when it will
become bright enough to be a reality once reality hologram molded by it will be part
of holographic structure of the universe and can easily be recreated in reality whenever you
want although at first implementation and translation into reality hologram was
created very difficult.
While already created a hologram may be modified slightly as a hologram structure creating new
slightly different from the first thus requiring less time to obtain a new hologram to create a new
hologram from the beginning. This is true in all the creation of a substance from to the events of
human life and the universe. In work Crystals and Crystal Growing signed by Holden and
Singer is this following statement, "about 10 years ago firm produced one of its factories simple
crystals culture. tartrate diaminc ethylene reared in tanks and water solution. From the
factory crystals were transported to another where they were cut and polished to industrial. One
year after the factory opened. Crystals of culture tanks began to increase at a spectacular rate,
crystals different structure adhered to them creating a new structure which is developing rapidly.
Problem occurred and give the second factory crystal cut and polished and presented same
superficial symptoms. Material to be obtained was tartrate diamine of ethylene anhydrous and
unwanted material has to be found monohydrate same substance. During the first three years of
research and testing as during manufacturing, not found any structure formation of the
monohydrate. After these four years but the monohydrate spread generalizing
CANTASTIM . Most important vaccine against cancer. Vaccine was produced at the
Cantacuzino Institute in Bucharest. During former President Ion Iliescu and Prime Minister
Adrian Nastase has ordered the institution to produce only small amounts of vaccine.
During the current president Traian Basescu Institute was forbidden to produce any
vaccine. That while he goes and vaccinated with Cantastim. World Government wants the
world's population to be reduced through extermination. It is intended that the false
epidemic type swine flu population to be vaccinated. He wants the people to be receptive
to being vaccinated. then be vaccinated with a vaccine that will kill most of the population.
CANTASTIM (CS) is a purified extract of Pseudomonas aeruginosa with beneficial effects
related to enhancing the immune responses in conditions such as chronic viral and bacterial
infections, immunodeficiencies and cancer immunosuppression. The aim of this study was to
determine the capacity of this biological product to stimulate in vitro human leukocytes in
whole blood. Blood samples from healthy donors and cancer patients were incubated with CS
for 24 h and leukocytes were assessed for induction of inflammatory cytokines (TNF-alpha
and IL-1beta) by ELISA and expression of early activation marker CD69 by flow-cytometry.
For both groups of investigated subjects, the levels of TNF-alpha and IL-1beta in the
supernatants of whole blood culture stimulated with CS were significantly higher than in
unstimulated cultures, although lower than in LPS-stimulated samples. Stimulation of whole
blood cultures with CS increased both the frequency and the expression of CD69 on the
surface of T lymphocytes and NK cells. Importantly, this was noticed not only for healthy
controls, but also for cancer patients. These data demonstrate the capacity of bacterial
immunomodulator CS to activate human leukocytes of healthy subjects and cancer patients.

Romanian scientists. between miracle and ... betrayal. Truth about Cantastim.Who has
the interest to destroy. Romanian drugs? . Dr. Andrew Olinescu, Cantastimului inventor,
became a public person. The scandal caused by banning the production of bacterial
extract transformed into u ...

Romanian Science

between miracle and ... betrayal

Truth about Cantastim
Who has the interest to destroy
Romanian drugs?

Doctorul Andrew Olinescu, Cantastimului inventor, became a public person. The scandal caused by
banning the production of bacterial extract transformed into a "hero" the Romanian media. In PACA
up, investigators have not reached the essence of the problem. About a great scientist about his
research is not known, actually nothing. He has not the press, which gave the true elucubratii
his account, nor the public knows, that could benefit greatly from this scholarly work. I do not know
- or, rather, they pretend they do not know - nor officials of managers of the Ministry of Health,
which had made a life activity under the embargo. Why?Please find the answer, reading material
girl, a story as dramatic as it was real, about the campaign of destruction and removal of Romanian
drug market.

"Ironically, before" 89
there is more interest
for science than now "

- Mr. Doctor Andrew Olinescu, Cantastim product produced by the Cantacuzino Institute, is currently
a real celebrity. Whose actually think it is due?
- Sorry, but I can not answer the question. Through an official letter, Medicines Agency warns me
that my law prohibits me, as the inventor, to talk about medicine that I created. Institute go to the
pharmacy, ask for a brochure and you will learn everything there is know about Cantastim.
- I'm sure in that leaflet is written as you have found this fix, as you worked to make it worth
finding ...
- It would be nice to know something about remedies to boost immunity, because I think it is
normal for newspapers to help inform the population, a correct, let's just call it scientific. And I
think that your newspaper even make such information. Cantastimului I will make him any praise,
not to be accused advertise ... Although I do not know what to do advertising on foreign medicines
and why we are not allowed to show our products are good .. . But this is a job that competent
bodies will have to settle it once. I tell you where this story came with Cantastimul, but for this you
will be doing a little science lesson.
In our surrounding environment there are a number of substances called antigens, which when in
the body, triggers a defensive response from it. And the body has an "army" all very sophisticated
and very complex organized, we still will not know but at a rate of 5-10% and which is generally
called the immune system. This "army" has real training centers, barracks with "soldiers" - that
immune cells with different specialties.When entering the privacy of an aggressor body (antigen) for
removal of part two cell types, some educated in a barracks, and other educated in another
barracks. They are called T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes. They are, they say, about one billion of
antigens which are combated these two cell types, and only five antigens known so far, so-called
timo-independent antigens, which are removed from a one type of cells - B lymphocytes Well, now
almost 30 years, I asked: "I'll have me a chance to find the sixth antigen-independent timo? won 't
be in nature only five". And I started working with a range of bacterial extracts, plant etc.. And
working so, I came across a bacterial extract obtained by a biochemist specializing in biochemistry
bacteria, the late Doctor Marx.Taking extracts that work with him, I noticed that one of them has
some remarkable qualities over others. Following the water stream, we found that bacteria in which
Dr. Marx extracted substance was isolated from a child who died with sepsis galloping Hospital
"Grigore Alexandrescu" in Bucharest. Bacterium called Pseudomonas aerogenesor, more simply,
Pseudomonas, and is very aggressive, being held in the collection of strains of the Cantacuzino
Institute. Following the thread of things, we found that isolates from the child have some molecules,
some phospholipids with the biological potential of difference - was actually a curiosity of nature! Of
course, experiments began, saw a series of effects on different cell types, I asked: "Is not it, if I use
this bacterial extract can block the development of tumors?". We tested the extract against a very
aggressive tumors in mice. Witnesses who were inoculated with saline in two weeks went, and those
who are inoculated this extract only develop one small tumoreta all. We repeated the experiment
three times (it took me years of testing) and very excited about this finding, we presented a
communication at a scientific meeting at Institute babes.
A scientist in the audience questioned me and told me that there can be a preparation to inhibit a
degree in development of Ehrlich tumor type, that is a bluff. I answered: "Go now and do the test,
and if so, when I come in this room that I do two shakes, ordinary liar". Deputy Director of the
Institute of days came to me during the break: "Do not say anything to not patentable". Eventually,
I was forced (it was before '89, when - paradox! - There is more interest now than no science) and I
patented the whole thing.
- So Cantastimul, which Cantacuzino Institute in the press was told that the test is not enough,
there in years "80?
- The road was much longer. First, I was in commission of Ministry of Health and Biological Products
have presented all the scientific data obtained. The Commission said:"Yes, good, very good, but you
can not give right to use the extract in humans. In testing it on an animal species, not only in
mice". So I used this extract to another species: the piglets from farms. The results were
amazing. We have vaccinated hundreds of gruntling: half saline, half with bacterial extract, as I said
so then, only then was baptized Cantastim. Weaning piglets were in when they are most susceptible
to infection, being decimated by disease in all farms. A month and a half after the injection, the
differences were net! Mortality was 30-35% (you realize that large economic losses!) Those injected
with saline and only 2.5 or 2.8% of those injected with Cantastim future.I submitted the result and
I repeated the experiment in Teleorman. Commission of organic products, without knowing me,
examined data from one drive to another county of Iasi and Timis. As a result, have approved its
use on a limited number of people after they saw that all data were confirmed by five consecutive

"I declare and can prove:

any biological product Romanian
not been better studied and better
experienced than Cantastimul "

- So Cantastim product testing is before "89, was examined in Romanian hospitals?

- Testing the people we started the very serious cases. The first case was Fundeni from Dr.
Gregoriou, a lady with chronic lymphatic leukemia Gregoriou Dr. T. told me verbatim: "Sir, I took
her 17 years on foot, but now we no longer makes them".Sirezultatele we took were very good
case, we have also published at that time. Then I got in touch with the Institute of Oncology in
Bucharest, which was reluctant from the beginning. I could only take serious cases of tumors, watch
them very seriously, and, again, results were good. Remember, there are folders full of signatures
and initials of the doctors who work in the years '80 with this medicine. I then tested and the
Hospital of Baia Mare, Timisoara County Hospital, Baia Sprie Hospital, Children's Hospital of
Bucharest, Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology "Philanthropy", Department of Dermatology at the
Military Hospital, Hospital "Victor Babes", the Ministry of Interior. Look for information! This is a file,
the series four and five, the Pediatric Hospital, with children between two months ten years: tumor -
four children, peritonitis - six children after caustic esophageal stenosis, congenital malformations -
6 children, dies with it. ... Here are the results of one that let's not talk, I happened to a with him ...
- What was it?
- He came to me, and there were some newspaper reporters and tells them: "For me, there is only
God and Olinescu doctor". He is convinced that because he lives too. And my picture appeared in
the newspaper: "God and Dr. Olinescu". If the journalist that saw him ... How can you write
something? "
- What you say is simply stupefying. According to press of information sent by Cantacuzino
Institute, stated that "The scientific evidence on clinical effectiveness of the product Cantastim are
few, brief, general and away from the rigors of good practice in the study of medicine. One can
appreciate the advice and guidance products Cantastim is based only on physiological assumptions,
starting from some experimental results, but clinical efficacy has not been clearly demonstrated
"... However, here you have hundreds of clinical trials, fully documented, made dozens of doctors
from different hospitals!
- Cantastimul part of large group of immunomodulation, those substances that, introduced into the
body, normalizes immune defense functions, that of "armed" cells to talking. If hiperfunctie are in
states of allergies, it falls, if I'm hipofunctii, as in a state of immunodepression, expressed clinically
as chronic infections, the shingles, herpes, cancer diseases, etc.., They operates. Where they pulled
this story, the drug is not scientifically verified, I do not know! Declare and can prove: I do not think
a biological product Romanian, and thought produced in Romania, has been better studied and
more experienced than Cantastimul ... And I know what I'm talking from this point of view, but I
got, you saw, paper, to say nothing.
- It is incomprehensible, how can the leadership of the Cantacuzino Institute itself does not know
about these studies and to denigrate their product made and tested by the Institute for decades!
- Is perhaps more than that. Want to see how many scientific meetings Cantastim made about the
same time driving people who - a month ago - said out loud that the drug is insufficiently
tested? Here, you can find made even invitations to various data management Institute: September
24 "93, September 27" 94 ... Read: "On September 27, this year, ten o'clock, Cantacuzino Institute
will be held a scientific meeting on: Immunomodulation with Cantastim, experimental data and
clinical observations. Since you are among the first physicians in Romania who have paid attention
the original product and effective in the treatment of immunodepression, please have the kindness
to take part in a brief note on clinical observations that you have about this issue. The materials will
be translated into English and published in the journal <<Romanian Archives of Imunology>>.
Thank you, Director, Dr. A. Combiescu. Combiescu teacher is the one who said two months ago
either, as this product is insufficiently tested. The same professor said, but about Cantastim
Combiescu, a newspaper, now a year or two, something like: "Cantastim - wonder land. As deputy
director of production at the Institute, Professor Negut, now he says out loud that the product is not
tested enough, he is the one who gave your magazine interview a year ago. Look, the "Formula I",
in January 2000.

"What I do is destroy this country

and trampled. I can not tolerate such a thing "

- Want to see and acknowledge the inter-national scientific Cantastimului? Remember, German
translation of the prospectus. Germans came to me to ask me that in German and translated leaflet
- it's up nemteasca, done perfectly. Here is an address to Americans. I sent Americans to walk on,
but I think eventually took Cantastimul that have never discussed with me. They took everything
they had and good day! Heck, my correspondence with Professor Watanabe, who made a similar
product in Japan Cantastimului very good Picibanilulobtained from another strain of
Pseudomonas. They do not give Picibanilul - ampoules than other countries at the request of the
Government. Here is my answer Professor Sato of Japan. Then, here's his answer Fogert ... And
they (ie Medicines Agency and the Institute no) did CICA data that has not done anything. It's
nonsense! Forget all the data and they say they are not. But nobody asked me anything, that gave
them: Look, make photocopies and take them! I do not like to talk about this thing, honestly tell
you. Too bad that this country is destroyed and trampled. And I can not tolerate it.
- Cantastimul is your only "child" or you and others?
- Cantastimul is a VAX, this is it they say that I commend to my invention but not to boast that we
have others with which to boast ...

- So, you managed to synthesized any medications?

- Yes, but I've never patented, nor give it. No, do not give him.
- Why?
- ...
- And what will happen to him, he'll be like, buried?
- Yes, absolutely.
- Why not sued those who would denigrate the good science and your senses Romanian opinion
despite the records?
- I live in Romania, sir! You know what a process in Romania? Waste of time and a safe burial.

"Associates of mine, young

scientists are now in the West "

- Suppose you have a lot of young employees. They will support, not for you and hope for Romanian
- My younger employees ... (Teacher laughs, then list your fingers.) One is in Spain, two in Sweden,
Göteborg, one in Texas, one in New Jersey, and California ... Last collaborating recently went to
Boston ... Many have gone to scholarships, saying they will return. Neither returned. The people
there are not kidding - if I see you're good, propels you immediately. Associates of my youth are
now university professors, scientists in the West. Say, for example, the last case of Angela Dolgan
Duca. It was organized last year in September, in Berlin, an immunology course of seven days for
up to thirty years younger. I "pushed her" Angela from that course and went. Young people in eight
countries - seven countries in western Europe - and it was only in Eastern Europe. The program was
extremely intense: between the hours of 8.00-12.00 - classes held by various teachers, lunch break
12.00-13.00 and from 13.00 to 1.00-2.00 night was working at the laboratory table. On the first
day, the course leader, a German teacher - I do not remember the name - when he saw him in
Romania, said wondering:"Well I, Romania, what you research?". When Angela started working,
standing about three behind her face to see what that "cracked down from the tree." And a German
teacher asks: "How long's you have worked in America?". "Well I was in America.""If not, then what
western European country?" I was nowhere. ""How this in Romania you do? ""Yes." He took a
teacher at her home and held her. A car went, ate, slept on it.Then completing the course, and he
turned and came in two or three weeks, an offer from a teacher who held her. Therefore, a thief,
gave him 1,800 German marks a month (sorry I have not kept that letter, a document that was
very "nice"), engage her to take her home and ... and to care for child, school, etc. to arrange
it. Then, course director (who asked if there was research in Romania) sent (independently of one
another) a letter inviting him to work in the lab and gave him 2,000 marks per month. Finally, to
not know how long, a week, Boston received a letter from a teacher who taught there and who gave
$ 2,000, and the girl says: "What we do". I said: 'Angela, you decide. I higher than other options I
see now I offer you ". On January 1, at four o'clock in the morning, was at the Otopeni airport and
went to Boston. And taken it! And if I had to enumerate them all ... Now I do not have nearly
anyone, and I go, what will a be ...

- Want to go to another country?

- No, the military, as I stand in the military district. I have less and I retire one year, two, three, as
will be. I have to reproach me, I tried, I lost time, we now graduate students. I am veterinarian,
allegedly, but conferred a doctorate in medical sciences. To me by laboratories know how many
have passed? But few have remained. Know what you know best equipped man for medicine and
science? Not after how he learned, but after questions put. Intelligent questions show how the mind
works and how well i have interest.

"That left her with veterinarians dead"

- In connection with your qualified veterinarian, who has made much ado, including the media,
which is the truth?
- You know what skill was Pasteur? He was a chemist, not a doctor, although medicine has
enormous service. You know what skill was the creator of the International Society of
Physiology? Was novel, Professor Ion Atanasiu, professor of physiology at the Faculty of Veterinary
Medicine. You know what skill is the one who saved hundreds of millions of people, which has
developed staphylococcal toxoid principle anatoxinelor? E veterinarian - Gaston Ramon. You know
what skill is one that has established the relationship between viral infection and antigens of
histocompatibilitate and received last year or two years ago the Nobel Prize? Doherty
veterinarian. What does one another? I graduated specialization of Veterinary Medicine, which
helped me to work in experimental medicine, but not veterinarian for 41 years worked in the
Ministry of Health. But as you finish, to ask you all sorts of rubbish in the back, poke all sorts of
things. I saw a newspaper that read: "Father is a veterinarian Cantastimului", like he said
Cantastimului father is a murderer. What's this? Cellular immune phenomena are the same in the
animal world. Sorry I've worked only human medicine and veterinary medicine that do not know
which is more difficult than human medicine. Then, how many human doctors did what I
did? Students from studying medicine on the books written by me. Sponsors are not giving money
for books, if my name appears as safe to have scientific value of the book. So I say it - leave it dead
with veterinarians, as he has nothing to do and you put them more in my head ...

- I know you held dozens of training courses to doctors, even recently. In these courses, you have
demonstrated that the explosion of cancers and leukemia in Romania in recent years could be
provided. Also, now you can predict what will follow more than a decade in this field. What can you
tell us about it?
- I have developed a scheme of investigation in the field of immune cell-mediated immunity. It's
something original - a very serious job. I need it to control cells taken from healthy people,
normal. Take the army - the soldiers were normal. But for the "85, I noticed that many times, my
witness normally respond" more blind "than others who were sick. In '89, we had a case with a
person who had a fantastic shingles, but was well nourished. Well, its cells responded better than
cells soldier. Then I realized the girls and I put the lab to make a statistics for the last five
years. When I showed in 1990, comparative data from past years, I told staff: "Remember what I
say and you'll see ten years cancer". And, indeed, you now interested to see how a surgeon
operates, a neurosurgeon, has many tumors in 2000 compared to 1985. How many laryngeal
tumors, many breast tumors. Go see what is at the Cancer Institute, the mass of people. Some cell
ratios were reversed and it is miserable due to environmental conditions, they mock us, brutally and
unconscious. When they were poisoned ate over the Siren, alarm that have seen it, but slow
poisoning, insidious, which will see over 10.20, 30 years no one suffers ... A serious unconscious!
- That what? Air pollution, drinking water, food additives, stress ...
- All this and more. Now I found another situation and I told a public meeting, two months ago, the
Romanian Society of Physiology: "Remember what I say, if no-ndreapta things now, ten years to
see leukemia and diseases derived therefrom ". I had some two or three years before a million days
per millimeter of peripheral blood lymphocytes and polymorphonuclear about two million per
milliliter, to normal. Now, instead of one million, I find - on average - about three million and some
three times more! But reacts less. See what it meant to be! God give me to talk nonsense, but I
fear they do not talk much nonsense. See, if he had to boast, these immunological methods of
investigation I would praise, with dozens of international communication, immunology problems,
which we do alongside big names of world medicine, which correspond to decades,
not Cantastimul. We talked with Director of National Agency of Medicines and told him: "Sir, look, if
you mind, give it hell Cantastim. I do not talk about Cantastim press, but let other drugs and
achievements of the Institute <<Cantacuzino>> to reach people ".


- Yet, the Romans tried to look at thousands of suffering, serious illness, an extremely valuable
drug, it denigrating him and the inventor or, like the crime!
- The problem is much worse. And I will illustrate with a case vo: six years ago, a lady came to me
with tifoane feet tied, as they were before moletierele soldiers. Lady have some wounds to the legs
of a seriousness which drained bloody yellow. He teaches at the University of Bucharest deMedicina
working in a famous clinic in Bucharest. What happened? In 1994, the committee was checking,
admission to college, when he felt a strong knife on the left side that fell down in pain. Were scared,
they took her, led a clinic, have made ultrasound. Then he appeared lesions on the feet and came to
me. I said: "Madam, you have appeared lesions on spleen, the spleen will be removed. V lesions
appeared on the legs, feet cut off. will appear tomorrow, tomorrow, foci of necrosis in the liver, liver
out, then lung, brain and, almost certainly will heal. There you have problems, but I tell me: this is
normal behavior therapy?! I guess you have, but I need some confirmation. Please, come tomorrow
morning, you will get some blood and in ten days you have the result ". Suspicion was confirmed
me. A lady came, sat on the chair on which you now stand and gave the cry of his soul and stood
beside her husband lost. He had also taken part in the same liver and lung lesions. I said: 'Lord,
crying not solve anything. We immediately go to the pharmacy, take Epurox 60 vials, 10 vials of
Cantastim and start treatment ". Healed in ten days and came here. If I published "Life
care" and "Romanian medical journal". Lady had an aggression syndrome granulocyte and
resolved. She had a genetic defect and I knew, and even published as if something genetic, it could
come back, and it will appear exactly the same phenomenon. A week ago, came back to me, here,
again crying. I said: "Madam, you have the same thing".But now I could tell him: "The crying does
not solve anything", because "Cantacuzino" Institute Epurox not produce any or Cantastim. See,
why I'm against those who block and destroy everything. It's not only Cantastim. No longer produce
more. For example, mouth ulcers come people with terrible, terrible suffering. Another time, I say,
"You darn" and gave him the schedule and Cantastim Antiherpin. Now, I can not say something,
Antiherpin no longer manufactured, I Cantastim. That's it!

Short epilogue

Dr. Olinescu was and is ruled out, step by step, the Romanian scientific circles. It was "branded with
anger Workers" at a meeting of the Institute "Cantacuzino", which of course was not called. I was
taken leadership laboratory. He was removed from the editorial board of scientific journal of
immunology. To quote him: "Do not know what I do to bring me to silence. It would surprise me
and give me a car over". Same scenarios and methods, same goal - the destruction of the
Romanian drug industry.Romanian anything not good, just what is imported is accepted. No matter
the truth, but what officials say. It is hoped, perhaps, that - when the truth will come to the surface
- will be too late, and the Romanian drug production - finally buried. The only remaining solution to
not get in this situation is probably a vehement reaction of public opinion to show that those in
leadership positions that are home to offices after not belong to them forever and they have a moral
duty and human face of the many, they feed functions and prosperity.
,, Novel cancer cell inhibitors have been isolated from the venoms of poisonous snakes Crotalus
atrox and Naja n. kaouthia; they are called Atroporin and Kaotree, respectively. The cancer cell
inhibitors Atroporin and Kaotree are characterized as potent anti cancer agents. Atroporin and
Kaotree, individually, or combined together selectively kill various types of cancer cells in
concentrations as low as 0.5
……………………………………………………… rest of the book I hope to translate it