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Dabur India Ltd. (DIL) is the fourth largest FMCG company in India with a turnover
of Rs. 2834.11 Crore (FY09) and has a significant presence in the consumer
segments of health care, personal care, home care and food products. Its master
brands include Dabur for natural health care, Vatika for personal care, Hajmola for
digestives and Real for fruit beverages. They have a reach extending beyond India
to over 60 countries across the globe.DIL, through its wholly owned subsidiary H&B
Stores Ltd., has recently forayed into organized retail with a concept of selling health,
beauty and wellness products under the brand name new u. The company currently
operates 7 stores with a target of 16-18 new u stores by FY10. DIL has built strong
brand equity by superior management of its ever-expanding product portfolio through
innovative launches, systematic relaunches and rewarding acquisitions. However
considering the current economic slowdown, growth expectations could get strained.


DIL, founded in 1884 by Dr. S. K. Burman, has emerged as one of the leading
FMCG companies in India. It has a strong presence in the ayurvedic space with a
focus in the health care, personal care, home care and food segments.The company
has 17 manufacturing units spread across the globe.
In FY05, DIL acquired Balsara's Hygiene and Home products businesses, a provider
of Oral Care and Household Care products in the Indian market for the consideration
of Rs1.43bn. The company also acquired 72.15% stake in Fem Care Pharma Ltd.
(FCPL) inNov'08 for Rs2.04bn.


DIL's operations are segmented into the 16
Consumer Care Division (CCD), Consumer CHD
Health Division (CHD), International Business IBD
Division (IBD) and the recently started 76 OTHERS
retail division.
CHD & CCD : CHD provides the foundation
for smaller brands to develop into future
growth drivers for the CCD, the largest
segment for the company comprising the
consumer products business.CCD is the
largest revenue and earnings contributor for the consolidated group. It houses a vast
range of products from health care and personal care to homecare along with the
latest inclusion of foods.
IBD : DIL's products are available in more than 50 countries spread across the
markets of Middle East, S.E. Asia, Russia, Africa, Australia, the EU and America. In
the early stages of international business, the approach was to primarily tap the
Indian diaspora across the globe. However, the strategy has presently evolved to a
more zone centric approach.
RETAIL : The company’s new u stores boast of branded personal care products,
fashion accessories & jewellery products. Apart from housing its own products, it
also sells products of other companies like P&G, Hindustan Unilever and Johnson &
Johnson. In addition, they offer high end products like Lancome, Clinique and MAC.
Building on a legacy of quality and experience for 125
years, Dabur operates in key consumer products
categories like Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin
Care, Home Care & Foods.

Dabur's Health Care, a wide selection of Ayurvedic and

natural products that offer complete care for varying
individual needs

Health Supplements

Dabur Chyawanprash, still strictly follows the original recipe that was laid
down centuries ago.

The two new variants -- the sugar-free Dabur

ChyawanPrakash and the chocolate-flavoured granular
Dabur Chyawan Junior

Dabur Glucose, a ready

source of energy to fight tiredness

Dabur Honey, the purest

branded Honey

Oral care

Dabur’s range of Oral Care products -- designed to suit every individual’s special

Dabur Red Toothpaste, the Power of Ayurveda to keep all your dental
problems away

Babool Toothpaste, a natural toothpaste packed with medicinal

benefits of Babul tree

Babool Mint Fresh Gel, Start the day with a pleasant, fresh feeling

Lal Dant Manjan, the Ayurvedic toothpowder for strong teeth and healthy

Meswak Toothpaste, a Herbal toothpaste with pure extract

of Miswak plant
Promise Toothpaste, a unique toothpaste containing natural and
time-tested clove oil


Dabur's range of Digestives tablets and candies, Ayurveda-based solutions to

aid digestion as well as cure distressing stomach disorders, safely and instantly

Hajmola Tablets
Tasty, fun-filled digestive that makes every meal complete

Hajmola Candy
The zingy tangy candy that's fun to have any time of the day

Dabur Personal Care, a range of Herbal & Ayurvedic Personal Care products,
created to make you look and feel good

Hair Care

Dabur's range of natural Hair Oils

Dabur Amla, nourishment of Amla

Dabur Amla Flower Magic, with the magic of white flowers
Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil
Vatika Enriched Almond Hair Oil

Dabur range of Natural & Ayurvedic shampoos

Smooth & Silky, Root Strengthening and Black Shine

Vatika Dandruff Control Shampoo
Dabur Total Protect Shampoo

Vatika range of conditioners

Vatika Smooth & Silky Conditioner

Vatika Root Strengthening Conditioner

Dabur Skin Care

Dabur Gulabari, offering the goodness of rose for skin care.

Dabur Uveda, an all-new skincare range, works from within to give you an inner
Dabur Home Care Products
Keeping your family healthy...

Odonil, keeping your home fresh and smelling great

Odomos, protecting your family from disease causing
Odopic, leaving your dishes clean and smelling fresh

Sanifresh Shine, keeping your toilet sparkling clean and free from germs
Dazzl, adding a mirror like shine to your floors, kitchen and glass
surfaces, while keeping them germ-free

Dabur Foods

Réal , India's No. 1 Fruit Juice brand, choose from 14 exciting variants

Real Activ Juices contains

• 0% addedsugar
• No added Colour or Preservatives
• Naturally rich in Antioxidant Nutrients

Réal Burrst’s range of light & refreshing fruit

beverage, available in 4 exciting flavours

Lemoneez, offering consistent lemon

taste and flavour, anytime of the year

Hommade, Dabur's culinary range

Hommade Cooking Pastes

Enjoy freshly ground ginder, garlic and tamarind
Hommade Tomato Puree, for tasty, wholesome meals.

Hommade Coconut Milk,

the first pressing extract of superior coconuts

Capsico, devilishly hot!

The hot & fiery red pepper sauce.

Consumer Health – Ethical

Today, Dabur's Consumer Health Division -- which looks after marketing of

Ayurvedic medicines and Ayurvedic Over-The-Counter products -- has redefined the
Ayurvedic market and healthcare promotion activities involving leading Ayurvedic
practitioners across the globe.

At Dabur, we have more than 350 Shastriya (Classical) Ayurvedic preparations,

which form an important part of every Ayurvedic practitioner’s daily practice.

Consumer Health-OTC
Making Ayurveda more contemporary for the modern day consumer

Dabur Pudin Hara, a completely natural, safe and quick relief from
stomach ache, gas and indigestion.

Dabur Active Antacid, a quick and effective relief from acidity and gas.

Dabur Balm Strong, the 1-minute

action on headache

Dabur Balm Double Action, get 2 times the action on cold &
Dabur's Honitus Cough Syrup, effective relief from cough, without side-effects.

Shilajit Gold, a powerful sex stimulant and rejuvenator

Dabur Active Blood Purifier, an easy, permanent solution

from pimples

Dabur Shankha Pushpi, a natural tonic for mental development

of children

Dabur Lal Tail, the most effective massage oil for height and weight
growth for infants

Dabur Janma Ghunti, for all-round growth of infants

Dabur Gripe Water, guarding your baby against common stomach


Dabur Badam Oil, enjoy its multiple benefits, from a sharper brain
to glowing skin and strong & healthy hair

Dabur Super Thanda Oil, with superior cooling properties gives instant
relief from headache, fatigue, tension & ensures a good night's sleep
Top 3 Brands of Dabur

1.) Dabur Amla Hair Oil :

Turnover : Rs. 300 crores(approx.)

Market Share : 70%

Major Competitors: Marico’s Shanti Amla, Bajaj Bramhi Amla

2.) Dabur Vatika :

Dabur Vatika Oil –
Turnover : Rs. 110 crores
Market Share : 6.4%
Major Competitors : Marico, Keo Karpin, HUL, Bajaj

Dabur Vatika Shampoo –

Turnover : Rs. 120 crores .

Market Share : 6.8%

Major Competitors : HUL, P&G.

3.) Dabur Real Juice :

Turnover : Rs. 200 crores .

Market Share : 56.9%

Major Competitors : Pepsi Tropicana, Godrej Xs, NDDB Safal, Parle Appy.

Sub-brands : Real, Activ, Burst, Twist, Junior, Coolers.

Strategies over the years...

Dabur and Marketing Mix

• As Dabur had different sub-categories, it came out with variable pricing to
reach out to each and every target segment
E.g. One- litre bottle of Real (juice) was priced at Rs.50
• Selective Price Reduction to increase Demand
Eg. Dabur came out with Rs.1 sachet of Vatika Shampoo/ Amla Hair Oil to
increase market share
• Cutting Price to stand out against competition

Eg. Dabur joined the shampoo price war in Aug 2004 and slashed prices of its
Vatika shampoo.

• Dabur constantly kept on increasing its geographic spread to increase its
sales revenues
• Entered the South Indian Market
• Expanding in the International Market
• Presence in over 50 countries
• Subsidiaries established in Nepal, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Pakistan
• Focus areas : Asia Pacific, middle east, west Africa, North Africa, US

PRODUCT: Dabur has a variety of products in key consumer products categories

like Hair Care, Oral Care, Health Care, Skin Care, Home Care & Foods.

• Different brands have their own marketing and advertising team
• Dabur utilized the popularity of Indian films in the domestic and global markets
to promote its brands
• In order to further deepen the brand's penetration in the rural
pockets, the company also announced the launch of special low-
priced packs
• Dabur heavily advertised its products through various contests
• Dabur Amla ‘Sunder aur Susheel pratiyogita’
• Dabur Amla 'Banke Dikhao Rani'- In an attempt to give better
exposure to rural women, 'Dabur Amla' is going to conduct
'Rural Beauty Pageant' across 52 distritcts in Madhya Pradesh,
Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, covering 2,000 villages.
• Dabur Gulabari ‘Miss U.P. Fresh Face 2009’ beauty contest
Dabur and Ansoff’s

Market Penetration

Dabur relaunched the

Vatika brand with a fresh
brand image, a new logo
and an expanded brand
portfolio. They changed
the overall brand
proposition to suit the
urban youth by
highlighting the
naturalness of our products

Product Development

Dabur launched a new flavour ' Apple Nectar' under Real to leverage the growing
preference for fruit-based beverages.

Dabur staged an entry into the light hair oil sub category with the launch of two
variants - Vatika Enriched Almond Hair Oil and Dabur Amla Flower Magic Hair Oil

Market Development

Dabur has successfully aligned its Activ range of fruit juices to its 'health & wellness'
strategy through a new ‘No Sugar' campaign

Product Diversification

Dabur first launched Vatika hair oil in 1995. Then they diversified into the
shampoo market by launching Vatika shampoo in 1999 followed by further
diversification into the soap segment in 2005.

The ‘Dabur’ Brand Rejuvenation

With youth forming a major population of India, Dabur decided to revamp its brand
identity. Dabur associated itself with Amitabh Bachchan, Vivek Oberoi, Rani
Mukherjee and Virender Sehwag for endorsements. New packaging and advertising
campaign saw the sales of Chyawanprash grow by 8.5 per cent in 2003-04.

The year 2004-05 saw a whole new brand identity of Dabur. The old Banyan tree
was replaced with a new, fresh Banyan tree.
The leaves suggesting growth, energy and rejuvenation, twin colors reflecting perfect
combination of stability and freshness, the trunk represented three people raising
their hands in joy, the broad trunk symbolized stability, multiple branches were
chosen to convey growth, and warmth and energy were displayed through the soft
orange color. ‘Celebrating Life’ was chosen as a new tag that completely
summarized the whole essence.

Dabur Amla hair oil

Hair care segment recorded impressive growth of 22.8% during the fiscal 2008-09.
The star performer in the hair oil segment was the flagship brand Dabur Amla hair
oil, which reported a growth of 20.4%.The strong growth in Amla hair oil was led by
the brand's focus on conversion of customers from loose mustard oil and a number
of customer activation programmes were launched to bring more consumers into its
fold and enhance usage. Dabur India repositioned its lead brand, Dabur Amla Hair
Oil, by launching its extension christened Dabur Amla Lite which failed to gain
critical mass. The company has changed its packaging so as to target the youth
segment as well as dedicating to its products an image of "health and well being”.

Vatika Hair Oil

The growth of Vatika Hair Oil was driven by a total revamp, encompassing
qualitative change in the product, new packaging and a new communication
strategy, which saw 1.5 lakh households being directly contacted on the new
platform of ‘scientifically proven to be better than normal coconut oil' The
growth in the oils segment happened despite a hike in prices, primarily on account of
a stronger leverage of the distribution reach and an excellent price proposition,
combined with a geographically segmented strategy focusing on East and North
India, where the market was previously dominated by smaller discounted brands.

Vatika Shampoo

Vatika range of shampoos' emerged as the fastest growing shampoo brand in India
for the third consecutive year reporting 31.5% growth. With the anti-dandruff
shampoos constituting more than one-third of the total shampoo market in India,
Dabur sees great growth potential in this category. As a step in this direction, Dabur
created a new sub-brand Vatika Dandruff control under which three anti dandruff
shampoo variants are being launched. Dabur marked its entry into the health
shampoo segment by test marketing a new product - Dabur Total Protect Health

Dabur’s food segment comprises mainly of fruit beverages under the Real & Activ
brands and culinary additives under the Hommade brand.

A new ‘Weekend' campaign to promote various flavours of Real was launched

during the year which was quite effective in increasing awareness about its range
and variety. In an effort to further sharpen the brand positioning of Real fruit juice
range; the company has launched a campaign focusing on ' fruit power' and what it
means for consumers, especially children.



With the growing demand for healthier beverages,

Tropicana, PepsiCo’s juice brand, has expanded
its ‘Tropicana 100%’ portfolio with the launch of a
new mixed fruit variant. This also puts it
in direct competition with Dabur’s Real
Activ brand, which claims to address the
health needs of consumers. Dabur
already has an edge in the unsweetened
100 per cent juice segment, with 10
variants in the market.

Real’s idea was to educate the consumer

about the difference between fruit drink
(less than 20 per cent fruit pulp content),
fruit nectar (20-85 per cent fruit pulp
content) and fruit juice (more than 85 per
cent fruit pulp content) so that he can
make an informed choice. While Réal
Twist is in the fruit drink category with
products like Frooti, Maaza, Minute Maid,
Slice and Tropicana Twister, Real’s
mango, litchi and guava flavours and Tropicana Twirl are in the fruit nectar
category. The fruit juice category has brands such as Real Juice, Real Activ,
Tropicana Premium Gold and Tropicana Premium.

Real’s target group consists of kids, but the campaign is also targeted at mothers,
who ultimately make the purchasing decision.

Tropicana focused on the central idea of a fruit rush, connoting the rush of
refreshment that comes from taking the best of Tropicana fruits to create a thirst-
quenching juice drink that revives the senses. This idea of a fruit rush is symbolised
through the iconic device of an orange fruit balloon. The orange fruit balloon cues
authentic and luscious oranges that have been made more refreshing, reflected in
the transformation of the oranges into orange fruit balloons.

Tropicana targets to spread its consumer base and reach out to the youth, who form
its core target audience.


• Health Drink
• Refreshing Drink
• Alternate to carbonated drinks


• Target Group

Dabur Amla Hair Oil Positioning :

1.) Dabur Amla has changed with the times and is in sync with its target audience
— the new age woman. The new identity modernizes this 70-year-old Dabur
Amla brand, making it more contemporary and relevant in consonance with
today’s lifestyle.

2.) The brand has always beingsynonymous with beauty & has been endorsed by
reigning beauty queens ofBollywood like Jayaprada, Sridevi, Juhi Chawla,
Karishma Kapoor and Rani.The new look — with its brand ambassador Rani
Mukherjee on the front label – maintains the continuity with the brand’s beauty
association while infusing a youthful appeal.
3.) The company has changed its packaging so as to target the youth segment
as well as dedicating to its products an image of "health and well being".
4.) The Company also announced the expansion of a new consumer initiative– a
rural beauty pageant christened Dabur Amla ‘Banke Dikhao Rani’, which
recognises and rewards facets such as Sundarta, Susheelta and Yogyata
amongst young girls.
5.) In order to further deepen the brand’s penetration in rural pockets, Dabur
India Ltd also announced the launch of special low-priced packs of Dabur
AmlaHair Oil – a Re 1 sachet & a Rs 10 pack (25ml) – making their preferred
beauty brand more affordable.
6.) Dabur India is going the Hindustan Unilever way by tying up kirana stores
much on the lines of the latter's 'Super Value Store' programme.
7.) Launched Dabur Amla Lite to attract the new age woman.
8.) Advertised heavily, especially in the rural market, through – TV, Radio,
newspapers, POP(point of purchase) displays, wall paintings, contests , video
vans and sales promotions.

Vatika hair oil

Vatika hair oil has 6.4% of total market share with annual turnover of 1.1billion. The
major competitors are bajaj hair oil, marico parachute, keo karpin & navratna. It is an
important brand in terms of revenue, profitability, extension opportunities and
strategic fit. It has a premium image.

Parachute coconut hair oil has 45% of market share and is

targeted for the all-aware young Indian woman who is demanding as
she knows that there are a slew of other hair care products available to
her. It is promoted by MARICO and is market leader in coconut oil
Key marketing communications & the evolution of the top three products

The top three Dabur brands as mentioned above are Dabur Amla Hair Oil, Dabur
Vatika and Dabur Real Juice.


Dabur Amla Hair Oil is today the largest hair oil brand in the country with over 35
million consumers. Dabur Amla Hair Oil has constantly evolved as the epitome of
beauty for Indian women. It was introduced in the early 50’s in Northern India. Today
it is the Flagship brand in Hair Care category of Dabur.

Dabur Amla was targeted at the mass market. Various high profile film stars have endorsed Dabur Amla over the
years including Waheeda Rehman, Jaya Prada, Sridevi, Juhi Chawla and then Karishma Kapoor in the 90s

The golden ‘Amla ka Karishma’ campaign which featured Karishma



Rani Mukherjee now endorses Dabur

Amla and features on the new
revamped hair oil pack.

The key products that come under the Vatika Umbrella are Dabur Vatika Hair
Oil and Dabur Vatika Shampoos. Dabur India Ltd. re-launched the Vatika Brand in
2007 with a fresh brand image, a new logo and overall brand proposition to suit the
urban youth.


Dabur first launched the Vatika brand in 1995 by introducing Vatika Hair Oil. Vatika
Hair Oil’s first promotion focused on the key benefit- beautiful hair without hair
problems. Snapshots of the keys advertisements that were aired since its launch
have been shown below.

The Vatika Women campaign that focussed on celebrities who use Vatika Hair Oil.

In 2007 Vatika changed the packaging of Vatika Hair Oil

Vatika used
different brand
for different

Genelia D’souza is the new brand Preity Zinta appears in Vatika Almond Oil Ads
ambassador for Dabur Vatika
Vatika Shampoo was introduced in 1999 after the success of Vatika Hair Oil in the
market. The Vatika shampoo brand was also rejuvenated in 2007 along with the
other variants under the Vatika Umbrella. A jog down memory lane to revisit the
successful marketing campaigns of Dabur Vatika.

The famous mime Ad Riya Sen was roped in to

endorse Vatika Shampoos

Has now

Two celebrities endorsing the four variants

Genelia D’souza now endorses Vatika Black Shine,

Root Strengthening & Smooth and Silky Shampoo

Preity Zinta endorses the anti-dandruff

shampoo range
Dabur Real Juices was launched in 1996. Dabur captured the imagination of young
Indian consumers with the launch of Real Fruit Juices - a new concept in the Indian
foods market. Real Juices was the first local brand of 100% pure natural fruit juices
made to international standards, Real became the fastest growing and largest
selling brand in the country.

Animated ad launched to emphasize

the benefits of “FRUIT POWER”. The
ad was targeted at kids.

Another Ad to drive home the

message of “FRUIT POWER”

DABUR ACTIV was launched to cater to the ever growing population of health
conscious consumers. They were the first to launch completely natural fruit juices
with no added ingredients.

The emphasis during the Dabur

ACTIV campaign was that this
was the only fruit juice with no
added, preservatives and colours.

The ‘Those who drink real do it

all’ cam
Real Twist was another variant launched by Dabur in order to counter Frooti, Slice,
Mangola etc.

The “Aao Twist kare” campaign.

It helped in positioning Twist as
a youthful, vibrant fruit drink.

Real Burrst was launched in May

2009 in 4 new flavours. Real Burrst is
targeted towards consumers in the
Indian cities.

Plan 2010
After the successful implementation of the 4-year business plan from 2002 to 2006,
Dabur has launched another plan for 2010. The main objectives are:
• Doubling of the sales figure from 2006
• The new plan will focus on expansion, acquisition and innovation. Although
Dabur's international business has done well — growing by almost 29 per
cent to Rs.292 crore in 2006-07, plans are to increase it by leaps and bounds.
• Growth will be achieved through international business, homecare, healthcare
and foods.
• Southern markets will remain as a focus area to increase its revenue share to
15 per cent.
• Also taking their retail (H&B stores) to the next level.

Company Adjustments
1. Reengineering: Focusing on Functional departments to reorganize the key
business processes, each managed by multidiscipline teams.
On the inorganic growth front, the company acquired the Balsara group of
companies in 2005. This acquisition gave Dabur new brands in toothpaste (Promise,
Babool, and Meswak), mosquito repellants (Odomos), toilet cleaners (Sani Fresh),
and air freshners (Odonil). The acquired toothpaste business balanced the oral care
products portfolio as Dabur's sales came from the northern and the eastern parts of
the country while Balsara's were from the southern and the western parts of the
country. Analysts felt that the combined manufacturing facilities were also likely to
yield synergistic effects for Dabur. Besides, the acquisition was expected to result in
exploiting economies of scale in marketing, sales, and distribution.

2. Outsourcing: From making everything inside to buying more goods and

services outside, to obtain them cheaper and better.
The packaging for beverages (Coolers) is done in Nepal, the pulp will soon be
sourced from the company's Siliguri plant. The Siliguri pulp plant, a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Dabur Foods, will witness Rs 20 crore investment this year which would
be part financed through long-term debt and equity.
3. Market-Centred: From organized around the product to organized around
the Market segment.
Home foods- Dabur Foods has also been test marketing chutnies like imli saunth but
has decided against launching these since the market response has not been
encouraging. However, it is going ahead with plans to launch tomato puree under
4. Global and Local: From being local to being Globally local & locally global.
Dabur India has recently opened their chain of retail outlets across the country. It has
announced the appointment of Peter Gerard Baker as CEO for its newly formed retail
subsidiary H&B Stores Ltd. Baker will look after the new retail initiatives of Dabur
India, including establishing the new subsidiary and stores on a pan-India footprint.
5. Decentralized: Empowering employees and encouraging entrepreneurship.
Employee stock option benefits (ESOPs) to make employees feel like shareholders ,
an incentivised employee referral programme was kicked off in 2005,

1. E-Commerce: Making all products available on the Internet.
2. Alliances: Network of partners for distribution, marketing and production.
3. Partner-Suppliers: From many suppliers to a few reliable suppliers who work
more closely in Partnership relationships with the company.


Advancing Trends

Arrested Trends

Recoveries typically unleash pent-up demand, and people will celebrate this one by
buying a few indulgences and replacing their aging durables.
Many postrecession purchases, will be less extravagant versions of the originals.
The discretionary thrift trend should regain momentum over the long term as
consumers continue to find personal and practical satisfaction in it.
exerting a
on consumer
some trends
forward while
halting, and
others. Here
see a
snapshot of
the current
impact of the
on trends, relative to
one another.
Dabur as an organization stands for various qualities which include commitment to
society, transparency, empowerment etc. It always gave extra attention for its
stakeholders (employees and consumers). Even after the onslaught of foriegn
companies, they were able to withstand the challenge and maintain their position in
the industry as an organization which provides service of the highest quality. This
reputation has been carefully crafted and created over the last century through its
employee friendly and empowerment policies. The innovative HR policies of the firm
is a revelation for the industry and many of the management students who consider
it as one of the best places to work. Dabur has always tried to change the
organizational structure according to the changing environment and they were
extremely successful in adapting to those changes also.