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 Business Proposal for Wellness Clinic
 July 12, 2010

My individual project for English 320 will be a business plan for a 3-dimensional wellness center. The
three services I plan to incorporate are physical therapy, acupuncture therapy, and a health food store.
My reasoning for such a business endeavor is given below, followed by the strategic plans I would
implement to launch the business.

Today͛s society is an impatient one. Whether we͛re referring to the speed of an internet connection or
the recovery time of a broken leg, it has to be fast. The trouble is that some things just take time-
PERIOD. When it comes to the health of the human body, time is often the most effective medicine.
With the development of new technologies and medical procedures however, people seem to now
believe that they can substitute rest and healthy lifestyles for quick-fix methods. There seems to be no
human ailment that can͛t be taken care of with surgery or drugs.

Chiropractors are an excellent example of the impatience that people have when it comes to caring for
their bodies. Although chiropractors certainly have their fair share of useful procedures, individuals
often go to them for fast relief of an ailment that should be treated with physical therapy. Another
concern is how quickly prescription drugs are assumed to be the best means of treating a condition.
Young healthy individuals are being given medication for depression at the first sign of unhappiness
when in reality, some exercise and a slight change in diet would likely be just as effective, if not more so.

I plan to construct a business plan that lays the foundation for the establishment for a wellness clinic
that would offer people an alternative solution to the sometimes extreme solutions offered by today͛s
medical professionals. I intend to include a vision statement for the establishment as well as a detailed
description of the services that it will provide. To assist readers in creating an image of what can be
expected of the clinic structurally, I will include pictures of existing buildings that serve a similar
purpose. Potential locations will also be included in my project. The project will be written using the
MLA documentation style and is expected to consist of six to eight pages of detailed information. I will
submit it to you as an email attachment upon completion.


r Discover the level of demand for this type of facility

r Determine the number of establishments that offer similar services in the Fargo/Moorhead area
r Learn to construct a professional business plan
r Identify synergies that may exist between the different branches of the proposed business


Because I have experienced the three therapeutic methods that will be offered through this clinic, I feel
that I can more easily obtain information from those organizations directly. I also have previous research
experience that will benefit me as I explore this business endeavor. 

I will use the following methods to construct this document:

r Contact similar organizations and inquire about the steps taken to establish their business
r Research the science of natural healing extensively through the internet and written materials
r Interview individuals who have had success with natural healing methods


7/16/10 7/19/10 7/22/10 7/25/10 7/28/10 7/31/10 8/3/10

Research natural healing

Research local supply/demand
Create vision statement
Determine potential locations
Acquire sample images
Research business plan formats
Construct business plan
Submit for review
Submit Progress Report
Revise and proofread
Submit final draft




1) Document is in formal business plan


2) Objective of business plan is clear (Are

the operations of the business specific
and easily understood?)

3) Proper spelling, grammar, punctuation,

and sentence structure

4) Quality of visual aids

5) Does the description of business

services support the stated vision

6) Quality of written material (Does it

flow evenly and sound professional?)

7) Does there appear to be a sufficient

level of understanding of the industry in
which the business will compete?

8) Is the time line realistic and detailed?

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