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Best of National Geographic Photographs.

A Group of 10 Buffalos are walking, but one alone wearing Pant-Shirt (Tucked In)
and this Credit Goes to Mr.M.Anto Bennet.
"Vare vah kub surat view hai"
Yesterday night one dream. Our Mr. White anbennet pinches anushkas Hip. She feel
s shy and closed her face with her hand. Bennet slowly softly Moved close to her
and gently removed her hand and moved close to her lip.
Thank God. I woke up ad drank a liter of water in fear.The point here is, If you
read this and sleep means, the remaining continuation will be executed in your
dream. So be careful....
I dont believe in God, nor in its existance. But I certainly believe there is a
Proof: Mr.M.White.Anto Bennet. Department Of ECE, NEC, ERODE.

The result of contest conducted today morning, that is Whether Anto Bennet is ka
radi vaayan or Korangu vaayan..............
Sorry viewers, There seems to be some problem araised from Blue cross. They aske
d why are you hurting that 5 sensed good animals by comparing with Mr. Nonsense
Black Anto bennet. So by considering that, we finaly announce the much awaited r
esult as
Mr.Nonsense Anto Benner is neither karadi vaayan nor korangu vaayan. He is a Pur
e gentle Karuvaayan, C/O Kaateri....