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an adjective describes...

✴ a substantive:

- He met a pretty girl.

- Cuba is a beautiful island.

✴ some verbs: to be, to get, to become, to turn, to grow

-Be careful!
-I'm tired and I'm getting hungry.
-He grew angry.
-As the class went on, it became more and more boring.

✴ to seem (=scheinen), to feel (anfühlen), look (aussehen), to taste

(=schmecken), smell (riechen nach), sound (=klingen)  when these verbs
tell us what something or somebody is like!!

-The dinner smells good.

-You look tired. - Well, I feel tired.
-The pullover feels soft.
-The tea tastes a bit strange.
-The new Tom Waits album sounds great. I have to go and buy it.

✴ if we want to say how somebody does something we must use an adverb:

(the -ly form):

✴ describes a verb: she sings beautifully

T describes an adjective: she is extremely pretty
✴ describes an adverb: he runs extremely quickly
✴ describes a participle: the children are badly taught

exceptions and irregularities:

✴ good  well
✴ hard, late, near  are both adjectives and adverbs
✴ hardly (=kaum), nearly (=beinahe), lately (in letzter Zeit)
✴ fast, straight, enough, daily, weekly, monthly, early 
adj. and adv. also have the same form
✴ for adjective ending in -ly (e.g. friendly, silly)  the adverb is
formed with in a ...way (e.g. in a friendly way, in a silly way)
✴ if you talk about health: to be + adv. (e.g. How are you? I'm
well thanks).