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Let Us Worship

Tye Tribbett/ACTS Chorus

Keys: Eb to Ab

V1: Cm Bb/D Eb
Let us Worship, Let us sing, Hallelujah
Bb/D Cm
To the King
Cm Bb/D Eb
Let us raise our voices high
Bb/D Cm
Praise the name of Jesus Christ

Bb/D Eb F-G Cm
Oh, Oh Oh, Oh (Solo)Oh, Oh , Oh
Bb/D Eb
Oh, Oh Oh, Oh

V2: V3:
Let us worship Let us worship
Let us sing Lift your voice
Hallelujah to the king To the king of kings and the lord of lords
In him we live-move, and have our being Every nation on one accord
He is lord of everything Praise his name forevermore

Cm Bb/D Ab/C
Hal- le- lu – uuuu-
Bb Cm7
ja- Halle - luuu uuuh
jaaah - Halle - lujah
Bb Bb Eb
We Praise Your Name (2x’s is 1 Bridge) (Ending, repeat last line)

(Bridge modulates to Ab)

E Chords: E B A B C#m D F# B E

F Chords: F C Bb C Dm Eb G C F

Gb Chords: Gb C# B C# Ebm E Ab C# Gb

G Chords: G D C D Em F A D G

Ab Chords: Ab Eb C# Eb FM F# Bb Eb Ab

(Cut Pattern, by position of chord in lines^): 333 444 555 666 / 333 444 5-5 6-6-6