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a ST! MA Tai At our stare, we are very careful about selecting Itis the drip coffee the way we pick the bean, that miraculously how we roast and found at Keiko how we serve an espresso to you. Espresso Bean is the very basic and the essence of all our great recipes. It has a beautiful choc-nutty aroma and has plenty of body. every day is coffee satisfaction without sacrifice Enjoy the taste of Costa Rican export-quality 8} 8) %, coffee without the caffeine. 5 Our Decaffeinated coffee is ‘Gaffeei lets carefully dark roasted for a delical ged with nostalgia. bs 't believe you're dri aMoricang a shot of espresso don't bother with the name, [served in a small espresso cup) this is actually a F ‘ Bal fn enjoy coffee, topped off with a dollop of frothed rq - " esse Nh kat water > Ahot drink made by forcing hot water through finely ground. Has Comes in Single (Espresso Solo) or Double (Espresso Doppio)Shats. Assingle espresso shot should produce 30-40 ml in approximately 25 seconds of brewing time. et A good espresso has a fine layer 4 j SPPreSsSo “ot RP. 18.000,- chiken | cheese | beet balikpapan / F keika : — keiko q Po keiko [ keiko G. angi keika fc ; yogyakarta | ei keiko email, kedai kopi weeare@kedaikopi info espresso bar purwokerto, development information, ===) i] Dp angka no 40 teddiecool2000@ (4 =) YANG reservation, 0857 4333 9B44 KOPI ESPRESSO BAR We have blended some of the finest Sumatra coffees that we have managed to source and then entrusted them to our roastmaster to bring out the best flavours and aromas, Roasted tots darkest. In the word of coffee, mandhaeling you should never doubt A the quality of Sumatra Coffee. linthang = It is layering of fermented fruit and : rich mildew cum-spice, \ plus syrupy mouth feel and full body padang The bean has the honey earthed mellowness of a good Arabica Java, along with a well balanced body. Aroma is burnt chocolate with a tad of liquorice and apricot. This coffee cups thick and syrupy with a good level of fruitiness and a touch of toffee on the pallate. It has a very clean, crisp aftertaste. The body of the coffee is surprisingly heavy, and the aroma of caramel mixed with fresh herbs is unmistakable proud @iindonesia cottee espresso with hot chocolate steamed creamy strong Avery popular drink traditionally made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk and frathed milk, lovely drink espresso shot with milk our suggestions: combined & sustomized with caramel, hazelnut, irish vanilla and strawberry [tls Cool... Espresso . Milk, and Ice Cream On Top of It Chocolate & Coffee are Just Married With Whip cream on top of it ESPresso. At Keiko, we try everyday to innovate. Mochaccino at our place is not as it is at others, Yes, we are very carefully in blending something and we give you another touch of sensuality Chocolate of The Chocolate Yes... It contains a shot of espresso So Yummy... wv — Cc jn “oO “oO qj i — —_— co qj “y oOo — q — coffee rebellion, a classical drink signature drink of kedai kopi smooth, creamy, and tasty Welcome to our world finest tea It is so sensational... Wd Jasmine | Leman | Apple | Blackcurrant find it, Daw it and drink it for today, today is not tomorrow yet today is not W yesterday either Wh The classical and Asian Trademark of offering the tea with milk chocolate | vanilla | strawberry banana | coffee truly it's very rare wn =o —_— qa 4 uo Cc a3 o ee qj ao > qa Cc refreshmind drink SOUdSh LIMO OF OTANI SPTIMRUO FT Lit cheese | bbq | mix plain |

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