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Generic Brand Drug Mechanism Indication Contraindication Side effects Dosage Nursing

Name Name Classificatio of Action and Responsibilities

n Frequency
Ampicill Ampic Antibiotics( -Inhibits cell- For treatment -Contraindicated CNS: Adults and -Before giving
in in Amino wall synthesis of infection in patients seizures, children drug, ask patient
penicillin) during (Respiratory, hypersensitive to lethargy, who weigh about allergic
bacterial GI, UTI and drug or other anxiety, 40kg or reactions to
multiplication meningitis) penicillins. confusion, more 250 penicillin
. due to E. coli, -Use cautiously in dizziness mg to 500 -Give drug 1 to 2
P. mirabilis, patients with other and fatigue. mg p.o q6 hours before and
enterococci, drug allergies(esp CV: vein hours. 2 to 3 hours after
Shigella, S. to cephalosporine) irritation, Children meals.
typhosa and because of thrombophle who weigh -Monitor sodium
other possible cross bitis less than level because
Salmonella, sensitivity and in GI:diarrhea, 40kg: 25-50 each gram of
nonpenicillina those of nausea, mg/kg/day ampicillin
se-producing mononucleosis pseudomem p.o in contains 2.9 meq
N. because of high branous equally of sodium
gononhoeae, risk of colitis, divided.
H. influenzae, maculopapular vomiting,
staphylococci, rash. glossitis,
streptococci stomatitis,
including gastritis,
streptoc abdominal