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Developmental Task according to:

Freud's Stages of Development

Stage Age Characteristics Implications

Genital Puberty and after Energy is directed towardTend to separate to their

full sexual maturity andparents, achieve things

function development ofindependently and make

skills needed to cope withdecision on their own.

the environment

 In the previous rungs of psychosexual evolution, the patient seeks sexual gratification

from and invests sexual energy in others. This object-relatedness is what we call mature

love. The patient tends to separate theirselves to their family and lives together with her

husband and children independently.

Erick Erickson's Stages of Development

Indicators ofIndicators on

Stage Age Central Task Positive Negative

Resolution Resolution
Middle-age 25- 65 years of age Generativity vs.Creativity, Self- centered, self-

Adulthood Stagnation productivity, indulgence,

wants achievements unwilling to help to

the society

 In this stage, person meets all the indicators of positive resolution and is ready to make
long term commitments to other. They become capable of forming intimate, reciprocal

relationships through close friendships or marriage and willingly make the sacrifices and

compromises that such relationships require. In contrast, if people cannot form these

intimate relationships – perhaps because of their own needs – a sense of isolation may

result. A person who is self- centered or unwilling to help society to move forward, they

will develop a feeling of stagnation.


After the data collected, patient will able to recognize a newborn's needs immediately and

to give care with confident understanding right from the start. Patient will form a strong bond

with her child and her husband. The patient and her family will build a strong foundation for

their children. By the help of those nursing interventions, patient will experience an immediate

recovery. No complications being noted on the previous assessment conducted and will help

patient on living healthy lifestyles.