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Mr. Anil Gagroo

Manager (HR)

Date: 18.01.2005

Sub: Reimbursement for the travel expenses

This is Manish Kaushal posted in Agra DO as Executive SDQ. I joined that
prestigious organization on 27.12.2004. Sir as we know that our company have a policy
to reimburse the travel expenses of the employee, when the employee did some touring
with some official purpose.

Sir in the same context I want to know that, is there some provision in the same policy for
the reimbursement of the travel expenses made by the employee at the time of Medical
Examination and at the time of Joining.

Sir, If there is any provision for the same, please approve my travel expenses for the tour
of medical examination at ESCORTS, Faridabad on 24.12.2004 and joining at Meerut
RO on 27.12.2004.I am forwarding the travel expenses report for your kind consideration
with this letter.


Manish Kaushal
Executive SDQ