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AutoShapes Shape: Rectangle

Fill Effect: Two Color

Color: White and Green
Shading Style: Horizontal
Shadow Style: 5 style
Word Art Style: 1st Column 1st Row
Font Name: Times New Roman
Font Size: 36 pt
Fill Color: White (quality, IETI)
Dark Blue (International)
Shadow Style: 5 style
Clip Art (Building) Height: 1.5
Weight: 1.5
Insert Date Font Name: Arial
Font Style: Bold
Font Size: 16 pt
Alignment: Align Right
Text ( History of IETI) Font Name: Times New Roman
Font Style: Bold and Italic
Font Size: 15 pt
Table Column: 4
Row: 7
Table AutoFormat: Table Columns 3
Text: IETI School
Merge Columns: 1 Column
Font Size: 24 pts
Font Style: Bold
Text: Recognized By: And
Merge Rows: 1 Row
Text Direction: Right Side
Font Size: 24 pts and 18 pts
Font Name: Bookman Old Style
Font Style: Bold
Header Text: (ITC) and IETI ALABANG
Font Name: Arial
Font Size: 12 pts
Font Style: Bold
Footer Insert Page Number 1
Text Box Text: Operating a Word
Processing Application –
Font Name: Arial
Font Size: 12 pts