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Job Descriptions

LCM Organizing Committee President

Role Overall
Final responsible for organizing the event from promotion, logistics to managing the whole event
Accountable to
Executive Board
Time Required
14 hours per week, 1 person
Background Required
 Experience in team working
 Planning and setting up goals
 Motivation to run LCM
Activities and Measures of Success

Activities Description (Responsibilities) Measures of Success

 Work with EB team
 Finalize the agenda for meeting with EB team
 Ensure EB finish all tasks delivered (presentation,  Have a clear and appropriate agenda
ppt, etc) on time  Have a suitable expenditure for event
 Set up a rehearsal day to ensure all things are  Executive Board can keep track of
prepared working process of OC Team
 Work with VPF to finalize expenditure for the event
 Report working process to EB
 OC Team Managing, including:
 Delegate tasks to relevant people  Right person do the right thing
 Insurance relevant tasks are
 Keep track of OC work carefully
delivered effectively to people in the
 Set team meetings
 Have team feedback after LCM
 Have at least 1 team meeting/week
 Motivating members and building team spirit
 Coordinate work in all areas of event organizing:
 Manage promotion to ensure the number of
 Manage to ensure all logistics are prepared before  Manage OC team well so that all
the meeting works are carried out smoothly and
as planned
 Delegate people in charge of Reception organizing
for delegates and guests
 Be mainly responsible for organizing stuffs during
the event
Competencies and Skills/Knowledge Developed

These are the competencies and skills that can be developed while performing the job:

 Event management
 Team management and development
 Task and time management
 Commitment to result

AIESEC FTU HCMC – LCM OCP Job Descriptions