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f/ cs Republic of the Philippines / Sa Department of Environment and Natural Resources Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Guezon City, 1100 == Tel. Nos. (632) 929-66-26 to 29 + (632) 929-62-52 [awacene | = 929-66-20 + 929-66-33 to 35 | cr S29 kG AMENTAL Memorandum Circular = No. 2000-42 ~ SUBJECT : Schedule of Fees for RA 6269 (Chemical Substances and Hazardous Wastes) Pursuant to the provisions set forth under Section 37 of the DENR Administrative Order No, 92-29 (Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 6969), the DENR hereby adopts the following schedule of fees: 4. TITLE Il (TOXIC CHEMICALS SUBSTANCES) 1. Pre-manufacturing and pre-importation P 2,150.U0/chemical notification for new chemicals (abbreviated form) 2 Pre-manufacturing and pre-importation notification P-9,750.00/chemical for new chemicals (detailed form) 3. Registration for chemicals under chemical P 2,250.06/chemical* control order (CCO) 4, Renewal of registration for chemicals under P 1,450,00/chemical* chemical control order (GCO) 5. Importation clearance for chemicals under CCO P 700.00/chemical* 6. Certification of chemicals in the PICCS P. 450,00/chemical 7. Certification for PCL biennial report P §00.00/company 8. Letter of intent for small quantity importation P- 500.00/chemical 9. “Interim importation clearance for other chemicals P- 500.00/chemical * as per DENR Administrative Order for CCOs B. TITLE Ill (HAZARDOUS WASTES) 4. Registration of hazardous waste generator F--600.00/generator 2. Annual Registration of transporters P 800,00Mransporter 3. Issuance of transport permit P 410.00/hazerdous material 4, Permit to Construct _ P 5000.00 5. Annualfee for a Permit to Operate Treatment, storage and disposal (TSD) facilities P5000.00/facility 7. issuance of an Export Clearance P2000.00/clearance 8 Issuance of an Importation Clearance P2000.00/clearance ‘As such the above fees shall be collected by the Authorized Collecting Officer of the Environmental Management Bureau upon filing of application. This Memorandum Circular (MC) shall take effect immgdatelyfiteon (15) days Upon publication in any newspaper of general circulation. OH. CERILLES jf] Secretary PUBLIsheD 4T: MALAYA = JOBE 47,2000