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Arcane PowerTM

Updated 4/09

Update version 1

Grasping Shadows [Revision]

Arcane Power, page 102
On the Hit line, replace “2d8” with “1d8”.

Phantasmal Terrain [Revision]

Arcane Power, page 103
On the range line, replace “Area burst 3” with “Area burst 2”.

Phantasmal Assailant [Deletion]

Arcane Power, page 105
On the Effect line, delete “you and”.

Illusory Wall [Addition/Revision]

Arcane Power, page 107
Add the “Implement” keyword to the power.

The power should be a daily utility power, not an encounter utility. Replace the “encounter” usage
with “daily”.

Book Imp [Revision]

Arcane Power, page 140
In the Constant Benefits section, replace “You can read and speak Infernal” with “You can read
and speak Supernal”.
The tables below track the changes to each release of the update document.

Version 1 (3/09):
Page 102 Grasping Shadows [Revision]
Page 103 Phantasmal Terrain [Revision]
Page 105 Phantasmal Assailant [Deletion]
Page 107 Illusory Wall [Addition/Revision]
Page 140 Book Imp [Revision]