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y A Jill Hadfield \ 4 » Intermediate VOCABULARY Games «Jill Hadfield Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate fisrew Essex CM20 DIE Enaland and Assodeted Companies wiroughout tne Worl, Tengman com © sil Moats 1999 ‘The right of Sil Haield to be identiie as author ofthis Work hos ‘been assorted ty hes in aecordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Ace 1988 Permission to ony ‘The material in ths book is copyright. However, the publisher grants peterson for copies ofthe pages in the sections fom page 39 to 144 {o he made without fees gp follows: private purchases may make ‘copies for thei Ov use oF for use by casi of which they are in ‘hag: schoo! purchasers may make coptes For use within and by the aff and students of the scnaol ony. TAS permission to copy does nat ‘extend to ditional schools or braiches of am ingtivtion, sae sould purchase @ separate master copy of the book for thelr evn Use For copying in anyother cicumstances prior ermision in writing must be obtained from Pearton Education Limited. ° Fist published 1999 Second impression 2001 ISBN 0582 339208 Printed in Spain by Mateu Cramo Produced forthe Publishers by Genevidve Taian Designer: Tevor Sylvester, TSGD Copy editor Liz Hornby lusirated by: Gabrielle Mecto (units 1,5, 13,17, 18, 20,21, 2 Nick Abades (nits 2, 7,9, 11, 26, 30), hn Plumb (its 3 612, 15, 18,25, 27), Andy Warringion funits 4, 8 1 16, 23,24, 29) Iam very grateful to colleagues and students from the EFL section of South Devon College for their inspiration and help, and to Liz Hornby and Geneviéve Talon for their patient and skilful editing. Jill Hadfield