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Sample Answers For Interview Questions

Answered by : Che and Aisyah

1. Tell me about yourself.

Che : First of all, my name is Che Muhammad Farhan bin Che Abdullah. I come
from Terengganu which is also my hometown. For the time being, I’m living with
my parents and I have four siblings altogether. Apparently, I’m the only boy in
my siblings. However, I am not the type that is pampered by my mother or father
or whatsoever but I am a very independent person. From I was in form 1, I had
stayed at the hostel until I finished my SPM. Through those years, I never cry of
homesick. By this, I can tell you that I am absolutely ready to go to oversea to
pursue my study there as I know that I can bear all the things that I would go
through. By the way, to be honest, I am a very soft-hearted person and I can say
that I am indeed love to smile. It makes me happy and contented every time. Well,
I think if I am going to tell you about myself, I’m afraid I can’t stop talking then.

Aisyah : My name is Aisyah Nazirah binti Shamsuri and I'm from Seremban. I'm
18 and I graduated from Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah, Klang. Brief details about
my family; my father is Shamsuri Abdullah and my mother is Zuraidah Ahmad.
Both of them work at Politeknik Port Dickson and currently, both of them are
pursuing their PhD studies at UKM. I have 4 other siblings; 2 brothers, 2 sisters
and I'm the eldest. For my tertiary studies, I plan to pursue my studies in
pharmacy and insyaallah, I plan to do it at a pharmacy school in United Kingdom
providing that I'm aided with JPA scholarship. I think that's all (or do you have
any question to ask about myself?).

2. Tell me about your hometown.

Che : Okay, my hometown is Kuala Berang, Terengganu. There’s nothing much I

can say about it actually as it is just a simple an ordinary place to live. It just a
small town located at the suburban. Of course, my hometown is the place that the
“Batu Bersurat” was found. Not much legend about it and there is no any
extraordinary there. Just a peaceful and a perfect place if anyone does not like to
live in big town.

Aisyah : My hometown is Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. It is of a small developing

town with sustainable development which maintains the natural landscape as well
(at least for the recent development plan). It has a suitable, conducive
surroundings for education purpose; well developed facilities, sustainable
development, politically stable etc.
3. Tell me about you co-curricular achievements.

Che : I can say that I have a great achievement in my co-curricular activities. I

always involved in competition regardless at any level – school, district, state,
national and including international. I was a champion in ‘tafsir Al-Quran’
competition when I was in form 3. Then, I also got second runner up in
Independent Day Speech competition. I believe that time I could become a
champion, but never mind, it was all the judges’ decision. Besides, I also entered
interschool drama competition and our school got the 3rd place. Actually it was
kind of weird as we got 3 special awards about our drama but ended up as 3rd
place. Hmm, nah, never mind. The last one I would like to add here is that I was
the best participant in marching competition at an international level of Red
Crescent Society Camp. Actually I have a lot of achievements in my co-curricular
activities but that would take much time to talk about it. For sure, by all these
great performances of mine, I was awarded as ‘Tokoh Badan Beruniform’ last
year during ‘Majlis Anugerah Kokurikulum’. So, that will be a very strong
evidence I have a very good achievements in co-curricular activities.

Aisyah : For the last 2 years, I involved in:

-The School Disciplinary Board as a school prefect
-National Physics Quiz (distinction)
-The school English Debate team (participation in numerous competition; IIUM,
-Karate Do Club (1st kyu, was a vice president of the club, participation in
various competition)

After SPM:
-Participation in students’ NGOs programs (as a participant and facilitator)
-Writing course organised by E-Rehal Service with association of PTS

4. At which country do you plan to study? Why?

Che : I plan to pursue Biotechnology at United States of America (USA). Within

the US education system, teaching methods tend to be informal and student
opinion and discussion are encouraged. Most programs offer students the
opportunity to get to know their tutors and professors and this can really help me,
as an international student, to enjoy and maximize my study experience. In
addition, as the US is geared towards the internationalization of education, the
international offices provide help with culture shock and orientation programs to
help me adjust to my new surroundings. By the way, US is also a country of
multicultural population which I can take this chance to see other people culture
and lifestyle.
Aisyah : UK because:

1. The reputation of a British education is world-renowned.

- Educational institutions across the country have earned a well-deserved
reputation for high levels of quality and high standards of teaching.

2. Improve my career prospects.

-British qualifications are respected and recognised around the world.
-Gain valuable experience of speaking English in its native country
-Demonstrate to future employers your independence and personal drive.

3. Broaden my horizons/ perspective.

- Britain is a multicultural country with plenty to see and do.
-Meet students from all over the world and experience many different cultures.
-It will be an enriching and rewarding experience that will change my life.

5. Why do you want to be a doctor (or anything else)?

Che : I wanted to be a biotechnologist because I wanted to make new research

regarding this course. You know, our daily living is actually full of biotech
product and it called as revolution of invisible biotechnology. People can’t see it
as they didn’t know much about it. And I really want to contribute something to
human’s daily life for a much more comfort and easy life. Who knows that maybe
someday I will create something useful. It called the innovation of biotechnology.

Aisyah : (pharmacist) I really like the idea of being able to help the society by
managing the medicine dispensing, giving addvise on medicine prescription, the
side effects and the effects when combined with another medicine. This job is
basically concerns on human health and life through medicines.

6. What are you going to do upon completion of your study?

Che : For me, I always think I should come back and work in Malaysia since I
decide to study overboard. I want to make a new dimension in this biotechnology
course, and that is my dream. I will enhance and adapt my knowledge to enable
me contribute to the country through my workforce.

Aisyah : Since I consider that I would study abroad, upon completion of studies, I
would get myself ready to be in the government work force, identifying the scope
of Malaysia health care system and sharpen up my soft skills to adapt with the
new surroundings. I would participate in experience sharing programs with
students; career talk etc. (ecspecially in my schools before this) to give them a
picture of the information and prospects of my course – want to help them to be
clear of what to pursue in their tertiary studies because I had experienced those
unclarity of info./ confusion in deciding for that mainly because of the wide gap
between the academia and the industry in all field of work.
7. Why MARA (or anything else) not JPA (or anything else)???

Aisyah : (in my case, it should be ‘Why JPA not MARA?’) MARA does only offer
scholarship to Indonesia for pharmacy course. For some reason, I was advised by
my mother not to apply for it. On the other hand, JPA offers pharmacy
scholarship to UK which has a renowned reputation in higher studies. I strongly
believe that being a government servant is one of the best way to start your
career and gain experience as a fresh graduate.

Che : (in my case, it should be “Why MARA nit JPA?”) If I choose MARA rather
than JPA, I will not stick to the government carrier force. By this, I can choose
my own path rather than having a contract earlier before I pursue my study. I
also think I want to have my own career path and not becoming a servant to the

8. What achievement are you the most proud of?

Che : It would be my SPM result. I had struggle so hard to achieve this great
achievement and I know that I had put on everything to make my dream a reality.
It shows me that I have the ability to success in my study. I am sure that if I have
the chance to go abroad, I will paid off my parents’ hope as well as mine.

Aisyah : SPM achievement:

-I’ve worked all out for it, praying etc.

-Paid off my parents’ support, my teachers’ commitment and motivation from


-Put my expectation to a higher level of excellence in other aspects in life (future

career, soft skills etc.)

9. How have you been a leader or displayed leadership?

Che : I know that to be a great leader, one must have the talent but since there is
not much people is gifted with the quality of leadership, one must gain for it.
Besides, to become a leader, one must be able to lead him or herself through life,
have a great self-motivation, self-esteem and respect others’ who are leaded. Of
course, I only a class monitor but I know even a person is not officially a leader,
they are the leader to themselves.

Aisyah : In order to be a leader, I strongly believe that one also must be able to
be lead. That’s what I had practised as a leader before, respecting others’
opinions and critisms to be working as a team, to create a positive environment to
excell in a particular task.

1. I work together with the team, make the full use of a situation to search for
opportunities to excell in any tasks. To achieve that, I maintain a good
relationship with others to minimise the problems that might come ahead and
to be ready to solve any.

2. Organised working state and time management wise.

3. Maintaining values, self dignity and principles.

4. Eg; as a school prefect, vice president of Karate Do Club etc.

5. What is your greatest strength or weakness?

Greatest Strength

Che : My greatest strength is I have a high self-motivation. I does not give up

esily when I came to a failure. I will always trying to struggle even more than I
do. I always think positive and looking at the bright side, Even when I encounter
a situation that I should be depressed, I will keep telling myself that in life there is
always obstacles and ordeal we need to face. By this quality of mine, I will never
lose and in fact I always go on and on struggling for the best. This is what I
practiced before to ensure I does not giving up easily in my study.

Aisyah : My greatest strength would be the strong desire to excell in any fields
that I involve in. It would make myself work anything possible and proven to be
effective to reach my goal that I’ve set. This trait also make me a task-oriented
person and I always get myself ready in terms of preparations and researches for
any tasks that I’ve expected beforehand. On top of that, I always make sure that
my actions won’t go beyond the associated rules, common values and my self

Greatest Weakness

Che : I had to admit, I am a person with a low leadership skill. I don’t have the
quality of being a good leader. But no matter what, I always tried to lead
something for me to enhance my skill that is very low. Whenever there is group
working or parent assignment, I take the chance to lead the group and my partner
as well as I can. Luckily for me, I was appointed as class monitor when I was in
form 5. I had learned a lot of things to become a good leader and the most
important thing is, a leader is always someone who can be lead.

Aisyah : Before this, I was a person who preferred to talk later and reserved
opinions, because the truth behind it is I preferred to figure out things first, but
the setback was I tend not to voice out my opinion at all which is very bad,
realising this, I have done lots of efforts to improve myself. Fortunately, being a
school debater when I was a 5th former helped me to improve my communication
and critical thinking skill, so that I would be able to figure out things faster and
voice out my opinions at the same time. On the top of all, I strongly believe that
the 1st step to overcome a weakness is to admit it at the first place, and even now,
I still in my way to improve myself in every aspect in life.
6. Who is a role model for you?

Che : It is my mother who inspires me a lot in my life. She is a serious person in

her work but always maintain a sense of humour in herself. She does not give up
easily like I did and she always trying to solve problems through discussion. She
thinks carefully before making a decision and respects others’ opinion too. She’s
lovely and she is everything to me.

Aisyah : My parents because:

1. Everyone is not perfect but my parents are the perfect models for me in terms
of how they response in life. Each and every of them has their own way to
solve their predicaments strongly which makes me very proud of them.

2. The best thing of them is, they are very serious in achieving their goals in life
and maintain their common values, self dignity and principles as well.

3. They are of people who do not hesitant to admit their ignorance and mistakes
in any aspect of life because they strongly believe that that’s the right way to
make yourself able to learn something effectively.

7. (Can you introduce your self in arabic language???)

Aisyah : Ismii, Ai’syah Nazirah bt Shamsuri, wa u’mri tsamaaniyata a’syara

sanatan, wa askunu fi Seremban, Negeri Sembilan Daarul Khusus. Qaliil min
qabla haaza, darastu fi Kuliyyah Sultan A’lam Shah al-Islamiyah biKalanji,
Salanjuur wa bihaa, akhaztu al-Imtihanaat asy-Syahaadah at-Tarbawiyya bi
Maliziya aw SPM, wa alhamdulillah, qad hasholtu bi ithnaa a’syara A’s. Sa
ahktut bi ittisholi darsi fi School of Pharmacy, University of London
biBrithoniyah (UK), tahta musaa’datil iqtishaadi JPA.
(jangan percaya 100%, ada yang sesat juga ni)

8. Can you explain to me about 'the nervous system'?

-a system in the body which functions to coordinate body movements, responses

either in the internal or the outer part of the body.

-consists of central nervous system (brain) and peripheral nervous system.

-the brain consist of many parts; cerebrum (voluntary act.), cerebellum

(involuntary act.), hypothalamus (regulate the internal environment), thalamus,
medulla oblongata (involuntary action inside the body; heart, aesophagus, etc.),

-peripheral nervous system consists of afferent nerve, efferent nerve and body
9. What is your favorite book?

Aisyah : My favourite book is a self-motivational book entitled ‘Create Your Own

Future’ by Brian Tracy:

1. "Create Your Own Future" is a powerful book on self-empowerment that

offers a wealth of ideas readers can apply immediately to take complete
control of their personal and work lives.

2. Intended for anyone who wants to make more money and get more
satisfaction from life, the book offers twelve principles for success and real-
world action plans that help you reach your goals.

3. Author Brian Tracy is one of the most renowned and successful self-help
authors and speakers in the world; "Create Your Own Future" presents all his
accumulated experience in making success happen for others.

10. Why do you deserve to win this scholarship?

Aisyah : Excellent academic performance, not only in SPM, but for all
examinations that I’ve sit for when I was a 4th and 5th former. When I get this
scholarship to pursue my studies, I would maintain my excellent performance in
academic thus, proving that giving JPA scholarship to me worth it.

1. I was an active student in extra-curricular activities so, the traits of

having good soft-skills and interpersonal skills to adapt myself with
changing surroundings are the values that I’m supposed to have.

2. …also having a good grasp of general knowledge as I’ve shown in this

interview. Plus, I am willing to work extra mile to improve in achieving

3. Bearing the fact of my family’s socioeconomy level, it would be hard for

me to pursue a higher education without having this scholarship. Plus, I
want to contribute something to the society in the pharmaceutical
healthcare development especially by being a government servant.

11. What would winning this scholarship mean to you?

Aisyah : Winning this scholarship means a lot to me:

1. It makes me more confident of my future studies and my career plan.

2. I totally aware that it has it part in my future life so, I would make sure that I
always maintain my performance academically and improve my soft skills as
well as gaining useful experiences, in order to prove that giving this
scholarship to me is worth it.
12. Why is education important to you?

1. Education is the knowledge of putting one's potentials to maximum use. One

can safely say that a human being is not in the proper sense till he is

2. Only through the attainment of education, man is enabled to receive

information from the external world; to acquaint himself with past history and
receive all necessary information regarding the present. Hence, being able to
improve the state of living of his society.

13. What has influenced you to get a college education?

1. Encouragement from my parents who did have college education and I have
experience the positive consequences from their well educated background.

2. I want to contribute to the society and do my part in developing the nation by

becoming a professional in this field. I strongly believe that getting a college
education is one of the steps to achieve that.

3. Today’s world demand us to survive in its rapidly paced globalisation,

technology development. It demands an excellent knowledge acquirement to
satisfy the needs for developing country like Malaysia especially in the
healthcare system that I’ve planned to pursue at.

14. Why did you choose your college?

The School of Pharmacy, University of London is the only free-standing specialist

school in the UK dedicated entirely to teaching and research in pharmacy and
pharmaceutical sciences; with world-class teaching and a top rated research
quality profile.

Its mission is to lead in education, research and policy development that benefits
patients and healthcare practice, medicines discovery and development, and
society. The School of Pharmacy has a long tradition of excellence in research
which characterises its identity as much as its teaching expertise. Therefore, I
srongly believe and interested in choosing this place to pursue my tertiary

15. What is your favorite subject in school and why?


1. Interesting in the sense that it studies the nature of everything in this world,
explanation of various nature of things and its application in life.

2. I love Chemistry especially when it comes to conducting experiments. It has

teamwork induced values and it’s fun to discover something new.
3. Involvement of basic Maths to explain the phenomenon.

16. Why did you select your major (in my context, ‘future career’)?

A career in pharmacy is a good one for individuals with excellent interpersonal

skills who enjoy interacting with many different people. So, I strongly believe that
there’s a lot opportunities on balancing your life in career and in social life. No
two days are alike, and the pharmacist will encounter a wide variety of situations.

Pharmacists have a satisfying job knowing they are helping a great many people
with health care. Many are actively involved in monitoring the health and
progress of their regular clients and ensuring the safe and effective use of
prescriptions. Often they assist with over-the-counter questions regarding the
best types of vitamins, painkillers, cold medicines and more. A career in
pharmacy also involves continuous learning and professional development.

Promotional opportunities are very wide especially in Malaysia. A pharmacist

can become pharmacy supervisor or manager at the individual store, then move
upward to the district or regional level and even to a position at company
headquarters. Pharmacists working in hospitals also can advance to supervisory
or management positions. With experience, pharmacists can manage or own their
own drugstore, where they continue to fill prescriptions, supervise personnel and
sometimes oversee the entire store operation. Those who choose to leave the
retail sales field can find work in marketing and sales, research and development
or manufacturing and quality control.

17. Which Educator has had the most influence on you?

My parents because:

1. They’re the closest people to me and the people who I trust very much.
2. (The similar answer with the question concerning of your role model)
Try out these other questions….

• What outside activities are most significant to your personal development?


• What interests you about the scholarship?


• Tell me about your background, accomplishments?


• What is the most important issue to you?


• Can you tell me about an academic class, project or other experience that was
meaningful to you?
• Why do you want to enter this career?

• What are your career plans?


• Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?


• What activities are you involved in?


• How have you contributed to your community?


Be prepared to ask questions, such as:

• What would I be expected to accomplish through this scholarship?

• What are the greatest challenges experienced by people undertaking the
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