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Oh what a fuss there’re making now

about a poor dumb genetically cloned cow
identical to a natural bred creature,
exactly the same in every feature
looks nothing exceptional,
ordinarily plain,
slipped accidentally?
into the human food chain

This humble animal with cloven feet

reduced to various cuts of meat
doubted and vilified by the publics opinions, and views,
just like that other cloned fellow,
said he was king of the Jews
a similar conceived figure of some two thousand years ago
jeered, abused, grossly misunderstood,
although since epitomized
to be everything that’s good

unlike our lowly bovine who's destiny, would,

be one of the essentials in a steak and kidney pud
unremembered for eternity,
a brief short lived non entity
chopped up for dinner,
left overs for another day
a soon forgotten roast beef take away
served with curry rice and popodum
Not for him,
infinite everlasting, martyrdom.

who’s only chance of resurrection

is late on a Saturday night
propelled by a six pack of lager
and numerous bottles of light

The time has come when we must now

sympathise with this much maligned cow
Cursed like Jesus, with quality bad luck
In not being conceived with your conventional f..k

Assessing each their worth

in the time spent on Earth
"the ox"
man's appitite to briefly stay
"the man"
ceremoniously eaten in the temple on holy day
served to congregations
from Minister and Lay
performing a guilt ridden mission
this ancient rite, they think,will expidite
mans backlog of contrition

even the brightest bio- chemist

God forbid can never win
by eliminating conception
with good old original sin
growing the family in bottles
from bits off your own kith and kin,
without the slap and tickle
as in old style re-creation
sex would be dropped
to a poor second place
behind the highs of inebriation

Drinking is a pleasure
in time, that knows no limits
compared to the old fashioned sex act
that with most men, lasts all of two minutes.
Ken Eaton-Dykes. 15/08/10.