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A. Title of the report, Name of the Organization, Name of

the Student, class, Name of the guide, Name of college.

B. Declaration by the student

C. Certificate by the guide

D. Certificate from the Organization by the authorized

signatory regarding internship completion

E. Acknowledgement

F. Report of the first month from the organization

G.Report of the second month from the organization

H.Table of Contents.
1. Career opportunities in relation of the course you are

• You career interest and option

• You career plan

• Board and specified areas you are looking forward:

Employment/self- Employment/ profession / Business etc.

2. About the organization you are doing your internship

• Background, organizational structure, the main activates etc

3. If Employment option:
• Academic Eligibility, Training and requirement etc. for securing
such job.

• A venue for refreshing/ updating the required competencies to

advance in such career.

4. If self-employment option:
• What are the different steps in the procedure of starting such a

• Environmental scanning in relation to competitors, govt, agencies,

collaboration, other strake-holders etc.

• Statutory requirement.

• Sequence wise steps in establishing such a project.

• Proposed plans for marketing the Indented product/ service.

5. The Future challenges in the employment/ self
employment chosen by you.
• The steps taken to face those challenges by the organization you
are doing your internship.

• Day-to-day difficulties faced by the organization and how did the

organization deals with the same.

Your analysis of the working if the organization based on

your observations, interviews and discussions with persons


Road map of your career plan:

• Starting your career, advancement in your career and reaching
your final career goal.

• Mention where you would be in the ladder of your career within 5

years, 10 years, and 20 years etc. incorporation your plans for
personal values additions from time to time as growth in the
career pursuit many demand.

• Application of class room learning during internship.

• How did the internship help you towards planning your career

• Brief overall conclusion.



Any other supporting material

Formats for monthly reports as well as certificates are

available with guides.