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§ To Introduce a new service product.
§ To make the public aware of our
§ To explain clearly what we are
§ Total customer satisfaction.
§ Making emergency a piece of cake.
§ p 


§ p 


§ #$
§ To provide non stop 24*7 service.
§ Creating such an image in the mind of the
customer that they won͛t think of any other
§ High level of customer satisfaction with low
margin of profit.
§ To cater into different regions of the country
and the world.
§ To capture the urban market and penetrate
into the rural market.
§ To provide quality service and to be among
the top service provider in the future.
ë %&p'%(
§ 'oul motto is ͚!  
§ To help the people in need every time and
§ We allow credits card transactions if there is
any shortage of cash.
§ Along with the service we also provide
minor checkups like pressure , cleaning spark
plugs and tuning adjustments .
§m CT :
ur product is based on customer needs and
urgency. It should be called as ͞mT T͟. The
customers will have a good experience of it as it is totally
a new concept.
§ m IC :
The price of our product is affordable i.e we take only
the service charge and the minor checkup is given free of
However we charge the price
according to the range(KMs)
0-5= s7
5-10= s15
10-20= s23
20-30= s35
§ mAC :
We are opening our branches in
different cities and regions so that we easily
reach the customer.
§ m MTI :
We will advertise our product
through hoardings at different traffic
signals.We will make it popularise through
print and broadcast media.
§ mm :
We targeted every person college
students , Job holders , Businessman etc. We
will train our employees so that they provide
good service with better dealings.
§ m C'' :
Firstly we will do a research on how
many persons face the problem of ͞nil
petrol͟ in a day and based on this research
we will design our strategy of delivering our
service to the customers.
§ mHY'ICA I MT :
We will see the environment in which the
service can be delivered.